Wednesday, October 23 of 2019

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today happiness is lost in the world because of the lack of peace and love among beings.

Therefore, as part of the emanation of God, as the Feminine aspect of God, represented in the Mother of the World, I come to give to humanity the divine and cosmic Love that it so needs.

And I ask you not to fear, not to doubt nor to spiritually fail, My children. This is the time of adversity, the great moment of the planetary Armageddon, in which everything will be defined.

It is also the moment when My Son approaches the world, each time more, to be able to place it upon the Path of God.

Therefore, I am here today, My children, so that you may listen to My voice and so that you may announce My message to the world.

Today, may this Meeting of Music that will be offered elevate the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of humanity, but may it also bring the spiritual healing that nations need to attain peace and reconciliation among peoples.

Do not cease to aspire to attain the Sacred Merits of God. These Merits will make you worthy before His Presence.

Therefore, My children, offer each moment of today as if it were the last one, so that God may listen to the voice of His children that rises through singing and instruments.

May this elevation, which will be built from you, as a bridge of light toward the Universe, transmute the corrosive and retrograde energies so that the most lost essences, which are in darkness, may be rescued by Me.

As up until now, I count on the adherence of each one of My children; because elevated music and the music that brings consciousness to souls will always transform everything, although it may seem impossible.

When souls group together and gather in the name of God, to sing to Him and praise Him, the extraordinary and inexplicable Graces of the Universe can descend so that all creatures, regardless of whether or not they are in the good, may receive the help they need to awaken.

Today I come as the Mother of the Sun, as the Governess of the Universe, to tell you, My children, that the Universe will  again open to hear your melodies and vibrations that you will offer in the name of My Son and for peace.

I bring you the true joy of being able to live in God and to find Him in each moment of your lives knowing that, beyond what you live, what you experience or the pain that you suffer, God will always be attentive to help you, because He is infinite in Mercy.

Hold on to and affirm yourselves upon the powerful Kingdom of God, which is within each one of you; and in the giving of self, in service, in singing and in prayer, you will be able to be in contact with the Supreme Father and in communion with His Spirit.

In these acute moments of humanity, may the Prayers for the Nations of South America keep being offered daily.

On this special day, in which Heaven will commune with the voices that will emerge from the Earth, and the Earth and its inhabitants will commune with the Universe, I wish for a weekly prayer for South America to be offered, which would include all nations, all peoples, all situations and acute moments that it is going through, to reaffirm the re-consecration of South America to the Mother of God, to the Immaculate and eternal Heart of Mary, before the sacred face of the Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mother of all peoples and of all cultures, so that the flame of faith may ignite in hearts and so that this flame may attract peace to societies, to governments and to peoples.

We know, My children, that the world will come to know, in this time, the reality that was always hidden. And humanity will not be able to transgress the laws nor omit them, nor from all this take advantage and benefits, because if there is no justice and equality, there will be no peace.

The conflicts in nations are crises to mature, reflect and change. May My children no longer hurt one another. May transgressions or violences no longer exist in peoples and in societies.

This is a time of rebellion, but it is also a time of Mercy.

Raise your voices to the Heights, may the Father feel the love of His children within His Heart tonight so that the whole planet and its humanity may receive His Mercy, and Peace may be granted to the world, especially to South America.

I thank you for everything that you will offer, because it is very important for your Heavenly Mother.

And those who still do not feel motivated to take a step toward service for the Plan of Love, let them do it, because they will lose nothing, but they will rather receive the treasures of Heaven, which are incalculable and infinite.

Support this work of Music for the Healing of humanity. May souls volunteer, may hearts congregate, because prayer and elevated music is what will heal and cure humanity.

I bless you, My children, and I wish you a good gala of offering to the Creator Father.

May this be a night when the stars of the cosmos will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.