Monday, March 28 of 2016

Daily messages

The essence of the awakening is found in the development of faith, because it is faith that moves you to respond to the impulses of the heart.

Faith is what makes you transcend the atavisms of the limited material understanding for you to enter in the mysteries of the higher life.

Faith is what makes you cross the thresholds of life in this world, so that – although being in it – you do not belong only to it and, yes, perceive yourselves as part of an infinite and indescribable Creation.

Faith is not born in the mind: it comes from the spirit and expresses itself through the heart. Therefore, if you want that the impulses received are not lost, let faith develop itself freely in your own interior, even if you do not understand quite well the object of your own faith.

Many ask themselves, “To have faith in what?” Have faith in the purpose, faith in the teaching, faith in the presence of the Divine Messengers, faith in what moves you to transformation, faith in the communion with Christ, faith in His return, faith in the possibility that each one has to live the Plans of God, faith in Faith.

Let yourselves be transformed by the impulses of your own faith, for which the laws of matter are not the ones that prevail. Faith that comes from the spirit moves itself based on spiritual Laws. It is therefore that the hearts that have faith can experience what is called miracles that are nothing more than the action of superior Laws in the life of those who open themselves to live them.

Discover, children, the potential of faith itself and, by means of it, its prodigies.

Your Father and Friend, in faith and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph