Saturday, June 6 of 2020

Daily Messages

XXVIII ; Peace and Wisdom for the Times of Transition

A soul that prepared for the great tribulation of the planet for a long time, felt ever more insecure and ignorant as this approached. The soul felt how unknown this planetary probation was and questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord and Eternal Father, how can I be ready to live these times? How can I go beyond my ignorance and enter Your Wisdom? How can I go beyond my fears and enter Your Peace?"

And the Lord responded: "As you see, little soul, these times are new and this probation is unknown and challenging for all life on Earth and beyond; but My Graces are to be found within you, along with all those gifts that one day, while you were praying and serving, I gradually placed within you. They will emerge and be your assistance and your peace.

Within you, however, also live a synthesis that allows you to find that which has still not been experienced: the love-wisdom not yet achieved in any period of humanity, only in the Heart of My Son. For this, little soul, allow all the most profound learnings experiences of humanity to be synthesized within you.

Live and feel the ignorance of the primitive peoples who, in their mental simplicity, did not remain there but were capable of launching into the unknown to survive and evolve. Take from there the deepest records of human possibility for breaking barriers and growing. So then grow, not only as a thinking human being but as a human being who feels life, who communes and is to be found in the Whole of Creation.

Live the purity of the indigenous peoples, the original peoples. Live the perseverance of those who, in spite of all the longing for power in humanity, chose pure wisdom and remained in its peace.

Within you, live the compassion of the East, the pure science of the study of the body, nature and the stars, which, at the same time, causes the human consciousness to recognize their greatness and their smallness.

Live the faith of the first Christians, who broke barriers and went beyond the first Sacred Scriptures; those who did not remain in words, but believed as they saw living prophecies; those who allowed themselves to be transformed and knew how to hear, more than the symbolic preaching of My Son, all the celestial revelations that He brought; those who lived the Kingdom and with Christ, discovered themselves as the Kingdom, imitating His steps, throughout the centuries.

Live the peace of simple souls, who do not tie themselves to the riches of the world, but rather sustained themselves in the joy of the Presence of God; souls whose strength was built on rock and who do not shake when the glory of the world collapses, but remain in God, even in the face of the tempests.

And so, beloved soul, experiencing within yourself the gifts that I gave humanity, at each period, in each people, in each religion, open to live something new, the fruit of all that has been learned. This is the transition of the times."

May this profound dialogue inspire you, children, to find peace and wisdom in the times of transition.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph