I promised you, as it was written by the Apostle Mathew, that I would be with you every day until the end of times. Now, and at this moment, that promise is fulfilled.

I am here with you every day of your life, and will be up until the end of times. Thus, see and believe in what is happening.

Many wait for Me to appear inside the Church but, in truth, they did not understand me.

I go to the spiritual Church that exists inside of each being; that is the Church that I seek, within the good souls that worship Me and listen to Me through these daily Messages.

Continue, then, making the promise of your Master and Lord real, every day, so that I may continue to be with you until the end of times. And, in this way, more hearts may have the happiness of knowing me and of participating in communion with Me.

Be witnesses of this important event of participating in the reappearance of Christ.

May this sacred meeting echo within the times which will come so that not only souls, but also the planet may be worthy of My Mercies.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Second Message

And today I come showing My Wounds to the world, to each one of the souls, as an offering for the wounds that Argentina has today, as a spiritual and material nation.

Today I come to offer My Blood as this perfect testimony of love for you and for each nation of this planet, especially for the nations that suffer the most, which are submitted and colonized by projects that do not come from God, but rather from humanity.

But this will end. It will not last for a long time.

I have come here, to Argentina, for all of this to begin to change from now on. 

I have chosen this nation for this start to happen, just as My Father has asked.

For this reason, I offer My Wounds, not as a symbol of suffering, but rather of victory, pouring out the Light of My Spirit from each one of them, for those who want to be bathed by My Grace. 

I come here to testify that the Kingdom of God is possible, inside and outside of beings, and on the surface of the planet, which, in spite of the chaos of the end of times and of the immediate purification, the Lord invites you to prevail in peace; invites you to build inside of you a path which is still unknown. 

This path that I offer to you is toward the Universe, where the Brotherhood is found; where a purpose is lived during the entire lifetime, until it can be fulfilled.

For this reason, you must seek inside of you, companions, the essence of what you truly are and of what you have come to accomplish in these final times, where the next Kingdom of God in humanity and on the planet will be defined, where many more things will happen, things that you must live to be able to learn and to experience the degrees of love and of forgiveness, in order to achieve, finally, the so awaited redemption.

For this reason, I invite you to be consequent with Me, as you have been in all these last days, where in each detail, in each labor and service, I have seen your love and your effort for Me, with the aim of the Work of the Divine Mercy to be accomplished in humanity, and especially in Argentina.

As I told you yesterday, here there are very valuable souls that have arrived in this time to experience the great change of consciousness, by means of strong experiences and deep livings that try to lead you to the comprehension of the reconciliation and of faith, of unity and of fraternity, in this beloved people.

Here is the preamble of a new race, as is in Brazil and in another parts of South-America. 

Everything that happens in these times on the surface of the Earth is part of the objective of My adversary which is to imbalance and destabilize the humanities, peoples and nations. But do not enter in this field nor into this energy of discord and of dissociation. 

Nourish yourselves, day by day, through the word of prayer and you will be able to reach the sublime spheres, and the sublime spheres, as guiding stars, will indicate the new path to you, the new direction that you must travel through your lives and experiences.

Do not fear to face the end of times nor the purification.

Do not fear to offer yourselves to suffer for Me, because what I will give you is what you really need, beyond what you would deserve. 

Trust in My Heart, because in it lies the Sacred Temple for your spirits, so that your souls may live the communion with Me, time and again.

For this reason, today I come again from Andromeda, to emit My proclamation of peace, to make of this peace a reality that many would like to live but cannot. But if you, companions, decide to be My instruments and not the instruments of the world, I will be able to continue working through your lives and consciousnesses. 

Thus, in spite of what happens or what may present itself in these times, I will build in you an unbreakable fortitude that will have its base in spiritual life, given by the fortitude of faith and of the trust in the One, Our Celestial Father.

My Father sends Me, not only to call you to understanding and comprehension, but also to the necessary correction that is vital for these critical times; a correction that will try to lead you always along the path of the Purpose and of the Truth, so that you do not lose the objective of what God needs to build in humanity and in all peoples. 

Through My Wounds, I illuminate your lives.

Through My Consciousness, I ennoble your spirits, because they are old spirits, originating from other stars and from other universes. Spirits that have congregated to accomplish a purpose in the name of the Son of God, a purpose that has not been accomplished yet and that has not ended, which is in the apex of its transition and of its definition.

Thus, everything you do for the good of God will build the new and the eternal, which will be invincible and will not be defeated.

Over you is the Hand of Grace. A Grace that helps you, a Grace that fills you, a Grace that leads you to live peace in times without peace. 

Be builders of the New Humanity. Postulate yourselves as pillars that will be the bases for the new race by means of attributes, of examples and of an unconditional service for humanity and the planet, as well as for all its Kingdoms. 

Elevate your thought toward the High and unite your thought to the Thought of the Father-Mother Creator Emmanuel and here there will not exist interferences nor disturbances, your attention will be fixed in the Purpose and in all that must happen in the next times. 

Argentina must achieve its transparency; it must manifest its equality. For this everything will be purified. 

Do not fear to know that everything will be purified. Do not fear to find the reason for this purification and of this moment. Know that everything is already foreseen and that your land has been called to live a new state of consciousness that will first be born in the human beings who live in the Lord, who accomplish His Designs and His Divine Will.

From you the new being may be born and the old being will be left behind, because you will have accepted to live the Principles of God, which will not only constitute new consciousnesses in you, but which will form the new peoples, the new race, the New Earth.

From the heart of the Universe, I emit My Voice, so that My Voice may be heard by all.

I leave for you the Love that I have for your Motherland and for your nation, knowing that God has given you the best that He has so that your people, from its origins, might learn to express its inner and spiritual virtue. 

It is this virtue that I come to seek from the Argentinian people, and it is this virtue that will not be dissolved from the essence of all those who live here.

Therefore, everything is in a battle and in definition, just as it is in Brazil. 

In the principles of the Earth, this region was preserved from much interferences. 

Here was the Eden of God, in its exuberance and splendor, in its beauty and loveliness, through all Kingdoms of Nature. Humanity has destroyed it and keeps destroying it.

So that everything can be reversed and change, so that the Eden can flourish again and express itself, from Argentina there must born this state of consciousness of restoration and of healing which not only its people need, but also a great part of the world.

The Celestial Brotherhood is setting its instruments on a region that has been called to express an important Will of God.

Although My Message is symbolic, My Words are clear, because I talk to your hearts and not to your minds. I talk to what is beyond your physical being and what is internal, which listens and knows everything that I say. 

It is here where the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where the seed of the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where what God expects so much will sprout, so that human beings finally may know their freedom and leave behind their constant captivity.

Be similar to the People of Israel. But you must not spend forty years to find the Promised Land and your true freedom, you are more conscious about the end of times.

Just follow My steps and enter into My Heart, in faith everything will be accomplished. Because among few the greatest thing will be done, among few the planet will be led to a new state and you are invited to participate in this. 

From Andromeda, I convoke you and I call you to unite, in love, to the grand Confraternity. 

I thank you for everything you have offered to Me, because this multiplies Grace, not only for your beings, but also for your country.

May the Kingdom of God be in your hearts and in your spirits. 

May the Lord of the Universe show you His Sacred Face and may you contemplate the splendor of His Existence so that you may feel blessed by His Divine Spirit, by His powerful Current of Mercy and of Peace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Songs of Figueira - "At the Altar"

Within this song is revealed the importance that there is, for the end of times, in building an inner temple, capable of being filled by universal and cosmic Laws, capable of protecting and of holding the most pure essence of God, within His children, the co-creators.

For this reason, the song cries out for the Spiritual Hierarchy, following the sacred principles of the Brotherhood in humility and in obedience.

It is for this reason,  the entire foundation of a true and sacred spiritual life is to be found in the living of attributes, which will be the basic rules for the construction and the strengthening of the life of the spirit; principles and laws that bring us out of ignorance and of the spiritual drowsiness of these critical times.

The song's title is "At the Altar" because after the daily construction, after some evolutionary methods and behaviors in life, the sacred temple of each being, represented by each consecrated body, offers the Lord all of their being to be purified and blessed by the divine energy of Grace.

In this sense, the living terrestrial being begins to lose the power that desires and habits have over human life.

Setting aside these mundane habits, the consciousness takes wing toward the infinite in search of its origin and of its higher reality, leaves inertia behind, and banishes any vestiges of indifference.

In this way, the soul, which builds its inner temple for the Lord, surrenders to an absolute unconditional service, knowing that nothing of what exists belongs to them, that no recognition offered will enlarge their spirit.

The soul ardently seeks union with Divine Spirit and leaves behind the corrupted stream of illusion in order to enter into the great Universal Consciousness where the Spiritual Hierarchy dwells.

Thus, the first premise in support of the elevation of this temple is vigilance and prayer, fundamental keys to keeping the great stronghold of the spirit protected. In this way, nothing and nobody will take the disciple by surprise; on the contrary, the consciousness will be attentive to the new indications of the spirit.

This song teaches about truly building a life based on selflessness and service to others.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Songs of Figueira - "Erstwhile Brothers"

This song implores for the approximation of universal life to humanity through the sacred knowledge revealed by Erstwhile Brothers.

In this invocation, the human consciousness that appeals for help is spiritually uplifted, on the inner planes, towards the Celestial Dwellings, where its deepest nuclei are worked upon in order to live a state of transformation.

On this path, awakening humanity can count on the unconditional support of the Erstwhile Brothers to live their process of forgiveness and redemption.

One of the keys offered by this song is the beloved attribute of silence which opens the doors to reveal in the inner world all the universal mysteries, sublime realities that can permeate the consciousness with many more inner attributes.

This silence, in which the consciousness can submerge, allows one to find the deep state of the temple of the heart, from which emerges the eternal gratitude that allows the conception of Mercy, love, and forgiveness.

It is in the temple of the heart where this sacred flame manifests itself, which the venerable Erstwhile Brothers contemplate, as Gardeners of the cosmic spaces, so that the New Human may awaken.

This song also prepares us for the inner encounter with higher realities, where we find the reason for our existence. This will cause the new being, that is being called to emerge and be born, to take on its commitment before the Divine Plan of Love.

The Erstwhile Brothers are at the service of humanity and the planet to give us the key word that we were before starting off on a journey towards universal life.

After this trajectory, the Universe allows us to return to the essence of what we were, and that is conceded by the sacred Source of Instruction, which removes us from ignorance and opens, for us, the doors of the upliftment of the consciousness.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


May nothing move you from space or place.

May nothing occupy the dimension nor the temple of your heart; nothing that is contrary to love and truth.

Pray for your enemies, just as Christ taught.

Pray for those who were with you before and are now in the world, absorbed by the lie and the lack of transparency.

Pray for those who have despised Divine Will and chose to live their own will as a means to lead their lives.

That the indifferent ones do not take your heart nor wear out your vitality and your energy.

To those who received treasures from Heaven and wasted them, to those who oppose the Work of My Son and now speculate and lie, the Divine Justice will come.

The Cosmic Plan is not a passing well-being.

That is why, one should pray for those who believe they are under My Mantle and are under the storm of these times.

Pray for those who are not true, for those who have lost the spiritual dignity due to their perverse and petty attitudes and today they no longer have the essential, they do not have God.

The choice of the human being is a double-edged sword that can condemn and destroy the life of one's own being.

Therefore, humility, resignation and obedience are what will always protect the path of the disciple, from himself and from the adversities of these times.

Whom truly loves the Will of God does not commit incoherent actions with the Greater Purpose.

I thank you for keeping My words with attention and consideration!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In My Heart I have a favorite refuge for each soul, a place to which it can return, and come back as many times as it wish.

In My Heart there is one of the Seven spiritual Temples of God, inner Temples that express a love and a wisdom for all that was created in His image and likeness.

My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, the place where you may find consolation for the moments of tests, discernment for the moments of making a decision, healing for your spiritual illnesses, and mercy for your errors.

My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, because there you will find universal Peace and your Heavenly Mother will intercede for your lives and for your consciousnesses, in order to take you more each day towards redemption, that sacred offering that My Son makes for you.

My Heart is the favorite refuge for each being, because It is a Heart that offered Itself for the world to suffer together with My Son, to rebuild the spirit of innocence which humanity had lost.

My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, because in It you will find the revelation of that mystery of Love that moves the Universe and carries the Work of God forward on this planet.

I thank you for holding a memory of My words and for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Listen within your heart to the sweet Voice of the Mother of God, the celestial melody that in your chest lights the Fire of the Love of Christ.

In silence, listen to Her warm words and feel how within you the Peace of the Divine Mother can resound.

Withdraw into the deepest core of your inner temple and find the Queen of Heaven governing your consciousness and your life, making you a participant in Her consoling and divine Love.

Receive the presence of the Highest through the Holy Mother.

Commune of the humility and simplicity of the Mother of Heaven.

Make your heart like that of the Divine Mother, in feeling and poverty, so that your soul may receive the gifts coming from the Grace of God.

Open the deepest core of your temple so that the Mercy of the Divine Mother may work.

Feel Her Love near you.

Feel Her maternal caress and dissolve any bitterness.

Let the breath of the Holy Spirit reach your life and perform wonders for these times.

In your heart listen to the sweet Voice of the Mother of God.

It is time to experience reconciliation.

It is time to ask for peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When God, the Almighty and Powerful, made Himself small and fragile within the Womb of the Most Holy Mary, He was not only paving the way to seal a new and eternal covenant with humanity, the Creator was revealing a mystery and making Truth alive, which had always been spiritual and that, at that moment, manifested as something physical and palpable for humanity.

God was revealing His presence within humanity. He was revealing that, through His Spirit, He could awaken within beings a new human being, which renews and revives humanity, which had died, even though it was alive. God was revealing the possibility of a second birth, a spiritual birth, in which those who are aware of the presence of His Spirit allow Him to manifest Himself.

Through the Birth of Jesus, the Creator awakened, revealed and gave humanity the possibility of experiencing Truth. Those who are pure of heart, humble and willing to be instruments of God, willing to fulfill His Will, above all things, are worthy of expressing within themselves the presence of the Holy Spirit and, this way, they may little by little reach the true potential of humankind.

The Creator did not create you to express what you live on Earth today. This life is the faithful mirror of the ignorance of human beings, but those who open themselves to Truth and are willing to be reborn in spirit, expressing in life the perfection of the Spirit of God, will be able to receive and live the revelation of the Truth about themselves, even if they never know for sure what it is that lives within them. 

Children, open to rebirth in the Spirit of God, that you may be reborn in Him, and He, as a divine response, may awaken within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Father, in the desert of the hearts of men, build Your Temple. Find, among the fragile and wind-susceptible sands, the rock of consolidation of the union between Your Love and the human conscience.

In the middle of the distractions of the world and the endless noise that men cause, in order to not hear Your warnings, receive, O Lord, the cry which is emitted in the silence of a sincere heart.

Your children, many times, do not have the strength to elevate their verb and lift their voice, but in the depths of their interior, where Your Cosmos finds the microcosm of the human heart, there is lifted, in silence, the cry of the souls that seek You.

You, who listens to what screams in silence, receive the prayers of those who are weak and make them strong in You, so that they may rise in Your Name.

To those who recognize their nothingness and find themselves prostrated in their smallness, You, Lord, will raise them, because they gave you space and permission so that in them no human power dwell, only the Power that comes from You.

Pull out, from the core of those who cry to You, their most retrograde human condition, and the sin that lives in their cells, convert it into Original Purity.

Demonstrate Your Grace through the humble, and that in them the proud may find  inspiration and surrender to You.

Learn to break those who are full of themselves. Learn to surrender to the Lord and you will see the Spirit arise from the dust and from the Spirit, the New Life.

So be it.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Third Series of Poems
Eighth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Relieve me from my sorrows, Lord.

Please, Master,
may Your divine Love be reborn within me.

Make me humble and simple each day
so that I may not lose the fortitude
of always sustaining myself in You.

Allow me, Lord,
to love more deeply.

May the divine Love that You teach us
help me to abandon indifference.

May my heart and my life, dear Jesus,
be true representations
of the Work of Your Redemption.

In adoration,
may I feel You and reencounter You.

Within each step that
I must take towards You, Lord,
may I have enough courage to do so,
and may I live enough humility
in order to carry it out.

My Lord, Celestial King,
visit the temple of my Soul,
consecrate it to Your Divine Spirit
so that my whole being may be an instrument
of Your magnificent Work.

Leave my feet bare of the past,
of rancor and resentments.

Wash me, Lord,
with the nonmaterial Water
of Your Fount and thus I will be renewed
because You will have granted me
Your Grace and Your Mercy.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you with the Sign of the Cross,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


May this conviction always emerge from your heart, dear child, that God dwells and lives within you, because thus each human aspect of life and of personality will become small before the true impulse of the essence.

In the essence of the creatures of the Earth lies the fulfillment of the Work of God and this Divine Project must awaken within the beings, in this time.

The essence in each being is an incalculable treasure and, at the same time, the human being itself cannot conceive what the Original Essence in itself means.

In order to have at least a little contact with this reality, the school of prayer offers to you this portal that will always lead you toward the intimate and deep encounter with what you truly are.

May more and more hearts dare, in this time, to enter the most intimate core of your inner essence, so that the principles of faith and of the communion with Christ may make of each soul an instrument of peace in the Hands of God, for this planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When souls sleep the dream of this world, their eyes close to all Truth and their spirits become susceptible to all the influences of illusion and planetary chaos. Because of this, today My hands are raised before My children, to remove from their eyes the blindfolds that cause them to fall into a deep and permanent sleep.

I come to remove you from inertia and the indifference produced by a life of amenities, which you oftentimes live, without even perceiving it.

I come to remove you from the vanity and pride that make you always desire more in the world of matter, placing the goals of your lives in a material conquest, in pleasure and in human power.

My children, those of you who live here were attracted to this nation to heal something deeply rooted within the consciousness of the country, to bring from the peoples who are more open to God, in a heart-felt manner, the fervor, the devotion and the simplicity that keeps you within the divine purpose.

And those who were born here in these times have the mission of overcoming the false tendencies to which the enemy calls you, to then reestablish the divine purpose here in this nation, which must become a model of conversion, and not of decay for humanity.

The Divine Messengers have come here, beloved children, to warn you that the moment to awaken has come, because all false strongholds will collapse, and the foundations of illusion will be broken by the Power of Divine Justice. If the inner temple is not built and supported by faith, you will fall like all those who are weak in spirit, and you will have no way of rebuilding your own lives within this world.

Children, this country has chosen to live the test which will show that, before God, without power and without possessions, it is nothing.

Souls are confused and their values are inverted. The search that they have come to live in this world is not that of material conquest, it was not an experience of pleasure and power, children, that you have come to live here.

If you spend all your lives struggling against Divine Will for yourselves, only attentive to the illusions of this world, what will you take from here? What experience of unconditional and Christic love have you lived? What have you imitated from the example of Christ? How did you experience the Divine Presence? Did you give anything of yourselves to others? Or did you just conquer for yourselves something that will be buried with your ignorance in this world?

My children, humanity is not perceiving the urgency of these times, and it is very far from true divine purpose. You are not interested in true love, you are not interested in giving of yourselves to others, but rather just demanding of your brothers and sisters that which brings you outer power and goods. It does not matter to you if your own benefit results in the suffering of many of your brothers and sisters throughout the world. It does not matter to you that your comfortable life is the result of an age-old imbalance, which enriches a few and impoverishes many of My children, who suffer in matter and in spirit due to those imbalances.

Children, I would like to have you at least reflect on the meaning of your lives, that you at least question yourselves on why and for what you are in this world, on what you are building in it and in yourselves with everything that you live? On what fills your souls each day? And on how you contribute to the evolution of humanity?

I come to invite you to the simple exercise of prayer, not only for yourselves, but for the whole planet. I come to invite you to have a consciousness that encompasses Life, the Kingdoms of Nature and your most distant brothers and sisters, and, may you feel that you are not alone, and that there are many in the world who suffer and need your help. In this way, you may live to bring balance to what you have so far generated as humanity, and you may renounce the poor pleasure and constant distraction so that those who suffer may receive relief and hope from God.

I invite you, children, to have a divine purpose in life, and not a material one. Understand that this world is just the beginning, it is a temporary school which defines the evolution of souls. Here you must learn to serve, to renounce and to be a conscious part of the Divine Plan.

I look at this country and I find many of My children distracted. Those who committed themselves to Christ at the beginning have forgotten that it is through renunciation and through sacrifice that God is reached. They have forgotten that it is by giving to one’s fellow beings that one receives from the Father what is needed. They have forgotten that it is through emptying oneself that one learns to love, that it is through accepting differences that it is possible to be transformed.

My children, I am here to remind you that this is the final time for Graces, that this is the time for the awakening of faith, because only in faith will your strength reside.

I humbly ask you to open your eyes, that you pray, that you serve and that you definitely wake up, because the test of this nation is imminent, it is right before you.

Those who know they respond to God do not need to fear, and those who are far from Him simply need to awaken.

I warn you, I show you the path, and I give you My blessings and Graces so that you may walk. Take your steps.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Mother of the Inner Church of each being

Dear children,

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I am the Mother and Guardian of the spiritual temple that resides in the essence of each soul.

This is why I am here, so that you remember the value of the sacred and of the eternal, of what is pure and of what will always lead you into finding peace in that perfect union with Jesus Christ, your Shepherd.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, and through it I watch over, I pray, and I adore in order to see My Beloved Son in the very depths of each soul.

This Inner Church is inexplicable, and at the same time, mysterious, because each soul that considers it and appreciates it in their lives, will sooner or later know that there are precious treasures that are inner and non-material.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and I guide consciousnesses through the prayer of the heart, so that they may always find within themselves that spiritual communion with the Divine Consciousness of My Beloved Son.

I am that Mother that will lead you by the hand to Jesus and I am the One that will give you the inner strength to overcome the obstacles.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and with My celestial armies I protect the souls that unite with Me from all perdition and destruction.

As the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I come on this day to lovingly ask you to look inside of yourselves and see the condition of your Inner Church, your Spiritual Church. 

I invite all at this time to, day and night, from cycle to cycle, reinforce this vital commitment of maintaining your inner worlds orderly and aligned with the Purpose.

I have taught all of you the great key that opens all doors, the key of the Holy Rosary; through it the Inner Church strengthens its existence and is able to keep within itself the greatest treasures that may motivate the soul to take its steps toward the Light of the Kingdom of God.

In this time, children, millions of Inner Churches are at risk because of the superficiality that dominates the human life and relationships.

Your families must be the sacred example of unity and goodness, so as to be able to protect the values of love, of service, and of fraternity.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and I come on this day to warn humanity that it is very far from its true spirituality and that it is only centered upon itself, upon its benefits, upon its comforts, upon its modernities and upon its egocentricity.

I ask all My dear prayerful ones to live definitively in the sacred flame of My Immaculate Heart so that your consciousnesses, in the name of all, may be closer to the Goodness of the Father, to the Love of the Son and to the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I call on all to be less indifferent to and more fraternal with world reality.

I want, My children, a perfect communion of your Inner Churches with the Celestial Father, in order to recover certain principles of light, which humanity loses day by day due to its pride and its arrogance.

By recovering the sense of harmony and of peace in the Inner Church, dear children, you will help the Mother Church, which is expanded and present all over the Earth, to be strengthened by its children and not by its governors.

In this way I invite you to not have power over anything and to remain detached from everything, so that the treasures of Heaven, which are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, may penetrate beyond the human consciousness.

Remember that as the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I hope that My children may believe in the blessed redeeming message that My Beloved Son brings you in this time.

In this cycle, your Heavenly Mother appears outside of the institutional Church because the priests have not yet managed to go beyond the soul of people.

Thus, I come to teach you that all are essences created by God and that all without exception have a mission to fulfill before the Celestial Father, a mission that will allow the planet to be placed on a greater scale of rescue.

My beloved children, I announce Myself outside of the institution of the Church of My Son because He asked Me seek all the hearts that, on their own, destroy their union with the Celestial Father.

Thus, through this work I am forming new Christians, similar to the first that in the past testified to the presence of Christ within themselves.

This is why I come now for all of you, without leaving behind any child of Mine.

Remember that I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and that I am the Mother of all, not only of the Church, I am more than that and the time has come for you to come to know the Mother of the Sun.

Keep My words within, and on this day of consecration, may your hearts and lives find again the path towards the Inner Church.

I thank you for receiving Me.

Who accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the priests of the Americas and the world, favored children of the Most Holy Mother

Unite in heart and in the essence of Christianity, and have My call of Peace propagate all over the world.

Do not spend your time slandering My Name or talking about whether or not I am truly present with you or in your peers, whom some of My favored priest children persecute. 

I am calling on you to be peacemakers with all beliefs and to care for the flocks of My Son. Do not allow the discord of My adversary to enter into your minds and be stronger than the love and the faith that move mountains.

Some of My favored priest children do not perceive that they are neglecting My Church, that true Temple you must protect and safeguard in each heart, as shepherds who were called by My Son.

Persecution among members of My Holy Church is very great, and also beyond this; do not allow the Sacred Heart of My Son to lament or be saddened; embrace your cross with love and do not make the cross of your brothers and sisters heavier.

I need you to look beyond yourselves, your ideas and your purposes, in some cases destructive.

The Work of salvation and of faith that your Heavenly Mother performs in this time, outside of the old Church, is so that you may learn beyond everything to embrace the purpose of conversion of all hearts.

Watch your actions so as to not fall into temptation, as some already have, generating human contention and division among souls.

Do not cling to the things of the world; let your priesthood be of value and entrusted every day to the Work of the Redeemer.

We are already in the time of unifying the Church with all those who in some way seek the Love of My Son, because what matters in this hour is that the angels lead souls to their redemption and conversion.

My Son taught you how to do it and it is not through twisted words, which make souls doubt the path they must travel.

My Holy Image is finally honored outside of My Church, for if at one time your Heavenly Mother fled to Egypt, because of the imminent danger of King Herod, it was to not only protect the Work of the Sacred Son, but to also allow Egyptians to feel in their depths the loving power of My Motherhood.

See, in this simple example, how always throughout time, I am calling all the sheep of My Son to lead them through the same portal, the portal of Love.

Do not, My favored children, let the flame of your faith go out because of your judgments or comments; the Lord expects to find you united with each other, in the greatest respect and love, and this also must be outside of My Church.

Thus I come to free you of your sins, so that My Son may give you absolution and you repent in time; in this way, you will renew your vows, and with Faith and Mercy, you will give everyone the Holy Sacraments to awaken love and salvation in their souls.

Occupy your lives with the sacred office, and just like the apostles gathered together in the Cenacle, obey the guidance of your Heavenly Mother.

I desire the best for each child of Mine, I aspire that peace not be lost among the priests of Christ and the people through the work of My adversary.

We are already in the Apocalypse, and I want to guide you, so you experience kindness and compassion for others. No longer persecute the sheep with your judgments nor waste time showing them your consecrated countenances for defamation and public revolution.

I love you and want you to help Me institute peace.

I thank you for taking in My sacred and last call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Unite your prayers with My supplications of light and let Me take care of all things.

Unite your aspirations with My plans of peace, thus you will realize how much there is to be done for this humanity.

Work with Me, and through My Heart with all those in need; through simple works, carry My divine Love to everyone.

Consolidate My twelve celestial attributes in your spirit and follow the Universal Mother along the pathways I indicate for souls.

Embrace charity and service as a legacy, thus you will see how many prodigies will happen through all those who give themselves to the rest and to My Heart.

With your hands, weave with Me the mantle of mercy, and through each act, restore what needs forgiveness and compassion.

Embrace charity and service as a legacy, thus you will see how many prodigies will happen through all those who give themselves to the rest and to My Heart.

Build you sacred temple in Me. May your life and your heart be the true oratory in these times, so that the lack of love is overcome and indifference is erased from the hearts that do not live God.

With your hands, weave with Me the mantle of mercy, and through each act, restore what needs forgiveness and compassion.

Do not fail to see around you the needs of your fellow humans, for My Beloved Son might be hidden within the suffering hearts.

Live My project of peace every day; that both in joy and in sorrow you see the Will of My Lord, and thus will learn to live your own cross not as a burden, but as the liberation from all error.

Trust, I am Your Mother. I do not abandon My little children, I pray next to you so that some day you do more humble things, just as My Son has done.

I love you and I pray for everyone in the Sacred Temple of the Heart of God.

Who blesses you in glory,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Seeking the Truth must be the only existent aspiration in the heart of those who walk to God.

Look, for a moment, within yourself and feel the presence of the Creator within you, calling you to recognize the true reason of the life manifested in the world.

Breathe deeply and feel the principle of unity in the air that fills your body. Be for the planet as the air that gives you life, and in perfect unity with you, nurture each space of your being, balance it and take it to perfection.

Be for the planet as the air you breathe in the field. Allow that, in your presence, the consciousness of this Earth takes a deep breath, alleviated to find something pure and clean.

You are a bridge between Heaven and Earth; that is why you exist as a human, to generate balance and to attract the unity with God.

Be as the fresh breeze in a very warm and sunny day. With your prayers and with your unity with God, you bring not only life to Earth, but also encouragement, relief and peace.

Go to a field and, in silence, close your eyes and feel nature, breathe deeply the air that surrounds you, let your soul be joyful when listening to the praise of a bird. Feel relieved from the pressure of life on Earth: see how, before Nature, your soul finds meaning for the existence in the world. You must be like this for the planet. That in your prayers it may find relief; that in your unity with your neighbor it may find hope; that in your communion with the Kingdoms it may find peace. That in your consciousness of the existence of a higher spirit that shelters you, giving life to your planet, this spirit may find the reason for its existence and the faith in the achievement of its mission.

Perceive with the heart that this world has a spirit, a spirit that suffers with the wars and that animates itself in fraternity. A spirit that is wounded by the depredation and restored by the brotherhood among the Kingdoms.

Feel yourselves as part of this consciousness. You can be an ill cell, that generates a cancer in the world, or you can be a miraculous cell, which converts others and brings, thus, healing for the planetary body.

Become conscious of Life. Be part of a Whole and dissolve such beloved individuality of the human consciousness. Be one with your neighbor, with the Kingdoms, with God. Bring the Celestial Kingdom as a living principle in your interior.

Cast away what is old and be yourselves the fruitful principle of the new world, of the new redeemed Earth.

May peace and hope be a reality in the human heart and may they impel humanity to the renovation of life and of spirit.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I was raised in the spirit of humility in the Kingdom of the Heavens, having it as a primary attribute to the story I would write in the world.  Such as I bring that divine attribute, each soul and each essence bring in their interior an attribute to manifest.

My rearing was no different from yours, I just had the mission of being an example to humanity and, throughout My existence in the world, I was helped to do so.

Since I was a child, I knew that something inside of Me could not live the same life that My brothers and sisters envisioned.  This search for the purpose that the Creator had for Me often made Me move away from the world and even from those that I loved.

I lived many instances of solitude, in order to try to find a meaning to life, and when I found it in the union with God, I discovered that in My solitude all those that I loved were found.

Although I was not understood by many, I sustained Myself in faith and in the trust that such life was lived for the good and for the evolution of all those who were around Me and that, without knowing how, what I was living was helping them.

I was twelve years old when I sought in the silence what God had for Me, and that I could not find in the daily life that I was living together with My brothers and sisters.  In silence and prayer, I began to grow in spirit and to discover that maturity was not in the age and that, even though I was so small, I wound find in the spirit all the understandings that I needed in order to grow.

It was like this that I consecrated the existence to God and He listened to Me and accepted My offer; He showed Me His Plan, in this and in other lives.  In that moment, I did not know of the absolute greatness of the mission that awaited Me and only before Jesus, as a child, I could understand and overcome bigger tests.

I tell you all that because God also came to you, placed you before all the absurd of this world and impelled you to seek a true meaning to life.  He led you to the path of the consecration of the soul;  some, of the spirit, and others, of all the aspects of the being.

Through His Triune Spirit, He revealed to you a mission: to prepare the return of Christ and to become an example to the souls that will not have a guide in these times of so much confusion.

If you dive into your own inner world, you will find all the maturity of the spirit and you will grow quickly, much beyond the material bodies.  You will understand what is incomprehensible to the human mind that is not united to its spirit and, even if you do not know how to elaborate great thesis and scientific explanations about what you live, you will know God and will live Him.  You will manifest His Purpose and pass through many tests, until you fulfill the primary mission entrusted by Him.

But, before the Living Christ, all the regrets will become small and transitory. There will not be any suffering or tribulation that will not be rewarded before the greatness of His Love and the glory of His Resplendent Spirit.

It is for this that I come to the world: to teach you to repeat what I lived as Joseph of Nazareth.  So that you may understand that the essence of the human journey is the same and that, with the same naturalness that the mistakes repeat themselves so many times, glory also repeats itself, holiness repeats itself, the birth and the return of Christ will repeat themselves.  As well as He resurrected in Spirit and opened the Heavens to His ascent, He will return and open the Heavens to touch His Feet on the ground of this world.

I bless you and guide you to the fulfillment of the spiritual mission of the human heart.

Saint Joseph, confident and faithful Servant of God


In the essence of human beings are found all the potentials to be developed in the awakening of love and fraternity.  The essence is the tabernacle of one of the greatest mysteries of the Universal Creation because there, is what God created of the most perfect, to be developed and manifested in favor of the evolution of all creatures, much beyond this world.

This treasure that inhabits inside of each one of you is silent and humble and it will never show itself if you do not leave in search for it.

All you need in order to express with perfection what you truly are is found inside each one of you.  What happens is that you are always very busy in showing to the world something you are not and that you place all your effort in not moving, not even a little, from this position, in order to not lose the appearances that you have already achieved, the respect you have gained and the example you have became in their lives.

Each time you try to appear to be something in order to delight others, more you distance yourselves from what you are in essence, because the more you achieve good appearances, the more you lose interest to seek what you must be and that is found in the opposite of what the human being learned to manifest.

Do not be afraid of not being recognized, because the less recognition and more anonymity, the more freedom you will have to distance yourselves from the old humanity and dive into your own inner world, seeking for the essential truths of the existence of humanity.

The human beings are entangled in their own traps and travel leagues away, seeking a truth that lies in their own interior, only for the fear of finding themselves alone with their own selves.

Dear companions, God allowed Me to bring to the world great truths with simple words and lead you to humility without hurting your hearts.  You just need to penetrate deeply into the love that I deposit in each phrase and let yourselves be permeated in the discovery of the inner world that I am revealing to you.

With love and patience, take each impulse and try to live something different each day, even if you never come to realize the results of your own transformation.

I love you and leave you My blessing, My peace and My serenity, so that you may progress in the discovery of your own inner truth.

Saint Joseph, Father and Instructor of all souls that walk towards the Heart of Christ


Dear children,

As the Mother of Providence today I bring to all the principle of the spiritual wealth, that which is saved in Universe as divine knowledge and wisdom.

As Lady of Providence I pour over the world the Graces that will make possible to get know the true treasure that each soul keeps in their inner world.  For this, children, despite the time of your purification, remember that the Love of God is kept in the inner world of each of you, a Love that moves the whole universe and that permeates all existence in this and others universes.

As the Mother of Providence I try to make My children recognize that My presence in your lives has the reason of awakening you to the quest for the spiritual wealth in each one. Children, this wealth that God, your Father, granted to the spirit of each creature, is beyond all arrogance, all false power and all material property. It is this divine treasure that the Divine Messengers come to awaken, to mature and to reveal in the life of each being.

But children, for you to be worthy of receiving the Grace of discovering your divine and spiritual treasure, you will have to overcome tests, surrender, humble yourselves, and furthermore, to live at least the path of humility; then, My children, it will be this cosmic and spiritual treasure that you will live in your dwelling, in that space of the macrocosm that God has saved to each soul.

In this way, dear children, when at the end of your days you have discovered this spiritual treasure, you will know that everything will have had a meaning and a higher reason in the experience of this world. If the souls put their attention in the divine treasures that they keep, it would not be necessary to suffer, mature nor to grow through the power of a higher pressure.

Your Celestial Mother teaches you to value the simple and true that is the life of spirit and as each soul has the inner potential of expressing God in their life and in the whole planet. It is this sacred spiritual treasure that My adversary does not want that be awakened, but My plans will be fulfilled above the adversities and fears generated in the souls, as far as each heart permits Me.

Children of mine, if you awaken this divine spiritual treasure, you will find the true meaning of being born to life and you will know that you have come here to fulfill a mission in the name of the Love of God. But most souls forget the meaning of the purpose that created them and, it will be through the praying word that essences will remember that they have come to the world to fulfill a mission, even though they may not be aware of it.

This last time that you are living will mark the next steps to humanity that will be purified, converted and transmuted by the powerful action of the Universal Laws, something that no one will be able to detain. Many of you that are already conscious and are able to work spiritually, seek this divine treasure, because it will permit you to find your lineage and the mission that must be manifested beyond the ego.

The things of Heaven are opposite to the realities of the Earth. Your Mother of Providence grants you this indication today, that you seek in time within each one of you, the true, and not the illusion that the whole world reflects by being each time more indifferent and blind. I tell you, children, that even with very few ones the Plan of the Most High will not be transformed.

For this, dear ones, the triumph of the heart through the awakening of your spiritual treasure, will generate a positive action in all of humanity, which is hypnotized. My aspiration of Mother is that you soon die to yourselves, as the apostles of My Son learned to die to themselves, surrendering the most profound fears.

The purification will set you free and thus, you may be seeds cultivated in the Promised Earth. As your Mother, I am here to guide you in faith.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who prepares you internally for the New Humanity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

As a Star-Sun I descend upon the world to illuminate the abysses of the wounded hearts and thus rescue the souls from perdition.  To each one of them I deliver the strength to be able to go ahead so that soon they may find the new path that will take them to Christ.

I Am the Universal Star that descends upon humanity in order to save it and put it back in the Purpose of God.  I indicate the path to go through, thus no essence of God loses the Grace of meeting again its inner Christ.

I Am the Star of the World, the One that signalizes the coming of Christ to the hearts, the One that suspends Herself in the cosmos to radiate the Love of God and the One that lights the fire of the new devotion.

I Am the Star Guide of the navigators, of the souls seeking redemption, of those that wait patiently for the arrival of the Grace and of the great day of forgiveness.

I Am the Star of the Cosmos, I Am the Light that comes from God, I Am the Spirit of Purity, I Am the Spiritual Divinity of the Creator because My Heart sprouts from His Most Chaste Love and His Omnipotence expresses Itself through the perfect unity of the Creation.

I Am the Star of Hope, I Am the Mother that brings the spirit of redemption, I Am the one who works in the name of Christ and the one who builds the new inner temple.

I Am the Star of the celestial spheres, I Am that Bird that searches Her nest in the dwelling of the humble hearts, I Am the Mother who gestates the New Humanity.

I Am the Pure, the Invincible, I Am the Simple and the Humble, I am the Healing Mother who heals with Her Love, every sorrow.  I Am the One who guides the lost ones, I Am the One who purifies the heart, I Am the Mother who cleans the stains, I Am the Queen of Love.

I come to this world to look for My children.  I descend in Glory to call you because it is already time to awaken from the illusionary sleep.  I come to establish peace in each inner world.  I come so that you may discover the life that is lived in the stars.  I come for the last time to aid you and in order for you to undertake a flight towards Heaven.  I come to look for the best in each one and to awaken the sacred virtues that Christ left to you.

At this time I come so that you may prepare yourselves in consciousness and heart to receive Christ, Your Shepherd.  I will not leave any soul alone, but I ask you to pray with Me always so that all may deserve peace and may awaken repentance in your consciousness.  Thus you will be free from danger and from the ambushes of the adversary.  Be intelligent and good, be meek, humble and truthful in this time.

The world is a lie, but the souls are the full truth of God.  Search for the correct paths in order to have correct results.  Do not allow yourselves to be deceived, the only consoler is Jesus Christ.  Do not seek hope in anyone, but only in God, the Celestial Father.

From Him you will receive the strength and the power, from Him you will be able to have hope to walk.  Only be truthful and nothing will happen to you.  Because the time of worldwide lie will succumb and your hearts will have to be ready to pray with fervor and persevere.

Unite to My Son and adore Him, in Him is the way out, in Him is the path to Paradise.

I thank Brasilia, the Marian Center of Figueira and the Marian Center of Aurora for having prepared this special encounter.

Blessings of Peace on this day for My daughter María Shimani!

Who thanks you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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