Dear children,

Unexpectedly, I meet you in Germany, after you visited Me recently in Medjugorje. The Mother of God returns your visit at a crucial moment for humanity, in which misinformation, chaos and fear overwhelm millions of My children.

For this reason, I come from Heaven, not only for a Germany that I love with all My Heart and for which I pray, so that it recovers the Purpose of God, but I also come for all of Europe and all of Asia, for the souls subjected and persecuted in war and by the conflicts invented by humankind of the surface.

I want to tell all My children that I am the Queen of Peace, that you seek My Heart, because My Heart is for you. 

Germany, throughout the last years, has been a host country for the most helpless, but this is not enough, My children, it is necessary that the other nations of Europe and the world be host countries so that everyone may live as a more inclusive, fraternal and charitable humanity.

I pray, every day, that the most hardened hearts may be opened so that they may feel the most helpless and poor, just as your Heavenly Mother feels you.

If this step of fraternity is taken by the great nations of the world, humanity will not experience more pandemics, it will no longer know pain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Now that the mission planned by your Master and Lord has been effectively accomplished and fulfilled, with the support of My followers and pilgrims, Germany is spiritually prepared to start living its transition towards redemption and the experience of a path of love.

This is why the spiritual mission in the city of Berlin had to fulfill the two previous stages through the Meetings of Prayer held in Munich and Frankfurt. Thus, the Spiritual Hierarchy gathered was able to work extensively on the project and on the purpose of deactivating from the consciousness of Germany the great roots of evil which condemned it as a nation and as a people, preventing the Divine Light from arriving. 

In this way, an inner alliance has been established between the hearts of Germany and the Divine Messengers so that, in the next cycle, ecumenical bases of a religious and civil Light-Community may be founded.

This is how this impulse will allow the Hierarchy to rely on a column of light within Germany, that will enable the descent of more attributes upon the consciousnesses so that, someday, these souls be encouraged to take steps towards the redemption of their lives.

Thus, My Sacred Heart has now contemplated the location where these community bases will be established. 

Thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message, received in the city of Berlin, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

And now, My Precious Blood, full of Codes of Light, is poured out upon the deepest entrails of the consciousness of Germany and of its people.

The Divine Blood of your Redeemer, full of the Codes of Light of life, enters into the aspects of the lower consciousness of the men and women of Germany, so that in the coming time the spiritual purpose of this nation may be fulfilled.

Therefore, companions, the Divine Blood of the One Who was like a lamb carried to the slaughterhouse, bears an incalculable spiritual value so that the souls of Germany, through this pitying Grace, may receive the merits they need to take steps in the awakening of consciousness and in individual and collective evolution.

In this sense, My purpose for arriving in the city of Berlin is because, until today, no consciousness has managed to generate the necessary condition to contribute to the liberation of all the failures committed in the last 20th century.

For this reason, your Redeemer will gather the devotees and pilgrims so that they continue with the concretion of the aspiration of your Master and Lord, which is to see redeemed the consciousnesses that caused great pain in humanity, and who until now were never forgiven nor loved by any being on Earth.

The triumph of My Sacred Heart at this time will happen by the redemption and conversion of the great leaders of nations who, like Paul of Tarsus, will receive the impact of My Celestial Light that will defeat them, and convert them forever. 

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received during the journey from Frankfurt to Berlin, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Jesus Christ to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

As the journey to Berlin continues, and before the pilgrim group arrives in that city, the foundations of My Mercy for this next stage begin to be established in the inner planes in order that the fallen soldiers may begin to feel and recognize the Christic Light which will shine again in the abysses of the Earth, so that those souls receive Pity and Mercy.

A wall, similar to the old Berlin Wall, but in the inner planes, will be destroyed so that there no longer exist two states of consciousness, that is to say, so that error and indifference may be transmuted.

Then, your Master and Lord will be able to penetrate the most obscure layers of the German consciousness,  a place where millions of innocent souls were taken during the twentieth century.

This space, spiritually obscure, will be touched by your Lord so that  the greatest possible amount of souls may reach redemption and love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ


Like the singing of the birds that praise the Most High, dear children, today I proclaim the Sacred Words of God so that all inner worlds may hear them.

Thus, from Heaven, I descend to the Earth to be among My children and bring to each of them what they need as aid and relief for this intense moment of purification.

For this reason, I descend once again upon Germany, and this descent of your Heavenly Mother also has repercussions in the other sister nations of Europe, which are touched by the Mercy of God so that souls may awaken to the encounter with their divine and spiritual reality.

This is the time in which God grants to the world not only the flow of His Peace, but also the Work of His Mercy, so that there may truly be a change in human consciousness. A change that may help to relieve the planet and everything that the Kingdoms of Nature receive from the humanity of the surface.

Dear children, thus, for the first time, your Heavenly Mother comes to the city of Frankfurt to the encounter with good souls, souls that must forever erase their past, their history and their suffering so that the flower of God may be born again, so that it may illuminate again the essence of each of My children who, in service and charity to God, by means of fraternity, will be able to help change the world, will be able to conceive in themselves this consciousness that humanity needs to have at this time to learn to listen to God and to fulfill His purpose in this Universe.

My children, I come determined so that Europe may be able to open, even more, the doors to the Hierarchy, just as Germany has done, by receiving and welcoming the Sacred Hearts with love. This will also elevate the spirit of the Church and will allow, by means of its mystical body, that the fruits of the conversion of humans may grant to the world a longer time of peace.

Thus, today, your Heavenly Mother is present in Frankfurt because it is one of the places of Germany that has been contemplated by the Divinity to carry out the Works of God that will spiritually benefit Germany and the rest of Europe.

Therefore, through the light of the Mirror of My Heart, I come to ignite, by means of prayer, the light of the mirror of each heart so that in this cycle an important network of divine communication may be established between the essences and My maternal Heart.

All this will be possible by the continuous faith and prayer of all, effects that will have repercussions on the planet and in its humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Behold, the Lady of all peoples and of all races comes to meet you with the potency of the Scepter of God in Her hands, with the love of the stars of the sky in Her Heart.

Behold, the Mother and Lady of all peoples of Heaven and of Earth, Mother of humanity, of the angels and of the Son of God comes to meet you, bringing Peace in Her Heart, pouring out Graces from between Her hands.

My Crown of stars pours Mercy upon the world. The scepter of God in My hands deters the Justice that descends upon the souls because, in spite of the indifference and of the ignorance of humanity before celestial things, the Love of God for His children has no end.

I come today, children, for people who must recover their Faith in God and their spirituality, extracting from its consciousness the roots of evil, of separateness, of injustice and of lack of love.

I come to show you the doors of the Celestial Church of your Creator Father and the path through which you will reach it, regardless of your culture, race or creed on this Earth.

I come to lead you to the conversion of heart, of consciousness and of life, not to show you a new religion, but to lead you to a new standard of life in which your hearts may unite with God through transparency, truth and love, and may express this unity with your brothers and sisters through service, fraternity and love for your fellow beings.

I come to unite Heaven and Earth, in the priesthood of forgiveness and healing, which My Son granted to Me while on the Cross.

I come to guide the apostles of the last times and the latter-day saints, awakening you and congregating you within and outside of the Church, because it is not only in the churches of the Earth where the children of God and the companions of Christ are. I come to get you in the four corners of the world, because the time for you to awaken has come.

My Heart prepares the arrival of the Messiah in the world and, just as I once gestated Him in My Womb and opened the doors so that His Spirit, Soul, Body and Divinity might be on Earth among those of His, today, children, I come to prepare His return, together with you. I come to announce the good news of His arrival in the world and prepare the flocks that will accompany the Shepherd in the institution of a New Life.

He will come, brighter than one thousand suns, with the splendor of God in His Heart. His Face will show itself to all with truth and power, more transparent than He showed Himself to His apostles in His Transfiguration. His presence will make visible the miseries and the virtues of human beings and, with a mere gaze, it will knock down the structures of the false spiritualities of the Earth. And those who did not know how to love will understand their errors and will repent, but for some it will be too late.

For this reason, My children, the Redeemer sends His Servant to the world, not to intimidate you, but to awaken you, to show you the path of Mercy and of the Grace of God.

I come so that your hearts may recognize the deviations of your lives and may reconcile with God, while there is still time.

I come so that there may be love in the hearts of human beings and that this same love can heal the stains and deepest wounds of the consciousnesses of the nations.

I come to tell you and show you that, through prayer, you will heal your hearts and your nations of all errors from the past.

I come so that you may repent, children, on behalf of humanity, and cry out to God from the heart for a greater Grace, because it is now in His Hands, ready to be poured out upon the world, it suffices that you just say “yes” to Him.

Today, receive My words with love and pray with Me for a greater good. Feel My presence in your hearts. May My Love reveal a new human being within you so that, from today on and forever, you may not be the same, but may be perpetually united in love with your Celestial Father.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Today, in a special way, My heart illuminates Germany and its sister nations so that souls may receive the consolation and the spiritual healing that they need to carry forward a new stage, a new time that will be full of learnings and of moments of love.

As the Lady of Schoenstatt, I present Myself to you again so that, within each of My children, the spiritual filiation with your Heavenly Mother may be again confirmed.

With joy, your Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt returns to Germany, but this time your Divine Mother will open the celestial doors so that the beloved Son can spiritually work and operate within an area of Germany where the Mercy of God has not yet arrived, and that the Divine Son will bring with Him, to liberate hearts and heal the souls sick in spirit.

It is thus, My children of Germany, that the Spiritual Hierarchy, being able to work with three cities of Germany: Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, can expand the positive effect of its purpose within the inner planes, and all this is possible through the adherence of some of My children of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, who in recent times and after My last visit, responded to My call.

For this reason, today I not only invite you to renew yourselves in the presence of the Love of your Heavenly Mother, but also to open your hearts more to all those, who from this cycle on, must come to be part of the armies of prayer.

This is a special day because, again, the Love of My maternal Heart will triumph in Germany and until next year the new fruits will manifest in order to keep deepening  in the Redeeming Work of My Son.

I deeply thank you for the response, the adherence and the welcome of each one of My children who congregates here today to be before the Mother of God, to pray and to share a moment of elevation of consciousness so that the consciousness of humanity may be elevated and sustained by the devout prayer of all.

I leave you My blessing of Mother and I declare to you My Love for your country.

May the Lady of Schoenstatt remain for you the Source of reverence, of devotion and of admiration.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Schoenstatt


I attract the souls of the world to My Heart so that, regardless of their race, religion or nation, they may feel the confidence to enter the spiritual universe of My Heart.

This is the reason why your Heavenly Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt will descend today in Cologne and consequently, over the whole Germany so that, after the profound spiritual and redeeming task fulfilled yesterday by My Son, My children of Germany may receive a new spiritual impulse to prepare them for a new stage.

Children, the meetings here, in Germany, had not been foreseen, they emerged in an unexpected manner, and this attracted towards this suffering nation the atoning Grace of being able to receive the true Attributes of the Celestial Father, which will reconfigure the essence of the race that is to be found here, as well as its original purpose.

All this is possible simply when souls open their hearts to welcome, immediately, the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. And when this Divine Will is fulfilled and manifested on the surface of the Earth, many more souls see themselves benefitted by a Grace they did not expect, and that they did not deserve to receive.

To respond to the call of love and redemption announced by the Sacred Hearts generates great and victorious opportunities for those who, in this critical time that the race goes through, will have to awaken to the Truth that for such long time they have been seeking within themselves and did not find.

This is the spiritual and divine reason why the Messengers of God descend with the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens to the Earth, so that each soul, regardless of its belief, race or nation, may have the Grace of knowing within itself what it has come to do in this world, so that it can finally fulfill it.

Germany needs determined groups of prayer so that souls can abandon the hypnotism of these times, a path that leads them to perdition and to submerge themselves in the illusions. 

For this reason, the Mother of the Redeemer and Lord of the Universe arrives today in the city of Cologne to give and deliver to you the first impulse that will be able to open new paths of redemption and light for the souls of Germany and Europe.

Today I give you the impulse, by means of My Presence, to assume a new stage, so that this new experience may have repercussions in all of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today, in a special and extraordinary way, two important meetings will be carried out, the special meeting with Christ and the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations.

This demonstrates to your hearts that there are no borders nor distances, and that, when the souls are united in Christ, everything is possible.

These two celebrations will not only have impact in Europe, but also in the whole world.

Two epicenters of light and of prayer will be acting today on the planet: from the city of Cologne, in Germany, and from the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

This way, and by these means, the Spiritual Hierarchy will be able to work in a more profound realm of the consciousness of the nation of Germany, and of its regent angel.

Through the Marian Center of Figueira, the Divine Hierarchy will make use of the impulse of prayer for the nations of the world so that a powerful current of love may permeate and embrace the hearts that need the most.

The meetings of today will promote an uncommon conjuncture in these times. Thus, the Celestial Universe will descend again to work with humanity and, by means of both epicenters of light that will open in Germany and in Brazil, the Divinity will be able to intercede again for the planet.

All of those who on this day are truly connected with the development of both meetings will receive the necessary spiritual impulse that will prepare you for the next stage.

I will be very attentive to the offerings that My children make from the heart today.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt, transmitted in the city of Bad Vöslau, Austria, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children:

As Mother of Austria and Germany, on this day, I also go on pilgrimage in these lands to dissolve the very serious and sad decisions that were made in the last century, that affected and transgressed millions of souls in the world.

Therefore, children, today My aspiration through this pilgrimage to Slovakia and Austria is to be able to enter into the heart of each Slovakian and Austrian, so that My maternal and divine Love can repair on deep levels what has been kept in the consciousness of My children and that has generated terrible human pain.

As My Son will visit Slovakia to grant it Peace once again, his Heavenly Mother, the Virgin of Schoenstatt, Patroness of this pilgrimage, will be present from the inner planes, working and laboring to dissolve the roots of evil, power and perversion, so that these human actions may be reversed by Mercy, Love and Forgiveness.

Therefore, children, to all who follow Me sincerely in this mission, from here or from any place in the world, I call You, children, to follow the inner steps of the Mother of God, who avails Herself of the present conjuncture of work to help the nation of Austria and especially its Regent Angel.

With the rosary in My hand, My children, I invite you to continue penetrating the powerful mystery of the prayer of the heart, so that not only the souls that suffer the most be helped, but also the nations may be permeated with new values and principles of Love that My Immaculate Heart wants to pour out.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with the Light from Heaven,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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