Today, children, with the Child Jesus in My arms, I come to make a special request to you.

There is not much time left before My words echo within the world. The moment for My silence has come so that, in this way, the voice of this little Child may speak louder, so that His designs may be heard and His Word may become Law.

But before silencing My Chaste Heart, I come to request the coining of the Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. A medallion that will hold within it all the merits achieved throughout My life and throughout the eternity of My Heart; a medallion that will be the protector of families and a guide for the evolution of souls; a medallion that will remind you of the purity of your hearts and will protect your essences so that you not lose your peace during the times of transition.

The Medallion of My Chaste Heart will be engraved with My image, with the Child Jesus in My arms. He will be on My right arm, and the lilies that I carry as a symbol of chastity will be in My left hand. At My feet you will write: Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, pray for us.

On the back, the Medallion will have My Heart, as a bridge to My spiritual Reliquary. My Heart with three lilies will represent the union that I experienced as a servant of God, with the Divine Trinity.

With this Medallion, children, the legacy that I must leave to you, as Father and Friend, will be fulfilled.

Those who hold this Medallion with them will carry around the world the Gifts and the Graces achieved by My Heart.

As divine promises, I tell you that those who hold the Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph:

1. Will find peace in the times of tribulation.

2. Will achieve inner wisdom through humility and surrender.

3. Will find the path to return to the Father through simple prayer.

4. Will be protected from all darkness.

5. Will achieve Grace and protection for your families.

6. Will live under the spirit of humility and meekness of My Chaste Heart.

7. Through silence, you will discover the unfathomable Love of God and drink of His Divine Fount.

With joy in My Heart, I leave this request to you, which I would like to see accomplished by March 19, 2020, when you will receive from God a special Grace and a divine atonement.

I leave you My blessings and My peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When you truly and from the heart ask Me for something that would benefit the redemption and the elevation of the planet, I will give it to you according to your intention and your motivation. In this way, you allow Me to work through you as an instrument that offers itself to the Father to accomplish His Will.

This is why you should know that all that you ask of Me will come to you at the precise time and not when you need it.

Thus, again and again, you must trust in all that I do even though it seems incomprehensible to you.

When you ask Me for something that will help humanity, you must know that it will manifest itself and that the fulfilling of this request, on the part of the Divine Universe, will mean the moment for your taking on the commitment.

Now, if your request is sincere, it will touch My Heart, and right away I will respond in the way considered by the Father and manifested by the Universe.

We are still in the time of miracles, but we are also in the time of renunciations so that the renunciations can compensate for the deviation of souls from the path of love and maintain the equilibrium of the planet.

I will grant My Graces and My Mercy when the requests are born from a sincere heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


For these times of definitions, in which everything will be permitted, an extraordinary Grace will be granted for the liberation of all past mistakes that a soul or a group of souls have generated throughout times.

That Grace of liberation refers to everything that binds or imprisons the consciousnesses with habits and past customs that prevent souls from taking a leap in evolution.

Through the Sacred Centers, united to the Marian Centers, this liberation can be fulfilled, as well as through the union of a group of serving souls who support the liberation of a suffering consciousness.

Therefore, it is important to know that if this spiritual and inner liberation occurs, this will allow the doors of healing and rehabilitation to open for the soul that has been self-imprisoned for a long time.

The fusion of the Sacred Centers with the Marian Centers generates a very potent vortex of liberation, which acts each time that a group of consciousnesses cry out for that liberation.

The effects of this request or appeal reach very profound levels of the essence that needs to be liberated.

In this cycle of rescue, the Spiritual Hierarchy will grant to the imprisoned souls the extraordinary Grace of liberation in order for them to achieve redemption and intimate union with God and thus, again be free in spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

May the Peace of Jesus be in your hearts so that, in this time, you may learn to live the end of cycles.

Today I illuminate you with My Star of Light of Bethlehem and I have come to ask you, and to announce to you that on November 30th I would like to see, in all homes, places of work, as well as in each Monastery of the Order, the Manger of the Sacred Family.

For this, today I give the mission to each one of your hearts so that they commit to collaborate in the manifestation of the Manger of the Sacred Family, so that in each space of prayer it may be present to bless you.

I wish that the place in which you will choose to place the Holy Manger be preciously adorned with Christmas garlands, thus creating a sacred space of adoration and contemplation.

With this request, My aspiration is that, from December 1st until the Nativity of your Lord, you pray at least three times a day the prayer that was once delivered to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family.

I especially wish that within the Communities, during these days, you work in prayer at the foot of the Holy Manger of Bethlehem so that the hearts may remember, in this cycle, the importance of nurturing the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and compassion among beings.

I wish, My children, that those who accept to carry out the fulfillment of this request of your Celestial Mother know that, from December 1st until the date of the Nativity of Jesus, we will be working together in the reconstruction of the spirit of love within the families of the world, as well as in the healing of hatred, resentments and the lack of love that is daily generated among the servers of the spiritual path, and in the families that are most distant from God.

I would like to see the humble hearts internally preparing, every day, for the rebirth of the inner child, so that humanity may be healed, at least of indifference and omission.

Blessed will be those who comply with this request, because God will see how great the love in their hearts can be.

I thank you for responding to this important request.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day I come to announce to you a special request from the Celestial Father.

With My Heart bloodstained, I come to tell you, My little ones, that the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico will be postponed for two important reasons: first, children of Mine, for the lack of resources, which up to this date have not been completed.

It is not My intention as a Mother that My children in mission go on a pilgrimage through these nations without the manifestation being completed.

You know, dear children, that the Celestial Father expects all of His children in the world to deeply yearn to help in the plans of peace of your Heavenly Mother.

The second cause, dear children, is that it is not in the consciousness of everyone the feeling of what the Celestial Hierarchy is realizing with the purpose of avoiding harmful catastrophes in humanity and in the world.

The Plan of the Universal Father is to save all of His children, regardless of their mistakes and faults committed.

It is in this way that as a Kind and Merciful Mother I will wait during all the month of October until I will be able to see with My own celestial eyes that your help for the materialization of My work is sincere and real.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother will carry out a new attempt, the third at this time, to be able to reach Central America and Mexico during all the month of November.

I would like to feel from your hearts not only your beautiful prayers, but also your donations to My work of salvation.

We are in an unusual and definitive time when awakening, redemption and salvation are at stake between chaos and the Kingdom of Light. The triumph of My Heart will occur through the awareness of everyone.

With this purpose, I invite all of My children to renew the Campaign for Peace through the diffusion of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that in the month of October all of My children may daily offer a mystery of the Holy Rosary, which must be prayed at the feet of My holy image.

I would like to be in every home shining as the Mother of all the people and all the nations.

It is in this way that, in October, Your Heavenly Mother will go on a pilgrimage through Brazil, ardently expecting the Marian mission to Central America and Mexico to be fulfilled during the month of November.

All those who pray and are charitable will have the month of October to collaborate so that this important work of peace may reach Central America and Mexico.

I ask all of My Children from Central America and Mexico to strengthen themselves because I will be with them, I will keep this promise. Pray everyday to the Guadalupana and thus prepare yourselves to receive Me; I also invite you to be part of the Campaign for Peace.

As it was in My divine plans to visit some regions of Brazil again, this pilgrimage of the month of October will be dedicated precisely to help materializing the mission to Central America and Mexico.

It is in this way that the Celestial Messengers will visit:

  • Sao Paulo on the 5th and 6th of October, with the 39th Marathon of the Divine Mercy;
  • on the 12th and 13th of October your Most Holy Mother will visit the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto;
  • on the 19th of October Saint Joseph will visit the Sacred House of Mary, Paulista Mother;
  • on the 21st of October your Lord will visit the city of Sao Carlos with the Sacred Call,
  • and on the 24th and 25th of October your Mother will return to the city of Campinas. 

As a consequence, the State of Sao Paulo will be very blessed and impelled to collaborate with the Campaign for Peace, with love and fraternity to all their brothers and sisters of Central America. 

Brazil and Argentina are in position to help Me in this Mission of Peace for the month of November. 

I thank you for loving the Will of the Father and accepting it; I expect your adherence of heart! 

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children:

When the requests of your Celestial Mother are fulfilled in humanity, it is a sign that the Will of the Eternal Father is also fulfilled.

In this way, and fulfilling My requests of pilgrimage through the world, I draw you closer to the Law so that you may experience it, feel and fulfill it, just as it is written in the universe.

To experience this Will, the consciousnesses go through many tests that, once overcome, can confirm that this Divine Will was not that far away.

Every day, I also teach you through My request to contemplate the Purpose of God in order not to forget it and, thus, to find, through it, the necessary food that will comfort you and will cause you to elevate your souls to reach sacred eternity.

I would like all My beloved children to learn with simplicity all these things, so they may grow in spirit and not in personality.

To love the Divine Will and to have faith in it is the great step of all the apostles of My son, because in them must be drawn the precious project of redemption and peace, that is waiting for the souls that are not able to see God through their own means.

In each fulfilled stage of the requests of your Celestial Mother remember, dear children, that the Lord, in His Glory and Presence, will be closer to all.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who accompanies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The return of the Guadalupan to Central America and Mexico

At the feet of the Tepeyac, Your Heavenly Mother prepares Her task with all the souls and hearts that will receive from Me the essence of love and redemption.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Through the help and collaboration of all, your Mother of Heaven will descend to the Mexican lands and to Central America, where the history of My presence and of the liberation of the indigenous peoples and of all the slaves was recorded.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

At this moment, dear children, accompany Your Holy Mother in this pilgrimage, so that, for the second time in the history of humanity, I may stamp My Holy Liberating and Redeeming Face of Guadalupe on the precious souls of My children of Central America and Mexico.

It is the return of the Guadalupan… 

Because of this, with rejoicing and joy, you, My children of Central America and of the world, will open the doors of your hearts and of your nations so that Your Mother of Guadalupe may enter and carry out the sacred mission of preparing the consciousnesses for the return of My Beloved Son.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

With the voice and the chant of the holy angels, the Governess of the Americas, the Holy Mother of God, rejoices because She will be able to meet Her children of Central America again, to pour on them Her Graces and to deliver to them the blessed Spirit of My Peace.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I will go to Central America to heal old wounds, past histories of pain and suffering; at last I will be able to make My dear children be born again; I will be able to remove them from the illusion of the world and I will open for them the eyes of the soul and the consciousness, so that all can see and feel Me.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Opening your hearts to receive Me, listen to the voice of the Mother of the Americas, a voice that summons you to the consecration of your peoples and of your nations, so that peace may reign and thus the error and the outrages to the little hearts may end.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

During the month of October, I will place My crown of twelve stars over Central America and Mexico and I will pour My twelve universal attributes, so that souls may receive the codes of rehabilitation and conversion.

It will be during the month of October that Your Heavenly Mother will cease the spiritual and material war and, together with the Face of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, we will enter in prayer so that those lost and the imprisoned may attain liberation.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

You will see the flags of all nations of the Americas wave.

They will be put at the feet of Your Heavenly Mother, as the symbol of the surrender of the peoples before My Immaculate Heart and as the union between cultures through the Love of God.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Happy are those who recognize Me as the Holy Woman of Nazareth, thus I will bring to all the awareness of the importance of the triumph of the Plan of God for these times and of the awakening of hearts to My last call.

You will see My Work fulfilled no matter what, because My Immacultate Spirit will give inner strength for the servers to comply with My petitions.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Each culture will ask for forgiveness from one another, each nation will reconcile with each nation, if the hearts open in time to glimpse the Love of God, which will  be filling them, because in Central America the door will be closed and souls will not get lost anymore, as they will have awareness not to do it and to convert themselves.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

On this day, may all embrace the mission of Your Heavenly Mother and may hearts not forget to cooperate, to collaborate and to lovingly donate so that the Plan of Peace may be fulfilled. Thus, I teach the Church how to use its goods in the name of the Greater Plan and not in its own name, because souls wait for spiritual help.

May all be balanced. May all be just for the good and for the future of the New Humanity.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I thank you for accompanying and supporting Me in the Mission to Central America!

Who blesses you from the heart of the Tepeyac, Your Guadalupan,

Mary, Rose of Peace


To the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity:

Dear children,

May your voices never tire of proclaiming the truth of the Infinity of God.

May that constant quest for the upliftment of consciousness be each day more firm and sacred.

May the building of the bridges of light between Heaven and Earth become visible to all humanity.

Children, do not be afraid of proclaiming the truth of the Cosmos and of all Creation; the world must know that it has not been able to see the celestial reality for having been asleep for a long time.

Because of this, with your voices raised on High, lift up the offering of today to Heaven so that those who resist believing in this supreme truth may open their hearts through the music and thus find peace.

Through the last meetings of music, the planetary consciousness has been much helped. May this offering of attracting the Sublime Universes always be your objective, so that in this way, all the angels may help you transmute the mental consciousness of the planet, and that of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Dear children, through the offering of today may all hearts grasp the message and the convocation of the Universe; may this inner call that your voices emit to all souls reverberate beyond your group, and may it touch the lost hearts and all the religions, so that at last all unite in a single brotherhood of love and unity.

The times are urgent; for this reason, the meeting of music must be considered as a unique monthly opportunity where all the choirs that I have summoned to help with this task on the 23rd of each month will be able, with the voice of the heart, to plead for the Plan of God on Earth, so that it may be accomplished beyond every religion or every belief.

My message for this day is that no one forget, and that all be aware that this meeting of music is a request of the Celestial Hierarchy to help to balance and to order what happens today in the world and in all of humanity.

This monthly meeting is an invitation for everyone to come into contact with the elevated music and with the universal peace that it produces, for example, through instruments.

May each heart, as well as each society or culture, also be able to express in this important meeting of music, the goal of which is to unifying hearts and bring fellowship to consciousnesses in the name of love and the common good.

Dear children, I leave you this invitation, that that every 23rd many souls be united with the divine impulse that this meeting of music brings to all.

For all the efforts that are made so that this is possible,

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sings with the voice of the heart with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An urgent call to the prayer for Peace

My most dear children of the world, favorite servers of My Heart,

Today on behalf of the Greater Good and the Mercy of God I come to ask you again to pray a Mystery of the Holy Rosary every day for the next six months in order to avoid the infernal spread of a cruel war between the nations of the Middle East. If this call is not answered as part of the supplication of Your Heavenly Mother, you will see with your own eyes much blood running, despair among peoples and more attacks that will affect more innocent souls.

I would like, My children, for this summoning to prayer to be expanded across the five continents and in all possible languages, because I know there are souls still waiting to hear My words and recognize My voice in them.

My children, the tyrant mobilizes its more than four thousand armies of fallen angels to dominate the frustrated and innocent consciousness of My children in the Middle East.

I ask those who can to offer for the next six months the Mystery of the Rosary in Arabic and Hebrew, so that the powers of prayer may embrace more hearts and more planes of consciousness.

I tell you, My little children, that this humanity which is already lost, flaunts a conquest of the planet that is not real and that is driven by demons.

As My adversary knows that I am walking through Europe to avoid that the war of everyone against everyone expands to this part of the hemisphere, he uses all his explosive weapons and all souls that are committed to this reality and remain doomed to Earthly hell , which they fail to leave.

Dear children, the time has come for you to run along with Your Mother into the inner desert where we will take refuge, in prayer, from all evil and be safe.

At this time when the battle will define the moment of the return of Christ, I invite you to have a persevering, humble and sincere heart. If you, My children, love one another, we will gradually disarm the plan of My adversary to dispel faith and true love between consciousnesses. I awake you at this hour to a truth that many want to hide.

Let us pray with firmness in the heart and confidence that all the angels of Heaven will aid you in this final battle in which the Woman Dressed of the Sun will overcome Her eternal enemy through the most powerful flow of love.

Spread My call and let it be known to the world that the whole Universe is attentive to what happens in it.

May the hearts regain their innocence and purity so that My Immaculate Heart will thus triumph.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of redemption!

Who loves and understands you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Heavens open themselves to receive the offers of humanity.

Being sincere of heart, Mercy descends again in lands that are already living in the Divine Justice. Merciful acts are those which unite you to the Consciousness of Christ, The One who is Mercy Itself.

A humanitarian mission, children, is more than a social act, because I am talking to you about a request of God, a renovation and an awakening of a commitment that His Creatures have towards Him. As much as you are before two missions in which you meet cultures extremely different from yours, the souls recognize unity and the spirits are touched by the love that permeates their acts.

When you serve from the heart, you balance many evils, not only of those who you are serving. The love that you radiate touches those who are around you and permeates the life of spirit; it replaces the mistakes and debts of the nations for divine merits of redemption, of salvation and of mercy. If, in truth, everyone opened themselves to the missionary spirit, you would understand what I tell you.

Today I want you to know that the missionaries in Turkey have already become an instrument in the Hands of God because their spirits recognize that the service they are providing is not for themselves. Experience and the years have taken them to the consecration of life to the acts of Mercy, and in this way they have become, as a group, a bridge for the Mercy of the Creator to descend to Earth. But they are only 14 and they cannot multiply themselves in all the nations that must consecrate themselves to God through service and through prayer. Therefore, when I call you to service, listen to My Voice.

None of the missionaries in Turkey is perfect; none of them knew how to serve from the beginning, but the resistances were broken by love, and today, when they are before a mission asked by God, they can transcend their individualities and miseries in order to be bearers of the Divine Mercy.

We do not expect that the different missions that we ask for, have the same success, but that you do open yourselves to the missionary spirit that the consciousness-group of this Work of Love have already achieved over the past few years.

I wish the missionary spirit would expand itself beyond Brazil, and mostly Uruguay and Argentina would encourage themselves to transcend the atavisms to serve the neighbor and to discover in service a prompt transformation, the unity with God and with the neighbor, the transmutation and the liberation of these nations from all the mistakes committed in the past. Because, although the Earth has to restart, it needs to have a starting point, and you must leave in it a fertile soil, so that those who will come afterwards sow the seeds of a new time.

I love you and I only ask you to trust in what I tell you and that you do not be afraid to answer to the celestial requests. In these times, every effort is little to fulfill the goal which you have been responsible to fulfill since the beginning of this race.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Beloved children,

Today I find Myself among you to bring peace, relieve and an expansion of light that may reach your consciousnesses, so that they may strengthen themselves in the Love of God.

In time of tests, of great definitions and greater commitments that must be assumed by the soldiers of Christ, My adversary uses all of his tricks to put in the heart and in the mind of My children, creations that are not real, ideas and feelings that disturb them and that only seek to remove them from the task of the spirit that incarnated on this Earth to serve God.

All those feelings and thoughts that distance you from My Heart and from the heart of your brothers and sisters are in process of transformation so that once and for all you may die for love.  This will permit that the truthful that exists in you and that was sown as a talent by My Son, may sprout, flourish and develop.

These true attributes are kept, in some cases, under several keys because the mediocre aspects of humanity have been cultivated in consciousness throughout history and developed as false attributes, what deceives all of My children into thinking that they are their best spiritual qualities, mental and material skills.

While these false attributes are defended and treasured as real and sublime inside of the beings, the true attributes and talents remain captive in cages, where they can not express themselves or fulfill what they came to do in this world.

But My Love and the Redeeming Love of My Son come to break the locks of these prisons so that, what you truly are, My Beloved Children, be able to be liberated and the mediocrity learned by this humanity throughout history may be able to finally be unmasked and die.

The art of loving, dear children, is that task that God has entrusted to you, an exercise full of challenges in which each consciousness takes as a goal to overcome every day, one by one, the mediocrities of this world, with determination, will and faith to reach this vital purpose that keeps waiting for the worthy Children of God.

When a consciousness is determined to achieve what God in truth has sown in it, going over its own head, without fear of what it will find, it receives from the Celestial Spheres an assistance that is not from this world, which is reserved for the brave ones.

When a consciousness is willing, in humility, to discover what false this world has put in them and decide to discover the potential the Universe has sown in their interior, the Heavens collaborate so that their prompt awakening to the truthful may open the door of the treasure that had been guarded for so long.

Beloved children, persevere, work, be strong and brave.  Discover the false that My adversary has sown in your hearts and do not allow to be prevented to feel the full joy of discovering who you truly are.

I guide you, trust in My designs, in My requests and thus I will be able to help you to liberate yourselves from what you are not.

Today I bless My favorite son, the one that is favorite for the effort he has made in discovering the instrument that I have built within him and in offering himself to be led by God to the awakening of his brothers and sisters.

I want to be able to serve Myself from all My beloved children as instruments of Light in My hands.

I love you, I protect you with My Immaculate Heart. Thank you for being today with Me.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children of Venezuela and the world:

On this day, I come to the world under the celestial powers of God, to liberate the evil that is being caused in the heart of many of My children.

As Mother and Lady of Coromoto, I desire that all the homes of Venezuela are consecrated every day to the Protective Power of My Immaculate Heart.

Now, for this critical and challenging cycle that many innocents are facing, I call you to pray the Rosary for Peace and Redemption.  On this day I bring this special request of prayer, as one time I did in Fatima, Portugal.  A request that was accomplished by the three simple shepherds of Aljustrel who, because of their surrender and love to My Immaculate Heart, disarmed through prayer the war that at that time was triggered over the world.

But while the feeling of oppression now is diffused as poison in the heart of humanity, I ask you and I say to you, that the moment to beg and ask Heaven for Mercy has come.

My steps of Light are directed to Venezuela in order to help, calm down and pacify the hearts that are most in need.

In truth, My dear children, you are already facing one of the many consequences of the end of a time.

My Immaculate Heart promises to help you in each moment; in this difficult hour, I Am with you and I have sent in mission My children from the Association Mary, so that you may feel My Sacred and Most Holy Maternal Protection very near you.

Dear children, it is in the moments of difficult trials that you must look with fervor to Christ and ask the Celestial Father for His Piety and Mercy.

You, as children of God, are the first ones to face the great trials that some nations will live; but if you are united to Me and contemplate My Consciousness for an instant, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in your lives and nothing nor anyone will remove My Maternal Love from your hearts, because My Love of Mother for you is eternal and perpetual.

My dear children, offer to the Celestial Father the fasting for peace and pray much, so that I, Your Celestial Mother, may intercede for the innocents and for their families.

I pour My blessings over all the praying ones of the Network of Light and I ask you all to pray the Powerful Novena to the Mother of the Perpetual Help, so that My Divine Consciousness may intercede for all the children of the beloved nation of Venezuela.

I thank, from now and always, all the children of Venezuela for the answer that you have given to My call.

That in times without peace we may be in Peace and seek the Peace of God!

I thank you, I bless you and I protect you with the Immaculate Maternal Love,

Your Mother Mary, the Supreme Lady of Coromoto


In the dawning hours of the 16th of February I come from Heaven so that, before My presence, your hearts will be healed and redeemed under the Love of God.

I want on this night to show to the world that one of the stars of the universe, the most humble and sovereign, descends from the firmament so that, through the Divine Word and the Eternal Love, She may illuminate the paths of those who say yes to God and of those who deny and dismiss Him.

My Sacred and Immaculate Heart is made present, in the beloved city of Manaus, to pour special Graces over the hearts that seek the relief and the healing for their profound inner wounds.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace approaches the most simple and humble, to show all Her Love and Gratitude for the answer given to this important call.

And despite the fact that two of My messengers of Earth, Mother Shimani and Friar Elias, today are not present among you so that they may resonate My sweet voice in the four corners of the Earth, the always Virgin Mary, the Sovereign Star of Peace, through the power that God has given Her will bring to this place both hearts, so that you may feel that My Work is accomplished in omnipresence and prayer.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace wants to ask of you prayer for the visionaries and for all the good Christians that follow in the whole world My Work in the Americas.  But the most important is that My Son Jesus has asked Me in Heaven to return to the Amazon as I have been doing continuously, through the Sacred Face of the Lady of the Rosary and Peace, to other children of Mine from this precious region.

I want that your consciousness may be united with My greatness and love for all, principally in the devotion of all of you for the wise mysteries of God; in this way I want you to know that My Sacred Maternal Heart appears in Glory to different children of Mine.

My dear children from Manaus, the Lord is joyful in His Mercy and Piety for your inner opening, for this I want that those children who have never known Me, may get to know Me.

During one of My last Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías, I asked him that on the day of the Apparition in Manaus that there be on the altar, that honors My Sacred Maternal Consciousness, an image of the Lady of Guadaloupe.  I want and I wish to leave through this the Guadaloupean message of union among the races and the hearts, as it was in the past through Juan Diego.

The Divine Indigenous Consciousness must be rescued, for this the encounter of today with Me has the spiritual and divine reason of impelling you to live the prayer of the heart for all the brothers and sisters of the original peoples, that will also in this time need the Love and the Mercy of God.

To all those who pray and who do not pray, I call you to pray with the heart the Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus for the Indigenous Consciousness so that, in the final times, the plans of God may be accomplished upon these precious indigenous consciousnesses.

Dear children, the Virgin of Guadaloupe is the feminine and maternal presence able to protect and help the paths of the sacred peoples.   My Heart wishes also that the original peoples be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, in this way many situations will be avoided and Jesus will establish His Kingdom over all.

I give thanks now and forever to the prayer groups of the northeast of Brazil for having answered to My call!

I love you always,

Your Mother Mary, Sovereign Queen and Star of Peace


Dear children:

Today Heaven is opened and the Lady of the Divine Mercy descends in Glory over the city of Brasilia and the entire world. My Mantle of Light is expanded over humanity to help My children to walk in faith and in the love of Jesus Christ.

Beloved children, in honor to God the Most High, My presence today will enter into you hearts so that you may feel that I Am the same from Nazareth, that Holy Woman from Galilee that took care of the little child Jesus and that brought to the world the Sacred Purity of God.

For this today I need more than ever that your hearts open themselves, just like a flower under the rays of the sun; in this way you will grant the permission for the entire world, which suffers and despairs day by day, to find through My Heart a time more of Peace.

Once I said in Fatima to Sister Lucia Dos Santos that the world should consecrate itself to My Immaculate Heart; but the souls that are most sought after by the astuteness of the enemy are decaying and they need prayer from all the devotees, because in this way they will permit that fraternity among the peoples be manifested.

Dear children: today My message is a call for the awakening of your consciousness, especially the awakening to the need of prayer and of Mercy for Asia and for all that live there, like the souls, the life of the sea and nature.

Pray! Pray from the heart for all the Creation of God! Because His children's own hands have destroyed the beauty that He gave them from the beginning. As Your Mother of Mercy I come to remind you that there exists this Sacred Fountain of Piety and of Reparation, where your beings may clamor for help and greater intercession.

Little children of Brasilia, My Heart is rejoicing for your sincere donation to My Marian Work in America; I thank you from the depths of My Soul that you have opened the door of your hearts to receive me, as living the message that I announce for this time is the premise that will permit to generate the salvation of the world.

Dear children of Brasilia, begging God for Mercy, remain in My maternal arms; I will always help you when you just call me.

I thank you for listening to My call for Peace!

Your Sacred Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy


At the end of the message transmitted by the Virgin, Our Lady started to pray the following prayer a number of times:

Mother of Heaven,
Mother Earth,
intercede for us
and for the Kingdoms.


And she said to us at the end of the Apparition that this prayer could be recited as many times as the soul feels like doing it, and especially for the situation that is happening with the nuclear plants of Japan, and also for all the Kingdoms of that region.


My children,

Pray, pray much so that in each moment of your day God may hear you and thus His Magnificent Spirit of Love will be able to work through all creatures.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that your souls and the souls in all of the world may receive the consolation and the Mercy that they are waiting for.

Pray and do not tire of praying, because in prayer the strength and the loving dialogue of your hearts with God is to be found.

Pray, pray for the time of changes that will come, so that each heart of this world may listen with humility to the lovely requests of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray to open the Doors of the Heavens so that the angels may be present with their love and service on Earth and so that this can allow the hearts of many consciousnesses to change. When you reach a harmonious and loving prayer you will be going through the path towards contemplation of the Most High and your beings will be as sparks of Light in the universe.

Pray for those who do not pray. Pray for those who do not love. Pray for all of humanity because the prayer of the heart will guide you as a mother guides her little child.

This is why, dear children, My Maternal and Devotional Heart is among you to teach you to walk through the path of prayer and conversion.

Throughout these last months you have known the Face of the Queen of Peace, of the Mother of God, but still, My children, you must love the daily prayer until your hearts recognize that the prayer of all the groups will change the world.

When in Lourdes I called for penitence, I was calling the world to reflection, to the awakening of the consciousness before the actions.

In Fatima, I called the world to daily prayer so that souls would weave, by means of the rosary, a new web of peace and redemp- tion that could help the world.

In Medjugorje, I called you to fasting and prayer, just as in Aurora where, for five years, I have been asking humanity for a little more sacrifice and effort so that it may be able to balance itself before the events that are outside the Law of God.

In Salta, Argentina, I called you to heal the heart through the adoration to the Eucharistic Heart of My Son. I was calling everyone to consider the importance of the daily union with My Son the Redeemer, through the Communion with His Holy Body and His Sacred Blood.

Today, dear children, I call you to the awakening in yourselves of the new time, to the preparation of your hearts through prayer, through adoration, confession, fasting and the devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

My children, after so many calls and warnings to humanity, today I call you to live your conversion and your redemption by means of prayer and peace.

Dearest children, you are part of the beautiful Project of God, you can be an expression of My Peace and the Divine Peace of My Son.

Children of My Father, now, recognizing the power of My Maternal Requests, again I call you to the prayer of the heart, because prayer will help the whole world.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children of My Son,

Rest your lives and your hearts in My Maternal arms. Carry in your souls the loving unity with the Eternal God.

My children, today again I call you to prayer, because a world and a humanity without prayer is a reality without God.

Dear children, united to your hearts I invite you to strengthen the spirit and the exercise of prayer so that you may always find refuge in the Kingdom of the Father through the faith and the devotion to the Most High.

As Mother of humanity I ask that you unite your hearts through the praying exercise in the groups of prayer. Each group of prayer must not only be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, but they must also radiate the Light and Love that they have received from the Heavens.

Each group of prayer must maintain the spirit of peace and the will to gather as souls that want to dialogue with God. The group must weave the network of peace between Heaven and Earth.

My children, you are servers consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart. This is why I ask that in this defining time you be responsive to My requests and strong in the purpose of living day by day a consecrated life through the prayer of the heart.

All groups of prayer must be pillars of Christ, they must beat the universal rhythm of the Heart of My Son; they must always renovate themselves, inviting new hearts to participate in the life of prayer.

Dear children, in you is the possibility of allowing salvation to become a reality. In you is the love that will unite you to My Beloved Son.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I want you to remember to pray the Rosary every day for peace in the world and for the conversion of the souls that are distant from the Most Holy Heart of My Son.

For this reason, My little ones, this is the invitation and pri- mordial call that My Immaculate Heart makes today to each one of you, as well as to each group of prayer.

Throughout these past months, in which My Maternal Heart has been among you, many requests of prayer have emerged. Today I also ask you to consider each one of them as valid since there is still a need in the entire world, a need for a true prayer that may be born from your hearts.

Praying the Rosary for peace you will allow the Celestial Light to approach and fill the spaces in the world that need forgive- ness and a quick conversion.

Dear children, My Maternal Voice will not tire of telling you how important it is to be conscious in the life of prayer and in each one of the situations that arise in the world.

Each day that the sun awakens in your lives, many situations arise as a reality that expands itself towards all humanity. Because of this, My children, may prayer live in your hands, may prayer be the harbinger for many, relief for others and hope for those who have lost it. Your prayer of the heart will collaborate in preparing the conversion of many souls and will give sustenance for the most important moments of humanity.

An invitation for your souls is to be in Jesus, to live in My Son because in Him and with Him your hearts will be illuminated in the Eternal Peace and they will awaken to forgiveness.

Let us pray because the only thing left to do is to pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My dear children,

Commemorating with joy together with you the Apparitions in Medjugorje, today I invite you to be and to remain in God, the Creator, through the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children, for this special reason of My presence in the world for so many years, today I also want to call you to reflect on a request that I make to all My children that, fervently in devotion, respond to My call.

Today I want to invite you to consciously collaborate with the Marian Work that My Immaculate Heart has been realizing here in the world and especially in Brazil, in Uruguay and in Argentina for some time. With this I want to ask you to place My words in your hearts, because today, My little children, I invite you to be part of the Divine Providence.

Know well, My little ones, that God, the Creator, fulfills His Plan for all the creatures and that one of His great and loving providences has been to send His Faithful Servant to dialogue with all of you, month by month.

Therefore, dear children, so that My Call and My Maternal Voice may be able to ignite more hearts that are in darkness, I need from each one of you a sincere and humble collaboration so that My Plans may continue in the different nations.

This time God the Father is giving permission so that each one of My children may awaken their consciousness towards fraternity and towards spontaneous giving, united to the infinite work of My Heart.

While you are in this world, you will need providence and help. Today My children, those who, in a selfless way, dedicate their lives to My requests also need the loving assistance of all of you. On Earth as it is in the Heavens, there are hard workers who, through their effort, make it possible for others to receive the Greater Grace.

As the Lady of Graces I give you My Peace and I thank you for the opening of your hearts, for responding in this way to this important maternal petition. Thus My message will be able to reach more souls.

I invite you to imitate Joseph, the carpenter, so that with good instruments we may together be able to construct the new Kingdom of Love on Earth.

Eternally, I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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