Friday, May 8 of 2015

Daily messages

May the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens be opened and the sublime and celestial spheres descent in Glory to the kingdom of this world to transform and awaken all of the creatures of this blessed Earth.

My beloveds, may you all rejoice and be glad because I am descending in an extraordinary way to the world in order to pour, once again, a river of Graces upon humanity.

While the world sleeps, may those who are awake love sacrifice and the absolute surrender.

While the world let extinguish its own inner flame and faith fades from the consciousness of humanity, may those who are by My side be unshakable, and may not be any doubts from others that may take away from them the faith that I placed in their hearts.

While anguish and fear take over the hearts of those who do not fulfill the designs of the Creator, may My soldiers rejoice and, even in face of the great planetary tribulation, may they be strong, firm and confident in the fulfillment of the Celestial Plans.

While the world fears the collapse of a material system, may the disciples of Christ only wait entrusted to His return and observe each event as the true sign that this return is approaching.

While the world worries about the time that passes and the death that comes, may those who accompany Me open their consciousnesses in order to transcend the times and to enter into the infinite time, in which there is only eternity, the unity with God and with all of His creation.

My beloveds, I come to invite you today to transcend the laws of this world and all of its tendencies.  I invite you to withdraw the heart from the earthly and material loves, that embrace only what this world offers you, so that in this way you may get to know a sublime love, that knows all in depth, that lives and loves to fulfill the Plans of God and to manifest His Creation, such as He thought in His Most Sacred Spirit.

My dear ones, these are times to leave the common living and fight with the heart in order to persevere in a path that, in a short time and in an absolute way, will go against all the tendencies and the energies of this world.

You must be strengthened by the power of the word of the Divine Messengers and never let yourselves be shaken by the internal processes that others will live or by the purification of the planet itself.

Open the eyes to a reality that the majority of humanity is not able to see, and know that behind all the tests of this world there is a Great Purpose that tries to strengthen you and confirm your spirits in the adhesion to the Most Sacred Spirit of God Almighty.

May the faith in your hearts never dissipate itself.  May the hope in the return of My Son only strengthen and grow as an imperishable truth within His disciples and apostles.

Many will only believe in His return by seeing Him cross the Sky and put His Feet on the ground of this Earth, such as it was in His resurrection.  However, blessed will be those who know that He lives, such as they knew that He was the Messiah, and know that He will return, such as they knew that He would defeat death.  These are the ones who will perpetuate His Presence in the world.

Raise today to the Heavens the endless gratitude of your spirits, for being directly guided by God and by those who are the echo of His Voice and the spiritual manifestation of His Will for the entire Universe.

My beloved children, I leave you my blessing and My most precious Graces so that, with love and bravery, you may transit through the tests that will come.

May My beloved daughter that today renew herself in My Heart, be strengthened by the power of My Love.

Unite and love each other always.  Live the principles of the Kingdom of God.

I love you and I hope to find you with faith and inner peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace