Friday, March 30 of 2018

Weekly messages


To take part in the mysteries of Christ, you will also have to discover the mysteries of His Cross.

The Lord seals the commitment with His companions by offering them to drink from the same Cup of His shed Blood: Chalice of Heavenly Will that transcends the flesh, the condition and all the human life.

To take part in the Glory of Christ, you will have to take part in His Cross, accepting from God the renunciations and sacrifices that He invites you to live in this time, not to make you suffer, but to make you discover the Grace that is hidden in the renunciation made with love and in the sacrifice lived with peace and in reparation of the sins of the world.

Christ came to this world as a living part of the divine Consciousness and, being God Himself, experienced and lived human condition in a profound way. He was tempted by all evil that surrounded the earth; was proved in the fear that dwelt in His human bones, in His intimate human frailty. He suffered what human beings fears the most - the suffering - and converted the greatest sorrow of His creatures into an act of Love that transformed the history of this universe, as well as of all its creation.

After having lived all this, he left open to the world the path of spiritual calvary, of absolute surrender, of Superior Love. And having lived everything that no creature could bear, now He only calls you to do your part.

Your cross is not as heavy as the Cross of God; your calvary is not as long as the one the Feet of the Lord have passed through; you have no crown of thorns nailed upon your face; men does not insult and humiliate you, your brothers; you have the Father who stretches out his hands to you; you have the Son who comes to encounter you and you have the Holy Spirit of God waiting at the door of your inner house to make you reborn as a conscience, as a heart.

He wants to give you a new heart, worthy of being inhabited by Him who created you and all you have to do is follow the first Law, a commandment on top of the commandments, in which all the designs of the Father meet: to love your neighbor as you do to yourself and to love God above all things.

On the way to Love lays your calvary. You have no more obstacles than those you yourself put in your way.

Decide to give more to God, because He, having all things, left everything to you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph