Dear children:

Once again, I invite all of you to prepare, in your homes, the coming of Christ into every human heart in this coming Nativity.

I invite you, in a special way, to prepare your mangers so that, like the Holy Family of Nazareth, you may await the coming of the Child God.

This loving gesture of My children, by dedicating a space to prepare the manger, will allow the celestial doors to open internally on the planet so that all of humanity can be helped.

Therefore, in the name of the Nativity of the Lord and out of love for all families, I wish that in the preparation of the manger in every home the Light of the Holy Star of Bethlehem may begin to shine.

This union with the spiritual symbol of the Holy Manger will help millions of families in the world; families that, as cells of the Project of God, in these times go through countless painful situations and learnings that need the balm of peace and God's relief.

In the preparation of the different mangers, in the homes of the world, the members of each family will be granted, for a moment, the spiritual grace of being before one of the most important acts of Love and Mercy in the history of humanity.

I would like, as a Mother, that this coming Nativity of the Lord be celebrated in reconciliation and forgiveness for all families going through the horror of war in their peoples and nations, as well as those going through war in their own families, so that the Holy Spirit of Peace, of that Peace which filled the Grotto of Bethlehem, may be present in these times in all families.

Remember, My children, that families are the future of the New Humanity. Therefore, we must pray for families so that each family may reach the expression of God's burning desire.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Prayer of the Servant of God

O Lord,
fill our lives
with the gifts of Your Grace.

Reveal Yourself, My God,
at each step of life.

Make Yourself present in the smallest thing,
so that many more may discover
the sacred power of Your Humility.

Lord, open the doors of Your Kingdom,
so that all may enter.

With Eyes of Mercy,
may You contemplate the magnificence
that all Your Creatures are in You,
and You, Lord, in them.

May the blazing flame of Your Divine Purpose 
be recognized by those
who go through the dark night,
for You, Lord, are the Light of the world,
You are that bridge that shows itself
before our eyes,
so that we may cross it
with confidence toward Paradise.

Lord, do not look at the indifference of humankind,
the cruelty of the unbelievers;
place, Your Gaze, Lord on all those
who in sacrifice and love surrender themselves to You,
to praise You and to recognize You
as the Only Lord, Adonai.

Lord, may Your unfathomable Love
sanctify the lives of Your Children.

Make the star of Bethlehem shine once again
in the innermost depths of the hearts
of those who aspire one day
meet Christ, face to face.

Thus, My God, prepare the New Earth
through those who, out of love, offer themselves to You,
so that Your Sacred Kingdom may descend to Earth.

In this perfect union
between Your Heart and the hearts of Your children
may Your existence be vivified,
because at the end of everything,
when all will have been fulfilled
as You have decreed,
Your Creatures and You, Lord of the Universe, will be one,
and nothing more will separate life from essence,
reality from that which is immaterial,
that which is internal from that which is divine and cosmic.

Your Servant and Slave, once again, offers Herself,
in love and renunciation,
so that many more may be reborn in You.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Servant of the Lord.


The Light of the Return will come from the heights of the White Mountain, and the Americas will be blessed by a Grace of liberation and peace.

That Light will then descend from the White Mountain, but it will remain within it for three days until the majority of people will have seen it and recognized it.

They will give it many names and causes, but only a few will recognize what it is.

Nobody will be able to draw close to that Light, because it will be so strong that it will dazzle the curious and the opponents.

It will bring Grace and wellbeing to the oppressed and many, indeed many will recognize their infidelity to God too late.

Those who repent in time will be touched by the Grace and wisdom of that Light, and everything will begin again.

Nobody will be able to hide that Light which will come from the Mountain, for it will not be material, although everybody will see it with their physical eyes, it will be a more impactful and revealing Light than the Star of Bethlehem. It will shine more than the Sacred Mantle of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It will have more power than all nations, which believe themselves to be powerful.

That Light will come for the just, for those who asked for Mercy, for the unfortunate, for those who cry out for peace and freedom.

And, at last, that Light will descend, and everything will be revealed. The White Mountain will be the witness of this entire occurrence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Beloved children,

Today, the voice of the most Little ones will touch the Heart of God, because their singing will be a plea for all the little innocent ones and all orphans who, in the next Nativity, will be alone and without their parents.

The voice of the most little ones will tonight console the Heart of God, for all those who have lost and lose contact with their inner child.

It will be the voice of the most little ones, during this gala night, that will prepare, in the hearts of the adults, the birth of the Child-King, so that innocence and purity, which today does not live in humanity, may be recovered for the whole planetary consciousness.

But also the voice of the adults will elevate, of the singers and peace-makers of Christ, so that the serious events and conflicts of these times may be dissolved by the love of those who implore to God from the heart.

The voice of the adults cry out for the awakening of peace in all those who have lost it. The voice of the adults will today ask for Mercy, so that the purpose and spiritual goal of the wounded nations of South America may be recovered, those in which the nations have lost.

This is the gala night that will prepare, in the inner planes, the coming of Christ in the hearts that are empty and without inner love.

Upon the stage, for tonights presentation, the Guardian Angels of the nations of South America will be in offering to accompany this loving moment in which, once again, the Celestial Portals will open, so that hope may descend, and the flame of faith may ignite as a burning fire in those who have lost their union with Christ.

I will be by the side of My singing children, accompanying this important moment of offering for humanity and for the planet.

Today, may the voices shine like the neighboring stars of the Star of Bethlehem, so that a night of peace like this may expand throughout the whole world.

I wish you a glorious gala night of adoration to the Child God.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

In the Humble Cave of Bethlehem - Part I

And it was through the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem that your Mother and Lady, in the humble Company of Her Spouse, Saint Joseph, after having sought a simple place for the Birth of the Child King, We accepted a gift from God, which We did not expect but, at the same time, We perceived it as a visible sign during the Birth of the Child God.

It was the supreme decision that the Living God, made man and consciousness, wanted to be born in a humble manger within the caves near the village of Bethlehem.

This was so the Sacred Family, through the inner guidance of Archangel Saint Gabriel, could settle and prepare for the expected Birth of Who, throughout the times and generations, would free humankind from a possible self-destruction and a total loss of attributes and the Commandments that, as a people, in that time, united them to God.

It was for that reason that the Birth of the Messiah, the King of Israel and of the entire Earth, was prophesized and announced by the wisest contact-beings who understood, on an internal level, the cosmic vision of the local space of this Universe and, through angelic intercession, deciphered the estimated day and hour of the arrival and Birth of the Child Jesus in Bethlehem, even without previously knowing the Sacred Family.

My Husband, Saint Joseph, touched and internalized by the Birth of Christ, and by the fulfillment of the Sacred Prophecies, testified that all of His great effort and striving for the preparation of the arrival of the Little Child would be small.

Behind the Birth of Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, your Divine Mother, already knew, from the thirteen annunciations of Archangel Gabriel, that the arrival of the Child King would mean a most important Celestial, Divine and Cosmic intervention, a situation that would change and transcend all past human errors, from Eden, with Adam and Eve, up until the end of times, until the fulfillment of His second return to humanity.

This intervention, which took place in the humble and simple scenery of the cave of Bethlehem, represented the restoration of the Alliance that had been lost between humanity and God; but it also meant the re-establishment of the codes of Love-Wisdom which, from the spiritual plane, would help the material plane of the entire human race.

The first Source of Creation, which arises in the immaterial plane, lived a process of materialization of its forms and matrixes in order to contribute to the Birth of Jesus on Earth.

This movement of very high vibratory-spiritual science also meant a strong movement of cosmic and solar currents, of emanations and divine impulses which assisted so that, through the Birth of Christ, not only one of the Divine Aspects of the Trinity could descend onto the Earth, but also a state of contact between all beings who, at that time of the Birth of Christ, had total confidence about the arrival of their savior. 

For this reason, the annunciation of the angels to the shepherds and the wise interpretation and attunement of the Kings of the East generated, in all of the spiritual consciousness of the planet, the possibility of placing the Earth, once again, in a rescuable disposition.

When Jesus was born in the manger of Bethlehem many other spiritual, internal and even physical events occurred, since the descent of the immaterial energy of God embraced and encompassed many planetary events.

All of those who, with sincerity and devotion, remember the Birth of Christ, year after year, re-enter into the same cosmic and divine currents from which, more than two thousand years ago, the process of rescue and redemption of humanity was originated.

To celebrate the Birth of Christ every year is not living the past or returning to a true story, but rather it means to return to the Origin of the Origin, not only as a  planet, but also as a being, through the Birth of Christ, in order to have access to a state of spiritual atonement and to be able to regain the purpose that brought each being to the Earth, in spite of all the mistakes lived.

It is this impulse that until today enables the continuity, on the planet, of the existence of Christic beings who will generate, step by step, the fulfillment of the Plan.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, for a moment, focus your attention and inwardly contemplate the mysterious but revealing Star of Bethlehem.

Concentrate your gaze and your prayer upon this ancient star of the Cosmos, which announced the arrival of the Divine Incarnation of the Firstborn Son.

Concentrate your ardent love upon the occult significance and on the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem, as well as on all the impulses of light, of peace, and of love that this star of the Cosmos brought to the human race.

Concentrate your mind and your heart upon this physical mystery of the Universe and upon all that it fostered and generated during the three preparatory days, before the arrival of the Redeemer.

Concentrate your devotion upon the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem and upon all the movement that it brought to Earth in that time, so as to bring order and reposition it within the universal Purpose.

Concentrate your attention on the rays of the Star of Bethlehem and upon all that it awakened in the depths of the inner levels of human beings, as well as upon all that it continues to awaken throughout time and the generations.

Concentrate your attention and your love upon the immovable Star of Bethlehem because, although it is no longer visible in space as it was two thousand years ago, the power of this star of the Cosmos represents the doorway of revelation for humanity.

May you find an inner guide in the Star of Bethlehem, just as the Kings of the East did by contemplating the sacred Star of Bethlehem.

I thank you for keeping the Mysteries of God in your heart!

Who blesses you

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Star of Bethlehem shone in the highest and deepest Skies, announcing to the world the arrival of a new and last opportunity of redemption.

Those who looked to the firmament and found it, like a heart that pulsates in Infinity, followed its steps and arrived where the Voice and the Will of the Celestial Father called them.

The silence of the Star of Bethlehem keeps its profound and unfathomable mystery.

The hearts can follow it, because it reflects in the Sky, as within those who open to its signs.

By following the Star of Bethlehem, reach the Portal of humility, of poverty of self, of mystery, of emptiness. There you will be able to find what I have been gestating for each one of My children.

Follow to the Portal of the humility of Bethlehem, which you keep within. There, I will wait for you with the whole Universe, in the Presence of your Creator Father, to give birth to a new being, to a new time.

Infinite Grace, My children, is to open up to the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the forgiveness of human sins once again forgives and cleans the hearts of the human beings who open, at least a little bit, to the Path of Redemption.

Infinite Grace is the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the surrender and of the humility of God gives the human beings the possibility of surrendering and of treading a new path, where vanities, lies and pride will be left outside, for the Cave of Bethlehem is so small and simple, that nothing but the Humility of God and of His servants fits in.

Unfathomable Grace is the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when before the living memory of the moment in which the whole Creation stopped to contemplate the Earth, once again the Creator detains the attention of Infinity, so that, no matter how small the opening of souls may be, His Mercy can flood the hearts.

Few know the true Grace of the Nativity of the Lord.

Few know everything that their God and Creator realizes in the invisible of this world and in the depth of souls, when the hearts let themselves be touched by the purity of this moment.

The Birth of Christ, just as his eternal memory, My children, is still an unfathomable mystery for the hearts of the world, but in order to live it it suffices that you allow your hearts to be touched by His Purity, washed by His Mercy and renewed by the sacred humility that is kept in this moment, so holy and unique, for the whole of Creation.

Heavens and the Earth detain themselves to contemplate the Nativity of the Lord, because since God became flesh among humans, an unknown Grace is lived in the whole of Creation.

There, children, God began a Plan of redemption that is still to be fulfilled and that, year after year, is renewed for the Earth, through the hearts that believe in this mystery and who, without understanding it, open to receive its Graces.

Today I will ask you to pray.

Pray for those who do not believe in the essence of Christmas, who forget the true meaning of humanity uniting to celebrate.

Pray for those who are lonely, abandoned and unhappy, for not knowing God, for not opening to His infinite Love and, more than that, My children, for not having anyone on Earth to give them the gift of being truly loved.

Pray for the wars that do not stop before this celestial event, and let the Graces that you receive today, for opening the doors to God, reach the four corners of this world.

Pray so that the ones who made a commitment with Christ since the beginning can strengthen and renew themselves in His humility and in His surrender, through the merits of the Birth of the Lord among the human beings.

And pray, My children, so that just as you celebrate the joy of the Birth of Christ, you one day celebrate the Greater Grace of His Return, and be ready for this moment, because it will arrive soon.

I love and bless you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Holy Night of Peace

Under the Sacred Star of Bethlehem, dear children, your Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph await tonight for the Birth of the inner Christ in each being, in each soul and in each spirit, in order for a spiritual communion with the Creator to be established.

Meanwhile, Saint Joseph collects straw to prepare the Manger, and the inhabitants of Bethlehem bring him cloth and jars of water, preparing all the scene for the great expected moment.

The guardian angels of the inner Christs pray without ceasing, together with their Heavenly Mother, waiting for all the beings of this Earth to give birth to all inner love.

The goats, sheep and other animals of the stable offer their stillness and silence, and give warmth in the Sacred Grotto, to create a welcoming environment of peace and love.

Somewhere else, the shepherds of Bethlehem approach the city, in search of that inner Christ who is about to be born and announce what is new.

The whole scene is awaiting the Good News: the birth of the inner Christ of each being which, on this night, defines the next stage of their existence.

Thus, the Masters of the East, the Kings who bring myrrh, gold and incense, wear their ceremonial attire because, as announcers and prophets of the Universe, they bring within their hearts a message of reconciliation and love for the Christs that will be born today.

Within the Grotto, the sacred and elevated presence of the angels attract, from the highest Heavens, the gifts that everyone needs in order to take the step towards a greater surrender.

The Most Holy Mary does not stop Her pleas and prayers, and She asks the Eternal Father to make Her so small and similar to Him so that She can accompany the inner Christ who, in a short time,  will be in Her arms.

It is time to live the expected moment.

It is time to allow that in the Grotto of Bethlehem, the inner Christ may be born, the one who supplicates to the hearts of the world for attention and consciousness in order to perceive reality.

Before the whole scenario of the end of times, the Sacred inner Christ has been born. He comes to announce that it is time for the great change in consciousness. He comes to testify that there is no other path but the path of the love of the heart and transparency of life.

The inner Christ comes to say that is time to make peace and no longer live inner and outer wars.

It is time to be fraternal and to be conscious with life, with destiny and with the Purpose.

It is time to rethink the path and to choose the Path of Love and of Christic energy.

It is time to open the doors of the heart and to trust.

May the inner Christ who is born today before your eyes shine as the light that He is and may He live on forever so that, in these definitive times, there may be discernment, wisdom and peace.

On this Christmas Eve of Bethlehem, may we pray for the inner Christs that will not yet be born due to the imprisonment of illusions of the human being.

Let us pray for the essences that will need much spiritual assistance.

Let us celebrate this Christmas of the Lord together with Him forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The return of the Musical Kingdom of Peace

That, on this day of Glory, the voices of My children rise to the Heaven and may the angels of the sacred melodies announce, with their trumpets, the upcoming birth of the inner Christ.

May the Sacred Star of Bethlehem radiate its divine attributes over souls and may the singing hearts feel motivated to express gratitude for the immense Love of God.

May the ears of all the participants of this Meeting open up and hear the offering of love that the singers of Christ will impart.

May all the melodies that will be offered today be the great inner offertory of the believing souls for this Christmas.

The music that cures the hearts returns today.

Today will return the melodies which will uplift the consciousness of humanity in ardent faith and unwavering trust.

May the purpose of cure for this planet, and for this humanity, be lived today and may the hearts be reborn in the Divine Fire of Christ.

May the doors of the inner worlds open and may the essences receive the sacred impulses of redemption and of compassion.

All the fallen stars shine today because the melodies offered raise the essences in redemption.

That is why I order that the angels of harmony and of song impregnate, at this moment, the offertory stage so that subtle liberations can be realized in the hearts that need healing and forgiveness.

The Musical Kingdom of Peace comes back and returns today, and the Universe opens its gates to receive from the simplest and the most humble all the gratitude and the love of their heart, on the eve of this next Christmas.

The Meeting of singing souls and of the essences of devotion returns today, and a ray of Grace and of Mercy enters in all the spaces to consecrate and bless, on this day, all those who have responded to the call of the music of Love in order to heal the aching humanity.

May all My children feel participants of this moment and may faith confirm, in all hearts and lives, their union with the Plan of God.

I bless you and may this day be the beginning of new and enriching experiences of love and of healing that must be sown in this humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May the Peace of Jesus be in your hearts so that, in this time, you may learn to live the end of cycles.

Today I illuminate you with My Star of Light of Bethlehem and I have come to ask you, and to announce to you that on November 30th I would like to see, in all homes, places of work, as well as in each Monastery of the Order, the Manger of the Sacred Family.

For this, today I give the mission to each one of your hearts so that they commit to collaborate in the manifestation of the Manger of the Sacred Family, so that in each space of prayer it may be present to bless you.

I wish that the place in which you will choose to place the Holy Manger be preciously adorned with Christmas garlands, thus creating a sacred space of adoration and contemplation.

With this request, My aspiration is that, from December 1st until the Nativity of your Lord, you pray at least three times a day the prayer that was once delivered to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family.

I especially wish that within the Communities, during these days, you work in prayer at the foot of the Holy Manger of Bethlehem so that the hearts may remember, in this cycle, the importance of nurturing the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and compassion among beings.

I wish, My children, that those who accept to carry out the fulfillment of this request of your Celestial Mother know that, from December 1st until the date of the Nativity of Jesus, we will be working together in the reconstruction of the spirit of love within the families of the world, as well as in the healing of hatred, resentments and the lack of love that is daily generated among the servers of the spiritual path, and in the families that are most distant from God.

I would like to see the humble hearts internally preparing, every day, for the rebirth of the inner child, so that humanity may be healed, at least of indifference and omission.

Blessed will be those who comply with this request, because God will see how great the love in their hearts can be.

I thank you for responding to this important request.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Community of Luz-Saint-Saveur, High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Signs in the Sky

The world will wake up one morning and will see the sign in the Sky that will indicate the moment of the return of Christ.

Many eyes will open and hearts will be redeemed before this visible sign of the universe.

While the sun rises on the highest peak of the hill, the sign of the universe will become more and more visible and it will not be erased. It will be the moment in which all will be transformed, and that which had remained hidden, out of nowhere, will be seen.

This sign will leave three more signs, visible throughout the world. They will not be able to be mistaken nor interpreted as natural phenomena, because they will have such a high degree of splendor that they will resemble nothing of this world.

In the meantime, a star, similar to the great Star of Bethlehem, will announce the opening of the portals of the universe.

When you see this great and unknown Star shine so bright in the sky, kneel down upon the ground and make penance, manifest deep repentance in the name of humanity because this will be the sign that Christ is now returning.

Similar things to what happened at the Birth of Jesus will occur at the final hour, because when the Child of God was born, He was Alfa, now, at His Return, He will be Omega.

Prepare your hearts with time for this moment.

Allow purification to take place so that you will be free of yourselves.

In total, four signs will be shown throughout this universe so that humanity may understand it is time to awaken and abandon illusion and inertia.

These signs will bring with them something new and innovative. But, at the same time, they will move all that is obscure, unjust and unloyal from East to West and from North to South.

It is thus that, because they are the signs of the universe upon the planet, they cannot be erased, altered nor hidden.

These signs will have the strength of hundreds of horses and an expansion greater than all the oceans.

This will be the moment in which you should be praying without distraction because the impulses will remain and that which is in vain will be transmuted.

The signs will reveal unknown mysteries, open inexplicable doors and allow the sleeping humanity to awaken and finally turn its attention toward God, as it will be unable to escape anywhere.

This way, regardless of how human beings become conscious of all their sins, all will be revealed in this world.

So, the great world lie, created by the beings of the surface, will be removed, and all will become conscious of the illusion that has been created for centuries.

When Christ returns many things will move, even the most incredible ones. Because as Christ is the living Law, where this Law is present, there will not be anything unfair or hidden.

Therefore, purify your hearts with time so that these events may not surpass your expectations nor surprise you from night to morning.

Keep watch, just as the guard does, who takes care of the house during the night.

Enter into vigil and prayer because this way you can be guided, step by step, until the end.

The signs of the universe will allow the planetary reality to become clearer and more evident in the face of all lies, frauds and injustices that will be revealed.

May the hearts be merciful as God is merciful because, this way, you will not fall into temptation.

I come to ask you, in essence, the same that Jesus asked His Apostles while He agonized in the Garden of Getsemani, because, at this time, your full correspondence, attunement and unconditionality will be necessary.

The most humble will help the most asleep.

The wisest, who will be moved by the Holy Spirit, will help the most ignorant.

The simplest will show all the way out towards the new and future cycle of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Most Blessed among all women was proclaimed the Servant of God! Mother of all creatures, Mother of all life, because She gestated, within Her womb, The One that represents all things.

Beloved children, the memory of the birth of Jesus must be renewed in each heart, in each consciousness, because, in truth, every year, when you are before this sacred day, you are faced with the opportunity of moving deeper into the greatest mystery of Creation: when God became life in His creatures, crossing the celestial dimensions and all universal existence, to reach that which is most dense, of all that was created. 

You are faced with the opportunity of renewing this divine creation and to perceive that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was not only a historical and universal fact, in reality, My children, it was a symbol sent by God so that, from that moment on, He could be alive in all humankind.

The Creator came to awaken in the human heart the perfect resemblance to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, because His perfection could not remain hidden in the hearts of His children while they were becoming lost and self-degenerating, due to them not knowing this, due to them not discovering this within themselves.

My Beloved Son is still alive, and, at each Christmas, He renews the mystery of the divine presence in the hearts of human beings.

God the Father, from the Center of Creation, observes humanity in silence and allows His Son to go through the homes, the streets, the abysses, the churches, the basements… wherever there is a human heart, there will He be, in omnipresence, waiting for one of His companions to remember, with sincerity, His birth, and to ardently aspire to see Him return.

The Creator, dear children, gives humankind infinite gifts and the possibilities of evolving and reaching perfection, but His children are distracted, and, in everything, they become involved with matter, forgetting to look toward Heaven.

On this day of Glory and rejoicing, few are those who truly thank God for having made Himself flesh among humankind; for having made of Himself a Son, when He is the Father of all life.

Where are the humble mangers so that Christ may be reborn? Did anyone remember to prepare it within their own spirits?

My Son awaits you, He waits so that you may understand that He will not arrive at the inns of Bethlehem, where comfort and ambition reign. He will want to withdraw from the world, to retreat into silence, in a simple and humble place, where unity with all Kingdoms of Nature lives.

Search for this space, beloved children, within yourselves. Ask the Star of Bethlehem to guide you and show you the path, because the Light is ready to return to the world. Within you and in the consciousness of the planet, the contractions of the purification for a universal birth have already begun, in which the old will give way to the new human being.

Cry out to Christ, that He may make you reborn, and cry out for His birth within each one of you. Aspire to let the old human being end its cycle within you so that the Gifts of the Spirit of God may awaken, those that will make you similar to Him.

Christ is reborn today in the hearts that say yes to Him, and He will be reborn every day in those who open the doors of their inner beings to Him, because, in Eternity, where time does not exist, every day is a day for a new Christ to be born.

I love you and I bless you, with My Son in My arms, so that through Him I may embrace all creatures. 

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Nativity of Jesus

In that time, when the presence of Christ was fundamental for the redemption of humanity, the Sacred Family, after spending three days in Bethlehem, at the request of God, went to Nazareth, where the Divine Family would prepare to accompany the first and important years of the life of Jesus.

At the moment of the birth of Christ, after the visit of the kings of the East, the Sacred Family was also sought by other consciousnesses, who, as pilgrims of God, came to meet the little child in Nazareth.

We remember that the prophecy about the birth of the Messiah was also confirmed by the sacred star of Bethlehem and by all the angels who announced the birth of Christ in different towns throughout the whole of Israel.

So important was the coming of the Messiah, that even those most distant from the truth and from love would become aware through dreams that an infinite light had come to the planet.

The Sacred Family always remained austere, humble and simple, this was its main mission, to show itself as it truly is so that the principles of the Mercy of the Universe might reach humanity through Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

Remember, dear children, that more than two thousand years ago, humanity was on the verge of self-destruction and of definitely leaving the Plan of the Creator, because it might have entered into a deep decay.

The birth of Jesus brought to the world the possibility of reintegrating its spiritual bond and its filiation with the Father, something that was being corrupted by the actions of humankind.

Jesus, in Nazareth, while still a boy, worked on the first inner steps for the redemption of humanity and in the building of a new consciousness on Earth through re-orientation of the Divine Source.

The Grace of God was always present, especially in Nazareth, when the Sacred Family lived a stage of deeper union with the Creator which came from the presence of Jesus as the little Savior.

As a boy, Jesus was aware of the urgency of rescuing humanity. When the Little Child was three years old, with love and simplicity He embraced the manifestation of this Purpose that the Father would confer upon Him at the age of thirty three.

Even as a boy, Jesus worked together with the angels that surrounded Him, within the inner worlds of humanity.

Let us see an example of this:

I can tell you, dear children, that, at the age of three, Jesus already offered, with His little consciousness, some sacrifices that were very visible to all, such as that of not drinking water nor eating for days.

We knew, as part of His Family, that the Father in that time was already fulfilling His Designs, because the whole life of Jesus was filled by the Holy Spirit, it was God Himself made man and human consciousness Who was coming to rescue the consciousness of humanity.

As a child, Jesus was developing spiritual and supernatural actions at the moment of making contact with the Source of the Father, which, with love and gentleness, sprang from His little Heart.

The Boy Jesus granted many Graces, states for the consciousnesses that allowed the human condition and its debt before the Law to revert. The Little Child worked silently, and, in spite of being so little, the Archangels oftentimes worked through Him. For example, at one stage in the life of Jesus, the Archangel Gabriel granted a certain kind of miracle to souls, which not only transformed their lives, but also liberated the bonds that they had upon having made contact with the Little Child Jesus.

The Sacred Family dedicated the first years of the life of Jesus to carrying out service, and one of the main occupations of Saint Joseph was what you know aof s carpentry, which, in truth, the humble carpentry of Saint Joseph was the temple of miracles and conversions.

The service that the Sacred Family physically offered to humanity, in the first years of the life of Jesus, was to reestablish within the human consciousness the necessity of serving others, a fellow being, with the purpose of reactivating the spirit of charity and fraternity.

Saint Joseph committed Himself so that this simple carpentry in Nazareth would be capable of receiving suffering souls, to convert them into souls filled by the relief of the Lord.

While Saint Joseph was carrying out His work in carpentry, at the same time, He would teach the children of Nazareth to build something evolutionary in their small consciousnesses. Thus, Jesus, on many occasions, would participate in these meetings, and the union and the love that existed between Jesus and Saint Joseph were capable of turning this carpentry into a moment of elevation and devotion to God, to the point that, in an inexplicable way, the works of carpentry were miraculously finished by the angels.

The Sacred Family, through the essence of service, was able to help reverse human spiritual precariousness with a powerful energy of love and charity.

The Most Holy Mother would dedicate Her moments of prayer to engage in a deeper union with God and also to relive within Her Spirit the sacrifice that Her Beloved Son would live and a moment of which, through the revelation of the Archangel Gabriel, Mary was already aware of.

By the time Jesus reached the age of twelve, the holy archangels showed the Holy Mother the spiritual and conscious preparation that the Divine Son would live in that time.

From that moment, the Holy Mother became resigned as a slave before Her Eternal Father, leaving the young Jesus in complete and humble freedom, so that His mission might be fulfilled, just as the sacred prophecy indicated.

Throughout this first stage of the life of Jesus, the Sacred Family was being guided by the holy angels towards the needs that had to be provided for in the consciousness of humanity. In this sense, the Sacred Family gave to the human consciousness the opportunity of being reintegrated into the Project of the Creator through the sacrifice of Christ.

Many were the Gifts and the Graces during the first stage of the life of Jesus, which created the main basis for all that the Small Child would live in His holy adulthood.

Since the birth of Jesus, humanity had the opportunity of connecting with the essence of love, even after Christ made His final surrender on the Cross.

In this time, in which the values of the Sacred Family have lost the attention of the humankind of the surface, the Celestial Messengers come to this meeting, to a meeting with a humanity once again precarious in all senses, so that, through love and mercy, it may awaken from the deep sleep of illusion and remember that it must love its fellow beings, that it must serve them and help them to heal their consciousnesses through acts of fraternity and brotherhood.

The Sacred Family draws closer to humanity for the purpose of repairing the human consciousness and removing it from all the mistakes that it commits through wars, conflicts and indifference, as well as the destruction and domination of the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Sacred Family invites all, so that, on this Christmas, the Inner Christ may be born from an intimate communion with the Creator, thus, the Earth will be polarized to the Light that has been lost.

I thank you for responding to My call.

For all those that will make an effort to fulfill this last part of the pilgrimage, I will be very grateful.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Shooting Star of Bethlehem

In those days, when the inner preparation to receive the Baby Jesus into My arms was being anticipated, the sacred star of Bethlehem, the symbol of the Great Brotherhood of Heaven, revealed Itself to the three kings that, because of having pure hearts, could come to our gathering in the humble stable of Bethlehem.

The great star of Bethlehem shone during several days and was sent by God to accompany and, at the same time, to announce the arrival of the Son of God in the world.

It was in this way that this sacred star, that only appeared during those days, began to reveal, at first in dreams and in signs, to some consciousnesses that by the Will of God, should become aware of the arrival of the Messiah.

In those days previous to the arrival of Jesus, Saint Joseph, although still being in Nazareth, heard from the angels of Heaven the announcement and the exact time in which the Most Holy Spouse should be in Bethlehem in order to give birth to the Divine Son.

It was in this way that the sacred star of Bethlehem also showed the place and the path which the Sacred Family was to travel.

In those days in which the whole Universe gathered to accompany and at the same time to witness the birth of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem, from Nazareth, had the simplest consciousness among the simple ones come to the manger, souls that were called by the Most High to lovingly accompany the arrival of the Messiah.

The star of Bethlehem was that powerful bright star that in that time worked upon the spiritual and the material plane of the planetary consciousness, so that it could receive the extremely potent love-wisdom, the Ray that would change the events overnight.

This sacred star of Bethlehem has marked a before and an after. It was radiating certain universal currents that, before the coming of Christ, physically modified all the human mistakes that made of the race a civilization compromised by evil.

During the nine months of the gestation of Jesus, the Sacred Family was prepared by the angels themselves, so that this important event of the coming of Jesus could be experienced in all planes of consciousness, in order that this divine event could be recorded on the planet and in the solar system.

The star of Bethlehem was the guardian of the birth of Christ, and at the same time, it was the cosmic bridge that united humanity’s time with celestial time.

It was in this way that the Holy Mother of God, moments before the birth of Jesus and after having been in silence during nine days, received the divine impulse of all these revelations that the sacred star was fulfilling.

The Most Holy Mary knew that the birth of the Son of God would, in that moment, bring to the world the liberation of age-old errors, and at the same time, the redeeming light that should, no matter what, shine on this planet.

The star of Bethlehem was that cosmic beacon that drew a spiritual awakening of consciousness to the human race. That sacred star was what generated the maturity of many souls for future times; it was the great star of Bethlehem that announced in all the inner worlds the arrival of the powerful Christic energy of redemption and of love.

In those days in which the planet was prepared for the coming of Jesus, and was also purged of the codes of perdition of the world, the holy angels, the same ones that were at the manger of Bethlehem during the divine birth of Christ, also supported the awakening of inner love in humanity, especially in the simplest hearts. If that love gestated by the holy angels had not been born in humanity, the coming of Jesus would have necessitated other spiritual requirements.

In the star of Bethlehem was reflected the presence of the Love of the Most High, as well as the Grace that was being granted through the birth of Christ.

Bethlehem was the scene chosen by the Father so that this event, guided by the Archangels, could be carried out under the divine perfection of love and of ceremony.

The coming of the Messiah and the Great Liberator of the peoples was beautifully guided by the angels, who at the same time, worked on the unconscious of humanity, in order to be able to redeem it as from this blessed moment.

The great star of Bethlehem brought to the world the opportunity of elevating and of purifying the consciousness through elevated and not rudimentary thought by means of determination.

This precious star of Bethlehem showed itself to the world in that time to gradually disintegrate the patterns of self-destruction and of a commitment to all that is mundane in the human race.

The star of Bethlehem brought the awareness that we are spirits in service to a Greater Purpose, capable of giving us the impulse to a fulfillment of the Divine Work. 

It is that very same star of Bethlehem that in that time tried to reflect and shine in the consciousness of human beings, so that they might perceive within themselves that a unique opportunity was being given through the birth of Christ.

Because of this, children, after all these events that were planetary and universal, once again humanity is facing the test of Christmas, of being able to go through this sacred date remembering and placing their attention on all that the coming of Christ to the Earth meant.

The Eternal Father hopes to see Christ be born inside of you, so that a love greater than the one you experience today may awaken in the consciousness of humanity, which must fulfill and collaborate with this last part of the Divine Plan of Love.

I would wish My children to not be indifferent, but rather that they take advantage of this Christmas time to reaffirm their vows before the Celestial Hierarchy, because that confirmation will open the doors of consciousness to other souls in the world.

On this Christmas Eve, when the Sacred Family is in adoration at the foot of the manger of Bethlehem, may all My children prostrate themselves to revere within, the birth of the Child-King in their hearts.

At least do it as an offering and in devotion on behalf of those who today will become lost in banal celebrations.

For your consciousness and union with this moment, dear children, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who, under the sacred star of Bethlehem, blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I Am the Source of Light for the world after My Blessed Son.

I Am the incandescent Star of Bethlehem that lights with peace the heart and with light and love each soul.

I Am the Celestial Shield that protects the blessed children of God from all ambush.

I Am the Sun of the Universe that pours rays of conversion and redemption.

I Am the Spirit of Peace that traverses the continents in order to rekindle in the hearts the Love of God.

I Am the Sacred Mother of Trust because in My Immaculate Heart your life may rest and in My most holy fullness you will find the comfort that you seek so much; you will find in My silence the healing for your heart and the light that you need to dissolve your problems in peace.

Today I approach your heart and your life, so that you may open to Me the door of your interior and once again, before the Celestial Father, trust your life and your existence to the Sacred Universe.

I come lovingly to encounter you for this special Monthly Apparition, because twice My Maternal Consciousness will descend from the Portals of Heaven in order to solve worldly difficulties, to lift to the Kingdom of Christ many souls that are imprisoned and, primarily, I will descend in order to transmit My Maternal Love to all of those who have said yes to Me.

For this, I Am the Lady of Light, I Am the Woman covered by the Light of the Universal Sun, I Am the one who announces, through Her sweet stars of gold, a coming time of peace and of conversion.

But before, as I have promised before My Savior, the Almighty God, the Mother and Queen of Peace will traverse the greatest number of nations, to awaken in time those who sleep in the illusion and those who have become blind of spirit because of the modernities.

The Light of My Sacred Sword of Love will cut the roots of evil and impunity, the divine power of My Faith will illuminate in Supreme Light the path of all of those that call Me.

I Am the Lady of Eternal Light, I Am the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer.  I Am the Star that vigils day and night the steps of the self-convened.  My Powerful Heart will always be the relief for the sinners.  The Grace of My Spirit will be the water from the Source that will wash your stains.

I ask you, My dears and beloved ones: Surrender! Surrender! Surrender to the Love of My Heart! I do not want to harm you, I only hope that you accept Me as Your Mother; now and always I accomplish the eternal commitment of bringing you to Heaven.

And even though confusion and chaos are embracing the life of many, affirm your faith and do not believe what you live; you must believe in the life of the Great Spirit that accompanies you and protects you.

My feet will stomp on the head of the cunning serpent and My celestial glance will guide the steps of the servers.  A new time will shine in the interior of My children and the Supreme Forgiveness will be the cure for all evils.

When the time of Peace has come, the soldiers will lift the flags of Mercy and in love the Almighty will listen to your call and surrender.

I am among the most simple and meek, My Holy Universal Light comes to help all.

Trust what I say to you, I love you and I contemplate you in sacred devotion.

Thank you Venezuela for opening to Me the door to liberation!

Peace and Mercy for all!

Mary, Lady of Light

Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, to the visionary Sister Lucía

On this day, go on pilgrimage on the long path of your consciousnesses, an inner path on which you will find some obstacles to be surmounted, some tests to be experienced, and some memories to be forgiven and forgotten.

Seek to walk through the inner world with profound peace and joy, and even though the encounter with some situations may cause you pain, try and move beyond them with the joy of the day.

Allow yourselves, My children, to be guided by the Star of Bethlehem to the most simple and pure place of your inner world; a place that for many is unknown, but that exists and is now ready to receive the Son of God.

Today, the Lord offers you a possibility for freeing and healing ancient sorrows, fears, blame, old errors and suffering. Today, the Lord makes known to many of His children that they must transform in this time. Because to experience an effective and resounding transformation, you need to know all that is to be changed in yourselves. However, trust in the Grace that is granted you, of being guided by the Faithful Servant of God, and do not be shocked by what you may see about yourselves.

Those who allow themselves to take a step on this day will find themselves faced with a past to be redeemed and all that they have hidden from themselves for so long.

My children, make of this day a day of Glory, and of this purification, the harbinger of the glorious coming of My Son Jesus. Because for Him you will be building an empty and pure space, where He will be able to freely dwell, and will be able to reign with the totality of His perfect Consciousness.

The greatness of this day will manifest in the consciousnesses of the world, according to the openness of each one to what is being offered to them. The depth with which God will work in your consciousnesses will occur according to the openness of your hearts. Thus, be willing to experience something new, unknown, which will revolutionize your inner world.

My children, make of the pilgrimage on this day a moment similar to that experienced by Joseph and Mary on the night of the Birth of Jesus.

Much was gradually revealed to Joseph and Mary as the Birth of the Messiah drew closer. They offered Themselves to know and heal the evil that lived in the humanity of that period. As the Birth of Christ drew closer through the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary, the energies of lust, greed, vanity and pride, which were expressed in that period with great intensity in human beings, were gradually changed and transmuted.

Mary's birth pains became more intense than that which was normally felt. They experienced the desolation and the affliction of not being able to give Christ a safe place in which to be born, and this experience of purification culminated when they understood the Will of God and gave life to Jesus in a stable, experiencing the purest humility and joy, and thus discovered that everything was to be healed through humility, purity and faith in the Will of God and in His divine guidance.

Today, for the hearts of the world, it will not be different. If you allow it, the Lord will have you live a great experience, which will culminate in the discovery of an emptiness of self and surrender to a divine humility.

My beloveds, gladden your little hearts today, and walk with Me, for I will be your Star of Bethlehem, and through prayer, I will lead you to the birth of Christ in your essences.

I thank you for allowing Me to guide your lives.

I love you always.

Your Mother, Mary of Nazareth, Star of Bethlehem

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