My beloved children,

With joy, hope and bliss, your Heavenly Mother returns to Brazil so as to bless this entire people, that is faithful to God, through the next Meeting of Prayer in Camboriu.

God chose to begin this cycle, after August the 8th, through the Brazilian nation, so that souls and above all the inner worlds, at this crucial moment for Latin America, may keep the Commandments in mind, in their hearts and in their memories. Thus, by learning to live in the Laws of Life, hearts may no longer need to keep going through the path of suffering and ignorance.

Thus, My Beloved Son is sending Me as His Faithful Messenger and as the Lady Aparecida to ask My Brazilian children for a deep realization: that they may be very careful as to what they will choose.

Brazil, as the green heart of the Americas, must not lose its balance, a balance that has not been recovered since the tragic Pandemic began.

Be firm and, as apostles of My Beloved Son, pray and ask for discernment so that it may be your hearts that decide the destiny of the nation, that nation that you aspire for, rather than your minds, influenced by the lies and half-truths of these times of Armageddon.

Brazil is one of the few countries that for the time being is still surviving Communism, which is surrounded by occult works and false promises.

The Divinity calls upon you to pray before you decide. Within your hands lies the decision. Pray out of love help the Angel of Brazil, so that the Angel not be an object of discord, division and corruption like the Angels of other nations, which are under the same oppression.

Dear children, this is why we are returning, throughout the Americas: because they belong to the Sacred Project in which humanity may begin afresh, within a New Earth, within a new Eden.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear son, dear daughter, 

May purity be born and spring from your hearts again.

May this purity be formed by a pure feeling, by a pure thought, beyond anything impure that you experience.

Seek to believe, beyond difficulties, in the purity that God gave your soul and heart, and, through that incessant search, learn to truly love, without ceasing to love everything good or not good that happens to you.

Thus, My son, My daughter, you will go through the school of reconciliation. You will learn how to forgive everything that you experience, and, in the sincere act of forgiveness, you will be reborn again.

A pure heart is what humanity has completely lost. The lack of pure feelings and pure action leads souls into suffering, and even into the thinking that God is to blame.

The lack of peaceful and fraternal love has caused the loss of values ​​and principles of spirituality and faith within hundreds of souls.

Be pure, not wanting to be perfect nor transcended. Begin each day with small acts of love so that, not only will you be transformed, but the world will also become transformed and return to the respect and reverence for the Commandments. Without the Commandments, there is no path to Heaven, and, without Heaven, there is no inner peace.

I ask My children to reconsider and rethink your attitudes and the way you see life situations, because when you learn to love and appreciate the differences of humanity, you will no longer know what conflict or violence is because you will have realized the Truth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You,
because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
(3 times)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within My Heart weighs the reality of the world, the situation of the nations, the condition in which humanity is to be found.

Within My Heart weigh the difficulties of all Christians, the serious problems of the most indigent, the loneliness of the dying.

Within My Heart weighs the situation of this pandemic, which is the first crucial test of humanity in this time of planetary transition.

Within My Heart weighs the adversity in which many are submerged, and from that adversity, they cannot leave.

Within My Heart weigh those who are indifferent, those who omit the Call of God and, above all, those who received it once, and, up to today, have rejected it.

Within My Heart weigh many things, which I share with you today, which I reveal to you today, not for you to feel My grief, but rather for you to help Me transmute these situations of the world.

I come in search of those who still do not believe in Me and who have not allowed Me to enter their hearts.

I come for those who are still tepid and undecided.

I come for those who have not yet put their feet upon My Path and have not decided to find Me.

What relieves the sorrow of My Heart is a  the good work, the consistency of the apostles of the last times, the sacramental life, the experience of the Gospel by means of the daily examples of life, the unceasing practice of the Commandments, the faith of the Christians and of the believers, the solidarity of those who look at the one who suffers and help them.

Those who relieve the sorrow of My Heart are also those who are consecrated and do not step back, those who remain united to Me in spite of the circumstances.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who do not doubt nor are they mistrustful, those who fulfill, step by step, what I request of them.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who decide to live their purification; those who do not get submerged in their own problems; those who do not compromise the Plan of My Father; those who understand reality, beyond themselves.

Those who live My Heart are those who serve untiringly, those who are available at any time and at any moment; those who understand the truth, beyond their ideas and feelings.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who foster war, those who incite humanitarian crises, those who foster the displacement of the refugees.

Those who make My Heart suffer are also those who are aware and do not help, those who do not want to enter this situation and reality in order to be able to solve it.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who govern, those who rule the nations and are out of the Law, those who no longer live the Word of Life, those who desecrate the Gospel.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who have everything and do not share anything, those who keep their riches with fear, those who make a material illusion of their lives, those who do not care for the poorest.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who persist, those who do not always look only at themselves, those who are fraternal and try, every day, those who, in spite of their errors, continue onwards and start from scratch.

Those who rejoice My Heart are the peace-makers, not only of the word, but also through example, those who work without delay for peace.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who take refuge in Me, those who seek My Presence in the Tabernacle, those who in the Communion seek the Sacred Alliance with the Universal King.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who adore the Blessed Sacrament and who, beyond forms, understand the immaterial message that the Sacred Monstrance emits.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who are in contact with Me, those who aspire, day and night, to live in Me, those who seek My Presence and My Heart, beyond their battles.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who live in My Faith, those who seek charity anywhere, those who are open to the changes and do not fear their resistances.

Those who wound My Heart are the omissive, those who know that they can do everything and do not do so, those who justify themselves so as not to change.

Those who wound My Heart are those who have received all the treasures of Heaven and have wasted them, those who do not have gratitude, those who forget compassion.

Those who wound and hurt My Heart are the proud, those who do not invoke sister humility, those who lose their time in their own processes.

Those who wound My Heart are those who forget My Message and My Word, those who have not had enough reverence for all they have received from Heaven, those who have not yet realized the Grace that fills them abundantly.

Those who wound My Heart are those who complain all the time, those who still have not seen My Presence pass before their eyes, those who have still not yet discovered the Mystery.

Those who wound My Heart are those who hinder the Plan, those who change My ideas and My Projects, at each moment, those who forget redemption.

But My Heart feels the joy, in its very depths, for those who take steps and do not delay, for those who do not fear the unknown nor lose control, for those who surrender at My Feet the power they believe they have, for it to be transformed.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are the kind and merciful, those who not only speak, but also live My Message.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who commune with Me and do not forget how important this Sacrament is.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who rejoice in My Good News, those who wait each month for My Message, those who are thirsty for Me.

Thus, today you are getting to know the infinite mystery of My Heart, of a Heart that still feels and beats for you, of a Heart that still lives for this world and for this humanity, of a Heart that is touched by suffering because it has known it in Its own flesh, in Its own Body, of a Heart that has become divine for you and gives you Its Mercy so that you can be redeemed and so that you can forgive.

The infinite mystery of My Heart prepares you for Armageddon, to cross the doors of the Apocalypse, to continue on, in spite of what may happen.

I want you to meditate today upon everything I have told you and reflect in sincerity with yourselves, because I no longer speak to children, but rather to adults, adults in evolution and in commitment.

The Work of My Mercy must be fulfilled through the consequent and responsible souls, through those who do not fear to say ‘yes’.

May all those who truly cry out and ask for help enter My Heart so that they may be a part of this joy and bliss that touches Me, so I can be present and contemplate those who move forward, because in this way they will no longer be thorns in My Crown, but rather rays that I will scatter over the world to grant it healing and peace, to once again bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Be postulants to rejoice in My Heart, because, in this way, I will be able to feel that you can understand what you live with Me and the responsibility that this has before God.

I will keep walking with firm steps, marking upon the ground the Footprints of Light so that My apostles may recognize them, and, in this way, they may tread the path that the Master is showing, at the end of these times, on this planet and within this humanity.

In this way, I once again sacralize you, and, by means of My Spirit, I give you Peace, so that this Marathon of Divine Mercy may be a step further in the commitment and in the experience of this vow.

I leave you My Message as a lifeline, as a spiritual impulse to take a great leap into the void, into the void of yourselves, into the void of God, where you will find the inner unity with the Whole and, thus, with the Origin.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Lord, give My children the experience of a pure heart so that their feelings may be pure and they can have pure minds.

Lord, give My children noble hearts so that their works may be true and their ideas may be of wisdom.

Lord, give My children pure vision, so that the purpose of their lives may be healthy, capable of promoting Your wills and aspirations.

Lord, give My children redeemed consciousnesses, so that their lives may be a victory, capable of pleasing and recognizing You.

Lord, give My children a true synthesis, capable of helping them take the last great step so that, with faith, they can represent the Work of My Son, and thus, the designs may be fulfilled.

Lord, before I return to Your Kingdom, give My children the opportunity to love, to live Your Commandments and Laws, so that Your Purpose of Peace and Mercy may be established.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

On this special day, in which the pilgrims and devotees of the whole world remember the first apparition of the Divine Lady of Fatima, today, in the same way, My children of Sicily will always remember this loving visit of your Heavenly Mother to the South of Italy.

For love and immense Mercy, My children, I have arrived by means of the pilgrim group to Sicily so that these people may attain the Pity of God and the Forgiveness of My Son Jesus Christ, knowing that its people have witnessed, and continue witnessing, events of social and human life that do not fulfill the Commandments of God, including within the Church.

Therefore, My children, as the Mother of Grace, I approach you so that you may feel My maternal Love and listen attentively to My words, so that you may perceive that this meeting of today is unique, and it will depend on all of My children of Sicily for it to be repeated. 

All of you, children of Sicily, know that you are much in need of love, of forgiveness and especially of penitence. Because by means of the exercise of these attributes in daily life, you will attain Divine Grace so that through the path of conversion you may become worthy children of God.

At this time, children, everything is possible. If your efforts and interest for changing your habits and ways of life are true and not just apparent, you will demonstrate to the Universe that this urgent change of consciousness will take place and you will be lovingly protected by the Arms of God.

I come to Sicily so that the way of life that you have today can change, and that your repented hearts can be touched by the divine Mercy of God.

As Mother, I present Myself, as in other places of the world, to give you a warning. And this warning is that you are still in time to be able to live this change of life and of consciousness so that, not only you, My children, may be pervaded by the Divine Attributes, but also your families and acquaintances may be helped by the Love of God.

This change that I ask of you today, as Mother, is not a religious change, nor does it refer to a conversion into some institution. I speak to you, children, of the change of the way of life that has been going on for decades, and I know you understand what I am talking about.

You, My children, must live a spiritual and intimate change, between you and God, so that the doors to redemption do not close before there is still time.

Children of Sicily, by living your conversion, you will live your awaited redemption and My Son will take you into account so that, redeemed and forgiven, you may be part of His flock of Love and of Light.

I ask you, listen to My call, feel My Heart. I come to you as a Mother who loves you and who expects to see you immersed in Light and in Good.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen within you to the Voice of God that speaks to you, the Voice that calls you to serve Him and to pronounce His Word of Life in the whole world.

This is the Voice that resounds in the Cosmos. This is the Voice that comes from Heaven to awaken souls to the Love of God, to compassion, to healing and to redemption.

Listen to the Voice of God within you and the essential purity will re-emerge from within you.

Unite yourself with the living God Who is in Heaven.

Comply with His Promises.

Live His Commandments and apply in your life the duties to God so that you may be a participant in His Celestial Kingdom, so that you may receive in your heart His impulses of Light, which will someday make you free, a participant of the Supper of Redemption, and thus you will receive the Sacrament from the Spirit.

Your soul will receive what it needs and will thus take a new step.

I come to this kingdom, to the Kingdom of Fatima, to rekindle it, as it once was rekindled by the presence of the Divine Mother and of all of Her angels.

The time has come to celebrate this meeting and to make you participants, in a conscious way, in the Mercy of God. Thus, the doors to light will remain open and the sacrifice of the Son of God will keep being recognized by the men and the women on Earth.

All will be part of this new Supper that the King will celebrate when He returns to the world for the second time. 

But now, I come in Divinity. I come under the impulse of the Breath of the Spirit so that the Gifts of God may be poured out upon you. Such Gifts that at some moment will convert into talents. Talents that I will need, in this hour and at this time, to be able to help souls, to be able to save and rescue them from the dark abysses of the Earth.

It is from here, from the Source of the Kingdom of Fatima, that the world will be able to recover its innocence, the innocence it lost by the manifestation of wars, by the inequality among peoples, by illnesses, by madness, by hunger and error.

My Mercy will lead you to the essential Purity and in the essential Purity you will find God again, you will become aware of the meaning of your existence and you will not regress because I will be by your side strengthening and tempering your spirits, transforming your miseries, redeeming your human aspects, transfiguring them into My eternal Light.

The Glory of God descends over the Kingdom of Fatima, because Its Celestial Church approaches and descends over this place to unite with the Shrine consecrated to God.

The inner worlds balance. A period of peace touches souls and makes them aware of the truth. Perdition is deterred. The apostles take their steps toward the Lord and fulfill His commandments, His designs and their duties.

Although appearances are confusing, no one will be forgotten, and the hearts will rekindle in the fire of My Love, will feel the impulses of My Soul, will receive the blessing of My Spirit and I will liberate you from the chains, prisons and errors. And thus, the nations will be liberated, the peoples will reconcile and there will no longer be conflict.

Hunger will not be the cause of so many evils. Corruption will not be the origin of so many defects. Omission will not be the path toward the indifference of human beings because the whole world, humanity, the planet, will become aware of the truth, some time before I return to the world as a beam of light amongst the clouds, like a Sun within a sun, as a greater Star amongst so many stars.

The Universe will mobilize, the higher stars will respond and the solar system, of which they are a part of, will receive the last grand impulse that will spring directly from the Heart of the King for all souls, for all self-summoned and especially for those who were not called.

The meaning of being here on Earth will be reborn, because from the Kingdom of Fatima the impulse will arise that will lead this part of humanity to its awakening and to definitively move away from ignorance, from spiritual blindness, from indifference.

Receive then My Message with joy. May the whole world hear the Word of God through His Son so that humanity is born again under the Wisdom of God and His understanding.

May this Marathon be celebrated as the perfect union with the Celestial Father, as the confirmation of all apostles before all Principles and Wills of the Father so that His Designs may descend to the Earth and incarnate in the human beings who must asume the Plan.

May the inner worlds hear this good news. Heaven descends again over the Kingdom of Fatima so that purity may awaken in the sleeping hearts, in the souls that made a mistake by ignorance and by error.

Bring everyone to Me. Place the whole world in My merciful Heart, and you will not lack peace.

I Am your High Priest, your Governor and your Master. I Am the Shepherd of all sheep and, at this time, I unite all the flocks under the First Law, the Law of Love.

And thus, the hells will close and the doors to Light will open so that everything may be illuminated and no one lose the hope to persist, just as I persisted for you until the end, and even more, until this time, and I will persist until I return to meet you physically, to give you My Peace, My embrace, and deliver to you the glorious Love of God that vivifies you, that transforms you, that elevates you in unity.

May Europe listen to this call, just as We listen to your prayers. The Lord of the Universe returns to meet you to make souls participants in the Redeeming Communion and in the great time of Mercy.

May this Marathon be an offering of love from each prayerful heart so that God may keep pouring His Grace upon the world, in spite of the errors and all evils. Because the triumph of the Plan of the Father is in the heart that loves Him profoundly and without conditions. There lies the freedom of humanity forever.

In jubilation and hope for this reunion, under the mantle of the Kingdom of Fatima, I bless Europe and the whole world, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May Peace be in all. Amen.


Just love one another, as I loved you, as Father and Lord, from My Birth until My Ascension.

Love one another always, and may this love of the heart never be missing from you, however poor or imperfect, may it be true and healthy love, capable of understanding and of accepting everything.

Love one another, much more than I love you, and surpass Me in love and in surrender. I have told you that you would do greater things than I did and this continues to be real and current for Me.

Love one another until you can express compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Love one another without fearing to unmask your characters and to only live for love and in love.

Love one another because it will be the love between brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, that will liberate you from yourselves.

Love without fearing to always say “yes” and to donate yourselves much more than I donated myself.

Love one another so that love may abound on Earth and so that it may be love that will defeat evil, falsehood and all pride.

Love one another in truth and you will fulfill My great Commandment.

Love one another and peace will not be lacking.

I thank all of you who made it possible to fulfill My call this year and those who will fulfill it next year so that the graces may abound on Earth.

Who blesses you always,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

In the Humble Cave of Bethlehem - Part I

And it was through the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem that your Mother and Lady, in the humble Company of Her Spouse, Saint Joseph, after having sought a simple place for the Birth of the Child King, We accepted a gift from God, which We did not expect but, at the same time, We perceived it as a visible sign during the Birth of the Child God.

It was the supreme decision that the Living God, made man and consciousness, wanted to be born in a humble manger within the caves near the village of Bethlehem.

This was so the Sacred Family, through the inner guidance of Archangel Saint Gabriel, could settle and prepare for the expected Birth of Who, throughout the times and generations, would free humankind from a possible self-destruction and a total loss of attributes and the Commandments that, as a people, in that time, united them to God.

It was for that reason that the Birth of the Messiah, the King of Israel and of the entire Earth, was prophesized and announced by the wisest contact-beings who understood, on an internal level, the cosmic vision of the local space of this Universe and, through angelic intercession, deciphered the estimated day and hour of the arrival and Birth of the Child Jesus in Bethlehem, even without previously knowing the Sacred Family.

My Husband, Saint Joseph, touched and internalized by the Birth of Christ, and by the fulfillment of the Sacred Prophecies, testified that all of His great effort and striving for the preparation of the arrival of the Little Child would be small.

Behind the Birth of Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, your Divine Mother, already knew, from the thirteen annunciations of Archangel Gabriel, that the arrival of the Child King would mean a most important Celestial, Divine and Cosmic intervention, a situation that would change and transcend all past human errors, from Eden, with Adam and Eve, up until the end of times, until the fulfillment of His second return to humanity.

This intervention, which took place in the humble and simple scenery of the cave of Bethlehem, represented the restoration of the Alliance that had been lost between humanity and God; but it also meant the re-establishment of the codes of Love-Wisdom which, from the spiritual plane, would help the material plane of the entire human race.

The first Source of Creation, which arises in the immaterial plane, lived a process of materialization of its forms and matrixes in order to contribute to the Birth of Jesus on Earth.

This movement of very high vibratory-spiritual science also meant a strong movement of cosmic and solar currents, of emanations and divine impulses which assisted so that, through the Birth of Christ, not only one of the Divine Aspects of the Trinity could descend onto the Earth, but also a state of contact between all beings who, at that time of the Birth of Christ, had total confidence about the arrival of their savior. 

For this reason, the annunciation of the angels to the shepherds and the wise interpretation and attunement of the Kings of the East generated, in all of the spiritual consciousness of the planet, the possibility of placing the Earth, once again, in a rescuable disposition.

When Jesus was born in the manger of Bethlehem many other spiritual, internal and even physical events occurred, since the descent of the immaterial energy of God embraced and encompassed many planetary events.

All of those who, with sincerity and devotion, remember the Birth of Christ, year after year, re-enter into the same cosmic and divine currents from which, more than two thousand years ago, the process of rescue and redemption of humanity was originated.

To celebrate the Birth of Christ every year is not living the past or returning to a true story, but rather it means to return to the Origin of the Origin, not only as a  planet, but also as a being, through the Birth of Christ, in order to have access to a state of spiritual atonement and to be able to regain the purpose that brought each being to the Earth, in spite of all the mistakes lived.

It is this impulse that until today enables the continuity, on the planet, of the existence of Christic beings who will generate, step by step, the fulfillment of the Plan.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


If the Son of God forgave a dying prisoner on the cross, converting him into the first saint in the history of humanity, what is it that you could not forgive to convert all the thieves in the world?

Beyond all evil, deep inside these consciousnesses, there is a place in their inner worlds where they fear abandonment and poverty.

As the Commandment of Moses said: Thou shall not steal. This means that this rule represents, mainly, not to fear the lack of something or somebody, not to be tempted, in lack or in blindness, to steal it.

When your Master forgave the thief on the Cross, He absolved him directly with the very Mercy that was still shedding from the Body of the Lord through His Blood while He was alive.

This act of Mercy, granted to the thief on the Cross, happened from an inner inspiration that the same thief received when he was condemned to death; and the promise of his Master, after the repentance of the dying prisoner, was what determined the entrance of his consciousness into Paradise.

Only an act of consoling and true love could allow the salvation and the redemption of somebody who was condemned to great punishment. In this case, Mercy appeased Justice.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


Trees and life - Part III

Although the potential of trees is alive and they purely express the love for God through their beauty, their harmony and their elevation, the task of trees on this planet has not been accomplished yet.

Like all beings, trees also came to the world to live a learning of love, but what differentiates the learning of the Kingdoms of Nature from that of human beings is that the Kingdoms need the expression of love from humans in order to evolve.

Trees fulfill their function of maintaining the union between Heaven and Earth and are always inspiring hearts to turn to God and to their own self. But in life together, with other trees, in the forests, in the woods, many times they express typical characteristics of the retrograde condition of this world, such as competition and struggle for life, thus destroying the lives of other trees.

For the Kingdoms to express absolute love, they must receive this love. Trees are constantly trying to assist humanity so that one day they may realize that evolution is only complete when assistance is mutual.

I tell you these things, children, because everything that God manifested in life was to lead you to higher degrees of love. And now that the greatest Commandment, that you must love your neighbor as yourselves and God, above all things, is now in your consciousness, today I come to complete this Commandment, because the human consciousness is ready to understand: Love your neighbor and the Kingdoms of Nature as yourselves and God above all things. Thus, you will understand that the Father is in everything: in your neighbor as well as in the Kingdoms, inside of you and all around you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Jesus always submerged himself in the gratitude of the heart.

For Jesus, gratitude was the first rule that allowed Him to reflect the flashes of a living and true Love.

Without the constant gratitude that Jesus felt for His Father, He would not have been able to carry out His Divine Will.

Because the gratitude in Jesus allowed Him, as a man and as the Messiah, to fully trust in the Mysteries of the Father, although Jesus Himself knew part of these Mysteries.

The Gratitude of Jesus brought to humanity the declared revelation of His ardent Faith, a Faith that imprinted determination and sovereign authority at the moment of proclaiming the Gospel.

The permanent and immutable feeling of the Gratitude of Jesus led Him to greatly know the deepest and most hidden feelings of His brothers and sisters, whether they were pure or impure.

This gift of profound knowledge of the human being that Jesus lived was not for the purpose of judging, but for the purpose of correcting human customs, which, in past times, led towards the spiritual condemnation of all humanity.

The experience of gratitude in Jesus led Him constantly to the path of service for others and to the constant donation of His Divine Being, even for those who rejected and denied Him.

Jesus wanted to demonstrate that one of the main bases of love is gratitude, together with unity. And that these two attributes, in the sincere practice of the life of human beings, no matter what, will lead them to find a higher and superior meaning about the personal mission of the individual and of the groups of souls.

Jesus left the teaching of gratitude as a constant message for the transformation of the human condition.

To have gratitude means to understand, beyond oneself, that the purpose God places in our hands has a greater meaning than what we can understand and experience.

Gratitude leads us along the path of selfless and spontaneous donation; it helps us, as human beings, to live and understand life from a different perspective and on a different scale.

Gratitude reveals to us the goodness and mercy in everything, it makes us less petty and more considerate, attentive and available for our fellow beings.

Gratitude closes the door to pride, to the recognition of spaces or tasks that we believe to have under our power.

Gratitude belies our appearances and gently guides us along the path of Truth.

For this reason, the gratitude that lived and emanated from Jesus was very great, to the point that few consciousnesses could reach the true and divine Person of Jesus.

Gratitude leads to the breaking of chains and of atavisms; it is the portal toward our true freedom.

Gratitude reminds us of humility.

I thank you for imitating the Gratitude of Jesus!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



To take part in the mysteries of Christ, you will also have to discover the mysteries of His Cross.

The Lord seals the commitment with His companions by offering them to drink from the same Cup of His shed Blood: Chalice of Heavenly Will that transcends the flesh, the condition and all the human life.

To take part in the Glory of Christ, you will have to take part in His Cross, accepting from God the renunciations and sacrifices that He invites you to live in this time, not to make you suffer, but to make you discover the Grace that is hidden in the renunciation made with love and in the sacrifice lived with peace and in reparation of the sins of the world.

Christ came to this world as a living part of the divine Consciousness and, being God Himself, He experienced and lived human condition in a profound way. He was tempted by all evil that surrounded the Earth; He was proved in the fear that dwelt in His human bones, in His intimate human frailty. He endured what human beings fears the most - suffering - and converted the greatest sorrow of His creatures into an act of Love that transformed the history of this universe, as well as of all its creation.

After having lived all this, he left open to the world the path of spiritual calvary, of absolute surrender, of Superior Love. And having lived everything that no creature could bear, now He only calls you to do your part.

Your cross is not as heavy as the Cross of God; your calvary is not as long as the one the Feet of the Lord have passed through; you have no crown of thorns nailed upon your face; you are not insulted and humiliated by humanity, your brothers and sisters; you have the Father who stretches out His hands to you; you have the Son who comes to encounter you and you have the Holy Spirit of God waiting at the door of your inner house to make you reborn as consciousness, as a heart.

He wants to give you a new heart, worthy of being inhabited by Him who created you and all you have to do is follow the first Law, a commandment on top of the commandments, in which all the designs of the Father meet: to love your neighbor as you do to yourself and to love God above all things.

On the way to Love lays your calvary. You have no more obstacles than those you yourself put in your way.

Decide to give more to God, because He, having all things, left everything to you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Today I take you all to the very important and luminous moment of the Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan, an event that, through the Savior, led the whole world, during that time, to regain the spiritual dignity and the merit the Love of the Creator.

The Baptism of Jesus instituted the divine and spiritual purpose of that sacred Sacrament so that souls, through the Sacrament of Baptism, would recover the inner dignity of being children of God.

Fort this reason, the sacred Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan not only signified the initiation of the Divine Son in His public task, from this moment on and for the next three years, but it also opened the doors so that the Holy Spirit could work in the world until after His Ascension.

The power of the Sacrament of Baptism and the profound humility of the Divine Son represented, at that time, the possibility of reintegrating the human consciousness into the universal Laws through experiencing the Commandments given to Moses, but with the fundamental key Christ revealed during His public life: “You shall love God above all things, as well as love your neighbor as yourself.”

At that planetary moment, this closed the cycle of acute perdition in which the whole planet through ignorance. found itself

The Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan also represented the reintegration of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which humanity once lived in the beginning, through Adam and Eve.

The Sacrament of Baptism, instituted through the Baptism of Jesus, brought to the world the opportunity of learning every day to love the life of the spirit and to not be separate from it in spite of what may happen.

Christ represents the Sacrament of Renewal through the Sacrament of Baptism. He is the beginning of our spiritual path and, at the same time, He is the end of our trajectory on this planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I have come to the world, crossing all times and eras, to ask humanity for true and sincere repentance.

Now, I come outside the Church of My Son, because as the Mother of humanity, I come to call and save those who distance themselves from God and His eternal Grace.

For this reason, I have decided, under the celestial authority and divine obedience, to reach each of the nations of the world, to recover the true values of cultures and the sacred spiritual principles that make each race or each people, one universal culture. 

In the last decades, My adversary has managed to confuse and remove souls from that which is sacred, inspiring innovation in archaic minds and harmful progress throughout entire continents, through uncontrollable abuse of the Kingdoms of Nature and of humanity itself.

With this planetary reality, your Mother and Governor of the Sublime Mirrors of Creation plays on the board of the definition of times in order to remove, from the evil path, all peoples, cultures and religions that are being led to the absolute oblivion of the path of good and of the Commandments. Thus, the Laws are permanently outraged and each essence loses its original innocence.

This is why, at the request of the Almighty, I have chosen your group of souls which, in humility, surrender and the sacrifice for Our Lord Jesus Christ,  in these times represent the synthesis of all Christian and non-Christian religions of the world so that in this civilization you do not lose the spirit of faith and reconnection with God.

This is one of the most complex missions in the end of times. For this reason, throughout all the media of this human society, I have managed that souls feel My Work, through you, in an ecumenical way, based on the Love of Christ.

In this sense, there is still much to be done until this Work can be presented in a neutral and autonomous way to all great international organizations in order to take the Message of Peace without citing religion or belief.

After the Church of My Son opens the doors to this Work, the Father will fulfill the last part of His Purpose.

This is how the Work of the Divine Messengers will be presented to the international organizations as a message of the universe for the entire human race, calling for reflection and not for human self-destruction.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Every day, the spirit of prayer and of service to others will help you grow inwardly, and above all, be a good example to those who are around you and those who do not know you.

In all things you must emulate My Son Jesus, for He was with the rich, but was also with the poor, and His Divine Feelings did not change with appearances.

With this I wish to tell you that a true disciple is one who accurately follows what their Master tells them, and every day, tries to fulfill it better, in spite of their limitations and tests, because if the disciple does not learn to temper themselves when with others, how will the other souls be able to find the Living Christ in you?

For this reason, meditate on what I tell you and see how, every day, in the face of various situations, your hearts and your lives manifest examples, and whether these are in essence truly Christic and solemn.

You must treat life, things, and above all, what belongs to another with solemnity, because you do not know what mystery there is behind each situation or event.

If you temper your actions, if you lovingly observe the rules, you will finally learn in these difficult times to represent My Son on Earth. If not, if you do not yet take care of simple things and people as if they were true treasures of Heaven given by God, how will you be able to be merciful with a fellow being? 

Remember the Commandments and put them into practice again; because you may be robbing and would not perceive it, you may be killing the inner awakening of a fellow being with your actions and would not perceive it, you could be flaunting and using something that is not yours and you would be seriously infringing on the Law, you would be in serious debt.

The Kingdom of God is the promise of God for all; seek it first within yourself on a daily basis, do not allow arrogance, undue infractions or indifference blind your heart, for you may not be perceiving it.

Correct your life every day and do it for Jesus, for the triumph of His Plan of Love in creatures.

I thank you for truly listening to Me and for putting My words into practice!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Greater misery than the material misery is the lack of compassion and of unity among human beings.

To lack the necessary is the consequence of an even greater lack, a lack that is not individual but that is human: a lack of love in the hearts.

To be poor and miserable physically, children, is not the greatest of evils. To be poor of virtues and miserable in spirit is what hinders the human being to share bread for the body. Where there is no compassion, there is no equality. Where there is indifference, there can be no fraternity and balance.

Do not be indignant about the inhuman misery in which your brothers and sisters live, if compassion and fraternity are still missing in you – and with this you collaborate in the growth of indifference and of social inequality in which you live nowadays as a civilization.

Children, may there be more action and less emotion in your lives. May you be more ready to act and not let yourselves get involved by feelings that do not make the spirit grow. If you are facing the misery of your brothers and sisters, do not only give them bread, but, besides bread, also give your own life, offering your transformation in reparation for the lack that exists in the human consciousness and that results in this misery that impregnates matter.

Love, feel your neighbor with compassion, be fraternal, overcome the indifference, overcome selfishness, surrender to fraternity and erase from your consciousnesses the fear of missing something in the future – this fear that makes you keep everything for yourselves. These codes, children, are the ones that make the difference – when deposited in the human consciousness.

Why do you complain so much about the governmental systems and become indignant with the social misery, if you do nothing for the human consciousness to be different, and even nourish the old patterns that maintain them at this point of involution?

It is time to grow and take steps in a very neutral form, understanding the point in which you are and doing an effort every day for humanity to receive new divine principles.

Do not search for virtues for yourselves – to affirm the other’s misery and to highlight yourselves -, search to be virtuous so that the whole of humanity may be so; in this way, children, you will reach true virtues.

Serve and feel in the heart the sorrow for the material and inner misery of your brothers and sisters, but do not remain there. Change, grow, fly and take with you each human heart.

The goal is not only your own sanctification: the goal is the conversion of all of humanity and the Christification of a whole race, that will be able to love their neighbor as they love themselves, and God above all things.

May peace and unity be in your hearts.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

Dear Children,

As the Mother of Justice, through My requests, I allow you to know the Law of God and the positive effects it has on this humanity.

 In order to find the way to the Law and to live in it, I have taught you, My children, the word of prayer, for the prayer of the heart is a little-known Law. The one who unites to it discovers and knows how to be within the Law of the Creator.

Today, humanity is far from the Law of Balance, of Harmony and, above all, from the Law of Divine Love; all this is a consequence of the fact that humanity creates their own laws and carries them forward, completely ignoring that the true Law is the law of Love and of Inner Unity.

The laws of the Earth dominate consciousnesses and distant regions and this always falls upon the most unprotected. Therefore, as your Mother of Justice, I teach you at this time how you must seek and find the Inner Law through acts of love and charity.

In this way, beloved children, you will be on the way to finding the Laws of God. Remember, dear children, that the first Laws that God gave you through Moses were the Commandments, which in these times are completely forgotten and are not fulfilled.

The Divine Laws persist and act throughout the times, the universes and humanity. When the Laws are not fulfilled and are altered by humanity, the result and the consequence of this is endured.

Through the Commandments that God transmitted through Moses, the whole race was to be educated and prepared to find the way of rehabilitation and peace. Now, when all can see how humanity transgresses the Law, I invite you, children, in a special and immediate way, to live in the Laws of God before it is too late.

The first Law that you must practice and implement in your lives is the Law of Forgiveness and Reconciliation; only with these two principles will you have work and effort to achieve it. And remember, My beloved ones, that your Mother of the Law is always present to help you grow from the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the knowledge of the Laws of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Many of those who should be together with Me were absorbed by the achievements of the world. For this I count on few disciples to realize My Redeemer Work on the entire world.

Some human eyes are spiritually blind and these, from remaining in a dark night, do not even see My Light that is approaching on the horizon.

I am gathering all of My flocks, those that have answered and those that have not answered Me because My Father will send for the second time His Glorified Son to separate the hard chaff from the beautiful and the good wheat. With the wheat that I may get I will, with My Hands, elaborate the new flour that will give the new Bread of Life for humanity.

In this way those who have persisted in faith to My Call, will eat of the Bread of Life and I will send to the ones who have distanced themselves from God to other points far from the Earth so that, recognizing their sins, they may serve God in reparation, conversion and redemption.

This new flour that many do not know is already being elaborated by My Holy Hands. For this, those who may want to eat of this Bread that will give you the Eternal Life again must search for it in the heart. This flour is the fruit of the wheat that has been well cared from the moment of its birth, well sown and, afterwards, well harvested. These wheat that were born and have been kept twisted by life will receive the opportunity of My Mercy. This will be before the rays of the great sun that illuminates your days radiates the Power of God upon the world, Power that will burn the impure and that will make to sprout again what has remained dry from the bad work of other hands.

For this try to have a pure heart so that the temptations and the rivalries of this world do not submerge you as they have submerged many of My flocks, those that now are sinking without direction and without harbor.

The law will allow you to correct life. Many have forgotten the keys of the Commandments. The time that approaches calls you to inner growth and for this you have Me, because My trust will never fail you, It will nourish you with My Supreme and Good Love.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.

Weekly Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Dear children,

Let your hearts rejoice, for the time of the Apostleship of Christ begins. The Lord waits with Love to know which of His children will raise their arms and announce their name for this Holy Apostleship.

To be an apostle of Christ, My children, is to fully trust in His Heart, to strive with all of your being to live His teachings, and through example more than through word, disseminate His Message.

Heaven has waited a long time for this moment, in which the Good News of the Lord will be announced on Earth again; in which hearts will again be able to burn in love for Christ, and devotion be the strength of those who walk.

Beloved children, to the Glory of God, the time has come to definitely live your faith, to consecrate your hearts to the Plan of the Lord and live to fully accomplish His Will.

My children, today in your hearts I sow the virtue of faith and of ardent devotion, so that in this way, you may be ready to take the first step toward the Most Holy Heart of Christ.

I wish to find in My children the living example of fidelity to God, so that once again, the world may have before its eyes and its heart an impulse of those who surrendered in holiness to the Words of the Lord and fulfill, in love, His Commandments.

I invite you today to be brave soldiers of Mercy, so that God may establish His Mercy within your hearts, and these be sources of Divine Mercy for the world.

I invite you today to follow the example of those who were crazy in the eyes of the world and truly lived the Gospel with absolute fidelity to Christ.

I invite you to surrender your fear, which many times permeates your hearts, in order to experience something new, a celestial freedom that will transform your hearts into a bridge to the Universe of God, where My Kingdom is a reality.

I wait for you to joyfully respond to this call. I will take you by your hands and together with Me, you will discover a new world that awaits in your hearts.

Allow Me, little children, to light the flame of devotion in your hearts, a devotion that you still do not know and that, many times, will cause you to surrender your life out of love for God.

Do not fear the intensity of My Words nor the greatness of My call. It is time for great spiritual works out of love for the Lord, and I will be guiding your hearts always. Simply open up to discover My call and to live it with your heart.

I love you always and I am by your side.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace


My company by your side is perpetual, as My Love is unfathomable for all those who live Me from the heart. I Am here in Spirit in the Cenacle of Love so that My ones may learn to live under the laws of redemption.

Always guard a moment for the encounter with Me, either in quietness or amongst the souls and in this way you will allow that My rays always permeate and you will encounter a true rest in the depths of My Sacred Heart.

Today I bring to you renovating words that may be able to reignite your hearts and to mature your consciousnesses. I Am the One who renovates all from epoch to epoch and who permeates all the universes with mercy and love because My Spirit comes from the Father and the one who comes to Me will directly encounter the Kingdom of Love and Peace.

The one who seeks the law will find it, because in the law one will be able to live in order to thus be in the balance and in the harmony of the universe. For this seek Me above all things, above all, whenever you do not feel the strengths and the vigor to call Me. I Am the One who gives you the impulse to follow through the path of liberation and of transcendence. I Am with you in spite of all.

Under the Spiritual Unity of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My commandments in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


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