Friday, May 8 of 2015

Daily messages

As a Star-Sun I descend upon the world to illuminate the abysses of the wounded hearts and thus rescue the souls from perdition.  To each one of them I deliver the strength to be able to go ahead so that soon they may find the new path that will take them to Christ.

I Am the Universal Star that descends upon humanity in order to save it and put it back in the Purpose of God.  I indicate the path to go through, thus no essence of God loses the Grace of meeting again its inner Christ.

I Am the Star of the World, the One that signalizes the coming of Christ to the hearts, the One that suspends Herself in the cosmos to radiate the Love of God and the One that lights the fire of the new devotion.

I Am the Star Guide of the navigators, of the souls seeking redemption, of those that wait patiently for the arrival of the Grace and of the great day of forgiveness.

I Am the Star of the Cosmos, I Am the Light that comes from God, I Am the Spirit of Purity, I Am the Spiritual Divinity of the Creator because My Heart sprouts from His Most Chaste Love and His Omnipotence expresses Itself through the perfect unity of the Creation.

I Am the Star of Hope, I Am the Mother that brings the spirit of redemption, I Am the one who works in the name of Christ and the one who builds the new inner temple.

I Am the Star of the celestial spheres, I Am that Bird that searches Her nest in the dwelling of the humble hearts, I Am the Mother who gestates the New Humanity.

I Am the Pure, the Invincible, I Am the Simple and the Humble, I am the Healing Mother who heals with Her Love, every sorrow.  I Am the One who guides the lost ones, I Am the One who purifies the heart, I Am the Mother who cleans the stains, I Am the Queen of Love.

I come to this world to look for My children.  I descend in Glory to call you because it is already time to awaken from the illusionary sleep.  I come to establish peace in each inner world.  I come so that you may discover the life that is lived in the stars.  I come for the last time to aid you and in order for you to undertake a flight towards Heaven.  I come to look for the best in each one and to awaken the sacred virtues that Christ left to you.

At this time I come so that you may prepare yourselves in consciousness and heart to receive Christ, Your Shepherd.  I will not leave any soul alone, but I ask you to pray with Me always so that all may deserve peace and may awaken repentance in your consciousness.  Thus you will be free from danger and from the ambushes of the adversary.  Be intelligent and good, be meek, humble and truthful in this time.

The world is a lie, but the souls are the full truth of God.  Search for the correct paths in order to have correct results.  Do not allow yourselves to be deceived, the only consoler is Jesus Christ.  Do not seek hope in anyone, but only in God, the Celestial Father.

From Him you will receive the strength and the power, from Him you will be able to have hope to walk.  Only be truthful and nothing will happen to you.  Because the time of worldwide lie will succumb and your hearts will have to be ready to pray with fervor and persevere.

Unite to My Son and adore Him, in Him is the way out, in Him is the path to Paradise.

I thank Brasilia, the Marian Center of Figueira and the Marian Center of Aurora for having prepared this special encounter.

Blessings of Peace on this day for My daughter María Shimani!

Who thanks you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace