Tuesday, June 2 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to one day be able to live in unity, with all beings and with God, sought in each religion points that could unite each one of them, in love and in respect. And one day, in prayer, it asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, You are the same God of all true religions. You are the same One who inspires hearts and souls on the path of return to Your Spirit of Love. Tell me, then, what is there in each religion that unites us, that makes us all Your children?"

And with love, the Lord responded to it: "What makes you My children, little soul, is not religions, but life itself. The fact that you exist in the vast Creation makes each child of God loved and favored, created for a purpose and with a mission.

Religions are impulses that I had given to humanity, time and again, so that souls could remember the path of their evolution, but it was not only through religions that I sent these impulses to the world; I also did so through nature, through silence, through service and, many times, through suffering, for some of My children chose that path to awaken and perceive that they did not understand life in the correct way and that they were missing the real meaning of their existence.

Through religions, I sent impulses to the world so that, as human beings grew and evolved mentally, emotionally and in soul, the impulses would be able to become more expansive, clearer, more direct.

Through Krishna, I led them to an awakening of a simple degree of love, a love for life, for the elements, for energies. I led them to a broader perception of existence, and I began to create a path of return to My Heart. However, each being understood religion in a different way and manifested it according to their possibilities, which many times were not as pure as My impulses.

Through Buddha, I taught them unity with the All, a compassionate and peaceful love. I taught My children to live in communion with the universe and to step out of the constant rounds of errors and their consequences. They were then ready to understand that it is you yourselves who are responsible for your own lives, and through your choices, you attract to yourself the Rays and the impulses that elevate you or correct you, according to that which you choose to experience.

But not all of humanity evolved, not all opened to love. The human mind developed, and with this, its malice rather than its love. Instead of living in communion with life, they wished to possess it and manipulate it. For this reason, they made gods of the elements, and of the energies, the way of getting what they wanted.

Through the Patriarchs, I again gave impulses to the beings, correcting their paths; impulses that were also experienced according to their understanding.

Until I sent the world My Son, not only as a teaching, but as a Grace. Different than all previous religions, it was not through knowledge or a constant effort to elevate that you would come to Me, but rather through a Grace and the Mercy that a yielded heart can receive.

The Love of Christ did not come for a few; it came for all. It did not come for the East or for the West; it came for all life, for all the beings that, in spite of their sins, knew how to say 'yes'.

In previous times, humanity reached divine dimensions through the constant effort for elevation. Through Christ, the Kingdom was revealed to them, within their own hearts, and throughout human evolution, My impulses continue to be renewed.

I begin to gather up within you all the knowledge and all the degrees of love, because the time has come for a synthesis of life on Earth, the time of the narrow and only doorway through which all beings will come to Me. And this doorway, beloved soul, is the love within your hearts.

Thus, I Am the God of Life, because I love all and I have taught all to love. This is the path for reaching Me. And so, come, in spite of differences. Come, in spite of knowledge. Come, in spite of the impulses that you received, because all of them had one purpose; to lead you to love."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to understand the cycles of life and their real meanings, and to know that in spite of all the complexity of human existence, for everything there is one purpose, which is the living of love.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph