Monday, December 25 of 2017

Daily messages

Forgive Betrayal, Love your enemies

Dear children:

At this Christmas, the Light of Jesus having been born in your hearts, your lives, and consciousnesses, may you take a new step in order to finish yet another stage in the learning of love and of forgiveness that the planet offers you.

Love your enemies so that someday you may forgive their betrayals.

Children, may there be built in you this same inner fortitude of love that My Son lived and experienced on this planet, knowing that He was born in this humanity on order to redeem it and save it from all its evils.

For this reason, love your enemies and you will be able to forgive their betrayals.

Jesus, knowing that He incarnated to die for all His brothers and sisters who would betray Him time and time again, did not cease to love His enemies, just as the Father had asked of Him.

Love your enemies and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

It is a big step, during this Christmas, to transcend the pain for having been betrayed or subjected to something for some reason.

It is a christic and conscious step, to live a Greater Love above all that has taken place.

Love your enemies and you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

Each soul of this Earth is called upon to submerge in the Ocean of the Love of God to banish, within themselves, their own Judas that tries to compromise the spiritual life of the disciples of Christ.

The sure and full step is to surrender to love, to trust, and to let yourselves be guided by the Light of the Divine Messengers at each new step.

Thus, each soul on this Earth, in due course, will learn to love more, and will be able to forgive all betrayals their own inner Judas may have been able to incite or commit.

Love your enemies and, someday, you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

We live this Christmas of the Lord to confirm to the Universe our next steps in this journey of learning how to love what we could never love and of learning to forgive what we could never forgive.

It is an important and christic step in the spiritual life, to love our enemies so that someday, you may learn to forgive them as Christ forgave after all He lived until the Cross.

Thus, the times have changed, and the doors of the Universe of the Love of God will open to offer the disciples of Christ being able to love their enemies more in order to be able to forgive all their betrayals and actions.

At this Nativity of the Lord, may humanity be able to grow in the living experience of the School of Love, but now, transcending all offenses, betrayals, and deceptions that a fellow being, or a sibling, may have caused us; so that, in trust and faith, the disciples of Christ may enter through the greater door to the school of learning to love their enemies so that the Father, Who is merciful, may forgive all for their betrayals.

The time has come to live the Parable of the Prodigal Son, imitating the Father of Divine Justice and of Mercy, encouraging yourselves to go through new christic experiences on the path of love and of an unconditional spirit.

May this Sacred Christmas of the Lord inspire and give impulse to the inner Christs who were born, to live the Greater Love for their enemies so that, as you were, they may be forgiven all betrayals.

These are the patterns of life for a new humanity which must first be spiritually constituted and formed.

I encourage you, as Jesus was, to love your enemies so that someday they may receive an opportunity, as you received, directly from Christ.

Encourage yourselves to take steps in the christic life of Love and of Wisdom.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace