Saturday, October 5 of 2013

Weekly messages
Weekly Message of Mary, Immaculate Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía

I call My soldiers those who persevere in the Will of the Lord and fulfill it far beyond their small wills.

I call My companions those who continue by My side under any circumstance and say 'yes' to My Plan of Love and rescue of souls, even though they do not know what this Plan is and how it will be carried out.

I call beloved children those who revere God above all things and who, within their imperfection, surrender to the unknown Universe of the Celestial Father.

Today, I assemble hearts so that they become consecrated to the Greater Will, for the times will no longer be easy for consciousnesses, and souls will be tested by the enemy as never before.

Today, I assemble you so you may consecrate your lives, your souls and your spirits, so you may renew the commitment you sealed with Me since the beginning and you came to consummate in this time.

To those who follow Me, I offer sacrifice, and the reward you receive is the salvation of souls.

To those who follow Me, I offer renunciation, and what you receive in exchange is the purity of the world, which will be rescued by the small works of these hearts.

I do not place great material treasures on the table of those who follow Me; I will not offer you comfort nor rest, not in this life or in another.

But there is something on this table that is not on any other; something that transcends weariness, something that transcends the riches of the Earth, something that transcends matter, something that is not of this world.

This that I offer you is unique,  simple, invisible, cannot be touched and it is also immutable.

This that I offer you opens the doors of the universe and fills worlds, stars, spirits and consciousnesses.

To those who consecrate themselves today to My Heart, I offer you Love, and I present you to My Son so He may be your King for all eternity.

My little children, today I only tell you that I gathered you under My Mantle to place My Love in your hearts and to tell you, very close to your hearts, that you must never forget I am here, and even though I offered you sacrifice, I also offer you My arms, toward which you should eternally walk.

Who loves you,

Mary, Queen of Peace