And now that all the principles, attributes and teachings of the Great Indigenous Fraternity of North America were activated in the inner world of some beings, the time has come for all these attributes, principles and teachings to be lovingly shared with the Cherokee consciousness so that this sacred people, that up to today has deviated from its purpose with the arrival of the white man, may recover the whole legacy that, in essence, is the same for all original peoples of North America.

The spiritual Hierarchy hopes to carry forward an inner task so that the Cherokee consciousness may receive a new impulse after the one that was given throughout the visit of the pilgrimage group in 2016.

Now a new opportunity has appeared for the Divine Hierarchy, and all these indigenous souls will again be contemplated by the Eternal Father so that at least their innermost and most essential parts may be assisted, and this will occur through a meeting of confraternity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


From the high mountains of the Himalayas to the high mountains of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the Masters descend in pilgrimage to experience the sacred meeting with the essences of humanity.

Through the flutes and mantras, They attract the immaculate spirit of compassion and, for a moment, souls feel protected and consoled by the maternal womb of the Earth.

The sacred East shows itself to the distant West and, thus, an intimate communion between the peoples of Tibet and the peoples of the indigenous consciousness is experienced, because both recognize the same Origin that created them.

For this reason, today they unite in spirit and offer their schools so that the school of redemption of this current humanity may be accomplished in all beings.

From the Himalayas, the mantras resound, and the flutes of the original peoples emit the melodies that the human race needs to hear in this time so that it may see the great portal of redemption. 

And so the Grand Canyon experiences its silent ceremony, and the fruits of knowledge and of experience are offered for the transfiguration of humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Like the water flowing into the Colorado River, today I pour out a spring of Grace, Mercy and Pity upon the great consciousness of the indigenous fraternity so that its remnants upon the surface, all the descendants of the great tribes of North America, may receive the spiritual help they need ignorer to be able to preserve the values of their spirituality and of their contact with nature and the Universe.

For this, the great coyote of the south, as well as the eagle, send their spirit of love, just as the bear of the forests of the west and the White Buffalo of the north of America unite to protect and safeguard the sacred roots of a legacy that was dismissed with the arrival of the white man. But this legacy is held latent in the Inner Chambers of the planet.

May the peoples of North America stand up, and again feel in their hearts the sacred energy of the Universe, which impels them and elevates their consciousnesses.

Through the Kingdoms of Nature, may the relics of indigenous knowledge someday be recognized by humanity so that it too may recover the values it has lost.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily message transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus in the Laguna de los Cuervos, Department of Lavalleja, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

There are certain pains of the past of the indigenous consciousness that can only be healed with love and forgiveness.

Thus, these wounds, which are still open and that nobody has yet healed, begin to close when there are praying souls on the surface of the Earth willing to collaborate in the total liberation of these traumatic events which happened throughout the history of the planet. The silent, chaste and pure nature is a witness to these events that marked the evolution of the human race.

But for the planet to enter into a new dimension of consciousness, humanity and all those who were linked to these events must free themselves from these chains and errors. In this way, the wound of the indigenous and ancestral consciousness of the planet will be able to continue on pilgrimage towards the life of the spirit, and its devotion and reverence to that which is sacred will not be lost, but rather will give impulse to the ascension of them all and to those who committed brutal extermination throughout the history of this world.

Thus, Mercy will act and forgive the mistakes committed.

I thank you for keeping my worlds in the heart!

Who blesses you, your Master and Lord,

Christ Jesus



More than five-hundred years ago, your Heavenly Mother, the Guadalupan, descended upon the Tepeyac Hill.

Today, after more than five hundred years, after the Apparitions of the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, your Blessed Mother descends upon the Arequita Hill, to again open the great Spiritual Portal, the great cosmic opportunity for the definitive redemption of Uruguay.

For this reason, today is an important day of celebration in Heaven, because not only the devout believers of the Guadalupan offer their prayers and care to the Ever-Virgin of the Americas, but for Heaven this is also a reason to be in jubilee, that Uruguay, as a country predestined to the reappearance of Christ, has found a sure path where the return to God lies, so that the faith and devotion of the Uruguayan people may mature.

Just as the Guadalupan was on top of the Tepeyac Hill, in the company of Saint Juan Diego and of all his original people, in the same way, today, your Heavenly Mother is crowned and loved by the descendants of the Charrua Indigenous consciousness. Your Heavenly Mother, on this day, returns the sacred values to the soul of Uruguay, those which the Charrua Indigenous ancestors lived, with so much reverence, simplicity and faith.

It is so, that the Mother of the Americas, the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, again unites that which was, up until now, separated in the spiritual plane of consciousness of the Uruguayans, so that, within this last chance, the people of Uruguay may have the opportunity to again reintegrate the path of the purpose that it must fulfill as a country.

Therefore, this is an important day of celebration in Heaven, not only because the children of God remember the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, but also because the Mother of God grants a spiritual reprieve to a nation that was considered as lost.

On this day of Vigil, may each heart declare an act of gratitude for the nations to continue fulfilling that which each people will have to express and concretize within the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Meeting of Mercy has finished, the spiritual Hierarchy withdraws from the Amazon, having been able, not only to transmute and free the suffering of the lower Kingdoms, but also to protect and safeguard the spiritual treasures that this sacred forest holds within itself.

In this way, the original peoples and their roots of wisdom and of brotherhood will also become more strengthened over time, so that the indigenous consciousness may continue to be the guardian of the treasures and relics of the Hierarchies.

Thus, the Amazon must now be more present than before, not only in the consciousness of Brazilians, but also in all those that, beyond what is material, understand the significance and the meaning of the Kingdoms of Nature being part of the spiritual, mental and material evolution of human beings and that, without their presence, human evolution would remain unfinished.

For this reason, all those who pray must have the practice of caring for and protecting one of the Kingdoms of Nature, be it mineral, plant or animal, so that, through such loving service, the spiritual reprieve may continue to expand the Divine Grace that will manage to compensate for the grave errors that the human being commits against all ecosystems of the Earth.

Remember and never forget that your service to the Kingdoms will be in the name of the Amazon and that it will also benefit the rest of humanity.

I thank you for moving forward with initiatives of peace!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today I bring you My Heart of gold and silver so that It may be sown in the spiritual consciousness of the Amazon, so that the native peoples may again find the path to the portal of El Dorado and, in this way, essentially reacquire the sacred value of their traditions which, with harmony and light, throughout times has allowed protection and shelter for the sacred Eden of God.

I bring you My Heart of gold and silver so that the essence of the minerals that are exploited and sold may not be lost, so that the blessed green soil of the Amazon may continue to shelter the inner treasures that it holds, and that which no human being will be able to attain.

May My Heart of gold and silver remind the indigenous consciousness of the possibility for returning to its sacred origins so that, from children to the elderly, they may enter through the golden doorway of My Heart to the spiritual and divine city, a place where nobody will any longer take away their roots or their lands.

I leave My Heart of gold and silver so that the more remote native peoples may meet with the Sun Child Who comes from the stars to bless them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



Argentina is a land full of tradition and culture. It is a people that come from important indigenous roots that originate, from Tierra del Fuego to La Quiaca, to innumerable ways of relating to and communicating with God.

Thus, Argentina is one of the peoples that maintains its culture, beyond time and tendencies. In the hearts of Argentines is the memory of the Confraternity and of the Brotherhood.

Because of being a nation with a first ray temperament, Argentina has had to learn to moderate its reactions through love so that in its consciousness and in its culture may be maintained the striving effort through daily work and a particular devotion born of that strength and love that the nation holds for the Divinity.

Over time, the traditions of Argentina deviated. One of the reasons why your Lord will return to Argentina will be to reintegrate, in the consciousness of that people, the values that made it a nation strengthened in their work and devoted in their way of uniting with God.

Through the meetings that will happen in the month of August, each one of the Argentines will be presented with the opportunity of being in God and, beyond everything, of celebrating with a special victory, the return of Divine Love to their consciousnesses. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


Each day, elevate your heart a little more to God. Do not tire of persisting; do not tire of trying to be meek and humble in the face of all situations in life, keeping in your essence what makes you a guardian of the Divine Purpose.

Meekness and humility are not weakness and indifference. Be meek and humble and, at the same time, be firm in the silence within you, making the Will of God in you and around you incorruptible.

Emanate peace in your actions and words. Emanate peace in your presence and let God express through you. You already know, child, that this must be the expression of your being and, day after day, I come to remind you of these things because, while I speak, I give impulse to your consciousness so that it may take a new step and always go deeper into the living of higher teachings.

The mission of a companion of Christ is to be His living Word and to spread His Teachings with their own life. Thus, every day, My Chaste Heart comes to the world to form the companions of Christ and help them achieve the Will of God for their lives.

Let My instructions transform you. Let My presence inspire you so that one day, child, you also may transform and inspire souls by bringing the presence of your Lord into life, in all that you are and in all that you emanate to the world.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My dear and beloved children,

Today, with a white tunic and mantle down to the feet, wearing a blue belt and with the holy rosary between My hands, I present Myself to you as the Lady of the Poor.

This is My Face of humility and surrender for the poorest among the poor.

Today, children, I wish that on this day of renewal of vows with the Evolutionary Plan of God, you be as your Mother of the Poor, so that, in this cycle, just like Me, you may find the need for help everywhere.

I am the Lady of the poor in spirit, the poor in soul, the poor in faith, the poor in heart.

I am the Lady of the poor who are helpless,  the poor who are orphans, the poor who have lost maternity.

I am the Lady of the poor who are alone, the poor who do not feel loved, the poor who have lost all hope.

I am the Lady of the poor who do not pray, the poor sinners, the ignorant poor, the poor in spirit who have lost love for God.

I am the Lady of the marginalized poor, the enslaved poor, the poor children who are sold and exploited.

I am the Lady of the poor who have gone mad, the poor in wisdom, the poor who live and sleep on the streets of this world.

I am the Lady of the poor who become lost, the innocent poor, the poor women who sell themselves on the streets.

I am the Lady of the poor women who are slaves of life, the poor indigenous consciousnesses who have lost their culture and their land in these times. 

I am the Lady of the poor hearts who experience injustice, of the poor elders who are rejected and do not feel loved.

I am the Lady of the young poor that have been conquered by temptation and deception.

I am the Lady of the poor essences that do not fulfill their mission upon this Earth.

I wish, children, that you could imitate Me, and that the House of the Lady of the Poor, conceived in the bosom of the Children of Mary could, through the prayer of the heart, spiritually attend to all these forgotten needs in these times, because of the indifference of humanity.

I am the Lady of the Poor and I want you, children, to adopt this Face of your Mother so that you may work upon it in yourselves day by day; because through the Lady of the Poor, I bring you and the world the essence of the Compassion of God.

The Lady of the Poor will be the teraphim of the Children of Mary, which will be the instrument of work through which your daily prayers will gain greater results for all of planetary life.

Today I am here among you, renewing the vows of consecration to My Immaculate Heart with each of My Children so that, in this year, your lives also may concede the Grace of your Lady of the Poor arriving again in Europe in the months of May and June, so that, with the help of everyone, it may be possible to avoid a great social movement among the nations, just like up to now has been avoided in the United States, thanks to the help of all of My children.

Today, the Lady of the Poor, Patron of the Children of Mary, blesses you and thanks you for renewing, for one more year, the daily vows of prayer, service, and selflessness.

I love you and will always love you until the end of days.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

As the Mother of the North-American Indigenous Consciousness, I come today to re-establish in the inner worlds the bridge of union and contact that existed between these peoples and God.

It is so that after having gone through the cities of Oklahoma and Orlando, your Holy Mother begins this new cycle in the United States, with the presence of the monasteries of the Order founded by My Beloved Son.

These monasteries in the United States will have the mission of working in the awakening of the consciousness through prayer and instruction, stimulating in the hearts the search for service, for the most forgotten ones in hospitals, nursing homes and in the city streets of this country.

In this way, Divine Mercy will become visible for all consciousnesses, and the possibility of living reconciliation with the Father will be more real and true for all the North Americans.

It is so, that the monasteries will teach souls to reconnect with the Divine Source and, at the same time, new prayer groups, which will be formed throughout the different cities of the United States, will learn to internally light up the mirrors of their hearts.

In this new cycle, in the United States, the Order founded by My Son will create the necessary bases for new members of the Light-Network to come forward. This will provoke, in this North-American nation, an opportunity to start being conscious of the existing imbalance and the waste generated in the material life, as well as the recovery of human dignity.  

This will promptly allow some states of the nation to enter, by means of the spiritual help of the Center of Love of Mount Shasta, into a phase of regeneration of the spiritual consciousness of the beings of the surface, as well as a deepening into the contact of each being with their souls.

This task will require many sacrifices and efforts so that the people from the United States may abandon some situations and conditions of oppression in time to enter into a state of healing and redemption.

Therefore the collaboration of the North Americans and of the non-North Americans will be indispensable, and, this must be well organized.

I will count on this part of the work with the help of everyone.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I return to the place where once I was known and worshipped as the Great Maternal Spirit of Peace, as the firm and strong Consciousness that brought wisdom and clarity to the peoples of the past.

I return, children, as that Sacred Consciousness, which many peoples before you once invoked to become part of Creation and of the union between Heaven and Earth.

I return as the Spirit of Peace, as the Divine Consciousness that in the past inspired the tribes to seek union with that which is sacred and sublime.

Your Heavenly Mother returns as the Sacred Spirit of maternity, as the Condor bird that with Her song elevates humanity to the heights.

Your Mother returns in this new year to a place where an unforgettable history has been engraved and where many of My indigenous children have participated.

I return to the heart of Oklahoma to close the wounds that remained open and to give back the wisdom of what before was so sacred. I come to erase with my Love the Trail of Tears and to re-ignite the beloved worship of those who invoked the divine science of the elements.

I return as the elevated Spirit of Peace to liberate the errors committed and the tests suffered by each one of My children. 

I am the Sacred Mother of all peoples, I am the One that announces in Oklahoma the rebirth of a new cycle. I come to unite what is separate and what has remained unfinished within the human consciousnesses.

I return because you have called Me inwardly, and for this reason I am here again, among My indigenous North American children, to revive in them the essential union with what is most pure and held within each noble heart.

I come to seek for reconciliation in the face of all the events experienced. Thus, I come to ask for peace among ethnic groups and among the tribes, between the white man and the native man of this region.

I wish for all to understand each other and, at the same time, to accept each other, that each being offer the best of themselves, as if it were the beginning of the peoples, so that the Divine Will may be fulfilled.

As a Mother that returns to seek Her children, I ask that you unite with the Creator Consciousness and that you express your devotions and your similarities among all ethnicities. Each original peoples is capable of contributing with something real and sacred to the Creator Universe.

Be these Mirrors, as your people once were, who refracted the currents of love and harmony to the whole planet.

Do not be discouraged, children, today I come here as the Great Spirit of Peace because you have called Me and I have decided, in the name of love, to put an end to so much suffering.

Open your hearts in trust to Mine because within My Heart you will be protected, and you will be guided along the path of goodness.

I return to your home so that you may recognize Me and feel Me. I come with the mission of having you recover and affirm your essential values, those that made of your original peoples consciousnesses elevated by wisdom and reverence.

The world still needs consciousnesses such as yours to be able to find the meaning for the existence of so many races with many purposes to accomplish.

Live the Law that you had once incarnated, and do not lose the brightness that in other times had you once reflected, of the purest and greatest innocence of your civilization.

The Great Spirit of Peace comes to rebuild that which once was destroyed by the settlers in their great ignorance.

Now I come so that all may ask for forgiveness, because this forgiveness will liberate you from all ancestral chains.

I am that Spirit of Wisdom that once guided you and guided the roots of your people so that they could fulfill the Purposes of the Creator, because a part of your inner consciousnesses accompanies and protects the Plan of God through sacred areas of the planet.

Look upon the horizon with hope and you will recuperate the inner joy of serving the Creator. With My presence in Oklahoma, on this day, I come to renew the times and I come so that the indigenous consciousness may again enter into the Real Time, where they will again live the eternal present, and past and future will no longer exist, only eternity and consciousness.

As the Spirit of Peace, I come to make of your paths, paths of love, peace and mercy.

Today I return as the Bird of Light, the one that encircles the essence of your people so that peace may be established. Recognize Me and you will know who I am, and that I have always been by your side.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who as the Eagle of Light proclaims redemption,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the White Buffalo would appear on the horizon, suddenly, walking with serenity before the eyes of the pure, this was a sign of prosperity and hope. Its mouth did not speak, its language was unknown by humankind. Its silence would transmit the Will of God to them; its language was understood with the heart, by those who knew how to become silent.

When sadness flooded the hearts of humankind, they cried out for the grace of seeing and feeling the White Buffalo. Its serenity calmed them and they would feel hope that the Earth would remain fertile, alive and sacred.

When the heart of the children of the Earth was not rich in love and joy, they cried out for the White Buffalo. Its joy and Its love did not come from this world, but it nourished and healed the world. It appeared upon the horizon and represented the arrival of new cycles, where life would have a greater meaning, because the land would be fertile and so would the heart.

The White Buffalo was the Holy Spirit of the Earth, which walked silently among humankind. It came to dissolve fear, anguish, sadness, it came to unite the hearts of the children of the Earth with He who created the Earth, and all other planets, the Sun, the Moon and all Life.

The White Buffalo was the bearer of purity and re-ignited purity within the hearts of the children of the Earth so that they would not lose the hope of a world in peace and in communion with Life.

The White Buffalo was meek but invincible. Nothing could touch it and only the eyes of the heart could see It. Its mystery came from Infinity, even though its appearance was of the Earth. It made itself lesser than humankind, with the living symbol of a simple animal, but it wanted to represent the All. Within it were both the small and the great, from the animals to the Supreme God, from nature to the All.

The White Buffalo thus made it possible to understand that God is in everything.

I am the White Buffalo, the Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit of Life.

I am the representation of the fertile cycles, of the cycles of Peace.

In My presence, despair and fear are dissolved, and hearts again find the faith and the love of God.

I am, My children, the Mother of the Earth, and also of Heaven. The children of the Earth were born upon it, but they do not come from it. Their spirits come from Me, they were born of the Universal Source of Life, protected by the brightness of the stars that sparkle in Infinity, embraced by the Motherhood of God, Adonai.

I come to the world so that you may regain purity and hope, so that fear and pain be healed, and so that the certainty of being able to experience the sacred, and so that the unity on this Earth with Creation may again shine in your essences.

I am here, beloved children, now resembling humankind, with a body like yours and with a Divine Heart so that you may again find within yourselves what which unites you with the Creator, that which makes you a mirror of His Most Sacred Heart.

I came to mirror in your spirits the sacred and the divine.

I appear on the horizon, in silence, again bringing Peace. I appear on this day of a new cycle, representing a fruitful cycle in the life of the spirit.

I want to strengthen your hearts and build within you the new gardens of life.

I want to allow the new human being to be born, recovering the purity and dignity of the indigenous consciousness.

I come to bring the grace of union with the Origin, for those called original peoples and, in this way, all human hearts may rekindle within themselves the purity of the beginning, the original unity with the Heart of God.

May your lives be fruitful in love before the White Buffalo.

Regain peace, joy and hope, dissolving from spirit the evil that causes wars and degenerates hearts.

May the unity of the Spirit of God bring you wisdom, dissolving the ignorance that separates humankind from itself and from the All, that which makes them die, while being alive.

I am the White Buffalo, your Mother and Mother of all Creation. I come to bless you, embrace you and allow you to remember that the Creator has a perfect will for His children. It is enough, My beloved ones, that you contemplate upon the horizon of your inner worlds the presence of the White Buffalo, and allow yourselves to be permeated by its silence and meekness so that its love may again transform and permeate your lives.

I love you and I keep you in My Heart of Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all Life


I am present, dear children, in the places where the greatest suffering for the planet existed.

I am present where the different cultures and peoples have forgotten that, despite the similarities or differences, all were siblings and children of the same Creator.

For this reason I came to this place, now My beloved Sanctuary of Guadalupe, to make both the conqueror and the indigenous understand that all came from a same God and from one single consciousness.

It was thus that I asked for the construction of a temple in My honor, to prevent the human race from losing control of itself and causing all future generations to become a humanity compromised with evil.

That is why, today, after more than five hundred years, your Heavenly Mother comes to close this cycle in human history, unforgettable and sad for the consciousness of the planet.

I have come here totally present and I will continue doing it from a higher plane, because My children of all cultures and of all peoples will still need My divine and maternal intercession.

Now, being here among you, I have opened the doors to liberate from the terrestrial purgatory all the conquerors, the indigenous, and the religious that at that time, with little consciousness and wisdom, were involved in the Guadalupan events.

It is thus that in this hour, dear children, I have asked you to come to this historical Sanctuary so that a cycle would be definitely closed through a moment of simple prayer, in which My angels removed the pain lived in the spaces of this nation and the planet.

Therefore, in the face of the mistakes experienced between the indigenous consciousness and the white man, through an act of pity and mercy, I invite you to transmute for Me. Just as I do with you every day and so that I am able to keep coming to bring peace and reconciliation between cultures.

Thank you for having reciprocated to something spiritual and internal.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The return of the Guadalupan to Central America and Mexico

At the feet of the Tepeyac, Your Heavenly Mother prepares Her task with all the souls and hearts that will receive from Me the essence of love and redemption.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Through the help and collaboration of all, your Mother of Heaven will descend to the Mexican lands and to Central America, where the history of My presence and of the liberation of the indigenous peoples and of all the slaves was recorded.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

At this moment, dear children, accompany Your Holy Mother in this pilgrimage, so that, for the second time in the history of humanity, I may stamp My Holy Liberating and Redeeming Face of Guadalupe on the precious souls of My children of Central America and Mexico.

It is the return of the Guadalupan… 

Because of this, with rejoicing and joy, you, My children of Central America and of the world, will open the doors of your hearts and of your nations so that Your Mother of Guadalupe may enter and carry out the sacred mission of preparing the consciousnesses for the return of My Beloved Son.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

With the voice and the chant of the holy angels, the Governess of the Americas, the Holy Mother of God, rejoices because She will be able to meet Her children of Central America again, to pour on them Her Graces and to deliver to them the blessed Spirit of My Peace.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I will go to Central America to heal old wounds, past histories of pain and suffering; at last I will be able to make My dear children be born again; I will be able to remove them from the illusion of the world and I will open for them the eyes of the soul and the consciousness, so that all can see and feel Me.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Opening your hearts to receive Me, listen to the voice of the Mother of the Americas, a voice that summons you to the consecration of your peoples and of your nations, so that peace may reign and thus the error and the outrages to the little hearts may end.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

During the month of October, I will place My crown of twelve stars over Central America and Mexico and I will pour My twelve universal attributes, so that souls may receive the codes of rehabilitation and conversion.

It will be during the month of October that Your Heavenly Mother will cease the spiritual and material war and, together with the Face of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, we will enter in prayer so that those lost and the imprisoned may attain liberation.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

You will see the flags of all nations of the Americas wave.

They will be put at the feet of Your Heavenly Mother, as the symbol of the surrender of the peoples before My Immaculate Heart and as the union between cultures through the Love of God.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Happy are those who recognize Me as the Holy Woman of Nazareth, thus I will bring to all the awareness of the importance of the triumph of the Plan of God for these times and of the awakening of hearts to My last call.

You will see My Work fulfilled no matter what, because My Immacultate Spirit will give inner strength for the servers to comply with My petitions.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Each culture will ask for forgiveness from one another, each nation will reconcile with each nation, if the hearts open in time to glimpse the Love of God, which will  be filling them, because in Central America the door will be closed and souls will not get lost anymore, as they will have awareness not to do it and to convert themselves.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

On this day, may all embrace the mission of Your Heavenly Mother and may hearts not forget to cooperate, to collaborate and to lovingly donate so that the Plan of Peace may be fulfilled. Thus, I teach the Church how to use its goods in the name of the Greater Plan and not in its own name, because souls wait for spiritual help.

May all be balanced. May all be just for the good and for the future of the New Humanity.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I thank you for accompanying and supporting Me in the Mission to Central America!

Who blesses you from the heart of the Tepeyac, Your Guadalupan,

Mary, Rose of Peace



Each mission will bring you a new learning and a new form of understanding life.

The real reason for the existence of the group of missionaries of peace is not so much the material service that you do, but rather the act of going towards the need of your neighbors to heal the roots of evil that placed them in this condition of needy.

The most important is acting with the heart, and the experience – that you place in the human consciousness – of this learning of service. With your indigenous brothers and sisters you have learned about meekness, a meekness that transcends the material reality in which they live.

These brothers and sisters of yours had everything – because they were united with all things, with the whole life, with the Creator – and everything was taken away from them, because they lost almost all their possibility to express themselves, and in many cases they no longer have a vehicle to unite themselves to God, that is, a natural environment, preserved and harmonious; they only have their own inner world.

The indigenous consciousness, in spite of everything, does not cease to teach something to the human heart, because at this time, children, even if they are not able to express themselves as a people, as a culture and as an essence, they are placing in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, the principles of perseverance, of strength, and of peace, independently of the state the world around them is.

I do not say with this that your brothers and sisters do not suffer with the state of degeneration of the planet, because the sorrow of these hearts and what they carry as pain in the indigenous essence are not understandable for the modern human being of nowadays.

What I tell you is that peace inside them – in spite of the suffering, misery and oppression – is something that remains. The fight for not being corrupted by the present forces is constant and hard for everyone, but they do not lose faith in remaining as a people on Earth, and even in being able one day to return to the origins and recover the purity they are losing.

Learn with this faith so that when time comes to rebuild the Earth you do not lose peace and the certainty of being able to keep standing and to recover the likeness with God that you have lost along so much waywardness.

I leave you My Peace and My wishes that new missions might arise.

May those who committed themselves with service and with living the Christic charity wake up.

Your Father and Companion in missions,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To My missionary of peace children


As an inner synthesis of the mission in Paraguay, recognize everything that in the last days has been transforming within each one of you and offer it to God.

Offer to the Father your expectations, your aspirations of having done more than you did, of taking to your brothers and sisters a more concrete aid, that would bring them a more worthy and healthy life.

Offer to the Father the aspiration of having taught and of having learned with the original peoples, of giving them love and charity and of receiving a learning of simplicity and purity.

Offer to the Father everything that in the last days was healed and transmuted in the human consciousness as the mistakes from the past.

Offer to the Father your efforts of each day, for following what I had told you and also every time in which you forgot My words.

I would like that this mission would mark an inner deepening of the missionary of peace task, a greater disposition of the apprentices of the Christic charity in fulfilling a spiritual role and not only a material one. May the mission, that happens in spirit, be an increasingly priority in your lives.

Each time that you learn to value what happens in the invisible worlds and understand that it is there that the real mission has its results, as Divinity, We can open other paths in the human consciousness and liberate situations each time more profound and rooted, each time more ancient and unconscious for the present humanity.

Children, there are not many missionaries of the present days who serve in matter being conscious of spiritual reflections of their mission. It is therefore that the Creator is so attentive to your movements and follows you with so much love by means of Our Presence and Our Words.

May the missionary of peace spirit expand itself in the human consciousness and may your disposition in deepening the inner transformation – as a form to give a more crystalline service each day – be as a code for humanity that will impel it; an example that gives other servers a spiritual meaning to their own service.

If you dispose yourselves to live the transformation and assume taking steps for your own redemption, you will help many others, who ramble in the world without knowing what to do and who, by your examples, will discover the essence of service, that is more than a social act, it is the path to the Christic life.

I thank you for continuing and for never giving up the transformation.

Believe, children, that the redemption is within reach of every one who says “yes”. And if, at the same time in which you walk towards the redemption of spirit, you do true service, you will open the doors for the redemption of the blind and indifferent ones.

I encourage the whole Planetary Mission Network to continue deepening themselves in essence of the service and to make contact with the indigenous peoples as a form of repairing everything they have lived in the four corners of the world.

Your Father and Companion in missions of peace,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Worthy of glory and praise is the Most High Lord, Who sent his Son to the world to redeem humanity! May all creatures dwell in the Lord now and forever!

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I open your eyes to the spiritual and planetary reality that has wounded the Heart of God very much in the last century of the existence of humanity.

With the mission to Chaco, the Universe of God was before the opportunity of redemption of many situations that refer to the indigenous consciousness, the original peoples of the planet. However, so that this liberation does not overload a few, it is necessary prayer and conscious collaboration from all.

Throughout the last centuries, your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness suffered from the cunnings of the enemy of God, which have manifested in the planetary and material life as that which you call social injustices. These injustices are actually encouraged by the one who fights against the Divine Project on Earth and that, not only seeks to dispel the indigenous consciousness through the shortages and miseries that they live but also causes resentment to appear in their hearts.

This resentment was being transmitted from one generation to the next until very few remained in their original pacification and purity. It was in this way that conflicts and fights for possession and material resources led many souls, that should be guardians of sublime realities of the planet, to the hells and purgatories of this world.

With this humanitarian mission in Chaco, many hellish doors were opened to the rescue and rehabilitation of those souls, not only from Argentina but from all of America.

This fact, children, commits you as humanity because the loss of those souls was also caused by human actions.

It is for this reason that I ask you for greater awareness and prayerful spirit because, even though the acts performed in Chaco are simple, many evils can be balanced with the unity and adherence of everyone.

The planetary urgency calls on you to act and multiply your efforts. There is still much to be liberated on the planet and, with these two current missions, the consciousness of your group is beginning to understand the true performance of service, as well as of prayer.

If you live in the spirit of unity, many of your brothers and sisters that suffer in the underworlds of the planetary consciousness will be able to receive an opportunity to go through redemption in time.

Do not forget to dedicate some time to the true and heartfelt union with the missionaries; thus, many other doors will open for the liberation of the planet.

I love you and count on your prayers and your ignited hearts, as a doorway so that the Divine Mercy may descend to Earth.

Your father and friend, server and missionary of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the world begins to become aware of the need for service and Argentina takes the first steps in the active balancing of its debts with God, I call on you so that you do not stop taking your steps. May each mission be a doorway that is opened to a greater possibility of redemption in the world.

My missionaries in Chaco are beginning to become aware of the spiritual task that they carry out and their hearts can now feel the Purpose of God a little more.

The suffering of the indigenous consciousness is being alleviated, but as I have told you, this is a door that was opened so that you may continue on a long journey of reparation and redemption.

For Argentina to become a nation able to be the cradle of the New Humanity, just like Brazil, Uruguay, and other countries of South America, there must exist a greater spirit of love and fraternity.

With small acts of service, the consciousness is expanded to know the truth, which is the presence of God within all living creatures. Service, children, dignifies the spirit and activates love, latent in the human heart. For this reason, now that you have taken the first steps with greater awareness, I will ask you to not stop.

The missionaries will feel in their hearts the need for this service to have some continuity, and I tell you that this feeling is true. I would like other members of this Work to have the opportunity to contribute their love into acts of fraternal charity, but for that, I need the inner and material willingness of all.

As the spiritual maladjustment is gradually balanced and transmuted in Chaco through the simple and sincere actions of servers, the paths will open in the matter and you will find those intercessors sent by God that will help you to provide a more materially dignified life to the peoples of Chaco.

But before that, you must still make a great effort so that love is able to dissolve the sorrow that has impregnated the indigenous consciousness for so many centuries.

My children, the world is in its last breaths of suffering, and the Justice of God will soon descend to the Earth. That is not a threat, it is a reality. For this reason, the most important now is to learn to truly love, to break your own structures of pride, egoism and indifference, so that, still in the time of His Mercy, the Lord may grant you the Grace of dwelling in your inner worlds and strengthen you for the rebuilding of the material and spiritual life of the Earth.

I love you and, for this reason, I impel you so that you do not stop your steps now. Deepen into the spirit of service and, at the end of this mission, I will tell you what I most want for Argentina and for South America. I await you to be attentive and open-hearted to listen to Me.

Your Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

DAILY MESSAGE OF SAINT JOSEPH, TRANSMITTED on the Eagle of Light bus, during the journey from the Marian Center of Aurora, Uruguay, to Cordoba, Argentina, TO THE VISIONARY SISTER LUCÍA DE JESÚS​​​​

If there is something that is to be dispelled immediately from the human heart, it is fear.

Fear is the absence of God, of love, of faith. Fear is born and grows in the heart of those who have become comfortable in the human condition and still have not recognized that what has to be dedicatedly taken care of is only the deepest essence of the being, the divine principles to be found there.

The one who feels fear is because they do not trust in love.

With your actions, you must strengthen the principles of faith, the certainty that one day, love will speak more loudly in the human consciousness, because the need for peace and unity will be so great that everyone will unite in seeking a One God.

The fear with which the original peoples live is the fear of losing their culture, losing their place on Earth. Because they do not have the basics they need to live, they feel the fear of disappearing as a people, just as so many other peoples disappeared.

In the mission taking place in Chaco, as well as in all the missions that will still take place with these indigenous brothers and sisters of yours, you must strengthen the fraternity and have them feel that you understand, or seek to understand, the spiritual role of the original peoples on Earth, because, besides provisions and basic care, you will find in your brothers and sisters the need to be recognized with their culture and their wisdom, as part of this human civilization.

In the depths of those hearts, more than hunger or poverty, they think of the abandonment and indifference of the majority of human beings. For this reason, we are dedicating these messages not only to instruct the missionaries, but to also spiritually awaken humanity and, above all, in this case, Argentina, to know the role of the indigenous consciousness, since its equilibrium depends on the purity, the simplicity and the wisdom that the original peoples maintain within themselves.

You must provide a small or a great service always keeping in mind the spiritual purpose much more than the physical act because physically, you will find infinite material, social, moral needs, the lack of basic things for survival, and a much greater effort than just a few days would be necessary in order to provide all of them.

Many may ask themselves: what is the reason for doing these so quick missions, in which not even a minimum part of the great need of these peoples is supplied?

And I respond that those who manage to see with their eyes what takes place in the spirit, and not just in the matter, know that spiritual needs move based on other laws, and sometimes, a situation that spiritually speaking is much more serious than a great physical lack, is resolved with a small act of true love.

It is for this reason that we will ask you to indeed take material resources, but what really gives meaning to a mission is the experience of love, the capacity to open the doors so that God may descend and act through your hands.

Seek to be true and do not want to be heroes. Just be simple of heart, open yourselves to learn, allow yourselves to be healed from your own human indifference, your pride and selfishness. It is in this way that you will be able to call yourselves missionaries, missionaries of the spirit, missionaries that serve to fulfill the Will of God.

I love you and thus teach you how to serve.

Your father and friend, server of the Most High God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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