Dear children,

Just as in the Message of last Saturday, I clearly said to you that My maternal call has not yet been fulfilled in Garabandal or in La Salette. Today, as the Lady of Guadalupe and Queen of Peace, your Heavenly Mother comes to spread Her Sacred Mantle upon all of Her children so that the majority of My children may be protected from the adversities of war, from persecution among Christians and the catastrophes of nature.

I come, as the Mother of the World, to make you hear the cry of Mother Earth and of the Lower Kingdoms. And while this is not taken into account, My maternal call is repeated and strengthened again so that the third Secret of Fatima may not continue to be concretized in such a fearful way.  

My children, it is necessary to do something. I come to ask you, as a Sorrowful Mother by the foot of the cross of the planet’s Calvary, that you no longer be indifferent or insensitive.

I come, as your Heavenly Mother, to open the eyes of your consciousnesses, so that you may awaken through your heart’s true feeling.

Dear children, today the cry of the planet, of the volcanoes, of the climate, of all misery and of humanity’s war is also My cry, My clamor, My voice saying: enough!

No longer be a part of pain and of a tired suffering. Be part of the New Earth, of the coming of the New Humanity, free from so many mistakes and punishments.

Today I am here with My Heart marked with the signs of My children and of a suffering world.

I am here as the bearer of Peace to the world, as the Lady of Hope.

May the Earth be blessed and consecrated to God through the yes of the apostles of Christ.

Despite this current world crisis, I tell you once again: At the end of everything, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 


The Light of the Return will come from the heights of the White Mountain, and the Americas will be blessed by a Grace of liberation and peace.

That Light will then descend from the White Mountain, but it will remain within it for three days until the majority of people will have seen it and recognized it.

They will give it many names and causes, but only a few will recognize what it is.

Nobody will be able to draw close to that Light, because it will be so strong that it will dazzle the curious and the opponents.

It will bring Grace and wellbeing to the oppressed and many, indeed many will recognize their infidelity to God too late.

Those who repent in time will be touched by the Grace and wisdom of that Light, and everything will begin again.

Nobody will be able to hide that Light which will come from the Mountain, for it will not be material, although everybody will see it with their physical eyes, it will be a more impactful and revealing Light than the Star of Bethlehem. It will shine more than the Sacred Mantle of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It will have more power than all nations, which believe themselves to be powerful.

That Light will come for the just, for those who asked for Mercy, for the unfortunate, for those who cry out for peace and freedom.

And, at last, that Light will descend, and everything will be revealed. The White Mountain will be the witness of this entire occurrence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


More than five-hundred years ago, your Heavenly Mother, the Guadalupan, descended upon the Tepeyac Hill.

Today, after more than five hundred years, after the Apparitions of the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, your Blessed Mother descends upon the Arequita Hill, to again open the great Spiritual Portal, the great cosmic opportunity for the definitive redemption of Uruguay.

For this reason, today is an important day of celebration in Heaven, because not only the devout believers of the Guadalupan offer their prayers and care to the Ever-Virgin of the Americas, but for Heaven this is also a reason to be in jubilee, that Uruguay, as a country predestined to the reappearance of Christ, has found a sure path where the return to God lies, so that the faith and devotion of the Uruguayan people may mature.

Just as the Guadalupan was on top of the Tepeyac Hill, in the company of Saint Juan Diego and of all his original people, in the same way, today, your Heavenly Mother is crowned and loved by the descendants of the Charrua Indigenous consciousness. Your Heavenly Mother, on this day, returns the sacred values to the soul of Uruguay, those which the Charrua Indigenous ancestors lived, with so much reverence, simplicity and faith.

It is so, that the Mother of the Americas, the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, again unites that which was, up until now, separated in the spiritual plane of consciousness of the Uruguayans, so that, within this last chance, the people of Uruguay may have the opportunity to again reintegrate the path of the purpose that it must fulfill as a country.

Therefore, this is an important day of celebration in Heaven, not only because the children of God remember the Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, but also because the Mother of God grants a spiritual reprieve to a nation that was considered as lost.

On this day of Vigil, may each heart declare an act of gratitude for the nations to continue fulfilling that which each people will have to express and concretize within the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today happiness is lost in the world because of the lack of peace and love among beings.

Therefore, as part of the emanation of God, as the Feminine aspect of God, represented in the Mother of the World, I come to give to humanity the divine and cosmic Love that it so needs.

And I ask you not to fear, not to doubt nor to spiritually fail, My children. This is the time of adversity, the great moment of the planetary Armageddon, in which everything will be defined.

It is also the moment when My Son approaches the world, each time more, to be able to place it upon the Path of God.

Therefore, I am here today, My children, so that you may listen to My voice and so that you may announce My message to the world.

Today, may this Meeting of Music that will be offered elevate the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of humanity, but may it also bring the spiritual healing that nations need to attain peace and reconciliation among peoples.

Do not cease to aspire to attain the Sacred Merits of God. These Merits will make you worthy before His Presence.

Therefore, My children, offer each moment of today as if it were the last one, so that God may listen to the voice of His children that rises through singing and instruments.

May this elevation, which will be built from you, as a bridge of light toward the Universe, transmute the corrosive and retrograde energies so that the most lost essences, which are in darkness, may be rescued by Me.

As up until now, I count on the adherence of each one of My children; because elevated music and the music that brings consciousness to souls will always transform everything, although it may seem impossible.

When souls group together and gather in the name of God, to sing to Him and praise Him, the extraordinary and inexplicable Graces of the Universe can descend so that all creatures, regardless of whether or not they are in the good, may receive the help they need to awaken.

Today I come as the Mother of the Sun, as the Governess of the Universe, to tell you, My children, that the Universe will  again open to hear your melodies and vibrations that you will offer in the name of My Son and for peace.

I bring you the true joy of being able to live in God and to find Him in each moment of your lives knowing that, beyond what you live, what you experience or the pain that you suffer, God will always be attentive to help you, because He is infinite in Mercy.

Hold on to and affirm yourselves upon the powerful Kingdom of God, which is within each one of you; and in the giving of self, in service, in singing and in prayer, you will be able to be in contact with the Supreme Father and in communion with His Spirit.

In these acute moments of humanity, may the Prayers for the Nations of South America keep being offered daily.

On this special day, in which Heaven will commune with the voices that will emerge from the Earth, and the Earth and its inhabitants will commune with the Universe, I wish for a weekly prayer for South America to be offered, which would include all nations, all peoples, all situations and acute moments that it is going through, to reaffirm the re-consecration of South America to the Mother of God, to the Immaculate and eternal Heart of Mary, before the sacred face of the Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mother of all peoples and of all cultures, so that the flame of faith may ignite in hearts and so that this flame may attract peace to societies, to governments and to peoples.

We know, My children, that the world will come to know, in this time, the reality that was always hidden. And humanity will not be able to transgress the laws nor omit them, nor from all this take advantage and benefits, because if there is no justice and equality, there will be no peace.

The conflicts in nations are crises to mature, reflect and change. May My children no longer hurt one another. May transgressions or violences no longer exist in peoples and in societies.

This is a time of rebellion, but it is also a time of Mercy.

Raise your voices to the Heights, may the Father feel the love of His children within His Heart tonight so that the whole planet and its humanity may receive His Mercy, and Peace may be granted to the world, especially to South America.

I thank you for everything that you will offer, because it is very important for your Heavenly Mother.

And those who still do not feel motivated to take a step toward service for the Plan of Love, let them do it, because they will lose nothing, but they will rather receive the treasures of Heaven, which are incalculable and infinite.

Support this work of Music for the Healing of humanity. May souls volunteer, may hearts congregate, because prayer and elevated music is what will heal and cure humanity.

I bless you, My children, and I wish you a good gala of offering to the Creator Father.

May this be a night when the stars of the cosmos will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



May peace reign today in all hearts and among all peoples.

May, through your prayers, love and respect for all nations and cultures be gestated in the human consciousness.

Joyfully express gratitude for the diversity of this planet, which makes it unique in the Universe for the ample possibility that beings have to learn how to love.

United with Our Lady of Guadalupe, may your hearts learn to give due importance to all peoples and may you love and cherish the pure expression of each one of them.

Each people, as well as each culture, has a higher purpose to manifest. Today, children, pray for this purpose so that nations may recover their purity and find the perfect principle of Divine Will for themselves.

Pray so that each nation may express their best in this world. Cease to judge cultures and religions but rather pray that they all find the Will of God and that this Will leads beings into expressing, experiencing and being the Love of God, constantly renewed in His creatures.

Today is a day to be thankful for the existence of peoples, cultures, and nations.

Today is a day to cry out to the Father so that, in His Heart of Love, He may unite all the paths that lead to Him.

Today is a day to place the heart within the Sacred Heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe and learn with Her to establish peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Behold the Radiant Sun of God

Behold the Radiant Sun of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, the one who announces the arrival of a new and expected time.

Behold the Governess of hearts and the Mother, Help of Christians, the one that keeps vigil and prays for those who are demeaned and miserable.

Behold the Lady of Guadalupe, the Mother who unites what is separated among the consciousnesses, the Lady of Light who gestates in Her sacred Womb a new humanity.

Behold the Mother of Reconciliation, the one who gestates the alliance among cultures and peoples, the Mother who intercedes for those who are exploited.

Behold the Warrior Mother of the Seven Swords, the White Woman who treads with Her Feet on the serpent of evil, allowing the Love of God to triumph within oppressed hearts.

Behold the Mother of the Heavenly Church of Christ, the one who takes care and accompanies those who are truthful at heart, the Mother who prays for the mission of the priests and of the servers of Christ.

Behold the Mother of the Andes and of the Peoples of the Desert, of those who live in the heights, as well as those who live in the prairies, the Mother of the poor and of the simple, of the humble and of the workers of God, of those who cultivate the arid land to make the Life of Creation flourish.

Behold the Mother of the offended and of the discriminated, the Mother of the sick and of the helpless, the Lady of Healing who leads the journey of the non-redeemed ones, of those who search for inner healing.

Behold the Mother of the Americas, the Lady of all the Andean cultures, the Mother of Nature, Pachamama, the one who in Her sacred delivery is ready to give birth to the New Human Being, to the new consciousness of humanity.

Behold the Mother of the Armies of Christ, of the soldiers who only battle with the sincere prayer of the heart, the Mother of those who beg for Mercy.

Behold the Mother of the emigrants, of those who abandoned their lands and their origins in search of a place of peace and hope.

Behold the Mother of Divine Justice, the Mother who intervenes for Her children in spite of any spiritual and inner situation, the Mother who aids those who suffer the chastisement of human beings.

Behold the Lady of Evangelization, the Mother who instructs with examples, the Lady who instructs through sacred words of Love.

Behold the Mother of Peru and all its people, the Mother who prays for equality and justice, for equity and hygiene of those who survive amidst desperation and chaos.

Behold the Mother of the sick of spirit and body, of those who are not helped and of those who are forgotten in the streets of this world.

Behold the Mother of the children, of those who sell on the streets, the Mother of those who are in danger, the Mother of those who are sold and are lost.

Behold the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother who implores to the People of God and of the governors for equality and healthy justice, the Mother who tries to avoid greater sufferings.

Behold the Mother of morality, the Mother of healthy education and of worthy teaching, the Mother of the illiterate.

Behold the Mother of Love and the Mother of Hope, the Lady who gives impulse to awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Evangelization


At the gateway of a Great Mission…

Dear children,

With the bliss of My Spirit, I pour out My Peace on you today so that the perfect and invincible communion with My Son may be established in you.

It will be in the sacred cenacle of the Heart of Christ where the first steps on the redemption and the rehabilitation of souls will be mercifully shown.

This, children, is the beginning of a new stage where many souls will be benefitted by the upcoming pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico.

Your Heavenly Father congregates you in prayer and in cooperation, so that the plans of your Most Holy Mother may be fulfilled in this dear region of the planet, threatened by the exploitation of human beings, of the Kingdoms of Nature, and of innocent society.

It is in this way that your Heavenly Mother gets ready, in prayer, adoration, and silence, to cross the abysses of all those places and thus light fallen stars again, which were lost for different reasons, and which must remember their filiation with God.

On this day, when you, My children, and especially those children who opened their hearts to help me in this plan of redemption and of peace, have generated a positive and pleasant response to the Heart of the Heavenly Father.

The mission to Central America and Mexico will encompass several fields of consciousness, and your Heavenly Mother will be able to enter with Her Kingdom of Light and with all Her angels into the nations that need it the most.

It is thus, My dear children, that through My simple hands the Universe of God will undo the knots that are millenary in the consciousness of humanity.

Each one of your hearts is called to accompany your Holy Mother on this pilgrimage, be it with your prayers, with your offerings, or with your presence on some part of the pilgrimage through the nations of Central America.

It is in this way that, through your support and your loving company, your Heavenly Mother will be able to count on Her soldiers to carry out this work of mercy and of forgiveness for your fellow beings.

The first part of the mission to Central America will work to deactivate the suffering, the indignation, and specially the existing mistreatment of the human Kingdom, and of the lower Kingdoms of Nature.

This task will be possible from the moment in which each child of Mine participates in this pilgrimage from their nation, from their group of prayer, from the Marian Centers, or even inside the operative task of the pilgrimage as a child of Mary.

The second part of the mission in Mexico will try to balance the pain generated since the conquest, upon the indigenous peoples. Through the advocation of the Lady of Guadalupe, during the days of the pilgrimage the deactivation of the suffering of these indigenous peoples can be carried out through an act of forgiveness and of pity, so that in this way Divine Mercy may be established.

The entire route of the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico can be inwardly and spiritually supported by all the children of Mary and by the groups of prayer in the different nations.

So that My children can be present during the complete pilgrimage accompanying your Heavenly Mother, I invite you to fraternize with My children from Central America and Mexico by sending a greeting of peace to Misericordia Maria TV, which will be shown during the public events.

This section, which will be presented during the public events of the Divine Messengers in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico, will try to create strong bonds of love and of fraternity between peoples and their languages.

It is thus, My children, that each group of prayer as well as each pilgrim, in the moment of presenting their greeting of peace, must have with them the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe as the symbol of union and of love between the nations of the world: Uniting all that is separated.

This section will be called “We unite with Mary in Her Sacred Mission.”

I thank you, children, for the gesture of inner brotherhood that each consciousness will be able to express through this greeting of peace, and this will be the way in which the pilgrims and those who pray in the world will accompany each part of the pilgrimage.

Lastly, My children, with the immense joy of Heaven, I once more thank all of My children for having concretized the mission to Central America and for having responded to My call.

United with each prayerful heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

All the works within the Campaign for Peace must be spread on all media of communication used for this purpose, thus the majority of souls will have the opportunity to know this Marian mission for peace in the world.

My wish, at this moment, is that the new Campaign for Peace, which is protected by the Virgin of Guadalupe, will be known, especially the mission in Central America and Mexico.

I would like to ask all those who pray to once again allow the world to know the different campaigns that are being carried out, so that the Sacred Hearts can pour all Their Graces over Central America and Mexico.

My children, I want other souls to be motivated and enthusiastic to be part of this Marian mission.

This is why Association Mary, as the organizing body of this activity, must immediately publish the distinct campaigns which the groups of prayer are carrying out in their different nations.

I would like this Campaign of Peace to be registered and documented in the portal of the Divine Mother and that any consciousness, anywhere in the world, can know about this divine cause.

I accompany each of My children who, in their nation, will be inspired and will strive to help with the plans of their Heavenly Mother.

I am very grateful.

I thank you for collaborating with My Campaign for Peace!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While My eyes look at the world, My Immaculate Heart contemplates all My children from Brazil and from the world, hoping that a wise and loving answer of collaboration with My plans of peace for Central America and Mexico may emerge from all hearts.

As the Mother of the World I still hope, seeing the hands of the clock ticking by, that some of My children from Brazil or from the world will open their hearts to receive My most important call for collaboration with My work in Central America.

An old and longstanding wound must be completely healed.

That is why, dear children, your Guadalupana has carried out a part of the mission, which in that long ago, Her Son had entrusted to Her to carry forward in Mexico.

Now that your Mother has formed the armies of prayer and of light in this new time, I hope that My dearest and most favorite children embrace this call to cooperate with the Plans of Heaven with the fire of their heart.

The source of the celestial and material manifestation hovers over your consciousnesses; thus I still hope, in silence and prayer, that some of My consecrated children may open the correct door, of their hearts and not of their minds, so that the material concretization of My Plan may descend on Earth. 

If this does not happen before the end of the month of October, your Celestial Father will consider that His Holy Call for redemption and for peace realized through your Heavenly Mother is being rejected absolutely by humanity and nothing more can be done. 

In this way, I invite you, My little ones, with the living charity of the Sacred Family of Nazareth, to accompany the Mother of the Most High in this precious purpose of redemption, of liberation, and of peace.

I hope that all of My beloved children from Brazil and from the world do not fall sleep once again, as has happened before, specially when your Paulista Mother calls you to the greater surrender.

The materialization of this Divine Plan to reach Central America depends on humanity as well as on you.

I thank you for responding to My call and to My divine petition!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day I come to announce to you a special request from the Celestial Father.

With My Heart bloodstained, I come to tell you, My little ones, that the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico will be postponed for two important reasons: first, children of Mine, for the lack of resources, which up to this date have not been completed.

It is not My intention as a Mother that My children in mission go on a pilgrimage through these nations without the manifestation being completed.

You know, dear children, that the Celestial Father expects all of His children in the world to deeply yearn to help in the plans of peace of your Heavenly Mother.

The second cause, dear children, is that it is not in the consciousness of everyone the feeling of what the Celestial Hierarchy is realizing with the purpose of avoiding harmful catastrophes in humanity and in the world.

The Plan of the Universal Father is to save all of His children, regardless of their mistakes and faults committed.

It is in this way that as a Kind and Merciful Mother I will wait during all the month of October until I will be able to see with My own celestial eyes that your help for the materialization of My work is sincere and real.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother will carry out a new attempt, the third at this time, to be able to reach Central America and Mexico during all the month of November.

I would like to feel from your hearts not only your beautiful prayers, but also your donations to My work of salvation.

We are in an unusual and definitive time when awakening, redemption and salvation are at stake between chaos and the Kingdom of Light. The triumph of My Heart will occur through the awareness of everyone.

With this purpose, I invite all of My children to renew the Campaign for Peace through the diffusion of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that in the month of October all of My children may daily offer a mystery of the Holy Rosary, which must be prayed at the feet of My holy image.

I would like to be in every home shining as the Mother of all the people and all the nations.

It is in this way that, in October, Your Heavenly Mother will go on a pilgrimage through Brazil, ardently expecting the Marian mission to Central America and Mexico to be fulfilled during the month of November.

All those who pray and are charitable will have the month of October to collaborate so that this important work of peace may reach Central America and Mexico.

I ask all of My Children from Central America and Mexico to strengthen themselves because I will be with them, I will keep this promise. Pray everyday to the Guadalupana and thus prepare yourselves to receive Me; I also invite you to be part of the Campaign for Peace.

As it was in My divine plans to visit some regions of Brazil again, this pilgrimage of the month of October will be dedicated precisely to help materializing the mission to Central America and Mexico.

It is in this way that the Celestial Messengers will visit:

  • Sao Paulo on the 5th and 6th of October, with the 39th Marathon of the Divine Mercy;
  • on the 12th and 13th of October your Most Holy Mother will visit the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto;
  • on the 19th of October Saint Joseph will visit the Sacred House of Mary, Paulista Mother;
  • on the 21st of October your Lord will visit the city of Sao Carlos with the Sacred Call,
  • and on the 24th and 25th of October your Mother will return to the city of Campinas. 

As a consequence, the State of Sao Paulo will be very blessed and impelled to collaborate with the Campaign for Peace, with love and fraternity to all their brothers and sisters of Central America. 

Brazil and Argentina are in position to help Me in this Mission of Peace for the month of November. 

I thank you for loving the Will of the Father and accepting it; I expect your adherence of heart! 

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The return of the Guadalupan to Central America and Mexico

At the feet of the Tepeyac, Your Heavenly Mother prepares Her task with all the souls and hearts that will receive from Me the essence of love and redemption.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Through the help and collaboration of all, your Mother of Heaven will descend to the Mexican lands and to Central America, where the history of My presence and of the liberation of the indigenous peoples and of all the slaves was recorded.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

At this moment, dear children, accompany Your Holy Mother in this pilgrimage, so that, for the second time in the history of humanity, I may stamp My Holy Liberating and Redeeming Face of Guadalupe on the precious souls of My children of Central America and Mexico.

It is the return of the Guadalupan… 

Because of this, with rejoicing and joy, you, My children of Central America and of the world, will open the doors of your hearts and of your nations so that Your Mother of Guadalupe may enter and carry out the sacred mission of preparing the consciousnesses for the return of My Beloved Son.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

With the voice and the chant of the holy angels, the Governess of the Americas, the Holy Mother of God, rejoices because She will be able to meet Her children of Central America again, to pour on them Her Graces and to deliver to them the blessed Spirit of My Peace.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I will go to Central America to heal old wounds, past histories of pain and suffering; at last I will be able to make My dear children be born again; I will be able to remove them from the illusion of the world and I will open for them the eyes of the soul and the consciousness, so that all can see and feel Me.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Opening your hearts to receive Me, listen to the voice of the Mother of the Americas, a voice that summons you to the consecration of your peoples and of your nations, so that peace may reign and thus the error and the outrages to the little hearts may end.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

During the month of October, I will place My crown of twelve stars over Central America and Mexico and I will pour My twelve universal attributes, so that souls may receive the codes of rehabilitation and conversion.

It will be during the month of October that Your Heavenly Mother will cease the spiritual and material war and, together with the Face of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, we will enter in prayer so that those lost and the imprisoned may attain liberation.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

You will see the flags of all nations of the Americas wave.

They will be put at the feet of Your Heavenly Mother, as the symbol of the surrender of the peoples before My Immaculate Heart and as the union between cultures through the Love of God.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Happy are those who recognize Me as the Holy Woman of Nazareth, thus I will bring to all the awareness of the importance of the triumph of the Plan of God for these times and of the awakening of hearts to My last call.

You will see My Work fulfilled no matter what, because My Immacultate Spirit will give inner strength for the servers to comply with My petitions.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

Each culture will ask for forgiveness from one another, each nation will reconcile with each nation, if the hearts open in time to glimpse the Love of God, which will  be filling them, because in Central America the door will be closed and souls will not get lost anymore, as they will have awareness not to do it and to convert themselves.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

On this day, may all embrace the mission of Your Heavenly Mother and may hearts not forget to cooperate, to collaborate and to lovingly donate so that the Plan of Peace may be fulfilled. Thus, I teach the Church how to use its goods in the name of the Greater Plan and not in its own name, because souls wait for spiritual help.

May all be balanced. May all be just for the good and for the future of the New Humanity.

It is the return of the Guadalupan…

I thank you for accompanying and supporting Me in the Mission to Central America!

Who blesses you from the heart of the Tepeyac, Your Guadalupan,

Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all the children of the world and from Heaven I bring you the peace that is possible to live in these times. This is why I am here, dear children, so that you may believe in this; because in spite of what happens in humanity and in all hearts, My task continues to be completed. I open the Heavens so that your hearts are able to rise up toward Me and thus enter the Heart of God, Who with ardent love awaits you to give you shelter in His Spirit and in His Divinity

Dear children, I come to Madrid with the same mission as two years ago. The Guadalupana must now travel through each province of Spain and must reach the hearts that are unknown to you. Because if you go on this pilgrimage with Me, carrying the holy image, hearts will seek it because they have lost faith in God and they need to regain it. This is why I am here, dear children, to make this request of you, because from the heart of Spain it is possible that this task may begin.

And thus you will find souls that will need to live through prayer, will need to learn how to pray and know how to connect with God. You who already live within My School of Prayer will know how to do it and how to teach it, because I will inspire you in the Power of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, dear children, you will gradually come to know the Gifts of God that are waiting to descend upon humanity and upon the simple hearts that open to find the path of consecration to the Plan of the Most High.

Today I come here to unite what is separate between consciousnesses, just as the song says. I come to establish in your essences the new humanity, something that today you will not be able to understand, dear children, but which you will build little by little inside of yourselves, taking the steps in the Plan of the Lord and in the redemption that My Son offers you in this time. Thus, dear children, you will never be alone; no matter how much you feel you are losing your inner strength, My Heart will always support you. I am that sacred hand that reaches out to you so that you can take hold of it firmly and feel safe on this path of conversion, of complete transfiguration of your lives.

Spain must be the Reign of My Immaculate Heart, because united with Portugal, it will be able to radiate peace to the whole European continent and beyond. You know, dear children, that you can count on the Sanctuary of Lis and also on the Sanctuary of Medjugorje. But it is still not enough; there are still hearts that have not repented and that do not find the path to My Son.

I come to show you the pathway that takes you to the Heart of the Celestial Father and this will cease to be a theory or something that is so invisible for you. Dear children, I need you to form as My columns, as I have told you once before, and to keep strengthening your spiritual life so that I may be near you and guide you along this path of end of times amidst the darkness and obscurity that the world lives.

I want this image to be a portal of peace, because for this I have consecrated it for each one of you and for your brothers and sisters on the path. As Guadalupe, I fulfill an important task in the United States, and I also fulfill it here, because from here I left to manifest in the Americas and come to be known as the Mother of the Americas and Mother of all the peoples.

I inspired the apostles of Christ when they evangelized and preached throughout this region, so that they might make My Gospel known, which is the deepest story of the Mother of God with Jesus Christ, Your Lord; so that they might make My silent work known and so that it might be witnessed by each one that heard it. This story reached Guadalupe, in a corner of this great Spain, and from there I was known to the world when My sacred face of the Mother of all the races showed itself to the Americas; thus reminding the white man of the union with all the peoples through unity and love, which at that time in Guadalupe I came to institute by order of God so that the peoples of Europe might have an opportunity in this final time, in this time of purification, in this time of transition.

Your hearts have been self-summoned for this and have not ceased to fulfill what I have requested in this work of expanding the light of My Heart throughout the world and especially in Europe. My mission with you, dear children, must go beyond frontiers and nations. You must reach those closed hearts that do not want to know Jesus nor draw closer to God. There is no method for doing it, nor one rule; transmit the love of your hearts, the love you feel for Me, and thus I will work. And when you gather together to pray with your brothers and sisters, with those who are unknown to you, they will be able to be converted by My Love and will find the peace that they seek so much. Dear children, I expect this of you in this time. This is why I have come here to Madrid, so that you may effect a renewal of your vows with the Celestial Father and with the Plan of redemption of My Beloved Son and of My Immaculate Heart.

The next step for Europe is to disseminate the love of Saint Joseph and the transformation that this holy man lived while being human, being a simple and true man. Thus I want, dear children, to create in you and in these peoples of Europe a new human being, and leave behind the old human being who has closed themselves off from transformation and from renunciation. Saint Joseph will be the Mediator that will guide you along this path.

If you disseminate Our Lady of Guadalupe, you will know how to disseminate the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, because in truth I tell you, dear children, that here in Spain there are still simple souls that feel God in their hearts but do not know how to connect with Him. The souls that are closed are My preferred souls; they are the ones I aspire to find through your hands and your services in union with My Son, with His Sacred Heart.

There is still much to be done here and it is time for your hearts to grow in this task and not be afraid of taking the steps, just as your brothers and sisters have done so in other parts of the world, definitely surrendering to live the Plan of God and to cooperate in the salvation of this humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, which are so assaulted.

Dear children, I am in communion with you all the sainted days of life. And in each moment that you pray to My Heart, I can strengthen you so that you can live this Project that is so unknown to the world, which is the Project of love and of redemption.

Today I hover over you, dear children, because I love you; I love you in the eternal joy of My Immaculate Heart that pours Its Graces over My children so that they can stand firm and sure on the path that I invite them to follow. I am Your Mother of Peace, I am Your Mother of Love, Mother of Confidence, Mother of Consecration and of Hope, I am the one who lifts you up when you fall, I am the one who cheers you up when your hearts are sad or when you are confused by My adversary.

Unite with Me through the Holy Rosary and contemplate, as you have done today, each divine mystery of My Son. Thus your hearts will be custodians of the codes of the Celestial Universe, which will be indispensible in these times and for all of humanity. As I know, dear children, that not all will receive these codes that will help transform the world, the very few that will received them will have the great responsibility of being consistent with them and of expanding them in love and in joy throughout the world.

Your guardian angels are confident that you will be able to do it; count on them in this work of co-redemption that you live with Me and in union with My Son. It is because of this that I come to prepare you for the end time and so that you never forget this moment in which Heaven touches your hearts and lives to renew them and provides the impulse to give a little more in honor to God, Who contemplates you in this hour with gentleness and full attention through My Immaculate Heart.

Feel, dear children, how alive My Peace is, and beyond being non-material, it is felt and pulses in the heart that opens to receive it. Seek the gifts of charity and of the good and you will be on the right path. Do not seek personal realization, but rather the completion of the works in humanity through the Sacred Hearts. Thus, dear children, as Your Patron of Guadalupe and of all of Spain, in the silence we will be able to achieve the redemption of millions of souls that are submerged in the chaos of this world and in the superficiality of material life. My adversary has undertaken closing these hearts, but today I am giving you the master key, which is the key of your hearts, the key of love and of trust in God, because the heart that is patient, dear children, gains everything.

Let us pray now, dear children, for humanity.

And here, dear children, before the Altars of God, today you offer Me the greatest testimony of Truth and of redemption for the hearts of the world, through the precious Blood and the divine Body of Your Lord, Who having poured out all the codes of rehabilitation for hearts and spirits, through this bread and this wine will today become present through transubstantiation. The angels of the Universe united to My Heart and in adoration, will convert these elements in glory to the Celestial Father. When you drink of the Blood of Christ, drink for those who do not drink the precious blood of Our Lord, and when you commune, dear children, commune for those who offend Him and deny Him in this time.

You will sing to Our Lady of Guadalupe just as you have done, so that My Face may unify all the races and all the peoples in the spirituality of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call and I love you!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In the name of the Infinite Light of the Creator, I descend upon the world and My Maternal Spirit visits the whole nation of Colombia in order to pour from My powerful and humble hands, the rays of hope and relief that many hearts of Mine need.

Dear children, I wish, on this day,  that you universally remember Me as the Mother of Guadalupe, as the Mother of all of the peoples, those, that separated, must unite again through My Holy Heart in order to achieve the state of peace.

But today I will not only come to bless you and to thank all of My children from Colombia and from the sister nations that made this sacred encounter for peace possible.  Today I will come in the sovereign company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is your Bigger Brother, who calls you to work as new apostles of His Work of Redemption.

Dear children,  today lovingly surrender  to Your Lady of Guadalupe all of the faults and errors made throughout the times by the non-redeemed hearts so that the Great Sun of Christ may reopen the doors to rehabilitation and to the Forgiveness of God for a race that is still in transformation.

Children of Mine, today I come to announce to you that you are on My path, on the favorite path of My Heart.  As Your Mother, I hope that through these days of encounter, great part of My Peace be deposited in your hearts because if peace is in your lives, the world will have the opportunity for an extra time of peace.

I piously come to call you to redemption, because the time has come for your consciousnesses, in absolute surrender to the Almighty, receive the Grace of redeeming the past and walk freely as one only people of God.

Today I am The Eagle of Light that sings in the mountains, the sacred condor announces that the Mercy of God is coming for the hearts that in repentance and faith surrender themselves to the Ocean of Love of the Creator;  thus the souls that have been imprisoned in error and submission for centuries, will be liberated, will be elevated to the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord.

For this, My much beloved children of Colombia, I come to awaken in each one the potential for loving prayer each day more, because in prayer you will close the doors to perdition and you will open the Heavens in order for the Glory of the Celestial Father to descend.

I thank you all for having answered to one part of My Plan of Salvation!

Who blesses you and who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Guadalupe


Dear children,

While true Peace is ending in the world, I come to you encounter, once again, to offer you My lap of lovingly light, where you, always, and before any circumstances, will be able to rest.

In this way I open My arms and extend My hands, calling you to live the path of constant reconciliation with the Eternal Father.

My dears, while My words of light are expanded in the whole world, and My Graces reach the hearts that are the most unprotected, I ask that you do not tire of reinforcing the perpetual alliance with Christ, because in this way you will permit that your paths be the favorite paths of My Beloved Son, Jesus.

Today I come to this place, to the little piece of the paradise of salvation and of rescue, that which was built by the hands of the simple ones, those that welcomed the innocent souls.  Today I come again to the New Earth to provide relief and serenity to all that seems impossible to remedy and to heal.

In the same way as My Heart will reignite your souls and this place, also the Blessed Heart of Your Mother will illuminate the darkest abysses where many souls are imprisoned everyday.

Since the beginning I have wished to have you with Me in Heaven, to be able to establish the Kingdom of God by means of the redeeming presence of Christ.  But you still must learn to love and to forgive; many of you must appreciate and thank for all that with so much effort and love, has been given to each one.

Recognize, children, that the world is already in difficult times.  For this, today I ask you to appreciate the sacred places that God has given you by means of the serving souls.  Thus, all will continue to be deserving of the Mercy of God, of that Great Source of Graces that very few receive.

The islands of salvation in which many of you live today are unique in the world: as in the Marian Centers of the world, they are sheltered by the law of My Immaculate Heart.

Today I invite you to joy in order to, thus, give comfort to those who do not have it.   Today I invite you to reverence and to healing in order to, thus, give relief and inner courage to those who have lost them.  Today I invite you to the Love of the Father, so that this powerful affluent may be extended to those who are empty and without God.

Dear children, we are already finalizing a cycle in this planet, and we are about to begin another.  I invite you to strengthen your trust in the Creator.  In this way you will be assisting so that a great part of the world may be worthy of receiving the Compassion of God.

I am here among you pouring the Divine Laws so that you may be renovated by My Spirit and thus you may proclaim the Love of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit to all those who suffer.

Today will be born an inner child in those who may be willing to incarnate the Love of Christ.  It is this Love that will transcend the end of the times, and that will bring all to reaching the final goal: the return to the Heart of Christ.

I thank the most little ones for having sung to Me.  The voice of the innocent brings the world closer to the Mercy of God.

I thank you on this day for having answered to My Call!

Who blesses and embraces you strongly with Maternal love,

Mary, Lady of Guadalupe

Monthly Messages
Message for the Annual Apparition of the Holy Mary of Aurora, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In glory, joy and celebration, today I gather you in the cenacle of My Immaculate Heart in order to give honor and thanks to the God of Redemption, who has gathered you since the beggining to live within the path of conversion and forgiveness.

Let us give thanks to His infinite Presence in the pure and simple hearts that have heard the call of the Queen of Heaven, of the Holy Mary of Aurora.

Today, the closing of a universal cycle, in the work of the Mother of God with Her children of humanity is fulfilled.

Today, the Heavens open up to find the devout and humble souls that have responded to the call of Peace.

Blessed be all who are present in this Higher Kingdom of Redemption and Love, because on August 8, 2007, Heaven touched the Earth through the blessing of the Universal Mother, and Her attributes were revealed through Her Faces in the cycle of the twenty-two apparitions in August of 2011.

In this synthesis, that I give you today, My dear children, I wish you to be aware of the events that will be kept for a long time after I am no longer be here among you. But I shall not leave you alone. My Immaculate Heart shall be your strength and main reason to go to Jesus, the Christ.

As a mediator and Mother, in the end of times I call you, dear children, to this new cycle, to gather the inner forces of the heart in order to cross the infinite threshold towards the Heavens. There you will be able to live in peace with yourselves and among your families, even though you live in this world that suffers.

On August 8, 2007, I came to establish devotion to the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity in Uruguay and in South America, awakening a deeper devotion for the Mother and Lady of Lujan in Argentina, for Our Mother of the Thirty-Three in Uruguay, and for Our Lady Aparecida in Brazil. My Universal Heart knocked on the doors of the hearts from the Republic of Venezuela through Our Lady of Coromoto in order to rescue the consciousnesses of the original peoples of the Americas, along with the Divine Power of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I have established the devotion to My Immaculate Heart throughout the world, for it is the portal for the salvation of the lost souls who are distant from the God of Love.

Today, dear children, may your inner celebration be deeply devotional and mystical, allowing the Love of God to transform you through My Presence on this day.

My main appreciation is for all My children, believers or non-believers, healthy or ill, happy or sad, who were called to My path of Peace and Redemption of souls.

Today, the light of the Marian Centers shines in a special way in the world, for My motherly Consciousness will appear to Its beloved children who faithfully trusted the Lady of Heaven.

Remember, dear children, that I pray day and night for your missions consecrated to God the Father.

For so much that you have given Me, I thank you, now and always.

I am the Aurora that can dawn within every being.

Peace and Mercy for the whole world,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Lady of Aurora


In the dawning hours of the 16th of February I come from Heaven so that, before My presence, your hearts will be healed and redeemed under the Love of God.

I want on this night to show to the world that one of the stars of the universe, the most humble and sovereign, descends from the firmament so that, through the Divine Word and the Eternal Love, She may illuminate the paths of those who say yes to God and of those who deny and dismiss Him.

My Sacred and Immaculate Heart is made present, in the beloved city of Manaus, to pour special Graces over the hearts that seek the relief and the healing for their profound inner wounds.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace approaches the most simple and humble, to show all Her Love and Gratitude for the answer given to this important call.

And despite the fact that two of My messengers of Earth, Mother Shimani and Friar Elias, today are not present among you so that they may resonate My sweet voice in the four corners of the Earth, the always Virgin Mary, the Sovereign Star of Peace, through the power that God has given Her will bring to this place both hearts, so that you may feel that My Work is accomplished in omnipresence and prayer.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace wants to ask of you prayer for the visionaries and for all the good Christians that follow in the whole world My Work in the Americas.  But the most important is that My Son Jesus has asked Me in Heaven to return to the Amazon as I have been doing continuously, through the Sacred Face of the Lady of the Rosary and Peace, to other children of Mine from this precious region.

I want that your consciousness may be united with My greatness and love for all, principally in the devotion of all of you for the wise mysteries of God; in this way I want you to know that My Sacred Maternal Heart appears in Glory to different children of Mine.

My dear children from Manaus, the Lord is joyful in His Mercy and Piety for your inner opening, for this I want that those children who have never known Me, may get to know Me.

During one of My last Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías, I asked him that on the day of the Apparition in Manaus that there be on the altar, that honors My Sacred Maternal Consciousness, an image of the Lady of Guadaloupe.  I want and I wish to leave through this the Guadaloupean message of union among the races and the hearts, as it was in the past through Juan Diego.

The Divine Indigenous Consciousness must be rescued, for this the encounter of today with Me has the spiritual and divine reason of impelling you to live the prayer of the heart for all the brothers and sisters of the original peoples, that will also in this time need the Love and the Mercy of God.

To all those who pray and who do not pray, I call you to pray with the heart the Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus for the Indigenous Consciousness so that, in the final times, the plans of God may be accomplished upon these precious indigenous consciousnesses.

Dear children, the Virgin of Guadaloupe is the feminine and maternal presence able to protect and help the paths of the sacred peoples.   My Heart wishes also that the original peoples be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, in this way many situations will be avoided and Jesus will establish His Kingdom over all.

I give thanks now and forever to the prayer groups of the northeast of Brazil for having answered to My call!

I love you always,

Your Mother Mary, Sovereign Queen and Star of Peace


Dear children:

Do not fear for anything anymore!  Because behind every circumstance or difficulty is found the supreme support of My Heart.  See this time as a moment of sacrifice and of permanent effort to accomplish the Plan of God on Earth.

Despite the fact that the Marian soldiers are very few, on them falls the greater degree of service and responsibility; through these servers who are not indifferent, but helpful and abnegated, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I want on this day to encourage you to continue on the path of faith and renunciation.  In this way, My little ones, you will permit that the Lord of the Universe may accomplish His great works through His children, especially those who live the apostolate of Christ.

By means of constant prayer, nothing that is outside the light will disturb you.  Know that My Mantle is over you daily, and that only I may permit that in this time of chaos your souls may know the judgment is being lived by the evil.

God wants to establish over Latin America the true devotion to My Immaculate Heart; if this gesture of love and devotion were exercised by all My children through the Holy Rosary, future social, political and family confrontations would be avoided.

Those who do not pray with heart and soul in this time, will not be able to stand the involutionary game that the enemy intends to create in the hearts, such as discord, lack of unity and, above all, the absence of love.

But humanity still does not want to recognize that the end of the times is happening and that the Woman Dressed of the Sun and crowned with the twelve stars of salvation is proclaiming to the world the last saving and redeeming call; a call that Christ will be accomplishing before the great judgment.

It is time, dear children for your eyes to see a little more beyond the normal life, because while some nations of the Americas open the doors to chaos and to the plans of the enemy, I beg of you: Pray! Pray! and only pray!  Be mediators between the world and God, because over the course of this time I have already taught you how to open the Doors of Heaven through holy prayer.

If the Americas do not achieve a praying, fervent action, many families will suffer the subjugation of those who believe that they make good works.  I want to say today, before anything, that I do not come to instill fear, but I come from Heaven having decided to rescue and save those who are submerged in the abysses and in the illusions of this world.

Pray, My dear devotees, so that vices and consumerism that deteriorate the souls of the Earth, may be liberated by the Mercy of Jesus.

It has already been some centuries since My Immaculate Heart descended in Mexico, over Mount Tepeyac, to announce through Saint Juan Diego, a time of peace and reconciliation between the indigenous civilization and the white civilization; this stopped the continuous slavery of good souls and permitted that this human slavery did not continue from generation to generation.

A long time ago the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe brought between Her hands the perfect revelation of union between the peoples and God.

Today, the Queen of Peace cries out so that Her children may awaken in consciousness to that which is happening in the whole world.

Dear children, whoever truly lives prayer will have the shield of My Mantle upon their being.  Whoever lives the prayer of the heart in truth will be able to protect themselves and their families; God has given them an instrument of elevation that is much feared by the enemy.

For this today I say to you that it is already time to grow and to mature; I beg you to support Me, and that you dedicate to Me the help that I need from you, to go on pilgrimage throughout the countries of the Americas.  Even though God granted the Faithful Servant the power of manifestation, Mother Mary today gives you the opportunity to dedicate a part of your lives to the Plan of God.

Now redemption of the world must be brought forward by the effort of all; My Son will not be crucified again by human cruelty because He will return victorious for the second time to pour His Mercy over the world.

Accept the offer and the call that I give you, forever and forever I will be eternally grateful to you!

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Protector of hearts

At the end of the strong revelation that the Virgin Mary today announced to us through the message, She gave us the following prayer dedicated especially to the Indigenous Consciousness; for this day of December 12 of 2013, on which the date of the Apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico is celebrated.


Saving Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the Indigenous Consciousness

Dear Mother of all the races,
Sacred Mirror of the Divine Justice,
Virginal Chalice that pours out
upon us the Most Precious
Redeeming Blood of Christ.

We now beg of You,
of mind, soul and heart,
Mother and Queen of Guadalupe:
unite that which is separated between our consciousnesses,
liberate the human condition with Your celestial rays.

O Holy Mother of the New Race!
open the Doors to the Sacred Heart of God for us
so that, in the times to come,
all of humanity may see the Promised Land
be born for the absolute good of all.

In Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



Dear children in Christ,

Praise be Jesus, now and forever!

Today, My Immaculate Heart returns with the hope that your hearts wake up to My call and you return to your homes with the spiritual impulse to form new groups of prayer consecrated to My maternal Heart.

In the school of prayer of which you can be a part, the Teacher of prayer, your Most Holy Mother Mary, will be able to teach you to feel the prayer of the heart.

My dear ones, to pray with the heart is to feel in your souls each one of the sacred words that are prayed by you. To pray with the heart is to express a gesture of love and of reverence for what is repeated.

Throughout history, humanity recognized and learned about the power of the Message that was announced by the Archangel Gabriel to My inner Heart, which then became an ikon of prayer for the whole world. Today, I am referring to the Hail Mary prayer.

I want and I expect you to be able to learn to build a perfect union with God in your hearts through the loving offering that My Immaculate Heart proclaims.

At this time, I come to invite all My children from different spiritual paths, doctrines and beliefs to unite through the prayer of the heart. If this were not to happen in this way, the world as a whole will shortly have to face difficult tests.

My maternal Light, that Light that comes from the Most Pure Essence of God, will at every moment try to prevent your suffering. Thus, My call for you to be aware about prayer, is for everybody without distinctions.

I want the world, at this critical time, to know Me as the Universal Mother, as the Mother of all of humanity that lives today on the Earth. That will be possible through the ecumenism that your lives are able to reflect.

Beloved children, this school of prayer will open the doors so that, in truth, you may receive Graces, healings, liberations and, mainly be able to be blessed by the Forgiveness and the Mercy of God.

Dear children, I thank all those present who made this vigil of prayer possible during this early morning; for it has extensively helped in the spiritual salvation of the original peoples through My holy intercession as Mother and Lady of Guadalupe. 

Children, I thank you for your permanent union with Me.

Thank you for responding to My call for peace!

Mary, Queen of Peace and Lady of all the peoples


My little children,

Flaming souls in the Creator, with joy for His Mercy, may Jesus be praised in all the hearts of My children of Paraguay.

Dear children, by the Grace of God the Most High, today I visit you with much Love to invite you again to proclaim the prayer of the heart. My children, I send My Maternal Blessings to the whole Guarani Nation and today, as the Mother of the Americas and as the Server of the Lord, I bring you My Maternal Peace and comfort to the afflicted.

Little children, as in Guadalupe with Juan Diego upon the Tepeyac(*), today again I place My crown of stars upon each one of My Guarani children. Dear children, My call in these times is a call to prayer, to the reparation of the life of people, of each one of the American cultures and of all humanity, and this will happen through your sincere prayer.

As the Mother of the One and Only and as Queen of Heaven, My children, today I call you to reaffirm, through prayer, your conversion to God, to the Almighty; this will allow your souls to commune with the presence of Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I arrive in Paraguay to give you My Maternal Blessings and My Peace.

As the Mother of all souls, I supplicate you to pray for the salvation of all the peoples of the Americas so that, just as Juan Diego, they may regain humility, simplicity and the love for God.

My children, today from here, from the Celestial Universe together with Juan Diego, We thank you for responding to My requests. I hold a special fondness for all My children of Paraguay, because the ever Blessed Virgin Mary knows about your love for Her Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that God may hear you from the voice of your hearts. Pray for the Guarani communities, pray so that education and a dignified life may be expressed in each one of these children of Mine.

I adore you all with My Heart. Let us pray for the presence of peace in all of Paraguay.

I thank you!

To all the prayer groups in Paraguay, thank you for listening to My call.

In the Living Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


(*) Hill near Mexico City, where in 1531 the Virgin appeared to the Indian Juan Diego.


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