Every day, child, seek to go deeper into the Passion and the Life of your Lord.

In this way, you will know what the essence of surrender, of service, and of sacrifice is; you will know that life is too short not to imitate His steps; you will know that the Graces that were granted to you are still abound in your life, and that you have everything to thank God for, in each minute of your existence.

Contemplate the Passion of your Lord, every day, so that you may understand where He aspires to lead you to and what is the purpose that God has for you.

Everything you receive is so that you give of yourself more and more, in the accomplishment of a Greater Plan. And if you feel that what you do is little, know child, that it is not your sense of serving that measures your service and sacrifice; it is the love with which you do all that which you are called to do that, before God, measures the steps of your heart and consciousness.

If you are called to pray, pray with all of your being, and do it with love.

If you are called to serve, regardles of what it is, do it with all of your heart.

Be excellent in your actions, fill each one of your actions with the Spirit of God, and even though nobody sees you or recognizes your work, know that it is for God that you do it, and not for you or for humankind.

To serve is to do what is necessary, where it is necessary and as it is necessary; but above all, to do it with love.

Every day, child, contemplate the Passion of your Lord, and be ashamed of being tired, disconsolate or distressed. Be ashamed of wanting more from others, and place your heart in the correct place, in the giving of self.

For the one who completely surrenders to the Father, what supply they need will always come.

If you lack anything, it is because you keep for yourself that which you seek in others. Give the love that is in your heart and you will see how the Love of God will eternally flow in your chest.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From His birth to His adult life, Jesus had full knowledge of universal life and the deep life of each being. Knowing the purpose of humanity on Earth, His Heart was always supported by the hope of the arrival of a new life, of the manifestation of a New Humanity.

The Truth of God lived within Him and during the Calvary it was the basis of the wisdom that awakened Christic Love in His Heart and renewed the Love of God.

Today, child, let the revelations of this time be for you the wisdom that comes as a basis for the calvary of the world and, above all, for the awakening and renewal of Love.

Receive the sciences that you are taught with gratitude, the higher knowledge about which humanity has always been so ignorant to.

Let wisdom awaken the certainty in you of eternity and of the redemption of all souls so that with this Truth, alive in your heart, you are able to make the trials of this end of cycle small.

Ennoble and strengthen your heart with wisdom and knowledge. Let higher Truth draw closer and, with it, what you truly are; in this way, you will have firm foundations on which to walk toward your return to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Feel, all the time, how God contemplates His Creation and, among all the infinity of the galaxies, universes and stars, how He especially loves the Earth.

Feel the unknown value that the planet Earth has and remember the experience in which He was a participant during the Life of Jesus.

Remember how God, being so great and powerful, made Himself small to be able to incarnate amongst humanity and teach them about the stages of love and of forgiveness.

Be aware of all of this, time and again, and affirm that, above each trial or difficulty, this truth of love always prevails, which is eternal and is transmitted from generation to generation.

Bring to your consciousness the meaning of all that the Father did for His children and how His Love, which is invincible, continues to work and act throughout the times.

Hang on to this Divine Truth; live through it so that every day you may be a servant as similar as Christ, Our Lord, was.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Walk, every day, toward the Heart of God and seek to place your eyes, you rheart and your aspirations always in the Most High.

Seek, child, your reference in the Love of Christ, in His Life, His word, in how He spiritually builds His Work. Because you are in a culminating moment of human evolution, in which many incomprehensible events will happen. Even, inside of you, will emerge feelings, thoughts and actions that you will not understand, but you must balance them with a simple prayer, service and union with God.

The old human is being purged within you and it is not only formed by the human experiences that you know and live. There is much more within you and in the human consciousness that you are completely unaware of.

Before these unknown and incomprehensible situations, only a greater Love will balance them, the Love of God.

For this reason, listen to what I tell you and do not stop praying sincerely, strengthening, everyday, the link of unity with the Heart of the Father because this will be your sustenance and the sustenance of the planet in the cycle that will come.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Jesus always submerged himself in the gratitude of the heart.

For Jesus, gratitude was the first rule that allowed Him to reflect the flashes of a living and true Love.

Without the constant gratitude that Jesus felt for His Father, He would not have been able to carry out His Divine Will.

Because the gratitude in Jesus allowed Him, as a man and as the Messiah, to fully trust in the Mysteries of the Father, although Jesus Himself knew part of these Mysteries.

The Gratitude of Jesus brought to humanity the declared revelation of His ardent Faith, a Faith that imprinted determination and sovereign authority at the moment of proclaiming the Gospel.

The permanent and immutable feeling of the Gratitude of Jesus led Him to greatly know the deepest and most hidden feelings of His brothers and sisters, whether they were pure or impure.

This gift of profound knowledge of the human being that Jesus lived was not for the purpose of judging, but for the purpose of correcting human customs, which, in past times, led towards the spiritual condemnation of all humanity.

The experience of gratitude in Jesus led Him constantly to the path of service for others and to the constant donation of His Divine Being, even for those who rejected and denied Him.

Jesus wanted to demonstrate that one of the main bases of love is gratitude, together with unity. And that these two attributes, in the sincere practice of the life of human beings, no matter what, will lead them to find a higher and superior meaning about the personal mission of the individual and of the groups of souls.

Jesus left the teaching of gratitude as a constant message for the transformation of the human condition.

To have gratitude means to understand, beyond oneself, that the purpose God places in our hands has a greater meaning than what we can understand and experience.

Gratitude leads us along the path of selfless and spontaneous donation; it helps us, as human beings, to live and understand life from a different perspective and on a different scale.

Gratitude reveals to us the goodness and mercy in everything, it makes us less petty and more considerate, attentive and available for our fellow beings.

Gratitude closes the door to pride, to the recognition of spaces or tasks that we believe to have under our power.

Gratitude belies our appearances and gently guides us along the path of Truth.

For this reason, the gratitude that lived and emanated from Jesus was very great, to the point that few consciousnesses could reach the true and divine Person of Jesus.

Gratitude leads to the breaking of chains and of atavisms; it is the portal toward our true freedom.

Gratitude reminds us of humility.

I thank you for imitating the Gratitude of Jesus!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


A Good Mother - Part II


I wish you could remember the moment when you were in the arms of your earthly mother in an act so similar, like when the little Jesus was in My Arms.

What a treasure God gives us through you, when once when you were little, you could be in the arms of your mother!

What a special and intimate moment God granted us, that you could feel the maternal warmth of your mother, and your mother could feel the unconditional surrender of her little child!

In this relationship, of mother and child, is built the true spirit of the family and it is this spirit that allows, in later experiences, to build love and solidarity among beings.

Today, as Mother of all mothers, I come with this example because we are facing a humanity that completely lost the spiritual values of motherhood.

But if by means of prayer, today and the days to come, all the mothers of the world unite to Me, under the feminine spirit of the Holy Motherhood, they will allow the great Mother, among all the mothers, to intercede for the young mothers who today gestate their children and are tempted by the adversary to get rid of life.

If together, as spiritual mothers and mothers of all our children, we unite in this perfect alliance of mothers of God, one day we will generate that consciousness so necessary to respect, love and protect the new life that is arriving.

Today I only ask for mothers to remember their first delivery and the preparation for that moment.

How important it is for the Creation to bring life to the world, just as I brought Jesus as a light for humanity!

May today, be born again, that blessed spirit of motherhood that God conceived in each feminine being and that in these crucial times will be indispensable, because many more hearts will seek the comfort and affection of a mother on Earth.

I invite you, dear mothers, to the renewal of that intimate feminine principle of Creation.

A good mother keeps in her interior the purpose of the life she once gestated, and she is the keeper and guardian for this purpose to be fulfilled in the soul that she once brought into the world.

The spiritual mission of mothers, united to God, is a broad mission, more than it seems, because a good mother is that intermediary consciousness between her children and God. God granted that authority to the Virgin Mary and, consequently, to all mothers who are sincerely united to Her Maternal Heart.

In these times, all children of God must remember the mission that each earthly mother has fulfilled before the Universe when she brought her own child into the world.

This is reason to rekindle in souls the spirit of Motherhood, which will protect the children from the attacks of the adversary.

I want to leave you, to finish, the words that little Jesus once expressed to Me in His first years of life, words that affirmed in My interior that I should, as Mother of all, do what is possible and impossible to save My children from perdition.

And Jesus, once, being a child declared to Me the following words as a simple prayer:

Oh sweet Mother!
tender Comforter of those who are afflicted.
Tireless servant who donated and delivered
Your Most Pure Virgin Womb to Creation.

Oh kind Mother!
Who welcomes those who suffer,
Who perseveres in Your pure Faith,
Who does not rest until You can have
the last of Your children in your arms.

Oh Mother of charity!
Who does good wherever You go,
Who performs miracles and grants
graces to all of Your children.

From now, Purest Mother,
You will be the Queen and the Lady of all mothers,
so that in this humanity
all learn, one day,
for the work of Your Grace, to truly love,
just as You love us unconditionally.

With these words I thank you for responding to My maternal call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Message

And you will see the Son of God come with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, illuminating the four corners of Earth, all races and all peoples, so that the Merciful Love of My Heart may triumph again and the doors may open for the reconciliation of souls with the Universe and life.

This victorious Cross of Emmanuel will announce a new time for the planet and its humanity.

Happy will be those who venerate it with the humility of the heart, because in the coming time they will be recognized as Children of God.

Happy will be those who believe in its power, because they will be assembled at the foot of the Cross of Emmanuel to be blessed and filled by the Holy Spirit.

And finally, companions, through the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, all adversity and evil will be defeated, and in unity with the Father, your hearts will blossom in love and in faith.

When you see the Son of God come with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, it will be the signal that the end time is approaching; it will be the moment when your hearts must be prepared to receive what you have waited for so long.

This Cross comes to close all that is uncertain, and open the Source of Love for hearts.

The Cross of Emmanuel brings the spirit of redemption for souls and for all fallen spirits. It has the authority to bring liberation to the world and redemption for nations, because in it are kept the codes of the sacred merits of the Passion of your Lord.

In the sacred Cross of Emmanuel is kept the experience lived by Christ on Earth, the incalculable value of His sufferings, of all His sufferings and of all His agonies for the conversion and redemption of the fallen spirits of this planet; and also because of His most precious Blood poured out during His Passion and until His Death on the Cross.

The victorious Cross of Emmanuel holds, in essence, up to the last moment in which your Master and Lord expired on the Cross, giving up His Spirit to the Father, so that it would be resurrected on the third day.

Blessed will be who, in humility, contemplates the victorious Cross of Emmanuel and who asks something of the Father for any consciousness that is lost or fallen, because on the third day the Father will hear them and will respond to their plea.

This powerful Cross of Emmanuel is the symbol for the visible and invisible worlds, for the spiritual, mental, and material plane.

In it, the Father has left the merits that His Beloved Son achieved from His Birth to His Ascension into the Heavens, until before leaving this planet and rising up to the Universe.

The sacred and powerful Cross of Emmanuel brings the alliance and the union of souls with God, with His Divine Project, with His Divine Idea, with His Divine Thought, and with the purpose that each being, and creature of this humanity must manifest for the end of these times.

It is the blue symbol that defeats darkness.

There is no spirit or consciousness that can resist the victorious Cross of Emmanuel and the merits it holds, merits achieved by Christ during His passage on Earth.

The victorious Cross of Emmanuel is the symbol of union of the spiritual Universe with the material Universe, of the Source of the Father with the essence of His creatures, in all of this Universe and in others.

His Beloved Son and the holy angels of Heaven prostrate themselves before the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, because it overcomes the enemy, defeats the impious, purifies the unrighteous, and redeems those who are lost.

Open your hearts to this great moment of the descent the powerful Light of Emmanuel so that souls may abandon their inner deserts and all their agonies, so that the spirits of this Earth can be re-ignited by the powerful Light of Emmanuel that comes to meet the spirit of His children, to fill them with His Gifts and with all His Graces.

When you live some obstacle or some difficulty, prostrate yourselves before the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel and contemplate it, lit up and bright, and see how it penetrates spaces and planes, filling them with Light and Mercy, and in this way, your sufferings will dissolve.

Powerful Father of the Universe, Beloved and Resplendent Emmanuel!

Today Your Son offers the symbol for the redemption of souls and of all this planet.

Your Son places the powerful Cross of Emmanuel on Your Altar so that, for all sacrifices, afflictions, and sufferings lived by Your Beloved Son, Your Graces and Mercies may return to souls, that the essence of evil may be dissolved, and that Your Divine and Glorious Hope shine within hearts.

O Glorious Cross of Emmanuel, which comes to the world to assist souls, which descends in Glory to ignite hearts, which comes to aid the unredeemed!

O Holy Father!

May your powerful Blue Cross cause Your Purpose to be fulfilled in souls, so that evil may be dissolved and joy may return to the clean hearts, and thus we may live in communion with Your Spirit and Your Divinity.

Today I illumine you with the powerful Cross of Emmanuel so that all may be transformed and transmuted.

You will see the Spirit of the Father shine at the Marian Centers, which, being imperceptible and silent, comes to the world to gather together the flocks of God and take them to an encounter with the Return of Christ.

Heaven gives you one more symbol of redemption and of mercy.

May the Cross be the impulse for the return to your origins, and in essence, to your beginning.

And thus, you will be able to live the Plan as God has designed it in His Merciful Heart.

Do not fear, the suffering of the world will end, but humanity still must learn what it has not learnt.

My Heart and My Life give you the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel so that it may illumine the paths of the disciples of Christ, of the peoples of God, of the servants of the Plan during the time of the great tribulation.

When I Am no longer among you, not even here, you will have what can be used: the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, and you will remember, at each moment, the Sacrifice of the Son of God and all the merits that He achieved through His sorrowful Passion.

May the Spirit of the Father descend to the Sacred Centers and may souls listen within to the Voice and Echo of God, so they may walk towards a meeting with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, which will be the portal of union with the Universe and the stars.

O Holy Purpose of Emmanuel, make Yourself visible to the souls of the world!

May the chains of perdition be broken, May hearts be liberated, and may souls find communion with Your Spirit.

After two thousand and eighteen years, your Master and Lord descends in Aurora, with the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel to illumine the visible and invisible spaces, to give the Grace of redemption to and healing to all fallen spirits.

And together with His Angels of Heaven, the Master sings Hallelujah because His expected Return to humanity is fulfilled, at the end of the cycle, under the Glory and the Power of Emmanuel.

In this Marathon, may souls be able to revive their commitment to the Most High rather than to the low.

May souls be able to again awaken the essence of their purpose, so as to abide by the Will of the Father, and thus respond to His call, in the end of this time.

I come here, bringing in My Hands the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel so that the doors may be closed, and the Kingdom of God descend, in order to transfigure the hearts and lives of all people.

Beloved Father Emmanuel, breath of the Powerful Spirit of God, inextinguishable and irrefutable  Essence, powerful code of redemption and of cosmic liberation!

Rebuild, in this race, Your sacred Principles, so that under the powerful Blue Light of Your Divine Consciousness, souls may take flight towards Your Source, and thus meld with Your Glorious and Living Heart.

Just like the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel, I give you the Sacrament of Communion with My Body and with My Blood, so that you may again vivify your commitment to the Father and His Sacred Plan.

As done more than two thousand and eighteen years ago, I again say to you to eat because this is My Body, which has been given for the unrighteous and the traitors, for the redemption of all souls and of all sinners, so that, someday, they may awaken to the Truth that is the Love and Unity with the Father.

In the same way, I tell you to drink because this is My Blood, of the New Covenant, which comes to purify you and sanctify you in communion with humility and with truth.

Receive this Sacrament in the name of Emmanuel, in order that not only the Universe may fulfill the Divine Purpose, but that all souls, all peoples, and all races may awaken to redemption and to healing in these times.

And thus, I leave you with the Blessing of Emmanuel, preparing you for the day of the consecration of His victorious and powerful Cross, in which many more spirits, scattered throughout this planet, will surrender when the Cross is ignited and unites with the Father, and the Father unites with His children.

I bless you, and offer this Meeting of prayer for those who are no longer here, and for those who have closed their heart to the Truth for fear, for trepidation, or by dissociation.

May one small particle of the sacred Light of Emmanuel reach these souls so that the Plan be rebuilt, just as God has thought it.

Carrying in My Hand the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, lit up and resplendent, bringing Heaven to Earth, bringing God to Aurora, I prepare you for these days of reconfirmation and for the experience of Christic Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


As Mother of the Sun and Mother of the Universe, I come to the world to pour out, upon souls, the fundamental principles of redemption, the same principles and attributes which My Beloved Son once experienced during His public Life, His Death, and also during His Resurrection.

In the form of precious codes of light, I bring these principles from in My Maternal Heart, so that souls who come into contact with My Immaculate Heart, may receive this most powerful Grace of conversion and of pity.

In this time, the path of prayer will help the souls that are determined to regain this important Christic legacy, which will shape them for the coming times.

That is why, children, it is important to bear in mind that each new moment of prayer and of communion in your lives may be climactic, since you will have the Grace of re-contacting with these very high degrees of Love.

Today I leave to the world the latent memory that the divine merits, once achieved by the Sacred Heart, will cause this humanity to be rescuable.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you from soul and heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When Saint Joseph began to approach to transmit His Message, He began to show us some images of the life of Jesus before He complied with His mission publicly. He showed Jesus working in a woodshop, talking to people, walking alone... And, while He was showing these images, Saint Joseph said: "Children, Jesus lived 3 years publicly, but 30 anonymously. He lived 3 years proclaiming Himself as the living Son of God, but 30 in humility, as a simple carpenter, born in a poor family. With this learn that there is no one who better lives a public task than the one who has learned to live anonymously."

And then He asked me to take note of the message of today:

There is no braver warrior than the one who overcomes themself.

There is no preacher more prepared for their mission than the one who prepares themself in silence.

There is not heart more willing to receive Christ than the one who abandoned themself through the essence of humility.

Child, there is no soul more consecrated to God than the one who recognizes that their consecration begins in spirit and that their absolute rendition is what matters the most because - if there is no rendition- there is no consecration.

Live - with the joy that you may feel - the abandonment of yourself.

Rejoice in waiting in the Lord for the time in which He will call you to His side, and let humility be what prepares your spirit for the mission that you must comply with in these times.

There is not heart more attentive to My Words than the one who aspires to live them and try doing it, everyday, in the silence of their heart.

Remember what I told you with simple words, because here lies the difference between living a Christic experience and never finding it.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The strength of those who will keep others standing in the times to come will be profound prayer, the one which leads the heart to be in the presence of God and remain there. It will be like being in a world without being involved by all that happens around, seeing only the truth and the real purpose of all things.

Those who build within themselves the union with God the Father and allow Him to be the One who thinks and feels in their beings will be as the apostle John, capable of accompanying the transition, as John accompanied the Passion of Christ.

John learned to contemplate the truth and, by the absolute trust in Jesus, that he had reached, he would see – in each one of His steps with the cross – the manifestation of His words and of His teachings. As well John would see what Jesus had said in the Last Supper being fulfilled, he also remembered that Jesus would reappear. He also remembered the hidden instructions that Jesus had given to His own and that revealed the true meaning of the sacrifice made for love. John knew that He would see the portals of the Divine Mercy open themselves before his eyes.

Today I want to call you to construct with God and with Christ the same union of John with Jesus and that, thus, you be able to see in the coming events the fulfillment of the instructions given in the last years.

May you know to contemplate not the suffering and the pain, but rather the purpose of all that you will live. Participate of this planetary birth labor not with the attention in the contractions and pains of the planet, but rather in the New Humankind, which will emerge inside of each being who accepts redemption to renovate the Project of God on Earth.

Dear companions, the passages of the life of Jesus lasted throughout the centuries because they repeat themselves in the lives of all those who follow God. Study the Gospel of Christ and find there the keys for you to cross over the times you live and reach the manifestation of the resurgence of Humankind, the resurgence of Christ, inside of each being.

I love you and I leave you My peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My children,

Bless Christ in your prayers because next month you will be, as humanity, preparing the advent of Easter. Celebrate with joy the mystery of the Passion that My Son offered for Love of the world. May this coming Easter, dear children, be a gathering of prayer between your hearts and your lives so that in this way you may accompany the Shepherd of the sheep towards the Merciful Face of the Father.

May this Easter prepare your hearts in prayer so that the world, once more, may receive the Grace of Forgiveness. Dear children, the Easter in the coming month must lead you to the reflection and the meditation about the mysteries of surrender that Christ made for humanity. Each passage of the life of Jesus prepares you for the time that will come, strengthening in your hearts the union with My Son.

You must prepare your dwellings, My children, so that Christ may share His Good News in the Last Supper, that which all are invited to witness.

Dear children, this path towards Easter will allow you to re- member how important is the confession of each of you with My Son, so that in this way you may arrive to His table with purity and love.

Beloved children, the path of Easter prepares you as souls to live in Christ day by day. Because of this, My little ones, Easter allows you to grow as hearts and as souls before the Mercy of the Redeemer. Allow yourselves, little children, to be conducted towards the experience of Easter in this year of the end of times, so that your hearts may thus renew the vows that many of your souls have made before Christ. All of My children must know that the mystery of the Easter of Christ is a real reason to reconcile with the Celestial Father.

Dear children, as humanity needs a great Source of Mercy, I ask you to pray with the heart and that you live each one of the mysteries that My Son lived out of love for you.

Be true springs of gratitude because My Heart wants to take you, in this Easter, to the Divine Heart of My Son.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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