Thursday, August 30 of 2018

Daily messages


Await, with love, the Words that God pronounces to your hearts through His Messengers.

Just as He spoke to the prophets and patriarchs, who left to the world the foundations of spiritual life, today the Creator renews His teachings and makes new Revelations to the world, because, since the patriarchs, up until now, God renewed Himself and lived Revelations that came from the awakening and from the human evolution.

Even with their imperfections and limitations, former patriarchs and prophets recognized the Presence of God and respected the echo of His Voice, which was pronounced to the peoples and was followed by them.

Today the Voice of God echoes in the desert of human consciousness because indifference took hold of hearts and only a few know how to recognize the Voice of God and follow it,

In order to hear God today, you must allow the Creator to awaken within you the commitments that remained dormant and experiences of union with the Father, that do not come from this life, but are kept in the core of your beings, so that it may help you in these times.

Give God permission to touch the depths of your hearts so that, as beings and as humanity, you may remove your consciousnesses from the influence of indifference and enter into the Laws that lead you to upliftment.

When you unite your spirits with the Father, it is possible to transcend the material laws and influences in order to belong to the Laws of the Universe and be assisted by the rays and the spiritual energies, which descend to the world to give impulse to beings towards Love and evolution.

For this, it is necessary that, within you, there is the will to take this step and love God, His Words and His Plan, renewing the love and respect lived by the patriarchs, the prophets and the People of God, so that, in this way, the Father may find new ways to fulfill His promises and establish His Kingdom in this world, when the time comes.

The Kingdom of God will first be revealed in spirit, then in matter. Be attentive to the Voice of His Messengers, so that, in Their teaching, you may receive the new Revelations of the Creator.

His Kingdom will be revealed inside of you, and after finding the way to dwell in this Kingdom, with your spirits, you will build the bridges with the Universe so that the Kingdom of God may manifest on Earth.

Your Father and Companion always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph