Sunday, February 10 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Remember that all of the days you can come towards Me and let your beings rest in My arms of salvation.

For this today I invite you, as has said My Mother, to constancy, to what is to come, to live in the holy hope of the heart because with your good works of peace and of love, you too, My Companions, will transmit My Good News for all.

Today I can already get to the depths of your hearts, but still My Soul has thirst for those who do not even look at the Heights of Heaven, of the Universe. With this aim I am forming the warriors of the Divine Mercy so that as much in prayer as in humility, the one which you must reach everyday, you may be a proof and living example of My Redeeming Message made flesh in you.

My Dears, accept to live the lessons of love and of forgiveness because through these two lessons you will learn to love and to redeem the heart. I wait in prayer for you as My Mother of the Universe, in all of the moments of the day. Just allow that My Love may radiate on your faces, in the examples and in the daily actions of life. I want and I can be present for longer in your inner temple only when you are able to tell me: “Come Master, you are absolutely in Me and I am in you!”, thus you will open to Me the door of your houses, families and of the dearest beings.

If I redeem your lives with the Source of Life consequently I will also redeem your closest brothers and sisters. Before all that happens I want to show you the Love of My Mercy and the Faith of My Spirit Divinized by the Supreme Father.

I want to have you near, for this I wait in silence, in the contemplation of Creation and of Life. As I Am part of God, I am everywhere. When you unite yourselves to Me I will help you because My Love for you is still unknown for many.

Trust in My Spirit because at the end of all I will resuscitate you from death and I will take you to the Promised Earth, to the Earth and to the Paradise blessed by the Creator God.

Under the Holy Spirit of God, be always merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Shepherd.