Saturday, May 5 of 2012

Daily messages

When the souls open themselves up to answer My call of Peace God’s Will is manifested in all that is Creation and Life.  The hearts receive the Law of Love and of Grace because your lives are touched by the merciful love of God through My Son.  Christ teaches you to walk in truth, in purity, and in transparency because your lives for this time must be as crystalline as water, as pure as the soul, and as joyful as the heart.

My children, for the answer of all of you to My maternal call today I thank you for the perseverance and the for faith of all of you. While you keep imitating the path of My Beloved Son, you may aid humanity, not only through the prayer from the heart but also through the humble service of each one of your little hearts for all My children that are spread over the face of the Earth.

For this dear children, allow that from you may shine My Hope for the conversion of all, in this way My Peace and My Maternal Heart will aid everyone a while longer and the conflicts will disappear before the presence of My Immaculate Love.

Today I give you the light from the Fountain of Graces of God the Father so that all of you as ONE may walk in the redemption of life and of the heart.

Know dear children and remember that you count on the loving help of the guardian angels.  They are the breath of God’s Love on Earth and they wait to be welcomed and received by each one of your little lives.

I always bring you close to My Son, the Resuscitated Christ, so that in communion and in prayer with Him you may find the new path to God.

I thank you for answering My call.

Light for the whole Earth!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.