Tuesday, August 28 of 2018

Daily messages

Jesus would submerge, constantly, in the gratitude of the heart.

To Jesus, gratitude was the first rule that allowed Him to reflect the flashes of a true and alive Love.

Without the constant gratitude that Jesus felt for His Father, He would not have been able to carry out His Divine Will.

Because the gratitude in Jesus allowed Him, as man and as Messiah, to fully trust the Mysteries of the Father, although Jesus Himself knew part of these Mysteries.

The gratitude of Jesus brought to humanity the declared revelation of His ardent Faith, a Faith that imprinted determination and sovereign authority at the moment of proclaiming the Gospel.

The permanent and immutable feeling of Gratitude of Jesus led Him to broadly know the deepest and most hidden feelings of His brothers and sisters, if these were pure or impure.

This gift of profound knowledge of the human being that Jesus lived was not with the aim of judging, but with the purpose of correcting human customs, which, in past times, led all of humanity to spiritual condemnation.

The experience of gratitude in Jesus led Him, constantly, to the path of service for others and to the constant donation of His Divine Being, even for those who rejected and denied Him.

Jesus wanted to demonstrate that one of the main bases of love is gratitude, together with unity. And that these two attributes, in the sincere practice of the life of human beings, no matter what, will lead them to find a higher and superior meaning about the personal mission of the individual and of the groups of souls.

Jesus left the teaching of gratitude as a constant message for the transformation of human condition.

Having gratitude means to understand, beyond oneself, that the purpose that God puts in our hands has a greater meaning than that we can understand and experience.

Gratitude leads us along the path of selfless and spontaneous donation; it helps us, as human beings, to live and understand life from another perspective and from another scale.

Gratitude reveals to us the goodness and mercy in everything, it makes us less mean and more considerate, attentive and available for our fellow being.

Gratitude closes the door to pride, to the recognition of spaces or tasks that we believe to have under our power.

Gratitude belies our appearances and sweetly guides us along the path of Truth.

For this reason, the gratitude that lived and emanated from Jesus was very great, to the point that few were the consciousnesses that could reach the true and divine Person of Jesus.

Gratitude leads to the breaking of chains and of atavisms; it is the portal toward our true freedom.

Gratitude reminds us of humility.

I thank you for imitating the Gratitude of Jesus!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus