Invoke the Sacred Names of God, and the Creator Father will show Himself to your little heart.

Invoke the Sacred Names of God and feel how His Presence and Love are revealed, how His Voice can be sensed and His healing is carried out within you.

Invoke the Sacred Names of God and come into communion with the Heart of your Creator. Let Him show you His Truth, His most pure inspiration for all life and the perfect Plan that He has designed for you.

Invoke the Sacred Names of God and cry out for the establishment of His Peace in the world. Cry out so that His Grace may descend upon all hearts and flood those who need the most, transforming lives and attracting toward Him the hearts of His children.

Invoke the Sacred Names of God and listen to the Voice of the Father, just as the peoples of the desert listened to it. Enter the desert of your heart and cry out for peace. Let the Father prepare in you His Return and establish in your heart His Kingdom.

Invoke the Sacred Names of God and live peace. Let peace expand upon the world.

Know, child, that your God and Creator is here, in you and in everything. Invoke His Name to recognize His Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Elevate yourself through My Eucharistic Presence and, in this way, you will overcome and transcend all the obstacles of your own human consciousness.

For this reason, stay united with Me from the heart so that, in spite of the opposing movements, you may learn to surrender and be humble as did many sages and masters.

Quiet down completely while you traverse some spiritual tempest because, above all things, you must believe in and live the triumph that My Project achieved in your life, and in the life of your brothers and sisters.

Thus, keep faith in the Heights. Do not stop invoking that which is superior, non-material and grand that comes from the Universe.

Day by day, unite with universal Life and you will know, by yourself, how to rise up from the ground. But remember that who lives in My Love and practices it, will manage to be redeemed someday.

Dare to say "yes" to the Universe and do it for those who retreated and did not manage to faithfully follow My steps.

I am always here with you, as long as you call Me.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Weekly Messages

Through the invocation of Divine Mercy, the consciousness manages to reach a state that will place it within the Purpose and, in turn, the consciousness has the possibility of responding to the Designs of God.

To invoke Mercy is more than receiving a spiritual Grace. It is to participate in the Higher Commands, to thus be in brotherhood with the Heavens, with life, with the important moment of redemption and of compassion.

To belong to Mercy is to be able to help change humanity with the impulse of Mercy, changing the habits of life and entering into contact with God, to drink from the Fount of His inexhaustible Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira  - "Alleluia"

In this song, the inner invocation is centered upon the receptivity of the consciousness when faced with the teaching and the knowledge given by its Master, that is to say, the Instructor; and in the openness to hear the Truth, in order to learn to follow the Law and to fulfill it.

This love for the Law will allow the soul to awaken even more to service, because it will lead it into seeking the good in all places and will give it the impulse towards the ardent aspiration of achieving, through devotion, the union with universal life.

The song also reveals that the disciple has no uncertainties about the great Hierarchy. This is because the faith of the disciple is concentrated upon learning to live and to love the Law of the Hierarchy.

This brings inner security in the steps, that must be taken, to someday concretize the experience of the mission to be accomplished in this world.

To carry out this experience, which will change the life of the disciple, the song indicates the way, saying that habits must change so that this experience of living the mission upon the Earth be real and have no oscillations.

All this surrender that will be achieved will be in the name of the Lord and for His Glory. This will lead the disciple into detaching from riches through the living of the Law.

So that this total experience may be reflected in the life of the disciple, he must gauge his strength during purification and not challenge evil.

Thus, in this resignation and surrender, he will emerge as chosen, among so many, to reflect only gratitude before the Messengers who fill Heaven with signs, determining for the spirit and profound for the transformation of the soul.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Songs of Figueira - "Come brothers"

In this song we find several keys that reveal to the consciousness the correct procedure to be able to access, in an appropriate way, the subtle vibrations of the Cosmos.

Beyond being a procedure itself, the song "Come brothers" represents an inner invocation, a call of the souls of the Earth that aspire to reach that union with the infinite and with all of its spheres.

In order for that to be possible, the song points out a few basic rules to be able to contact all that exists and all that inhabits the Greater Universes.

The first key is to change the attitude, to say "yes" through prayer, alignment and elevated singing; to change the vibration in order to be in the correct attunement and on the correct plane.

That door will open through the channel of devotion, because devotion will take us to express what we truly are, beyond appearances and methods.

When the consciousness manages to change plane and vibration through prayer or elevated singing, it is from that point that other Laws, attributes and principles, held in the inner world of each being, begin to be visible and available for the materialization of the Divine Will. Because on changing planes, the consciousness distances from errors and their consequences.

The second key presented in the song is the act of sharing, from inner world to inner world, all the good that each consciousness has, transcending the limits of their own provisioning and the distrust that may exist.

In that sense, dying to self, at each moment, the soul incarnated on Earth will be able to serve with joy to the inner siblings, and thus, the consciousness will be granted the cosmic grace of freeing itself from debts, breaking the ties and the limitations of matter, attaining, little by little, the phases of inner transcendence.

This awakens in the consciousness a sense for the reverent and for the sacred, merging its spirit into the song and into the honor to the inner siblings, creating in this way, an alliance with the Universal Brotherhood and opening the spaces to continue towards the infinite.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


From Heaven I am able to hear the cry of My children of Belo Horizonte and from the world, and the Universal Father rejoices because His beloved children inwardly recognize the Mercy of the Redeemer.

In this way, the doors to spiritual Grace open with each prayer that is pronounced in the deep sincerity of the heart.

The entire Spiritual Universe contemplates, in this moment, the precious event of seeing souls thirsty for the Love of Christ and invoking His powerful name as savior.

The soul of each of those who pray rejoices, and deep healing is established in them and in the planetary consciousness.

After the last 8th of August, the times have definitely changed, and what before seemed to be in danger in this entire race, through definition, through surrender, through prayer, and through union with the Evolutionary Plan, everything becomes possible to be fulfilled in the consciousness of many.

The perseverance of the brave souls encourages My Son so that He, in His Blessed Glory, may return to this world.

The suns that were before going out because of planetary inertia or because of chaos, have lighted up again, and have finally found the path to My Son.

All of this activates the Heart of the Father that before, being in silence, was teaching the Universe His mysterious Will.

The invocation of hearts for the powerful flame of the Mercy of My Son has caused the angels of the Universe to again descend to gather up the supplications of sincere hearts.

A flaming and mysterious fire is lighting the evolutionary spirit of nations and changing the catastrophic destinies that entire populations would experience because of their own actions; this converts all of America into a new Eden.

In this way, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph send souls the last preparatory impulses for the new times, which will be different from the times of yore.

A new path is established in the human consciousness; the veils of blindness and of ignorance are removed from the majority, and a hope that was dead before, is reborn like the bird of fire.

My Graces illuminate all these opportunities and today the soldiers of Christ alleviate My suffering Heart.

Because of this and for all that is yet to come,

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united with each prayerful heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the District of Miraflores, Lima, Peru to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Where you call to Me, there I am present, because who invokes My Holy Name receives the help which their consciousness requires.

I am the Mother of all impossible causes, I am that Pillar of Light on which My beloved children can lean, and thus find rest and protection.

Dear children, I am that Holy Mother Who responds immediately because of the trust and the faith of the hearts that believe in Me. I am present when hearts call to me; I do not cease spiritually helping those who ask Me with all their heart, because I know it is important to each being that I, as your Mother, can be present in your life.

It is because of this that My Consciousness responds unconditionally to all needs, because I know that hearts must keep alive their trust in God the Father.

In this critical hour for the planet, My Heart is present more than ever, because the time has come for My children to feel that they can count on Me regardless of what happens.

I am that guardian Mother Who protects Her children and leads them on the path of the good so that in humility they may conquer it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of peace


When the souls in the world get lost I make them find the path towards God through My Love. Redemption establishes itself in the hearts that ask for My help and also in the hearts that ask for their brothers and sisters so that My Plan of Peace can be established in humanity; thus I close the door to My adversary, who corrodes the souls spiritually, places obstacles in their lives, and leads them to perdition, mainly, to the absence of love.

I have come here, dear children, to meet you under the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Trinity has sent Me in this cycle and in these times to prepare you for what is going to come. I need that your hearts establish My reign in this world. I need you to fulfill with Me the Plan of peace that the Lord so much awaits.

The world is still deaf and blind, but your hearts are open for Me, and you, dear children, know that it is so and that I need your hearts to fulfill My designs without caring for how you are like and how imperfect you are before the eyes of the Universe.

I do not come here to search for your indignation, your indifference or omission. I come to search in you for what really exists in the depth of your beings and that is called God; it is in this God that you must live in this time for all those who do not live it. And remember God, dear children, each new morning in which you wake up, because God is forgotten in this time by the hearts that have not understood Him nor accepted His Will that is not the inferior human will.

I need to set up here, dear children, a Kingdom that would be impossible to be established in these times, but that is possible when your hearts open themselves to hear My call each time that I announce it to the world.

I have come to Cataluña to bring you the mystery of My Love, as I have already brought it once when I previously met you in this same city to renew the vows before the Celestial Father. And I would like, dear children, that at this time you strengthened these vows, not only for yourselves but for your brothers and sisters that are on this path and also for those who are not and have forgotten God, the Father of Love and Unity. If love and unity live among you, and you work for this love and for this unity, My Plan will triumph in this humanity.

It does not matter what happens around you, because I will be among you to impel you to walk and follow the steps of Christ, steps that at this time are offered to everyone to take for humanity and for the planet.

Dear children, you still do not know My profound pain for this race, for all the souls. You still do not know what it means to sustain the gravity of these times, and a race submerged in its ignorance and blindness.

As the Mother of Goodness and of Mercy, I open the doors for all those who do not deserve it, because the Christic seed is in you and in your brothers and sisters; a seed that will never disappear and that nobody will be able remove. It is the seed of unity and love that I come to water from time to time with My prayers, My words and My supplications for you before the Celestial Father. It is the seed that can never dry nor should get out of sight. It is the Christic seed that My adversary fears even not knowing it, because when it sprouts, flourishes and bears fruits, it is invincible.

Dear children, today I come to make you recognize your filiation with the Celestial Father, a filiation that is unique for each one of you, it is precious and also mysterious for many. Consider yourselves worthy children of God and the whole of humanity will be a worthy child of God for the steps you take in this time towards My Son, towards His Sacred Heart.

I do not come to ask you, dear children, for what you cannot give Me, but rather for what you really can donate Me with the heart, with your lives in each act of the day, in each example of charity and of goodness towards your fellow being. Thus, dear children, I invite you to share the miseries of the world and to support them with Me by prayer, service and sacrifice. I know that many fear sacrifice because they think they will suffer, but I do not come to bring you suffering, but the Peace of the Celestial Kingdom perpetually lived by angels and archangels in each moment of the Divine and Spiritual Universe. I open to you the doors towards the sacred knowledge that is called Celestial Universe.

I want you to be conscious, dear children, of this very important task of merging Heaven and Earth in one sole unity. Thus the doors of the hells of life will close and little by little the hearts will lose their ignorance, because the veils will fall from their consciousnesses and they will recognize that they have forgotten God and will encourage themselves to return to the path of My Son, that is the path of love and forgiveness.

Go ahead in spite of what happens and remember that I consider you My columns of light and peace in this unfaithful world. Make My Heart triumph in your lives and live it fully, because the time has already come and it is time to fight for this Plan of peace in the world, a world that each one builds day by day with their attitude, their thought, their feeling and their prayer.

United with you and together with each one of your spirits My Plan triumphs, and My adversary loses the war that he wants to fight so much. It is already time, dear children, for you to be bearers of My Peace and that you transmit it to the world, this is My main task with you in these times.

Now place in My Merciful and Immaculate Heart your intentions. I open My Heart of Light for you to place your supplications, your invocations, your requests to the Great Universal Father who loves you profoundly and never forgets you. Deposit these intentions in the silence of your hearts.

Now extending My arms and approaching My hands towards you, dear children, I will pray for Spain shedding My Graces upon it:


Holy Father, Blow of Spirit,

Shed Your Light upon the consciousnesses,

May they never be discouraged from searching for You

May they be able to find Your Peace and Your Truth;

Strengthen each spark of Your Spirit

That has congregated around My Immaculate Heart

To revere Your Presence and Your legacy with all Creation.


Angels of Heaven, Higher Consciousnesses,

Guide the souls on the good path

And fill the emptiness of love that many feel in their hearts;

Shed the Divine Spirit of My Son

So that they can live in Your Sacred Heart

And be in this time as a star that, from the universe, lights everything.



I bless you, dear children, and I bless everything you have brought to My altar in reverence and love. I bless the union with My Son that you search for every day without forgetting Him, your Master, your true love. Bring Me here the offering of the Eucharist for My Angels to transubstantiate it into the real spiritual and divine matter that nourishes your spirits and consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother and the Lady who helps, together with Her Son, all the Christians and non-Christians.

I descend from Heaven to bring the Grace and the Mercy of God, because these are the Holy Gifts to which the souls must hold on.

I am the One who aids during the tests and the One who helps during difficult moments.  I am the Consoler and Co-redeemer in whom the essences find the path of redemption and of peace. 

I am present in the world through those who invoke Me.  I am the Great Mirror of Justice and of the intercession for the hearts.  Through My Grace, the most difficult situations are converted when there is the sincere aspiration to be willing to change.

My authority and kingdom embrace many consciousnesses, because in the spiritual level My actions are works of Peace and Love.

I Am Mary Help of Christians, the Lady who guides the Christians and helps in all the impossible causes, whenever there is faith and confidence in the Lord.  I Am the Mother who carries the Child King, the Divine and Prodigious Child Jesus so that He may establish the Will of God in the simple hearts.   

Who appeals to the Divine Child will receive the answer because His Purity and Innocence will transform the most difficult causes.  

I am your Helping Mother, so that you may remember My universal presence in these times.  

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Invocation to the Original Plan of God

The Celestial Powers
unite in the Universe and
the rays of Liberation
and of Transmutation
expel the corrosive energies of evil.

The soldiers of Light
unite to the principle of Universal Love
and all the treacherous doors
are closed by the Great Awakening of Humanity. 

Peace is established
in all of those who listen to the divine call
and the planet as a whole
receives the opportunity of Liberation.

The Celestial Masters
radiate the power of the stars
and all self-summoned
respond to the Greater Will.

The redeemed New Humanity emerges
because Christ, the Master amongst masters,
has returned to the Earth.

All souls are responsive
to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan
and the new Suns participate
in the Great Current of Fraternity.

The Celestial Universe
descends to the planet
and all that has been created and thought of
by the Mind and the Heart of God
receives the codes of christification.

The soldiers become resplendent flames
and illuminate the darknesses of this world.

The Great Master of Love,
Jesus Christ,
guides and accompanies
the evolution and the redemption
of all of the children of God.

The Plan of God is fulfilled in this era.

The Original Project
becomes possible and true
because the summoned respond to the
Universal Voice of Adonai.

Emmanuel becomes visible
amongst the creatures
and all the human beings
recognize His Spiritual Paternity.

The Divine Plan is vivified
in the existence of all of the beings
and the planet Earth enters into the thousand years of Peace.

The Universe manifests its true spiritual identity
and all of the living humanity,
in the four corners of the Earth,
receives in Glory the arrival of the Universal King.

All undergoes a new cycle,
all is transformed,
transmuted and redeemed.

Humanity is blessed
by the rays of the Universal Love
and all those who have awakened
commune again in the
Sacred Supper of Reconciliation.

Those who are oppressed
are liberated.

Those who are ill
are healed.

Those who are prisoners of themselves
become free.

Those who invoked the blessed name of God
are consecrated.

All is reconstructed.
All is restored.

All is elevated to the foot
of the Greater Celestial Altar.

The forces of evil are redeemed
and removed from the entire sphere of the Earth.

The New Humanity breaths Peace,
Harmony and Love.

Now the original promise is fulfilled
under the Supreme Light of the Creator.



This prayer is a spiritual and internal invocation for all of those who have been and will be self-summoned for the end of the times.  It is an affirming prayer of internal and spiritual help for those who follow the steps of the Redeemer. 

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.
Thank you for decreeing through My Sacred Heart!

Glorified Christ Jesus


May the Peace of Christ be always in your hearts!

In the end the flowers of devotion will open up in the interior of all those that invoked the Precious Name of the Lord yesterday!

Praised be Our Father who is in the Heights!

Glorified be always His Presence, in Heaven as on Earth!

May the angels always elevate the humble offers of love from all the children of God.

May every expression of true devotion among the healthy creatures permit that the plans of the Most High be concretized.

Praise be the name of Adonai!

Blessed be the presence of Emmanuel!

Hallelujah for the existence of Abba, the Eternal Father!

May the Infinite Heavens be opened and may the rays of Mercy be poured over the impious and the innocent.  God is for all the creatures; His loving presence is in everything that is life and evolution.

May the great stars of universal salvation descend upon the Earth.

May the doors of love and of celestial healing be opened for all.

May the suns awaken to the Great Call because for the Father, the time of salvation and forgiveness has come.

Let us glorify the God of Love!  May all the souls of good will pronounce His name and may all of humanity receive the power of His Grace.  As the Sacred People of Israel, the soldiers of Peace come together to respond in joy to the call of Adonai.

Holy is Our Lord!

Holy is Your Name forever!

May Your Original Project be accomplished in all the hearts now and always!


Dear children: may this divine declaration of love and of devotion awaken in you the enthusiasm and the spiritual and inner impulse to proceed forward.  Remember My little ones, you have a place saved for you in the Heart of God.

For this, be encouraged to live the accelerated transformation of the end of this time, in the same way as the world turns fast, the souls reach the path of transfiguration.

I am among you always; I bless you.  That on this day of unity and of joy may you receive My dear children from prison with love, because now I have opened to you the door to Freedom, to the Freedom of the heart and of love.

I love those that surrender at the feet of Christ because Your King will liberate you.

Thank you Figueira, Sacred Tree, for responding to My call!

Mary, Immaculate Conception


When you pray “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…” do you know what important deed of Christ you invoke?

In each prayer is encountered a key that opens a new door for the redemption of the soul.

At three in the afternoon I bring to you the Grace of conversion and of the emptiness of oneself.  For this I need that you always remember these prayers, they will serve as a shield for the most important moments.

Let that the powerful ray of each one of them penetrate the depths of the consciousness and in this way be reborn a new being.  Leave upon My Hands your intentions, walk in trust by My side so that I may be able guide you.  I am always with you in the moments of joy, as also in the moments of tests.

You are in My Heart only when you are with Me.  I lead you and I guide you always, do not forget it.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for opening the doors of the heart to My Instruction!

Christ Jesus


The protection of My Heart will always be upon My servers and I will not let anything that is not My Light touch them because I want for all of My Ones, holiness.  In this way they will achieve eternal life.

Let Me today occupy Myself with your difficulties, surrender to Me that which you are.  In this way I will be able to realize My Projects upon the Earth.  Find Me in the silence of the heart, in the union of the soul with My Spirit.   Remain in peace because if you are in Me, I will be always with you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for invoking the protection of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Dear soul,

Guard soon your heart in the eternal refuge of My Temple.  In this way you will liberate yourself from impure thoughts and you will see with clarity the infinite light of My Heart.   I will be able to let you know My Sacred attributes, those that will impart special Graces for your life and for the life of others.  

Allow, soul of Mine, that My Redeeming Light penetrate the depths of your little spirit so that all of the days you may be more liberated from yourself and live in the eternal service to God.  Walk in safety by My Side and tell Me through this long walk what is your true aspiration.

O transfigured soul!  I only wish that your life imitate My Apostolate because still there are many who want to get to know Me through your peaceful heart.  Whenever you face the greater tests that you still cannot overcome by yourself, soul of Mine, draw in your thought My Divine Face so that in this way I may remove from your being all of the deceits that the enemy projects on you.

When only you call me or only think of My Heart, trust that the greater help will come to your life because a Good Shepherd will never abandon his sheep.

Dear soul, live Me fully without restrictions.  It is pleasing to Your Lord of Mercy that you pour your spiritual caresses directly on the Redeeming Heart.  And whenever you get discouraged, let that the problem be solved by My Unfathomable Wisdom, in this way you will find answers and infinite Graces that will come to you directly from My Chaste Shepherd Heart. 

Now commune with Me and surrender to Me the best that you are because My Project in your life is still unknown to your consciousness.  Abandon yourself to the Love of My Heart.  I will not hurt you, but I will give you My Kind Peace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, dear soul, for marrying My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Before the Angel of Justice arrives to the Earth I wish to pour upon you and the entire world the Source of My Divine Mercy.

For this to be possible there must exist those who faithfully invoke My Merciful Rays. In this way I will be able to liberate you from sin, and the enemy, during the last hour, will be defeated by the infinite power of My Redeeming Love.

For this today I invite you to imitate the faithfulness of the humble shepherds of Emmaus, those who believed in My Resurrection from the first moment. May this example of apostolate and of fidelity help you to gather the inner strengths necessary for the great moments that will come in humanity.

You must not miss, not even for a moment, the hour of My Divine Mercy. That before this moment of reparation, of healing and of forgiveness, your beings prostrate themselves on the sacred soil of prayer so that in truth you may be helped and nothing related to your inner efforts may be able to surprise you.

I invite you now to be defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy because in this way you will be helping in the redemption of humanity. Remember that I Am in the heart of those who open it so that I may be able to visit them always.

Under the Light of Father, be forgiven and be merciful.

Thank you for considering My Teachings from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Master of the Divine Piety


May there always remain a great space in your hearts so that My Redeeming Light may be able to enter and prepare a new dwelling for God.

Today with celestial joy and rejoicing I descend in the Spirit of Truth upon these precious hills with the spiritual mission of consecrating Argentina to My Sacred Heart. On this day of Glory the Sacred Hearts will deposit Their Celestial Relics in this place so that a new cycle of Mercy and of Pity may be able to be born in the souls that most need My Spiritual Redemption.

I reunite on this day all of the flocks from different origins and I call them with joy to celebrate with Me the new supper of love and of forgiveness, the supper that will prepare you for My Return, so awaited in all of the universe.

I Pour My Rays of Light upon this Center Consecrated to the call of My Most Holy Mother and I dedicate My special attention to the hearts that with faith and braveness will be encouraged to carry forward the activity of this new space of light and of brotherhood consecrated to the Divine Hierarchy.

My Shepherd Heart is ennobled from seeing the effort of My disciples. Among the tests, challenges and triumphs in the daily life I invite you to walk without fear at My Side because, know that My Steps of light will always indicate to you the moment to proceed or to meditate with wisdom and attention.

Always invoke the power of the Shield of My Heart so that the superior universes may be the guiding star that may illuminate you during the night and may thus protect you. Know that My Heart is with you and that today My Divine Mercy is poured over the whole world, especially upon this, Your Sacred Dwelling of the Celestial Father.

May the Holy Spirit inspire you and may It be your inner guardian.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart so that they may grow as light in your little consciousnesses!

Merciful Christ Jesus


May come to Me the brave ones and those who have fallen.

May come to Me the followers and those who are persecuted.

May come to Me the lonely and poor of heart ones.

May all come to Me those who are in Heaven and on Earth, those who are in the south or in the north, those who are in the orient or in the occident.

May all of humanity awake or asleep come towards Me, may you not fear me because I know you all very well. May no one fear calling me or invoking me because My spirit is Omnipresent and Omniscient.

May you in the storm or in the sun, may you in the rain or in the desert, call me, because I Am the one who Is and more I will be in My Servers when you just open the pure dwelling place of the heart.

I Am the one who frees you from sin and I Am the one who lifts you up when have fallen.

I Am the joy and the future for your lives, I Am the balsam that cures the heart.

I Am the water that washes the wounds and I Am the salt that spices and gives flavor to the lives of souls.

Come to Me because without time nor schedule I always wait for you, contemplate you, adore you, love you, forgive you, free you from every suffering or affliction. Let me, just for once, be everything for you because nothing you will lose, but you will recognize My Power and My Merciful Ministry.

Come to Me those who have courage to look at My Eyes, come to My Law. The faithful followers I already have with Me in My Kingdom but those who for such a long time I have been waiting for, I call ardently to My Encounter.

Come those who still have not come towards Me. My Eyes vigil you, My Love impregnates you, My Light involves you, My Mantle protects you and My Steps guide you.

I call the soldiers of Christ of the New Time and one more time I tell you: carry your cross and, for love, follow me towards the awaited encounter with the Lord of the Universe. If you did like this each time that you fall down or become sad, remember that you would be doing it for the all  of humanity in need.

Under the Love of the All Powerful, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words of instruction!

Christ Jesus. 

Who are we?

Association Mary
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