Sunday, January 1 of 2017

Daily messages

I return to the place where once I was known and worshipped as the Great Maternal Spirit of Peace, as the hardy and strong Consciousness that brought wisdom and clarity to the peoples of the past.

I return, children, as That sacred Consciousness that many peoples that preceded you once invoked, to become part of the Creation and of the union between Heaven and Earth.

I return as the Spirit of Peace, as the Divine Consciousness that in the past inspired the tribes to seek union with the sacred and the sublime.

Your Heavenly Mother returns as the Sacred Spirit of maternity, as the Condor bird that with Her song elevates humanity to the heights.

Your Mother returns in this new year to a place where an unforgettable history was engraved and in which many of My indigenous children participated.

I return to the heart of Oklahoma to close the wounds that remained open and to give back the wisdom of what before was so sacred. I come to erase with my Love the trail of tears and to re-ignite the beloved worship of those who invoked the divine science of the elements.

I return as the elevated Spirit of Peace to liberate the errors committed and the tests suffered by each one of My children. 

I am the Sacred Mother of all peoples; I am the One that announces in Oklahoma the rebirth of a new cycle. I come to unite what is separate and what remained unfinished in human consciousnesses.

I return because you have called Me inwardly, and for this reason I am here again, among My indigenous North American children, to revive in them the essential union with what is purest and is held within each noble heart.

I come to seek for reconciliation in the face of all the events experienced. Thus, I come to ask for peace among ethnic groups and among the tribes, between the white man and the native man of this region.

I wish for all to understand each other and at the same time to accept each other, that each being offer the best of themselves, as if it were in the beginning of the peoples, so that the Divine Will may be fulfilled.

As a Mother that returns to seek Her children, I ask that you unite with the Creator Consciousness and that you express your devotions and your similarities among all ethnicities. Each original peoples is capable of contributing with something real and sacred to the Creator Universe.

Be these Mirrors, as once your people were, who refracted the currents of love and of harmony to the whole planet.

Do not be discouraged, children; today I come here as the Great Spirit of Peace because you have called Me and I have decided in the name of love, to put an end to so much suffering.

Open your hearts in trust to Mine because in My Heart you will be protected and you will be guided on the path of goodness.

I return to your home so that you may recognize Me and feel Me. I come with the mission of having you recover and affirm your essential values, those that made of your original peoples, consciousnesses elevated by wisdom and reverence.

The world still needs consciousnesses such as yours to be able to find the meaning for the existence of so many races with many purposes to accomplish.

Live the Law that once you incarnated, and do not lose the brightness that in other times had you reflect the purest and greatest innocence of your civilization.

The Great Spirit of Peace comes to rebuild what once was destroyed by the settlers in their great ignorance.

Now I come so that all may ask for forgiveness, because this forgiveness will liberate you from all the ancestral chains.

I am that Spirit of Wisdom that once guided you and conducted the roots of your people so that it could fulfill the Purposes of the Creator, because a part of your inner consciousnesses accompanies and protects the Plan of God by means of sacred areas of the planet.

Look at the horizon with hope and you will recuperate the inner joy of serving the Creator. With My presence in Oklahoma on this day, I come to renew the times and so that the indigenous consciousness enter again into Real Time, where they will again live the eternal present, and past and future will no longer exist, only eternity and consciousness.

As the Spirit of Peace I come to make of your paths, paths of love, of peace, and of mercy.

Today I return as the Bird of Light, the one that encircles the essence of your people so that peace may be established. Recognize Me and you will know Who I am and that I was always by your side.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who as the Eagle of Light, proclaims the redemption,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace