Monday, December 25 of 2017

Daily messages

The Star of Bethlehem shone in the highest and deepest Skies, announcing to the world the arrival of a new and last opportunity of redemption.

Those who looked to the firmament and found it, like a heart that pulsates in Infinity, followed its steps and arrived where the Voice and the Will of the Celestial Father called them.

The silence of the Star of Bethlehem keeps its profound and unfathomable mystery.

The hearts can follow it, because it reflects in the Sky, as within those who open to its signs.

By following the Star of Bethlehem, reach the Portal of humility, of poverty of self, of mystery, of emptiness. There you will be able to find what I have been gestating for each one of My children.

Follow to the Portal of the humility of Bethlehem, which you keep within. There, I will wait for you with the whole Universe, in the Presence of your Creator Father, to give birth to a new being, to a new time.

Infinite Grace, My children, is to open up to the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the forgiveness of human sins once again forgives and cleans the hearts of the human beings who open, at least a little bit, to the Path of Redemption.

Infinite Grace is the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the surrender and of the humility of God gives the human beings the possibility of surrendering and of treading a new path, where vanities, lies and pride will be left outside, for the Cave of Bethlehem is so small and simple, that nothing but the Humility of God and of His servants fits in.

Unfathomable Grace is the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when before the living memory of the moment in which the whole Creation stopped to contemplate the Earth, once again the Creator detains the attention of Infinity, so that, no matter how small the opening of souls may be, His Mercy can flood the hearts.

Few know the true Grace of the Nativity of the Lord.

Few know everything that their God and Creator realizes in the invisible of this world and in the depth of souls, when the hearts let themselves be touched by the purity of this moment.

The Birth of Christ, just as his eternal memory, My children, is still an unfathomable mystery for the hearts of the world, but in order to live it it suffices that you allow your hearts to be touched by His Purity, washed by His Mercy and renewed by the sacred humility that is kept in this moment, so holy and unique, for the whole of Creation.

Heavens and the Earth detain themselves to contemplate the Nativity of the Lord, because since God became flesh among humans, an unknown Grace is lived in the whole of Creation.

There, children, God began a Plan of redemption that is still to be fulfilled and that, year after year, is renewed for the Earth, through the hearts that believe in this mystery and who, without understanding it, open to receive its Graces.

Today I will ask you to pray.

Pray for those who do not believe in the essence of Christmas, who forget the true meaning of humanity uniting to celebrate.

Pray for those who are lonely, abandoned and unhappy, for not knowing God, for not opening to His infinite Love and, more than that, My children, for not having anyone on Earth to give them the gift of being truly loved.

Pray for the wars that do not stop before this celestial event, and let the Graces that you receive today, for opening the doors to God, reach the four corners of this world.

Pray so that the ones who made a commitment with Christ since the beginning can strengthen and renew themselves in His humility and in His surrender, through the merits of the Birth of the Lord among the human beings.

And pray, My children, so that just as you celebrate the joy of the Birth of Christ, you one day celebrate the Greater Grace of His Return, and be ready for this moment, because it will arrive soon.

I love and bless you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace