Friday, March 22 of 2019

Daily Messages

Contemplate the perfection of the human body, its sciences, its systems, organs, cells and atoms, still so unknown to the mind of humankind.

Simply observe the perfection with which life was designed and open your consciousness to penetrate this mystery of love and grace.

The Spirit of God, with Its Breath, manifested the perfection of the stars in the human composition, and just as the Creator has His living Body in the Cosmos and in the different dimensions, human beings also, in likeness to their Father and God, in the mystery of their life, hold not only creative power, but also the infinite Cosmos which is reflected in each small space of the expression of humankind.

To discover the hidden and divine life manifested within yourselves, you need to learn to be reverent with your own body, mind, feelings, soul and spirit, because the key of reverence is what will open the deepest doors for you to self-knowledge, for the science of one's own body, spirit and consciousness.

To be reverent with oneself is to know that you are facing a part of the Creator, to know that your bodies are a temple that guards your soul for the learning in this world, and that they are also a divine dwelling place, a dwelling place for the essence of love and of the Spirit of God.

You respect your bodies when you live in gratitude, nourish yourselves with gratitude and stay consistent with what you carry inside of yourself each day, not exposing your minds and feelings to retrograde stimuli, trying to keep your bodies always stimulated for your origin in God, and not allowing them to be more and more lost and distant from the truth each day.

In this time, everything you are must be elevated, because human genetics are reaching the correct point for its transformation, returning to its origin of purity and, with consciousness, those who awaken must walk toward this, placing your bodies before Truth and Love, placing your thought on Divine Thought, your cells on what is pure, your feelings on what leads you to the Love of God and thus, little by little, one by one, your cells awaken and ignite in the purpose for which they were created.

I know that today I am speaking to you about a mystery, but toward these mysteries you must begin to walk, to discover the science of your own consciousness, to return to the Time of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph