In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you untie the knots you have on Earth, in Heaven the knots will also be untied.

Thus, a Law is fulfilled, the Law of Impermanence, of that which is neither fixed nor static.

Untying the knots of consciousness means liberation in this time, an opportunity that you are giving the universe so that it can regenerate and recreate.

When you untie the knots on the Earth, the universe is in charge of untying the knots in Heaven and everything reaches a liberation that is unknown, that can neither be measured with thought nor with the intellect.

It is a liberation that comes from the heart that trusts in the universe and in the possibilities offered by the universal Laws and the material Rays.

When the knots in Heaven are untied, the doors are opened to other perspectives, the doors are opened to other learnings and schools that you were never able to live before for different reasons and motives.

At this time, it is very necessary to untie the knots of consciousness, not only those that are on Earth, but also those that are in Heaven, because you will allow the angelic consciousness to intervene and intercede for you. There is no way to generate that movement, there is neither an attitude nor a thought.

Untying the knots on Earth and in Heaven is a possibility that you offer to your soul and, consequently, to your spirit and that which is beyond. Thus, an endless story begins to close.

The doors of the past, of mistakes, are closed, and the consciousness that unties the knots here, on Earth, receives a Grace, receives an opportunity that cannot be measured by movement nor thought, it can only be felt with the heart, with the opportunity to love and recognize Divine Mercy.

If every human being on this planet learned to untie the knots that he possesses here on Earth, imagine, for a moment, how many things would happen! How many opportunities would be offered! What benefit the consciousness of the planet, that lives in a constant suffering, would receive!

As the end of time approaches, greater are the events within the human beings. Not only will they be able to recognize the dwellings that God has given them so that one day they would turn them into sacred temples of elevation and surrender, but also that the same human beings will recognize and know everything they have done in other times.

 Is there no meaning in knowing the Truth?

This does not mean retrogressing, nor does it mean staying in the past. It means consciously amending that which has never been amended, that which has never been forgiven or reconciled within, neither with existence nor with the universe.

There are many consciences that need to untie these knots, in these times, to be able to take their steps, the safe steps toward My Heart and toward My Consciousness, the steps that I expect you will take, day by day, with determination, free from mediocrity, from neglect, from what is small, from what is poor; because God, since your origins, has given you everything, and you still do not know it.

You need to amend that which has happened so that you reach reality and learn, like your brothers and sisters, to get out of the illusion of the world, learn to immerse yourselves in Our Higher Life.

If you were not here, next to Me, you could not live that which you live today nor that which you learn today. The schools that I offer are unique, they are unrepeatable, they are non-transferable, because I know what each soul and each spirit need in order to evolve.

Everything that I give you and everything that My Father has given you throughout time and, above all, since your origins, since the Source, cannot be offered with a small amount. Your self-giving must be ample, infinite and immeasurable, just as I did for you until the last minute, in the final second of My expiration.

And even at that moment, I did not stop, I showed you through the Resurrection how to achieve the reemergence of the spirit, from the ashes of the past, to be driven by the fire of the Divine Source and thus be able to heal everything, thus be able to redeem everything, thus being able to enter the Kingdom of My Peace.

Your structures must be removed from their places, My treasures cannot be deposited in internal universes that are empty and poor.

True poverty of spirit is achieved with a given heart, the donation of life, with selflessness. That is what I need from you, it is what I need from every human heart.

Each one knows what to give me, what to present to me, what to offer me.

These are not times to measure what one should give or how far one can go. If you say you live in My Heart, can you not do everything?

The alliance with Me must not be built on tepid principles. The alliance with Me must be strengthened in Christification and in permanently giving thanks for the opportunity that presents itself within your lives, day by day; the opportunity that the universe gives you in each new step.

Because everyone must be an important piece of this great puzzle of the Plan, the pieces can be replaced, the pieces can change places according to the need and the Will of My Father. But My precious pieces cannot be lost as if nothing ever happened.

You have very close examples of pieces that I have lost because they are in the hands of My enemy. Have you ever felt what that means for Me? And how must I look at the Father so that He intercedes for them?

Nobody has the capacity to understand what their stay on this planet means, in this school that I have instituted through the Cross, so that you live redemption.

God Himself incarnated among you and gave you His Word, gave you His testimony and His Good News, offered you miracles, conversions and the liberation of souls. He became a Body through bread and gave His Blood through wine.

He is constantly renewed in the priestly office, in the opportunity that My apostles have to relive My Passion and to love it,  to love it more deeply every day, and without superficiality.

You must feel the Passion of your Master and Lord, offered in each new Eucharist, in each new Communion, because if the world does not cling to this, how will it survive? How will it remain in the Peace of the Lord in the face of so many conflicts and diseases?

Now, you must not only avail yourselves of My Body and My Blood, you must be part of My Mystical Body. What are you waiting for?

Thus, among few companions in the world, I will strengthen My Mystical Body that will be nourished by My Eucharistic Body, by My Body of Light, so that the whole world does not stop seeing the Light, despite the darkness.

Within the inner worlds is where the Plan is carried out, it is where the great operations of your Master and Lord are carried out with each one of the souls of the surface of the Earth.

Priesthood is always exposed to being attacked and destroyed, because the priesthood power that I offer you is unbreakable, and the gates of hell fear that.

For this reason, even the last drop of My Being was poured out on the Cross, and even more, the Water and Blood of My Side gave life, healing and renewal for all.

Although My Wounds healed in the Resurrection, I need the signs of My Passion to be alive in priests and in believers, in those who profess faith, despite difficult times.

In the signs of My Wounds, you will find your liberation, in the power of My Blood you will find your redemption and justification before the Father of all your mistakes and sins committed since Adam and Eve.

Now, you must be this mystery that is revealed, transformed and redeemed, you must be the expression of this love, you must want to reach the higher spheres that I offer you at this planetary moment, because there is still much to be done.

Your rest will be in the priestly service, in the life that each one can give to My Sacraments. Because now that souls cannot receive It in person, My priests must be that sacramental sign that should be engraved in the inner worlds so that suffering and agonizing souls may be strengthened.

Aspire to achieve perfection in priestly service, because the world needs it, humanity needs it, and in this way My Return will be prepared.

May souls discover their true virtues, may they see with loving eyes what God has given them and may they not only immerse themselves in their impurities and imperfections because that is the place where My enemy wants them. If you say you are intelligent, why are you there?

May the strength of your love be not in the mind, but in the heart, in the deep feeling of loving, as I love you, of serving, as I serve you, of uniting, as I unite you with the Source of My Eternal Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A poor soul lacking the basic means to survive in the world was questioning the Lord, asking where He was and what was the reason for its suffering, saying: "Lord, I who so seek and ask, in Your Name, receive no answers, but rather ever greater suffering and woes. Tell me the reason for the imbalance in this world, and why I cannot have as much as my neighbor."

And the Lord responded to it with a question, saying: "Where is your treasure, little soul? In longing for accumulating things of the Earth or in discovering the mysteries of Heaven? So then contemplate those who truly knew Me. The illumination of their consciousness allowed them to give up all goods of the world, and they were made poor among the poor, yet they were rich before Me.

Contemplate My Son. Was He sent to the world to accumulate riches, to experience pleasures, to satiate His Body, mind and His feelings? Will My Son be your example and guide? Is the mirror within Him what you want to find reflected within yourself every day? 

And so, little soul, understand that the suffering and the poverty of this life comes to balance the great many excesses of humanity. They must be a symbol that your school is not through accumulation, but rather in renunciation and gratitude.

Teach the world through a humble example and open the Doors of Heaven for those who are ignorant of this truth, and who look to the world rather than in Me for the way of filling their lives."

I am telling you this story so that you may learn where lies the true treasure of your lives. And when you feel that something is lacking, give thanks, and be an example of the humble Love of God. In this way, you will open the Doors of Heaven for those who are more ignorant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

Take some time in your day to meditate upon who you truly are, to think about how before this life there was a Greater Life, from which the Purpose and the meaning of all existence came.

Meditate upon Creation and the deep Love of God for you, when He thought of each one of His creatures. And how great His Love was for the life that allowed essences in likeness of His Divine Essence to be born so that they could love as He loves, multiply life like He multiplies, and re-create Creation as He re-creates and renews it, with each celestial breath.

Think about it, child, that beyond all the material chaos there is a sublime reality, that Paradise is more than a heaven of eternal peace, it is the beginning and the end of life, from where creatures come and to where they must return with all the gifts achieved in their evolution beyond the dimensions.

Remember that this planet is a school and that difficulties exist to be overcome, thus leading you into going beyond yourself in love each day through a greater Love, that which in some moment of your evolution will reveal the Love of God to you.

Do not look at the world merely with human eyes, eyes that are imprisoned in a condition of ignorance, eyes of who sees life behind veils. The Love of Christ tore the veils that covered your face. So look for this Love. Look for the point in your consciousness, capable of understanding life more broadly, and focus your heart there, above the waves of the tribulations of these times, walking with your Lord through these waters, for they are nothing more than the Wind of God blowing chaos out of the world, to remove that which was rotten and make everything new.

Elevate your consciousness beyond the atrocities, the battles of chaos and evil on the stage of Earth and, for this world, be a bridge to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



I speak not only to you but also to the world.

I waited for time to pass and some days for this moment to come, to be able to find you truly in union with gratitude, because gratitude is an expression of the merciful Love of God. And when I saw that gratitude in you today, I could confidently approach to speak to you.

You are a part of the Plan of your Master and Lord, of a Plan that cannot break down or fail, because behind you there are many, many souls and consciousnesses that have still to come to drink of My Fount, to be nurtured by My Message.

The time is coming to an end, which is why the emergencies are so great and the commitments are also so great.

In the key of gratitude and of love you will be able to understand everything that I ask of you and thus unite with My Consciousness.

I see a world suffering because of indifference and because of error.

I need you to be amenders of My Mercy, I need that you can compensate for and bring into balance what humanity does not do well in this time, for the risks that are run, day after day.

Thus I come with the Light of My Wounds, to entrust you with a deepening of this mission, and of this task which is of the Hierarchy and yours, of your inner beings with the participation of your souls.

That is why it is necessary to correct, in order to improve and to grow. Everything said by the voice of the Hierarchy is because of love, rather than for some other cause.

Souls sometimes resist hearing and understanding because their heart is closed, but you have learned to open your heart to Me. This is why I speak so directly to you, because we can no longer waste time in what is not necessary, but rather we must invest our time in that which is urgent, and you know, by the grace you receive, that the emergencies will grow and increase.

I am here because of the responsibility that I have toward you and that you have toward Me. But it is not a commitment that comes only from the period while I was present on Earth. They are very remote commitments unknown to you.

I only come to ask you for what I need you to give Me, but I will not oblige you to do so, nor demand anything from you.

My apostles from the past went through the same school, but it was a more demanding and immediate school. It was a very great responsibility because your Master and Lord, among so few, had to achieve a very great victory, and through Grace and Divine Mercy, this occurred.

I know that the human being is fragile and sometimes tepid, but the Love that I give you and have given you for so long must ignite within you, in the fire of My Love and of My Truth.

I come to ask you to be aware of what will come in the near future, in which you will not only experience personal situations or realities of the nations. Now My Work will expand to continental situations, as is Africa.

In Africa there are those who suffer most and yet give the most to Me, because they offer Me their hearts, which is what I need from you so that you may recognize the Grace that you have received, and still receive, and the care provided to you by the Hierarchy over the course of time, without lacking anything.

For you, Africa will be a school of the love of sacrifice and of the possibility of recognizing that, in the great and extensive misery, there are souls that love God unconditionally. And it is this love that nourishes them spiritually rather than physically, that quenches their spiritual thirst and thus satiates their physical thirst.

I do not ask you to be the same as them, because everyone has their school and their lessons. I need you to inwardly be like them, that you are aware of the possibility and of the opportunity that you receive in this time.

Within a process of planetary emergency, sometimes hearts need to be straightened out, so as to not lose the path toward God, for one must never forget humility, which is the great master-key of your liberation.

Today I have seen that you have drawn even closer to gratitude, to a spontaneous and sincere gratitude that touched My Heart. Thus, I have decided to speak to you to bring you awareness and wisdom, so that each one may recognize within themselves the effort that they still have to make, not only for Me, but for your Celestial Father, which is Who placed you upon this path and in this mission so that you may accompany Me.

Thus, today I again surrender to take in your miseries and for you to know that the Light of My Mercy can transform and redeem all things when a heart sincerely opens and pleads, without letting its resistances control or dominate.

When a heart spontaneously opens, miracles can happen. Faith is the great Light that bathes the consciousness and redeems it; it has the Grace, as a group consciousness, of being able to implore to God, to help the world and humanity, to help in very serious and sorrowful situations that this race experiences at this time.

You must never forget that Our task is planetary rather than personal; that it is a task with the Hierarchy and by the Hierarchy, for the advent of the energy of Grace and compassion within the world.

Today you face the opportunity of reflecting upon many things because of love and trust in My Heart, because times of greater challenges will come and projects that will seem impossible will come, but who is united with Me will do it, as they have done many things over the course of time, through this mission of carrying Love and Peace to souls that most need it, and to the nations that most need it.

While I am here, I take care of humanity at this moment, and I carry everyone within My Heart, the most miserable and the sinners that have need of spiritual relief and healing.

Everything that is done at this moment and through this Work is for the healing of humanity and so that love may be established in the human heart, and so that this love may allow you to become free and live your spiritual mission with Me.

My Heart is full of graces and pity for all. And the support that Adoration provides you with will be the great defense weapon for the coming times and for the next missions.

I am thankful for the sincere and loving effort of everyone, because not everything is error or failure. You must raise your eyes to the horizon to contemplate the victories that I have given everyone, spiritual victories.

In the strengthening of this union and of this alliance with Me, beyond all adversity or darkness, nobody will be able to take away what I have given each one of you, and you must defend it and protect it from yourselves and from the world.

It is that same conviction, certainty and faith that the apostles experienced, as for example, Saint Peter, who up to the last second did not doubt what he felt and what he trusted in. Love caused him to believe in Me until the end, and thus he surrendered.

Today I come to read of the achievements and the Graces that I have given to everyone, that which you always must contemplate so as to gain inner strength from them in order to continue onward, for a time will come in which this mission will come to an end, and when that happens, everything will be unleashed.  And at that moment, you must be strong and firm in everything that I have given you over the course of time, not only to support yourselves, but also your brothers and sisters, who will not have been able to build that same fortitude in themselves like that of which I have given you, through love.

This is My Message for you, because it is also a message for the world, for those who enter into the service of My Merciful Heart, for those who daily seek the path of transformation and of the elevation of consciousness because, in truth, it does not matter to Me that you not achieve it, but rather that you try, and that you try every day. And without perceiving it, one day you will reach My Glory and, on that day, you will realize that I told you the truth.

This is why I am here today, and for this reason, I pray at the Feet of My Celestial Father, because I know that many more will be able to surpass Me in Love. I trust in this and I know that it is possible.

I thank you for listening to Me and for gathering My Words up into your hearts, which are now the last for the world.

May the Light that comes from Love guide you and bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The Universe within you does not hide, it merely keeps silent, waiting for its beings to turn inward to find it.

Mysteries only remain mysteries in the hearts of humankind when they do not seek them or are indifferent to spiritual life. All sciences may be revealed to you, because the Wisdom of God Himself is to be found within you. Your essence is a bridge to the Heart of the Father, to everything that He is.

There are no limits or boundaries for the spirit that untiringly treads the path of return to God. Ignorance is the self-condemnation of those who choose to remain in illusion, in the darkness of their consciousness. Wisdom is not a gift for the few; Wisdom is a virtue that is asleep in the essence of all human beings who can awaken through a sincere and pure search for the Truth.

Be pure of heart and begin to walk. Be sincere and ask the Father for the grace of being in His Heart and of living what you were created to live.

Aspire to go through the school of the Earth and to experience it fully. Aspire to express all the potential that you hold within you. God manifested each being according to His Perfection. All of you have unique virtues to express. Aspire, children, to fully manifest this truth.

Empty of human concepts, of vanity and pride that keep you attached to material concepts of evolution, you will be able to find the truth about yourselves. Divine Grace can reveal these and all things to you; it is enough that you wholeheartedly cry out and open up with your whole being.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

The Divine Project of Redemption

Within this material Universe, and in the infinite existence of many forms of life, the Creator lovingly thought to carry forward a Divine Project of Redemption that, by means of the surrender of His Beloved Son, could recover the souls back into union with the High and especially, the spiritual communion with the Celestial Father.

This Project could not have faults. Therefore, the Eternal Father entrusted it and delivered it into the care of the Archangels Micha-El and Gabriel. And another part of the Divine Project of Redemption was under the care of Archangel Raphael.

Thus, the experience and the testimony of the love that Christ left manifested in the consciousness of the planet by means of His Passion, Death and Resurrection, the great opportunity to experience the path of redemption approached all of humanity again, in different times and stages.

This is the reason why the Divine Project of Redemption renews itself time and again, through the steps of the souls in the School of the degrees of love and of forgiveness. 

Each time some consciousness takes a step within the Divine Project of Redemption, this event begins to be part of the Christic Legacy of Love that the new humanity will receive to be able to begin to truly live the Plan of God.

This Divine Project of Redemption also focuses on the history of terrestrial and spiritual, soul and cosmic life, that each consciousness brings as inner baggage.

Thus, when souls make their definition of following the path of Christ and of fraternal life, all the history of the consciousness  begins to become evident or is revealed through the impulses of its spiritual and service work.

When the consciousness faces its true history, and the unknown reveals the reality of its spirit and of its soul, in most cases the consciousnesses deny the origin or the feeling of this knowledge or stories which, throughout the ages, have marked a lasting spiritual wound which has brought spiritual, internal and even physical consequences and traumas. 

The Divine Project of Redemption, which was attained by the Christ Himself under the manifestation and the expression of a wise, compassionate and merciful love, is the means through which the souls will be able to liberate themselves of their errors and stories of suffering or of failures that their own consciousness feels but whose origin it does not know.

The Divine Project of Redemption promises not only the spiritual and internal healing of past facts, but this Project governed by Christ Himself aspires to place the consciousness in the school and on the path that it should follow, without interferences nor obstacles on the part of its own consciousness.

This Divine Project that is still sustained throughout the times is the Project of God which has achieved the greatest number of miracles and conversions in the last times.

All the beings on the Earth are called to remember the sacrifice of the Son of God, to be able to enter the Redeeming Project so that their past may be transformed and their future may be prepared according to the Will of God.

That this Project may fulfill the designs for the consciousness will absolutely depend on the openness of the human being to the path of transformation and of inner change.

This will make of the Project a new victory on Earth, by means of the testimony of redemption of each being.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

What happens today in some nations of the world is the reflection of what once occurred in the Universe.

Everyone was once a participant in a very ancient history, which transcended the times until the present day. 

Everyone was present and participated in an event within the Universe that changed the Plan of God, in the sense of its realization and its fulfillment.

Everyone comes from a spiritual and universal origin. In these origins, the first learnings began which, in most cases, were learnings and experiences that made you arrive here, to the Earth, to be able to someday attain forgiveness and redemption.

Each one of My children carries within themselves a history, not visible to human eyes but known to the eyes of the spirit.

This is the time in which this history, which occurred in the Universe, will close so that another stage may begin and humanity may be finally liberated from the endless chain of errors.

For this reason, children, there are certain events, still unknown to you, which are kept in the history of your spiritual being. Your spiritual being is what deeply knows all the causes and consequences that were once experienced by you in the Universe.

Everyone comes from a somewhat traumatic experience. Everyone comes from ancient wars in the Universe that only sought the conquest of space and the benefit of personal evolution, for this, having skipped the Law of the Hierarchy and the Law of Love.

This history, which is still recorded in the Universe, remains there, waiting to be purified by each of My children, in the moment and the hour that corresponds to you.

Within each one of you, this history, of great conflicts in the Universe, has greater or smaller intensity according to the experiences lived and the participation of each one within these events.

This is the time to put an end to this history because humanity, throughout the nations and throughout time, has repeated the same errors again, so similar to the most determining facts that were once lived in the Universe.

The higher planes expect that each one of My children, by means of service and of surrender, can help dissolve and repair these past events. Thus, humanity will have the grace of going into a new cycle with greater possibilities of deepening in love and in service.

In this sense, everything that was once experienced in the Universe is not only the result of the conflicts caused by the ambition of knowledge and of power but were also delicate experiences that left indelible marks in the consciousnesses.

Now that everyone can be more aware of this and can help break this chain of errors that humanity still lives and commits, you must know that prayer will be that key that will open the right door so that all of these histories of the Universe can be forgiven and the souls may have the opportunity of beginning to walk with hope.

Coming into contact with this history of the Universe, in which the majority participated in, is to return to the conscious commitment to live forgiveness, healing and redemption, beyond what has happened. 

Therefore, everyone who today becomes conscious that they are not only beings incarnated on Earth, they will receive, in the name of humanity, the possibility to change the destiny of history so that finally all beings may live the great moment of redemption.

This is the time in which the history of the Universe will come to light so that the consciousnesses may also learn to redeem itself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

There are certain past stories in the Universe that, if remembered, they would cause pain. That is why it is better to be in the present, awaiting with hope for the coming time.

What may have happened in the Universe will not solve nor will it make any creature evolve in love. Only on this school-planet, by the sacrifice of My Son, will you find the path to live your surrender, your forgiveness and your redemption awaited by the Universe.

Meanwhile, live the day to day learning as if it were the last and make of all of this experience a triumph of love for God.

It will be in this way that the past will be purified and sublimated whenever necessary, and in your own selves you will find new virtues that will give you momentum and inner strength to keep on walking in faith, in sacrifice and in the hope that you will always give your best so that this planet and this Universe may be recreated by that which each being reaches, in the school of the degrees of love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Before the existence of this Solar System and the group known as the Nine Galaxies, which make up the grouping of a universe of lives, God, as Creator and grand expression of Love-Wisdom, deeply wished that some of His Children, the Creators of the Material Universe, also called Archangels, the great Co-Creators of this life system, would offer each of the Nine Galaxies the opportunity to experience evolution by means of “self-knowledge” and the so-called “degrees of love”.

It was in this way that these great Co-Creator beings carried forward all the universal projects received by them as subtle spiritual impulses of light, and then offered to the created systems, known as “Milky Way”, the opportunity of deepening in “spiritual knowledge” and in the “degrees of love”.

All this happened before the fall of the adversary.

In this time, in all the Universes, the first one thousand years of peace were lived, a period in which the development of life, the inner schools of learnings and, above all, the awakening of the different "degrees of love", granted this Local Universe, in which this Solar System exists, including Earth, the opportunity that on a planet of very high spiritual characteristics, like the Earth, one of the twelve most important Projects of God's Love could be carried forward.

For this reason, the planet Earth went through different cycles. The seas, which used to be acidic, became alkaline so that they later might become containers of mineral and crystalline components, living as a high degree of oxygenation.

The continents, which used to be desert and cold, experienced a biological re-adaptation to later become seedbeds of new species. 

In this way, planet Earth, and all of its atmosphere, converted into a great womb of light, to finally gestate the consciousness of humanity, which was later known as Adam and Eve.

In this first experience of love, the Heavenly Father internally aspired that this Project, so yearned for by His Heart, would allow to correct and recreate Creation so that increasingly higher degrees of love may be lived.

Some time later the Universe began to live the first failures in evolution due to the very intense fall of the disobedient angel.

From there, the whole Universe, a place where peace, good and harmony were lived, became the sudden scenario of the first steps of duality, a current contrary to the principle of the Maximum Will; a duality that would begin to place at stake the freedom that had been granted to all creatures, with the aim that they might learn to love, just as the Heavenly Father loves them.

The planet Earth was one of the last places in which this spiritual current of duality descended to test, through Adam and Eve, the Project of a humanity essentially united to the Kingdom of God.

For various inexplicable temptations, the Project was being altered and changed, as the contrary spiritual currents gradually broke the scenery of the so-called “Eden”.

Why did the Heavenly Father allow this?

In a mysterious sense, Adam would have had the opportunity of taking his first step in the evolution of the degrees of love and of the awakening of consciousness, if he had been unconditionally obedient to God.

As for her, Eve, would have had the possibility of being the promising consciousness that would experience the Feminine Aspect of God by means of the spirit of Motherhood, a state that would concede the pure birth of the following creatures that would come after her.

At that moment, the Earth, as the first human experience, underwent its first and great test, which, had it been victoriously faced by Adam and Eve, as representatives of humanity of that time, would have allowed this race to attain a degree of love similar to that of Jesus.

This is the reason why God Himself, present in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, in the Son, decided to incarnate on Earth, after so much time, to give Himself to His Children in Love and Wisdom and to teach all about Truth.

It was during the preparatory time for the incarnation of Jesus that the Father extracted, from one of His purest Founts of the Spiritual Universe, one of His most elevated and pure Aspects, which was the spiritual basis for the Divine Conception of whom later would be known on Earth as Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Thus, the Archangels, at the request of God, were the ones who prepared this scenery for the coming of the Messiah, That One Who, having given testimony of love and of life, would demonstrate, in his maximum humility, how duality could be overcome so that every living being on Earth may finally learn to fulfill the Will that brought it to the world and to transit the school of forgiveness and redemption, inner paths that will one day again place the human consciousness where it once had been before making the mistakes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Since you emerged in the Heart of God, until you reached Planet Earth to live an experience of love, a long story has been written in the Universe.

Marked in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, as the record of the learning experience of the creatures of God, your evolution will forever remain stored so that you can learn from the triumphs, as well as from the errors, and not fall again into the same difficulties that have led you into decadence, as beings and as humanity.

Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos turn to Earth to radiate light and peace, they also place over the human consciousness, My children, the records kept in the Universe about the history and the evolution of each being. It is in this way because the time has come to remember, so that, with the degrees of love and awakening that you live today, you may heal and forgive what you lived in the past.

In the same way, all the positive and evolutionary learning experiences that you have lived as consciousnesses, spirits in evolution, will also be radiated to Earth, because you will need them in this time in order to know how to act before the difficulties that will present themselves.

Nothing that you live on Earth has its roots on the planet. You came here to consolidate a learning experience of love and to heal the records and experiences that need healing, because, although it may not seem like it, children, in this world you have everything you need for this.

As the Time of God draws closer to the time of the Earth, higher realities also gradually become visible, and what was in dimensions that were not accessible to the human consciousness before, in its current condition, begin to be revealed.

This happens, My children, because you have already experienced much in this world, and before you destroy your own lives and life on Earth, due to ignorance and human sleep, your Creator Father begins to awaken you.

The spiritual life and the life of true prayer are the keys to live these times with peace. 

Understand that everything will get out of your control so that you may learn that the only true power is the one which comes from God, and the way to participate in Divine Power and Wisdom is surrendering one’s own arrogance and human control, recognizing that, without the Love of the Father, you are merely nothing.

Do not fear these times; just awaken to the truth that emerges and, before difficulties, just like before grace, keep yourselves in true prayer. Thus, you will not lose peace.

Do not resist the records that emerge from within you, which, radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos, reach the Earth; because knowing the truth about yourselves will turn you humble and will draw you closer to God.

If you do not recognize what you must heal and transform, you will always remain in the illusion of human vanity. But if instead, beloved children, you open your hearts to surrender, to forgiveness, to  healing, you will know that the only perfection is to be found in God, and you will draw closer to it to find peace. 

My blessing and My graces will always be upon your lives, you only need to let yourselves be transformed in prayer and in peace, live the impulses that come to the world in this time.

The moment has come to enter the Time of God; do not fear, just pray. And the greater the intensity of the vibrations that descend from the Universe to transform you, the closer you must be to the Heart of the Father, in prayer.

I bless you and thank you for opening from your hearts to the Celestial Instructions.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Healing and the forgiveness of the past – Part 1

In the beginning, when God created His creatures, He thought of leaving in them something that, being valuable for the Spiritual Universe, they should learn to find within themselves.

This Gift and, at the same time, this potential that God deposited in His children, would give an impulse to the great change throughout the times and would generate the renewal of Creation on the spiritual, mental and material levels.

Thus, His creatures were evolving and living universal and internal experiences, but after the great fall of the adversary, the errors and faults began to manifest themselves.

All these events that happened once in the Material Universe were the result of the lack of obedience to the Divine Will; this caused the school of duality to manifest itself.

From then on, many humanities underwent different learning experiences and tests, which in most cases, led them to the internal and spiritual decadence.

But all this was happening because the creatures, created in the image and likeness of the Most High, were forgetting to go within themselves to find love, which is the matrix that heals and forgives all.

Each being of this planet carries a spiritual history that is still unknown to them, which, however, their spirit holds with total consciousness, beyond the fact that the conscious world of the being does not know anything.

This cosmic history is registered within the Universe, which must still be healed by means of the school of love and forgiveness, that this planet offers.

This is the time of the great and true miracles that will allow souls to liberate themselves from the chain of errors and all consciousnesses to be rehabilitated by living the path of redemption.

It will be in such simple way that the history of the past will be healed by the Fount of the Love of God.

The time and moment has come for the Universe to be able to breathe and liberate itself from hundreds of stories and facts that have led creatures of God to the path of suffering.

It is in this way that the Spiritual Hierarchy comes to extend its hand and to sustain those consciousnesses that accept, in total trust and love, to forgive and heal the spiritual past that was once lived and experienced in other stars.

The Mirrors are preparing to put in evidence the history kept in many humanities in order to attract inner reconciliation and the much necessary relief after eras of events that led consciousnesses to separate from Love and from the Truth. 

For this reason, children, the time will come of the end of an end, of the beginning of a new stage in the higher and spiritual life of souls.

The Spiritual Universe will open as a repairing and healing fount so as to be able to reach those regions of the Material Universe and dissolve all errors from universal memory so that all consciousnesses may no longer feel the weight of carrying an indelible past. 

May, on the contrary, consciousnesses be able to believe again in the prodigies of love so that the life of souls may be different.

The Love of God will be this vital balm for the spiritual reconstruction of the Universe and for the emergence of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira – “With your permission”

This last song by José Trigueirinho expresses the prophecy about his next departure, announced here throughout the years.

At the same time, the song expresses the gratitude and deep reverence, of this instrument of God, for the Law of the Hierarchy, indicating to his disciples, in a simple way, what the feeling and correct attitude should before the immensity of what the Work of God represents for the being of the surface.

This song reveals, in a selfless and impersonal way, the farewell of the Instructor to his beloved disciples; the farewell to all those who, throughout time, were activated by the divine energy of the sacred knowledge and the Instruction, making it possible for each soul to find its gift and its lineage within the broad field of universal life.

Gratitude is the essence of the song, but it is also the expression of the soul of Trigueirinho for the infinite Mercy and Compassion of the Celestial Father towards His smallest and most imperfect creatures.

Here, the Instructor and the instrument of God professes and symbolically announces his departure towards the vast Cosmos, the return of his spirit to the Source and Origin from where he departed to serve the Divine Purpose, and from there, to enter into new Schools of Instruction.

In this song, the most important message for the disciples remains deeply engraved, which is the love that each soul may have for the Hierarchy itself, to thus maintain, on this planet, a divine connection with the sacred Non-material Laws 

Trigueirinho, in a simple, loving, and reverent way, says goodbye to the realm of material life, announcing that it is the spirit that serves through the impulses of the soul and this is what grants the upliftment of consciousness.

The final signature of the Instructor is the love that he leaves engraved in the inner firmament of each disciple, to remind each being that everything is due to love, to Creation, to the existence of life beyond forms.

He reminds us that love is in everything and that each soul must return to the Source of this love with all the experience lived on this planet Earth.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


And someday, you will come to Heaven to be with Me, and you will tell Me how your experience of love and forgiveness on Earth went.

You will tell Me, step by step, what you have lived for My cause, and I will bless you again in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, your wounds will be healed and you will no longer remember anything about suffering. You will enter through the main door of the Kingdom of the Heavens to unite with and join the blessed.

There, face to face, you will find those you have truly loved, and those you once loved will approach you to give you the warmth of their fraternal embrace.

You will feel unknown happiness within your spirit and you will no longer remember the struggles you once lived to be able to overcome yourselves. You will only have the memory of the true affection you once felt from those you loved wholeheartedly and with all your strength.

You will be placed in the Fount of Purification so that your head, hands and feet may be washed, and thus, right after, you will enter the House of the Heavenly Father alone, you will come to know His Seven great Golden Portals and, before you, the majestic humility of His Kingdom will be revealed.

Therefore, I tell you that it is worthwhile to continue sacrificing yourselves for Me because, after this whole story of life, which you are going through at this moment, you will find the powerful joy of having lived in God and for God.

You will help to recreate Creation with your example of renunciation and redemption, and in your spirit, you will build the result of a long trajectory of love and service for humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Everyone is unaware of the existence of the history of their origin, but the majority who live the spiritual path feel within themselves the reason for having come to Earth.

In truth, the Earth was chosen to be the witness of innumerable and complex processes of redemption.

The Son of the Father came to Earth to point out and indicate the path of return to the original essence.

For this reason, up until today, and until the Master returns, the veil on the consciousness will exist, that which keeps the truth and the reason, for having come to the world to attend the School of love, forgiveness, and redemption, behind it.

Meanwhile, only some chosen ones, with the permission of the Eternal Father, have the grace of learning and knowing of the existence and the history of the coming of souls to Earth, through the revelation of the truth about each incarnated spirit on this planet.

The veil on the consciousnesses also prevents them from committing the same mistakes from other times and from acquiring the same amount of debts.

All those who have not yet received the revelation about their existence and about their history, whatever it is, is because the time has not yet come for them to know that truth, until they live the process of absolute forgiveness and redemption.

Some Sacred Centers, such as Aurora, have that mission, at the end of times, of leaving, in ample evidence, the existence of those that are touched by its blue flame.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Third Series of Poems
Twelfth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

O beloved Jesus!

How long has it been that I walk
along this pathway of the planet
in search of Your humble Footprints
in order to be able to imitate Your Path!

O my Lord, Master of Love!

How long have I been
in search of Your Heart
to be able to feel It, live It and adore It
with the honor that You deserve!

O Lord Jesus,
sweet Spouse of Truth!

Magnificent Man of Nazareth!

How I have looked for Your Spirit
in daily Communion!

How I have aspired
to carry out Your Will
to be able to concretize it!

Dear Master of Light,
finish dissipating from within me all illusions
and may I be able to share with all
the wonderful Love
of which You have so much given me.

I wish that many more hearts
would be encouraged to pass through Your healing Fire.

I wish that Heaven and Earth
knew how much I love You
and how much I need You.

Make the mystery of Your Resurrection known to me.

May each moment experienced by You in the Passion
remain kept in my essence
until I am able to renew my life within You.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


And it will be I Who will help you to get through the dark night of the soul, to overcome and cross its coldest deserts.

And it will be I Who will fill you within and will give you the inner strength that you need to learn, in My Name, to overcome the obstacles of the consciousness.

And it will be I Who tells you the way and not any other person, because the Light that emerges from My Heart is inextinguishable.

And it will be I Who will take away the emptiness or the lack of love, because I will always fill you with new things, with radiant energies that only come from the Spiritual Universe.

It will be I Who will give you the impulse every day to be nothing and to be everything to others, knowing that, in this school of the Earth, the first lesson is the love of the heart.

It will be I Who will grant you the peace and the joy of being able to live in the Eternal Father. There will be no other path, but only the Path of the Master.

It will be I Who will dry your tears and will wash your face so you may continue forward smiling at life, at the fullness of service; knowing that at each new step, as in each new surrender, you will be learning to die inwardly for Me, as I died for you on the Cross.

I will be the new Cyrenian who will help you carry your cross, because I know your miseries, but I also know your skills. All I want is that everything be done for Me.

It will be I Who will grant you the Mercy that you need.

It will be I Who will open the door for you so that someday you may enter into the Celestial Kingdom.

I will be everything to you, if you allow me.

I thank you for holding my words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Weekly Messages

Calm your heart in the Fount of Peace that comes from the Heart of God and remember, before anything else, to cry out to the Father so that His Peace, His Grace and His Mercy may descend upon the world.

Remember to place your small heart in the Heart of God so that the Creator may enlarge it with His Presence within you and thus, child, you may be able to fulfill all that He may ask of you in this time.

Remember that you are an instrument of God, called on to be an extension of His in the world so that the Father may renew Himself within you, as He did with His Son, from His birth until Calvary and His death on the Cross.

Never forget the purpose of your life, which is broader than what you conceive for yourself. Remember that life does not begin or end in this world, but that it has only a passage in it, a school, a learning experience to be added so that this life may be enriched and renewed.

Remember, then, that not only you, but each one of your brothers and sisters have a higher purpose to manifest and that your example will always be important to remind your fellow being and the world that there is much more to be lived and learned; there is much more to be loved; there is much more to serve.

Just as My Words remind you of the purpose of your existence, and with the Love of My Heart, I place you again in the point of faith where you need to be, be yourself also, child, a living reminder for your sisters and brothers, not with words, but with actions, with transparency, with truth, with love.

May the world see you and see God trying to surpass Himself within the human condition.

Be more than a reference for joy or for consecration. Be an element which uplifts the world to something higher. Be the one who, with their simple presence, is a reminder that something higher exists.

Your being is magnetized by all the Graces you have already received, because if today you hear these words, it is because the Grace of God has acted upon you and allowed your ears and your heart to be worthy of listening to His Designs.

Be aware of all that you have already received and, above all, be grateful in the certainty that everything has to be multiplied, added to, and shared for all beings.

Be, child, a multiplier of the Graces that you have received, and thus, let God make you a living fount of Graces and Peace, because He knows that your heart shares and allows this Grace to flow like a river that does not keep the water to itself, but gives of it to drink for all those who allow it to flow.

The grandeur of these times is still unknown to you, and this ignorance is part of your human condition, but to transcend it is part of your mission.

So open yourself to understand, to live, to feel, and to be, more each day, the Will of God. Do not stop it with your thought; let it encompass your heart, your intuition, the soul and the spirit.

May it be incomprehensible in yourself, may it be alive, even if imperceptible.

May the Love of God, My child, live in your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and eternal Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Forgive Betrayal, Love Your Enemies

Dear children,

This Christmas, with the Light of Jesus having been born within your hearts, may your lives and consciousnesses take a new step in order to finish yet another stage in the learning of love and forgiveness that the planet offers you.

Love your enemies so that someday you can forgive their betrayals.

Children, may this same inner fortitude of love be built within you, that which My Son lived and experienced upon this planet, knowing that He was born in this humanity in order to redeem it and save it from all its evils.

For this reason, love your enemies, and you will be able to forgive their betrayals.

Jesus, knowing that He incarnated to die for all His brothers and sisters who would betray Him, time and time again, did not cease to love His enemies, just as the Father had asked of Him.

Love your enemies and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

It is a big step, during this Christmas, to transcend the pain of having been betrayed or subjected to something for some reason.

It is a Christic and conscious step, to live a Higher Love above all that has taken place.

Love your enemies and you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

Each soul of this Earth is called upon to submerge into the Ocean of the Love of God to banish within themselves their own Judas that tries to compromise the spiritual life of the disciples of Christ.

The sure and full step is to surrender to love, to trust, and to let yourselves be guided by the Light of the Divine Messengers at each new step.

Thus, each soul on this Earth, in due time, will learn to love more and be able to forgive all betrayals that their own inner Judas may have managed to make or commit.

Love your enemies, and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

We live this Christmas of the Lord to confirm to the Universe our next steps in this journey of learning how to love what we could never love and to learn to forgive what we could never forgive.

It is an important and Christic step in the spiritual life to love our enemies, so that someday you may learn to forgive them, like Christ forgave after all He lived until the Cross.

Thus, the times have changed, and the doors of the Universe of the Love of God will open to offer the disciples of Christ to love their enemies more in order to be able to forgive all their betrayals and actions.

At this Nativity of the Lord, may humanity grow in the living experience of the School of Love, but now, transcending all offenses, betrayals and deceptions that a fellow being, or a brother or sister, may have caused us, so that, in trust and in faith, the disciples of Christ may enter through the greater door to the school of learning to love their enemies so that the Father, Who is merciful, may forgive them for their betrayals.

The time has come to live the Parable of the Prodigal Son, imitating the Father of Divine Justice and Mercy, deciding to go through new Christic experiences on the path of love and of an unconditional spirit.

May this Sacred Christmas of the Lord inspire us and give impulse to the inner Christs who were born to live Higher Love for their enemies so that, as you were, they may be forgiven of all betrayals.

These are the patterns of life for a new humanity which must first be spiritually constituted and formed.

I encourage you, as Jesus was, to love your enemies so that someday they may receive an opportunity, as you received directly from Christ.

Be willing to take steps in the Christic life of Love and Wisdom.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The responsibility to love

Love, dear child, just as the Celestial Father loves you, and He will soon liberate you from the chains of separation and division.

Love, just as My Son loves you, above every error, every test and every hostility; because love will always save you when the sincere act of union with the neighbor emerges from your little heart, the unconditional acceptance of the new times, an undeniable action of good and charity.

For this, in this time, practice the school of love so that, in each new step, you encounter the path of unity and fraternity with your companions.

When this happens, I assure you, My child, that there will no longer exist any differences between your consciousness and that of your brothers and sisters because love will reign and the truth will liberate you from the prisons of life.

Therefore, seek every day to love with holy madness, living each experience as an opportunity of redemption.

May your heart feel that, without pure love, it can not live.

May your consciousness recognize, in this cycle, that without love it will be nothing and life will have no meaning.

Love a little more than you live, because if you truly love, nothing will ever happen to you in that which I ask you to do, and you will receive each new mission with immense joy.

May your little feet not tire of walking in the direction of the path of Love.

It is already your responsibility to live in Love and to be in Love at all times because in this way you will learn to be more considerate, good and merciful with the errors of others.

May your consciousness elevate you to the Plan of Love.

May your human heart, that is sometimes hard and rigid, open so that, in the deepest recesses of life, the Codes of the Love of God and of Your Lord may be deposited.

Participate, then, in the bursting current of Love.

Witness the victorious miracles of love and redemption that your brothers achieve.

No longer be miserable, now define your being as a merciful being, considerate in pity, humble in resignation and serving before any call.

It is the time to make your life a great instrument of God.

It is time to live that which is true and comes directly from the Universe of the Creator.

Before the door of Mercy shuts completely and the door of Divine Justice opens, decide to return to the school of love of the heart so that, despite your emptiness of the abysses or your human errors, you can help your Celestial Mother to make love triumph on this planet and in this humanity.

Let love tear you from within.

Let yourself be truly loved more and you will no longer place a thousand shields to defend your aspects.

Be free of yourself, once and for all, and you will achieve the Kingdom of God.

Your Mother sends this message to all the religious of this Order and to all those who seek, above themselves, to live the consecration to the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

When you open your heart to My Son, He, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

When you meet My Son along the path, in spite of what may have happened before, He, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

When you seek above all things to be in My Son, He, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

When you feel that nothing makes sense and all seems lost, if you seek to find My Son, He, with His celestial authority, can act with Mercy through you.

When you feel that you always fall into the same thing and you are never able to get out, but you abandon yourself in My Son all the time, He, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

When you see that nothing makes sense and that you cannot find a way out to anywhere, but you allow His Love to overcome you, He, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

Spiritual perfection exists only in Heaven. While you are in this school of the planet, learning to banish what is within you and dying to yourself every day, Christ, with His authority, can act with Mercy through you.

Therefore, rise from where you have fallen; for I, who am your sweet Mother, come to raise you up and place you in My arms, so that you may feel My maternal refuge.

When you fall again, at another moment and place, remember this message; Christ can act with Mercy through you, as long as you say 'yes' to Him.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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