I return to the place where once I was known and worshipped as the Great Maternal Spirit of Peace, as the hardy and strong Consciousness that brought wisdom and clarity to the peoples of the past.

I return, children, as That sacred Consciousness that many peoples that preceded you once invoked, to become part of the Creation and of the union between Heaven and Earth.

I return as the Spirit of Peace, as the Divine Consciousness that in the past inspired the tribes to seek union with the sacred and the sublime.

Your Heavenly Mother returns as the Sacred Spirit of maternity, as the Condor bird that with Her song elevates humanity to the heights.

Your Mother returns in this new year to a place where an unforgettable history was engraved and in which many of My indigenous children participated.

I return to the heart of Oklahoma to close the wounds that remained open and to give back the wisdom of what before was so sacred. I come to erase with my Love the trail of tears and to re-ignite the beloved worship of those who invoked the divine science of the elements.

I return as the elevated Spirit of Peace to liberate the errors committed and the tests suffered by each one of My children. 

I am the Sacred Mother of all peoples; I am the One that announces in Oklahoma the rebirth of a new cycle. I come to unite what is separate and what remained unfinished in human consciousnesses.

I return because you have called Me inwardly, and for this reason I am here again, among My indigenous North American children, to revive in them the essential union with what is purest and is held within each noble heart.

I come to seek for reconciliation in the face of all the events experienced. Thus, I come to ask for peace among ethnic groups and among the tribes, between the white man and the native man of this region.

I wish for all to understand each other and at the same time to accept each other, that each being offer the best of themselves, as if it were in the beginning of the peoples, so that the Divine Will may be fulfilled.

As a Mother that returns to seek Her children, I ask that you unite with the Creator Consciousness and that you express your devotions and your similarities among all ethnicities. Each original peoples is capable of contributing with something real and sacred to the Creator Universe.


My dear children,

I am the Eagle of Light that overflies the Universes and the spaces of this world to rekindle the Christic flame in each heart.

I am that sacred presence of the Universe that visits you and welcomes you in the warmth of the Heart of God.

I am the Aurora, I am the One who brings the Light of the infinite to pour it into the abysses of the Earth and so that the portal of liberation can be established.

Dear children, I am not only Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I am that Great Mirror of the Universe that reflects the Consciousness of God so that the creatures awaken to the call of the Creator.

I am the humble emanation of the Love of the Father for the cosmos and for all the stars.

I am that infinite path you can take courage to travel through the prayer of the heart.

I am Your Eternal Mother, I am the Solar Consciousness that comes from the Celestial Universe and Who grants inexplicable Graces to hearts that are open.

I am the Mother of the New Aurora (Dawn) for all Uruguay.

May My beloved children hear Me today, may you keep in your hearts the Words of God, because the time has come to take the big leap into the unknown, into the greater commitment.

If today I gather you in this oratory of peace, it is because you are prepared to respond to Me. Therefore, My children of the Sun, open the ears of your heart to hear the cry of the Mother of Heaven.

My children, I need everyone to join Me in May in Aurora, where the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be present to grant new Graces to the hearts who most need them.

Uruguay cannot lose its divine consciousness; the Aurora cannot stop dawning in the spiritual life of each being. You, who already have received so much from that sacred healing center, now cannot turn your back on it. Aurora calls you to complete the cycle of the great collaboration.

Attention! My children, the sacred treasures of the Universe are still present there. Because of this, respond!, respond soon!, not only for yourselves but also for all of Uruguay. I am calling on everyone to be present in Aurora in May so that together we may rebuild Our House and protect the treasures that the Father deposited there.

Those who pray, devotees, servers, collaborators, builders, donors, carpenters, architects, and those who are consecrated are called to donate their skills and work on the physical reemergence of Aurora.


Dear Children,

The more you pray with th  the more the works of Your Heavenly Mother can be complied as in this case through the pilgrimage through Colombia and Venezuela and in the manifestation of the Pilgrim Bus.

The true effort is measured spiritually through the degrees of love that each soul expresses for all the work of the creation and it becomes visible when the hearts unite to the Purpose of God.

On this day, dear children, I descend from the Universe to thank all of My dear children for their prayers, petitions, donations and campaigns, which made possible the manifestation of the Pilgrim Bus, which from today on will be named as the “Eagle of Light”, so that the Holy Spirit may visit and awaken the sacred gifts in all the places where My Eagle of Light passes.

Dear children, it is for this reason that in the arrival of the missionary group from Venezuela to the Marian Center of Figueira, the Eagle of Light will be blessed by Myself in an extraordinary Apparition on the 31st of October of 2015.

All of the pilgrims will be called to gather in the parking lot of the Sacred Heart Nucleus.  There, outdoors, an altar will be raised and will be performed a task of prayer to wait for the arrival of Your Heavenly Mother. This gathering will be transmitted by television so that My children of the world may also participate of the consecration of the Eagle of Light.

Until this special date, I will wait for all.  Please, children, transmit the invitation especially to the children of Mary.

For this work of redemption that is yours, I thank you for materializing My requests.

Who keeps you in the faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In the name of the Infinite Light of the Creator, I descend upon the world and My Maternal Spirit visits the whole nation of Colombia in order to pour from My powerful and humble hands, the rays of hope and relief that many hearts of Mine need.

Dear children, I wish, on this day,  that you universally remember Me as the Mother of Guadalupe, as the Mother of all of the peoples, those, that separated, must unite again through My Holy Heart in order to achieve the state of peace.

But today I will not only come to bless you and to thank all of My children from Colombia and from the sister nations that made this sacred encounter for peace possible.  Today I will come in the sovereign company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is your Bigger Brother, who calls you to work as new apostles of His Work of Redemption.

Dear children,  today lovingly surrender  to Your Lady of Guadalupe all of the faults and errors made throughout the times by the non-redeemed hearts so that the Great Sun of Christ may reopen the doors to rehabilitation and to the Forgiveness of God for a race that is still in transformation.

Children of Mine, today I come to announce to you that you are on My path, on the favorite path of My Heart.  As Your Mother, I hope that through these days of encounter, great part of My Peace be deposited in your hearts because if peace is in your lives, the world will have the opportunity for an extra time of peace.

I piously come to call you to redemption, because the time has come for your consciousnesses, in absolute surrender to the Almighty, receive the Grace of redeeming the past and walk freely as one only people of God.

Today I am The Eagle of Light that sings in the mountains, the sacred condor announces that the Mercy of God is coming for the hearts that in repentance and faith surrender themselves to the Ocean of Love of the Creator;  thus the souls that have been imprisoned in error and submission for centuries, will be liberated, will be elevated to the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord.

For this, My much beloved children of Colombia, I come to awaken in each one the potential for loving prayer each day more, because in prayer you will close the doors to perdition and you will open the Heavens in order for the Glory of the Celestial Father to descend.

I thank you all for having answered to one part of My Plan of Salvation!

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