Tuesday, March 29 of 2016

Daily messages

Establish the Kingdom of God in your interior, this space of peace where the universal Laws find their manifestation.

Establish in you the union with the Father and let yourself be similar to Him, giving Him the authority to transform you, according to His Will.

The Kingdom of God is not like the kingdoms of this world, where some enjoy their own riches and the majority suffers and works to serve the latter.

In the Kingdom of God everything is permeated by the Divine Consciousness. The Creator is in all of His servants. He Himself is the essence of humility, living in the smallest of all as in none of the others.

In the Kingdom of God only triumphs peace, goodness, love and unity, principles that become laws manifested in the lives of all creatures that share this state of consciousness that is the Kingdom of the Creator.

Live these principles in yourself and become worthy of being the bearer of the Kingdom of God, which first emerges in the interior of the beings from the union with the Father, and then establishes itself outside, in the material life of this world.

Every principle, law or manifestation of the Divine Consciousness, before settling externally in the planetary life, encounters first its dwelling in the heart of each being. The heart is the bridge with God, it is the door to Heaven, it is the great manifestor of the divine will. Everyone who has a mission knows it first in the heart: feels it, understands it and accepts it to live it afterwards.

Christ will first come to the hearts in Spirit and Divinity; afterwards He will manifest Himself in Body and Soul, when His Dwelling has already been established in the hearts of those who having recognized His presence in their own hearts, will recognize Him when He returns, and will fulfill with Him the end of this redeeming Work. Therefore, bring the Kingdom of God into yourself; do it being consequential with it, living peace, love, unity and humility as premises.

Let, child, that the higher Laws act in your heart and, from you, reach the whole world. Let yourself be shaped, transformed, corrected. Prepare yourself and consolidate in yourself the Kingdom of God, a secure dwelling for the Redeemer.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph,

The One who prepares the return of Christ in the interior of the beings