Sunday, August 25 of 2013

Monthly messages
Message for the Apparition of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Very dear children in Christ,

It makes Me happy to see, on this day, the simple pilgrims ready to follow Me on the path of prayer and peace. Today I want to give thanks for the divine meeting that each one of them will have with Me in their hearts because a pilgrim is the light that surrounds the spaces to bring peace.

A pilgrim is like an incandescent star that radiates the immaculate love of the Celestial Mother. A pilgrim is like a sun, facing the darkness, because their main instrument is the rosary. A pilgrim is like a disciple that lovingly follows the instructions.

All pilgrims have different fires. The fire of each pilgrim is ignited by prayer and this is complemented by other fires. In this way, each pilgrim, as one who prays, manifests a part of the Plan of God. All pilgrims are one Christic spirit that strengthens the path and the steps of their neighbor.

Thus, one who wants to consecrate themselves as a pilgrim will simply need to pray and affirm that they are a disciple of Christ in the world; because a pilgrim is not just someone who lives the Divine Message, but they are also a bridge to selfless service and charity for those most in need.

There are many pilgrims in the world that, in this time, will become inwardly consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, as new apostles of Christ, as apostles of God. In this way, the new soldiers of Mary will be born who are willing to follow the teachings of the new Gospel of Christ, a Gospel that will prepare the coming of My Son Jesus.

Today I want to radiate My maternal and unique Love to all pilgrims because it is through all of them that My Marian Plan will be carried forward when they truly collaborate from the heart so that this Work of salvation and Mercy may be possible.

Dear children, I am in prayer for you, to protect the pilgrims who are willing to follow the path towards My Son Jesus.

My children, on this day of happiness and rejoicing for you in My maternal Heart, I again encourage you to live the ecumenism of Christ. This means to see that all pilgrims are carriers of the Love of My Son, a Love that unites, a Love that brings relief, a Love that heals, a Love that frees, a Love that does not condemn, a transfiguring and redeeming Love.

Dear children, the Mother of Heaven calls you to be in fellowship through prayer for peace in the world and through spiritual union among all beings on Earth. Those willing to be ecumenical will also help events to change and peace to reign between humankind and God.

Beloved children, My infinite Spirit of Love will today help the needy in soul, heart, and body, it will help those who have waited for inner relief for a long time.

Let us pray for the new apostles of My Son to present themselves and for the Marian work to be accomplished throughout the whole world, mainly in the dear families of the Americas.

Fast, adore and commune with My Son. He will always be your one and only faithful sustenance for this time.

Now, after each decade of the Holy Rosary, and at the end of the Prayer of the Angel of Peace, you must repeat with devotion:

"It is all for You, Jesus, for Your unfathomable Mercy. Amen."

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you in eternal Love,

Mary, Your Mother and Queen of Peace