Remove all anguish and sorrow from your heart, and do not think you will not manage to do so.

Although it may seem unknown, dare to say 'yes' to the Universe in complete trust.

Take your steps toward Christ. Even in the moments of greatest tribulation, let My motherly Hand draw close to you so as to guide you.

Let that which is oldest in you gradually die while in your essence what you really are and what you came to fulfill on this blue planet awakens.

Trust that you will be able to carry on walking. Let the Sacred Flame of My Heart illumine your path and thus you may carry forward the inner purpose that the Father entrusted to you.

Meanwhile, my child, recover your hope from the beginning of your awakening, from the moment in which your heart had the feeling to follow this sacred but unknown path. From there, you must gain courage and inner strength to learn to transcend yourself, to learn to be uplifted and to find the justifiable sense of having to be here.

Now your life is like that moment in which Peter, the Apostle, had to confirm whether or not he was with Jesus, since, in spite of his denial, within the essence of Peter there existed that trust hidden by fear.

Open your heart and go through that threshold of fear that does not exist and say 'yes' to the Sacred Heart. Always say 'yes' even though you do not understand.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While the battle between light and darkness unleashes over the surface of this planet, I wish that all those who pray in the world maintain the conviction of praying with fervor, love, and devotion; in this way, your Heavenly Mother can count on all your prayers to have the Plan of Love of God triumph in the world, and above all in humanity.

My children, through your prayers and daily sacrifices may all the barriers and the obstacles that are imposed by My adversary by means of conflicts and disharmony be transcended in the powerful action of the fire of prayer.

It is in this way that gradually, dear children, your Heavenly Mother will keep all the spiritual plans, as well as the mental and material ones, under a certain order.

Each one of you in this cycle must set, as a spiritual exercise within My discipleship, the goal or the inner purpose of overcoming and of abandoning indifference in the face of the events that daily precipitate in some nations of the world.

It is in this way that, with the minority of soldiers awakened to My call, I will have the redemptive Plan of My Beloved Son triumph before His next return.

My children, with all the devotion and pleading of your spirits, pray with love and trust so that the very prayer of the heart can guide you in this moment, and above all, can spiritually help a great many souls, which in this same time are passing through the cycle of planetary tribulation.

 Open to hearing the voice of your Heavenly Mother, I ask you, dear children, that you keep My requests well in mind, because they are divine lights in the middle of the darkness of these times.

With the faith and the love of the heart, My adversary will lose the battle; believe in that.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who is among you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


From the invisible levels of the Earth emerges all darkness that has been hidden. The souls that have been in pain and suffering for many centuries raise their arms asking for the light and forgiveness of God. Evil no longer hides its actions because Good is also expanding and announcing its triumph.

It is a great battle between the duality of this world, because the time of definition has come for the entire human race; it is time to live the absolute unity with God or be taken to primary scales of evolution, to start over.

In many parts of the world, the Sun seems to be hidden by the clouds of pain and suffering.

In the East, what was once a sea of graces, has become a sea of terror and despair through the indifference of humankind. But that does not mean, My children, that My Heart will not triumph.

In the heart of the Americas, the light begins to expand and the Sun of a new time arises, as the Aurora of dawn. The fire that emanates its cosmic light comes from the love of awakened hearts.

Human beings are discovering their likeness to God through prayer, and the truth descends on Earth with the same power of Mercy emanated a long time ago by My Son on His Cross.

To all who hear Me, I will say not to fear but to feel in your lives the triumph of My Heart. My mantle expands beyond the continents and I grow the seed of new life that I have planted in the Americas in the hearts of all those who, anywhere in the world, accept to respond to My call.

There will be no tribulation to knock down My soldiers, because they will be sustained by the strength of My maternal and infinite Love. Not even the greatest of beasts that rises against My little ones will make them falter, because the truth impressed in their pure hearts will bring them the certainty that reality dwells only in the light and consciousness of God, and all that is outside of Him is part of an ancient illusion, which ties consciousnesses to the damnations this world.

Children, even though the darkness that emerges in and outside of you, and in many parts of the world, seems to be infinite, do not fear and remember My words when I tell you that the potential of the Sun of God in your hearts will defeat any night and any darkness. The darkest night announces the clarity of a day of renewal and Graces.



Contemplate today the invaluable Grace of being in My presence and in deep union with My Immaculate Heart. Clamor to God for an opportunity for this world.

Yesterday, when you reconsecrated your souls to My Plan of love, I removed from your lives the roots of all suffering, of all anguish, of all that had been keeping you from finding God, despite your faith and devotion.

And today, My beloved, I will ask you for a spiritual intercession in the name of all those who do not know Me, who deny Me and who do not accept My maternal Love out of fear, out of insecurity, out of ignorance or because they are blind and with their hearts closed.

I will ask from all My children a greater depth in their own surrender, a greater openness to the experience of love and forgiveness, and also for communion with the Kingdoms of Nature. Because you, children, among the majority of human beings, are few who are living a greater awakening to love and higher knowledge.

There are other children of Mine in the world who follow Me and who respond to My Call, but who are also conditioned by their lives and their cultures. Therefore I cannot ask them the impossible for the human mind, as I venture to ask you.

Your hearts, My dears, have opened to manifest the impossible, to respond to the higher designs, even if this often means that you seem to be crazy in the eyes of the world.

My Heart can count on that space of your consciousness which - despite understanding, respecting and valuing life on Earth - knows that, in truth, this is only a path, a way to something higher.

I tell you this, My children, because I am preparing your hearts for a deeper and more complete surrender to the experience of an ever holier madness – sanctified by the fulfilling of My Plans.

As the human consciousness is so far removed from the plans of God and clinging to material things, it will cost you a lot to understand the spiritual designs of the Creator, and this is why you will appear to be crazy in the eyes of the world. But those who respond to Me, even without understanding, will see the fruit and the manifestations expected by God and only then, children, you will be able to confirm the truth of what I have been telling you for so many years.


To all the groups of prayer and to the dearest families of the praying groups

Dear children,

On the eve of the birth of Christ in your hearts and in the new cycle that has already begun for all, I would like to ask you, for this Christmas that is arriving, that each one of the groups of prayer and their respective families send a greeting of peace and of hope to the next nativity of the Lord.  Through the offering of your greeting of peace, My Heart will be able to attract new principles of love and of fraternity for all of the families of the world.

For that, dear children, on the 24th and 25th of December you will be participants among many children of Mine of the delivery of this greeting of peace and of brotherhood so that love be sown in the human consciousness again.

You shall send your Greetings, those that may be recorded and filmed, to Mercy Mary TV, which will organize and later on will transmit them on the 24th and 25th of December.

This work and greeting of peace shall be made in a simple and loving way, really radiating the hope that many need in this time.  This greeting of peace is meant to reach those children who on those dates will be alone, sick in the hospitals and in the nursing homes, and those who need much the power of faith.  In this way, dear children, I will be congregating all around the sacred manger that will bring Light to this world in these times of tribulation.

Dear children, I ask that you prepare this work with great care but with simplicity so that it will promote the renovation of faith and of love in the souls of the world.

Children of Mine, on this Christmas Aurora will be dressed very beautifully in order to receive the Spirit of Christ in each praying or not praying heart.

For that, all of the pilgrims and consecrated children of Mary that will be in Aurora are also called by Your Mother of Heaven to prepare the stage where this holy and simple celebration will take place.  The auditorium will be covered with all of the Christmas symbols as to create the inner environment needed for all of the families to feel welcome, and in this way the Sacred Spirit of Christianity will be sown in each consciousness.


Dear children of Mine,

As your Mother of Help, I open the doors of My Heart to shelter in these times the souls lost for the illusions of the world.   Along with My Son Jesus I work for the redemption of humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, those which in the past decades have been subject to an excessive manipulation which led to the deterioration of the spirit of the Kingdoms.

For this I come as the Mother of Help, looking for the hearts that may repent soon and may not waste time on material things.  Many of My children in the world live for themselves and do not live for God and in their lives they face, as a result, loneliness, abandonment and lack of love and inner faith.

But I come from Heaven everyday to teach you for the last time the path of return to the Heart of the Celestial Father.  That is why My final work will be supported by My disciples and children consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart.  It will be in this way that your Heavenly Mother will make the last attempt to remove from the hell on Earth those who submerge themselves day by day in the sea of despair and sin.

Those who live in prayer will be safe, and their homes will be like the arch of Noah, thus your homes will be living temples in the middle of the tribulation that the souls live, far from God and from His Eternal Love.

I receive all of you in My Heart because I love you.  My work will end when the majority has found the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to the consciousness of the spiritual awakening,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens be opened and the sublime and celestial spheres descent in Glory to the kingdom of this world to transform and awaken all of the creatures of this blessed Earth.

My beloveds, may you all rejoice and be glad because I am descending in an extraordinary way to the world in order to pour, once again, a river of Graces upon humanity.

While the world sleeps, may those who are awake love sacrifice and the absolute surrender.

While the world let extinguish its own inner flame and faith fades from the consciousness of humanity, may those who are by My side be unshakable, and may not be any doubts from others that may take away from them the faith that I placed in their hearts.

While anguish and fear take over the hearts of those who do not fulfill the designs of the Creator, may My soldiers rejoice and, even in face of the great planetary tribulation, may they be strong, firm and confident in the fulfillment of the Celestial Plans.

While the world fears the collapse of a material system, may the disciples of Christ only wait entrusted to His return and observe each event as the true sign that this return is approaching.

While the world worries about the time that passes and the death that comes, may those who accompany Me open their consciousnesses in order to transcend the times and to enter into the infinite time, in which there is only eternity, the unity with God and with all of His creation.

My beloveds, I come to invite you today to transcend the laws of this world and all of its tendencies.  I invite you to withdraw the heart from the earthly and material loves, that embrace only what this world offers you, so that in this way you may get to know a sublime love, that knows all in depth, that lives and loves to fulfill the Plans of God and to manifest His Creation, such as He thought in His Most Sacred Spirit.

My dear ones, these are times to leave the common living and fight with the heart in order to persevere in a path that, in a short time and in an absolute way, will go against all the tendencies and the energies of this world.

You must be strengthened by the power of the word of the Divine Messengers and never let yourselves be shaken by the internal processes that others will live or by the purification of the planet itself.


For the sake of the Source of My Grace, you shall be washed during the culminating time of your difficult purification.

For the sake of the Light that flows out from My Grace, you will be healed during the greater cycle of your liberation.

For the sake of the Love that is born from My Immaculate Heart, you will be consecrated during the definite moment of your interior congregation.

Children, My rays demonstrate to the world its lack of gratitude and respect towards the Creator of all things.  Thus, to those who have encouraged themselves to face the interior Armageddon, I say: only find encouragement in the Sacred Spirit of the Divine Messengers of God.

Children of Mine, the time of your captivity will end, no longer feel in yourselves any tie that may link you to the past, but celebrate with joy the great day of your redemption.  Do not fear to meet all that has made you get lost and distracted from the sacred path offered to you by My Beloved Son.

My adversary may laugh at you and at your falls, but My Invincible Heart shall raise you and take you to the Ocean of the Mercy of the Redeemer where you will find the possibility to remedy your own evils and sins.

Remember, dear children, that you are at the beginning of the planetary tribulation and that everything which is occult to the eyes of your fellow humans will have the time for its purification.

Bend your heads towards the ground.  The God of Mercy will liberate you from all perdition.  Your Eternal Father wishes to find you replenished for the Christian life that you have chosen to follow, so with your efforts and works dedicated to the Lord you will prepare the path through which My Son will come to establish the final peace.

Do not permit yourselves to be frightened, you already knew that the time of surrender would come as an offer to all, but actually, many children thought that they would be removed from their own captivity in another way.

From Heaven I extend you My hands so that you may unite to Your Celestial Mother, to Your Mother of the Divine Piety.  I expect all the time to be able to guide you and help you to remove the old impurities that do not let the true soul, renovated in the Lord and in His Holy Spirit, be born.

The daily Apparition of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, in the National Sanctuary of Aparecida, São Paulo, Brazil.

As Lady Aparecida (i.e. “the one who appears”) I give you My Peace and My blessing from the Merciful Heart of My Resurrected Son.

Today I call you dear children, to live the flame of redemption through this day of prayer and peace that is necessary for these times in order to live a true conversion. Today also My little children, I thank you for having answered My call, because God Omnipotent, through the presence of My Immaculate Heart, sends you the fullness of Forgiveness and Grace for finding the path once more, through the call of the Faithful Servant of God.

I want to tell you My children, that the Lord Christ, through the answers of all of you, is pouring His Infinite and Divine Mercy over some nations that need absolute forgiveness. Through the yes of all My dear children and through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, I have received a faithful permission before God, so that millions of souls that have been lost during this last time, may be touched by the light of My Maternal Heart.

Once more dear children, and because of the answer of this part of humanity, My plans of Peace are descending on the world. This means My children, that the sincere prayer of all of you and of all those faithful to My Immaculate Heart has allowed once more the victory of My Immaculate Heart and the triumph of God’s Plan in this cycle of tribulation.

Because of all this, dearest children, I call you to visit from time to time and according to the possibilities of each heart, this Sanctuary of Aparecida, dedicated to the humble honor of My Immaculate Heart.

Come to Me through the Sanctuary of Aparecida, because in this path you will be collaborating in the salvation of those who are most lost and far away from God.

Unite yourselves to the consoling principle of My Heart so that in the renewal of faith of all My children, the hearts may come to the same Kingdom of the Father that is the same and humble for everybody, it is where My Son’s Love reigns.

Carry in your lives the strength of My Heart and may this attribute give you the opportunity to live the eternal state of forgiveness.

Thank you little children, for answering My call.

I thank you in the Peace of My Heart for your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

In My arms you will find the refuge that your lives search for so much. I bring you My Peace, so that you may live it and imitate it with the heart.

My children, today I invite you to the opening of the heart, a heart that must donate itself and surrender itself with confidence to the Creator. Thus, dear children, your lives will pass through the paths that God proposes to each of the souls.  The path of love, the path of peace and the path of reconciliation. Because then, My children, you will be able to find My Son, present in each of your lives.

Dear children, raise to Heaven your lives and your hearts, that through holy prayer the Heart of My Son may call all of those who have withdrawn from Him. My little ones, it is the time of conversion, for this everything will happen according to God’s Will, which you must love and venerate. Dear children, recognize the purpose of the Celestial Father in each of your lives and this will be revealed when you contemplate with Me in prayer.  Many of My children need to find the path again, because they have withdrawn from My Son. Because of this your prayer will contribute so that in this time of tribulation many of My children can be rescued, as you were rescued, through the power of prayer.

Cultivate a sane joy in your lives, because the world without joy will not be able to reach peace. Trust the merciful love of My Glorified Son.
And may the Easter renew each one of your hearts. Be with My Son, the Great Redeemer Priest.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My Heart is a Temple and a refuge of Love and of Light for whomever accepts it as a perfect receptacle of God.

My Heart is a witness to the Creator Love of the Father and of all that He thought of to carry forward the project of the happiness of His children.

This is why My Heart offers Itself to the world as He offered Himself on the Cross, for each one, so that each being might have the Grace of inner rehabilitation and of redemption.

Here is My Heart that, even though being offended and hurt by the world, gives Itself, again and again, out of love and mercy so that planetary redemption may be established.

Stay in My Heart and nothing will remove you from It, because My Heart is the temple for the elevation of your consciousness, and is the consolation for your moments of purification.

I give My Heart as the door of salvation and as a support in the times of tribulation.

In My Heart, you will always find God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By the infinite Mercy of My Heart, I descend to the lowest places of the Earth, to bring the Light of God to the world, that Divine Light which will redeem all consciousnesses and all spaces, the powerful Light of God that will redeem all times and all epochs, all facts and all events, so that the humanity of the surface may have a new opportunity and may know how to benefit from it.

Therefore, your Lord and Redeemer visits the most complex nations of the Earth where apparently nothing happens but, within the inner planes, they suffer much the consequence of their acts and errors. Errors that have not been forgiven yet, acts that have not been redeemed yet, and that only in this current time and within this final time will they begin to be liberated by the prayer of those who cry for God, by those who build toward Heaven the nonmaterial Churches through their profession of faith and through their daily prayer, their mantralization with the Heights, with infinity, with the Universe.

Only My merciful Heart can deposit here in Hungary a new opportunity, like also in the other nations that are witnesses of past errors that still have not converted, nor been forgiven.

But My intention is not to step back, it is not to remember the past nor the history. My intention is to liberate you from the chains, from the oppressions, from everything that makes you follow an involutionary course, from everything that makes you lose peace and hope in God.

Only the Son of God and no other consciousness, not even an angelic one, can take charge of this situation, however much the angels of the Universe may participate in this within the inner planes, and are removing the hells of the Earth so that they may be finally closed before the Second Coming of your Master and Redeemer. It will be the Son of the Supreme, the Son of the Creator, the one who is at the right side of the Father who will come to unite the religions into one belief, the belief of love and of compassion.


By means of the Holy Eucharistic you will find the inner portal that will unite you to God and, from that place of consciousness, there will descend all the attributes that you need to reach transformation.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the living God present in the perfect form of His Son. In the Father you will feel His powerful Presence and you will be able to accompany, as servants, the manifestation of His Will.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the path that will always lead you to the Light and you will feel within you an inner uplifting force, which will impel you towards transcendence. 

By means of the Eucharist you will find every answer you seek and you will feel within yourself the confidence in God that is necessary in order to take the steps on the Christic path.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the food that will nourish your faith for the times that will come. And, despite the cycle of tribulation, your faith will not falter because you would have built within yourself the full union with the Most Holy Trinity.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


There is nothing stronger in this time of tribulation than the unfathomable and magnificent power of My Divine Mercy.

Go in My Name and say that I am pouring My blessings and Graces for all of the children from the Earth. There will not exist darkness, as great as it may be, that the powerful force of My Light cannot not bring down and thus liberate the evils that keep the hearts imprisoned.

For this I come first to announce Myself in a Divine and Loving Spirit so that your souls may participate in My Presence and in My Return.

But before, we must transform that which is within each being, that which separates My Greater Life from your lives. Only seek to be merciful and praying beings of the soul. This will be enough to overthrow the barriers that your little consciousnesses impose before Me. Seek to live a life of charity and give the example of your true union with Me every day.

Now your Most beloved Father sends you the King of the Universe to weave a web of new fishers of souls, souls that will approach themselves to My Heart after having once renounced to My Mercy. This will be possible because of the faith that the new apostles may radiate upon those hearts that are weak and insecure about confirming themselves in My Christic Path.

All of the time I need your sincere union with Me. This will allow your steps to be guided by My Heart and not by your wills. Love all the time what you live and know that each small effort for the other will be a great effort for the entire world.

I Am here on this day of reparation to let you know My Gratefulness to all of My ones because in the confidence of the spirit you were encouraged to cross the merciful threshold towards My Heart.

I accompany you and I vigil for you always in My Eternal Protective Love.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the center of your beings!

Christ Jesus, the Spiritual Guardian of the walking souls


To come to be a knower of God, after having crossed the abysses, gone through the tribulations and the voids, you must persist in prayer.

The Rosary, children, will be your shelter in all stages of the desert.

The Holy Rosary will support you when your hearts are weak.

The Holy Rosary will protect you when your hearts are besieged.

The Holy Rosary will elevate you when your hearts are free.

The Holy Rosary will show you the Face of God when your spirits have become whole in prayer, surrendered to the Father and when your one and real aspiration is to reach Him.

It is from the hands of the Most Holy Mary that you will come to Christ and emulate His path.

In the same way that your Lord was fully and wholly united with His Celestial Mother and was thus safeguarded by Her silent and hidden prayers, both in the desert and on the Cross, so must each one of you be. With your heart intimately united with the Heart of Mary, allow yourselves to be guided and protected by Her.

Knowledgeable about the deserts as well as the cross, knowledgeable about death and the faith in resurrection, knowledgeable about the overcoming and the apostolate, knowledgeable about the celestial mysteries and the deep mysteries of the human consciousness, Your Most Holy Mother will always guide you.

And so, be it in the desert, in calvary, in life, in death, in resurrection or in the face of the celestial mysteries, trust in the guidance and the support of the Mother of God, the untiring Servant, thought of, manifested and sent by the Creator, to lead His creatures toward His Heart.

In Mary, see the Hands of God, which cross the dimensions to seek you and, in the Holy Rosary, see the bridge and the correct connection to remain united with Her Immaculate Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In times of battle for the mind, for the body and for the spirit, keep your heart in peace.

Hold onto the purpose of these times and not so much to the tribulations that disturb your being, in and outside of yourself.

If you cannot pray, then simply unite your heart to God and ask for His assistance. As a soldier of His army of love, the Lord will never deny due help to you.

However, little by little, talk to your bodies, with the life which inhabits your consciousness and which expresses itself in different ways, because times have changed and the density of the planetary atmosphere itself will seek from you the spirit of the permanent transcendence.

Just do not surrender. Be a little braver and more determined to overcome yourself and the energies that are around your consciousness, because inside of you and outside of you there will be resistances not to allow you to be a triumph of Christ in the world.

Do not allow your consciousness to be an instrument of disunion. Always cherish the unity, yours with God and with your brothers and sisters and of all with the purpose of the Creator.

You will have to learn to find within yourselves pure airs to breath and nourish your soul and your spirit, because there will be days in which you will find no breath in what surrounds you. Therefore, construct today a path of union with your inner world. There are found the codes left by God on the many occasions in which He came to you. There you will find peace.

For the inner deepening of all beings,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.