Friday, June 28 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Let your heart be at peace, child, for you have already learned the path of union with God, you have learned to become reconciled with Him and carry with you the hearts of your brothers and sisters of the whole world.

Let your heart be at peace, child, for you already know the path of surrender and  service, you know where you are to go so as to not become lost in the temptations of the world, you know what must be done in the times of transition: simply pray, love, and serve.

Let your heart be at peace, without allowing the confusions of these times also confuse your inner self. Concentrate on the only thing necessary at this moment, which is to be everything you have learned. Focus your consciousness and your energy on the only and essential mission of keeping yourself as a pencil in the Hands of God, through which He can write the story of humanity and the triumph of His Heart.

Keep your heart at peace and do not fear the tests you see approaching humanity. In the same way that you have come this far, so you will continue onward and see emerge from your heart the tools necessary for dealing with each situation when the time comes.

Do not expect perfection from yourself, but rather be persistent and seek a constancy in the intimate and deep dialogue with God, seek instances of silence and moments of gratitude, in which you are able to value everything you have received until now and how, in spite of everything, the Gaze of the Creator has always been on your heart.

Do not concentrate your attention on the miseries of others. Rather, be an example of persistence and of transformation each day, do your part and be better in everything you are able to be so that the gift of surrender and of service, of charity and of love may be perfected in you, and your daily transformation be the greatest instrument of healing for the miseries of others, as well as for your own.

Do not look at the world with fear or judgement. Instead, project Divine Thoughts in your gaze, the Purpose God had in creating each detail of life, and simply think that, in spite of imperfections and deviations, this Purpose is hidden some place within creatures. Seek to find it.

Do not go along with that which is no longer part of your path, disguising as fellowship what still tends to be mundane within you. Understand the moment and the point where another may be, but also respect where you should be, what you should no longer do or express because it no longer corresponds to you. Then, child, do not lack love nor understanding, but also, do not lack coherence with your own spirit and with the Spirit of God who dwells in you.

Remember each day that you are a temple of God, a dwelling place of His Heart, carrier of His Purpose. And let that truth have more strength within you than any human illusion that causes you to lose your awareness of what is unreal.

Always remember that I am your father and friend, that I am walking with you, for this is the Greater Will. Let My paternal love fortify and renew you.

Know that I will always accompany you in the silence. Pray with your heart and you will feel My divine response within you.

The One Who loves you and blesses you,

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph