Saturday, February 17 of 2024


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through My silence, I come to lead you to a state of prayer, a state of supplication for the planet, for humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Through My silence, I come to lead you to a state of clamor, a clamor that makes itself heard from inside out, when the word is emitted within the heart, through the sound of intentions, rather than that of the vibrations that the mouth pronounces.

Through My silence, I come to teach you to pray in silence, to observe your own inner worlds and know how to find in it the Celestial Father and all His Creatures. Silence, children, reveals to human beings their creative potential, their potential to open doors and unite dimensions. Silence balances the chaos in the world, balances the disorder of souls, the disorder of inner purification and of the harassments of the enemy.

True silence, the one that transforms into prayer, unites you to the Divine Consciousness, reveals to you the inner universe and the bridge that exists within the heart of each being for them to find God.  

I know that many of you are before a great abyss today, as if you had come to a moment of your evolutionary trajectory in which you find yourselves before a great precipice, the precipice of purification, surrender, rendition, renunciation, humility.

This precipice, this abyss, does not exist to deter your steps, but rather to reveal your potential, because it is before this abyss, children, that you learn to create bridges, and these bridges are created first of all within yourselves, with the true intention of reaching the Heart of God simply to fulfill His Purpose, simply to live His Love, to know this unknown Love that transforms Creation, that makes evolution ascend among dimensions, that allows creatures to approach their Creator.

Do you want to know this, or do you want to remain in human condition?

Do you want to know this unlimited Love of God, or remain in conflicts, in inner confusion, in the affirmation of your own limitations?

Before this abyss, children, I invite you to build bridges. I invite you to enter into confession before the Father, because confession is one of the ways to liberate oneself from the past, to liberate oneself from the ties, to liberate oneself from beliefs, from limitations, so that you can believe and understand that you must be builders of evolutionary life.

The bridge will not emerge on its own before your eyes; it must be built. And it is built first within yourselves, in the transparency of your hearts, in the firm will of being united with God and with one another. Unity is a great tool of the evolutionary path, a tool that allows you to built together bridges that will serve not only yourselves but also all of Creation.

Therefore, start with the intention of being united, truly united. Seek within yourselves the understanding of these times, seek to understand the pain and misery of others, to pray for your brothers and sisters, to love your enemies, serve the selfish, be humble before the proud, become silent to hear those who want to speak, give way to those who want to follow at the front, allow others to grow, because you do not diminish when someone else grows. 

You grow in spirit and truth when you collaborate with the evolution of one another, when you rejoice at the triumphs of one another, when you walk together, without seeking the central role, without the need of standing out. You build together a work that does not exist in humanity today, and that must begin to exist, because it is through these principles that you will be able to bear the times that will come.

Today I would like to lead you to a Celestial Space, I would like to build, with My own Hands, the bridge that you lack to reach God. However, the Creator does not allow Me to do this, because the perfection of His Project lies in the effort and persistence that each one of His Creatures makes use of to reach His Heart.

Just as I cannot build this bridge for you, you cannot build it for others, only for yourselves. However, each time a human being builds this true, solid bridge that leads them to God, they create a path in the human consciousness as a whole so that more beings may find a way to tread this path, to build this bridge.

How many times have I told you that the transformation of your own consciousness is the greatest service you can render in this time?

But your eyes, still so human, seek magnificent purposes, unattainable goals, perfections that you believe to be the only truth, the only way to demonstrate evolution, sciences, mysteries that aggrandize your knowledge, ennoble your consciousness, but that on their own do not build human transformation.

Knowledge must walk together with daily transformation, with true actions of service, selflessness, prayer, supplication for your neighbor, joy for the triumph of your brothers and sisters, and accompaniment of the growth of your neighbor.

Knowledge must walk together with true actions of love, because it is in this way that Heaven manifests itself on Earth, it is in this way that miracles take place within consciousnesses, that healing expresses itself, that redemption happens: small acts of love, true acts of transparency, true rendition, true humility.

I know that humility is a great mystery and that those who are humble will never know this, but this must be an aspiration of your hearts, you must practice it every day. Even if you do not notice any change, even if you still feel the boiling of human condition, of tests, the pain of falls, the harshness of walls, even then, children, you must continue to walk, because when you least expect, this Purpose will be fulfilled within you. And even if you do not see it with your human eyes, there is a Divine Gaze that sees all, that reads the hearts of His Creatures, contemplates the deepest intentions of His Children, and it is there, within this deep and hidden place, that the Purpose is fulfilled.

I do not come here to bring you words of hope; I come to bring you words of consciousness, words of elevation, which may remove you a little from the human condition and place you a little into the Divine Purpose. But this Purpose is simple.

I do not speak in this way for the path to seem easy to you. There is a great difference between being easy and being simple. No, children, this path is not easy. It is a path of many stones, it is a path of eternal ascension, it is a path of great effort, profound pains, unknown suffering, profound sacrifice and complete transformation.

But it is a simple path, which must be found in the simple things of life, in the possibility of serving, loving, becoming silent when you want to judge, of praying when you cannot stop criticizing, of offering a prayer for those who cause you some rancor, of offering some service for those who awaken some anger within you.

This path is simple, yet profound, and must be seen through your lives. Today it is not enough to live this path within you. You must begin to manifest it. Humanity needs examples, and being an example is a great service, which you are called to live today.

If you want to know what your mission is, today I give you a mission: be an example of transformation for humanity, be an example of love, service, surrender, prayer, be an example of charity, be an example for your children, be an example for your parents, examples of forgiveness, of going beyond all errors, all sorrows, all traumas experienced, to come to know a Greater Love.

Place yourselves above conflict, place yourselves above chaos, place yourselves in the vibration of forgiveness, because it is this forgiveness, which comes from the Divine Source, that will heal your hearts and allow you to love that which is unforgivable to the human mind.

Today I bring you a Grace, the Grace of being consistent. But this Grace must become life, and it becomes life through the Ray of Will, the Will and Power of God, which His Children are able to attract to Earth.

Wake up every day and affirm to the Creator:


Father, here is Your child.

Manifest Your Will in me,
manifest Your Power in me.

May my life be Your reflection.
May my actions reflect Your Mercy.
May my thoughts and feelings reflect Your Love.
May my intention be transparent.
May my actions be true.
May my being be Your instrument.
May my consciousness be in You.

Thus, children, affirm this Will day by day, affirm this Power. Believe in the Grace that the Divine Messengers bring to you. Your hearts hold a great treasure, which, throughout the last fifteen years, has been gradually accumulated so that today this treasure could be poured out upon the world.

Do not be rich and selfish, be servants.

Do not allow the celestial riches to remain in your hearts, in a treasury sealed under lock and key.

Multiply these gifts through action and prayer.

Give to others of that which exists within you, and you will discover the potential of what it is to be a human being.

You have My blessing for this.

May those who will consecrate themselves as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph today kneel down here.

To My Children and Friends, I ask: do not forget that I am your Father and intercessor, do not forget that I walk with you, that I hear your prayers, that I wait to intercede for your families, for your spirits, for your plans, for your sincere intentions, for your deep prayers, for the impossible and unthinkable causes, because miracles, children, spring from the faith that God walks by your side.

A miracle is a manifestation of Divine Love, and it is possible whenever your hearts unite to the Will of God, and this Will is fullfilled in your lives so that you may bear testimony of it.

To My Children and Friends, I ask: pray for your families, pray for the families of the world, pray for one another, so that the purpose of this Work may be realized, so that the human purpose may be realized.

Whenever you are before something that seems unattainable to you, ask for My help, and I will help you, because as a human being and son of God, I have also been before many things which I thought were unattainable, but the Creator showed Me that there is a potential within each being, which expresses itself through love, and makes those impossible things possible.

Therefore, today I intercede for you, I give you My peace, My blessing, I consecrate you as My Children and Friends so that you may walk with Me, just as with the Sacred Family of Nazareth. May you walk with the Virgin Mary, may you walk with Christ Jesus, may your lives be a testimony of a new life.

You have My blessing, My Grace and My peace for this.

Please bring incense and blessed water here.

May this water purify you from all lack of love, from all ignorance, from all indifference and lack of faith. May this water cleanse you from all lack of hope, from all lack of forgiveness, from all inability to move on. May this water renew and consecrate you, by the intercession of My Chaste Heart, with the celestial blessings that I bring from Heaven today.

With this incense, I purify, transmute and cleanse you, I offer you at the Altar of God, so that you may be renewed by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. And just as one day My Son made Me know purity and Divine Purpose, may you also be worthy of living purity and of expressing the Purpose of God.

Remember, children, that where sin has abounded, Grace has overabounded. And no longer look at the past but rather to your potential to bear testimony of transformation.

Move on, always walking forward, always building this bridge that unites you to the Heart of God.

I thank you and bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace.