Saturday, March 30 of 2024

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the Kingdom of Heavens the supreme reality of God lives, something that God Himself has tried to have humanity understand, knowing that after this material life and this experience on Earth souls must return to Him.

Therefore, everything you do here, in the experience of the Earth, will represent the evolutionary or non-evolutionary result of what you will later on live on the higher planes of consciousness.

Through the revelations made to the holy visionaries, you have come to know a part of the mystery of My Resurrection, which is the same Law that rules this material universe.

I would like humanity not to forget that it has a soul, and that this soul exists on the inner planes, to finish living an unconcluded experience.

Nothing of what you live here on Earth could be transitory. God always indicates the path to the one who seeks it. With His Hand, God guides the path of hearts, and We, through Our Divine Presences, have offered to the world time and again, for it to be guided, believe and have faith.

For this reason, I granted you the Sacraments, so that you may remember that they are there as inexhaustible and inextinguishable sources of Grace, for the soul that truly seeks the conversion of the heart.

This is why it is so important that you may live forgiveness in this experience on Earth. Remember that you cannot leave this world without having forgiven and without asking for forgiveness.

The soul exists to conclude an experience, and I want you to know that for the majority this is the last experience. Therefore, you must think of the existence of the higher planes of consciousness, the Kingdom of the Heavens or whatever you want to call it, where your experiences after this life will undergo a synthesis.

I do not come to speak to you of the bodily death. I come to speak to you of the opportunity that you must not miss in this life, because the step is unique, just as is unique each moment of surrender and offering of your hearts.

I come to tell you this, companions, because I know that many who are here today and others who are not here, have submerged on the path of suffering and guilt. But God demonstrates to you, through the Presence of His Son in this time, that the door of His Divine Mercy is still open for the world, especially for those who have little time left to repent.

I want you to always keep in mind that God loves you, under any situation or condition. God does not have anger, God has Pity, Grace and Mercy; and this, in many cases, is completely forgotten, because the souls that are incarnated in this time easily become involved with indifference and that which is superficial.

But I also come, in this time and through each meeting, at the request of My Eternal Father, to place the redeeming Christic code in the innermost depth of the government of your souls and essences, the code of love and redemption that must be cared for and protected by yourselves. Because just as God gives all, He can also take all from you.

Not even the minutest particle of His Divine Grace is wasted in this universe; if that happened, it would be an offense to His Heart. For this reason, I call you to value this moment and to learn to read what I Myself Am writing through your lives. On this will depend what will happen to each one later on.

Imitate the example of the angels and saints who adore, love and revere God, Our Creator. Thus, your lives will deepen their spiritual and human dignity, and those virtues that God holds in His Heart, and are preciously chosen for each one, will be delivered in due time, when your hearts are ready, and that moment is drawing near.

The time of preparation is ending, the time of action is beginning, because the emergency in the world is very great. Misery, suffering and illness must be placated and many, really many hearts are waiting for the great day of their liberation.

You, by being here and by responding to My Call without My directly asking you, are participating in the preparation of this great moment, when I will return in Glory and with all the Power of God, to establish in this world again the universal order and the true Spiritual Government.

Do you understand that the Law must be re-established? And this will take place through the attitude of your hearts, through merciful actions, because Mercy will help you to perceive the necessity in any place, even in that apparently silent and anonymous heart.

I come so that your souls may open their eyes and perceive, for themselves, what they are participating in. It is not just a moment of Grace, Pity and Mercy; it is a moment to make the new apostles emerge, those who, in the end times, will re-write the history of humanity and the planet, just as the Hierarchy itself has re-written the history of all its inner and sacred centers, such as this place, throughout the times and above all through souls.

Not all will be able to live the same model of evolutionary life, you must be very clear about this. If this is forced, it might have irreversible consequences.

You must learn every day to perceive the need of your fellow being. In this way, you will truly help the growth of each brother and sister, by sustaining and supporting their being without condemning them, because I Am here so that hearts may find Me again.

But so that hearts may find Me again, may feel and live Me internally, the consciousness and, above all the heart must be open here, because I will send souls and though these souls I will go and test you, to know if My degrees of Love have been correctly sown in you.

Therefore, take advantage of this Sacred Week and release all that which binds you to the past and, above all, become liberated from yourselves, because you can now do it, it is just a matter of trusting Me more. Thus, the future plans and those not so distant will be visible to all, and God will place His Hand upon you so that, through your souls, He may write His Will.

If that happens just as God expects, I assure you that the errors of the world will be justified, including the errors that are committed with the blood of the innocent, which is still shed in these times. Thus, you can understand that this is nothing personal, it is a way similar to that lived by My Apostles.

But now we are in a definitive time. All decisions must be premeditated, discernment might not be enough, it is necessary to ask for Light for each matter, so that the path of the Law that I Am drawing, which is the Law of My Love, may be trodden.

Thus, I make you participants in all My designs, projects and operations, because in this way I will be able to find available and authentic hearts, capable of giving everything. Likewise, many more will be called to give everything, so that God’s Aspirations may be concretized.

Under this reflection, companions, which you must not forget and that you must know by heart, I prepare you for the next three years of your time, when very decisive events will present themselves, and all, in some way, will participate in these events, because humanity is one and one is the Project of God for humanity.

These next three years will define the reappearance of Christ, your Master and Lord, who will make His incursions in some places of the planet. And this will not be just spiritual, but also physical. As you know, I will not warn you in advance, because the Plan that I have foreseen must be fulfilled just as it was proposed and thought of by the Great Creator Fathers.

Whether you want it or not, whether you accept it or not, and take the step you must take or not, all will participate and be witnesses of this. Therefore, it will be important that, before My hour is fulfilled, your intentions, attitudes and forms be already purified.

In truth, I tell you that not even the holy women, who ardently waited for My Resurrection, were able to withstand the vibratory Presence of the Lord. I ask you: what will you do when that happens?

The Lord will come as a stranger, but through His garments will be the Presence of the Lord. You have to be attentive to recognize Me and also when I call you by your names, because the history that began in Israel must be completed, and this is the time for this to happen.

Therefore, My Spirit, Soul and Divinity gather you in these end times and through the Sacred Week, with the higher intention to prepare you. But remember that there is a part in all this that corresponds to each one.

Do not wait for a response. Position yourselves in the way that a server and an apostle must position themselves. Offer to come out of yourselves and thus the clarity and guidance of the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus will come to you.

I want to celebrate this Holy Communion today for this cause, especially for those who are awakening and for those who will awaken, so that your brothers and sisters of the world may receive the same Grace that you have received more than once. And through an act of true redemption and repentance, may all receive the Grace of Mercy.

I have destined, at this moment, seven guardian angels for this Eucharistic Celebration, so that, during the moment of transubstantiation of the bread and the wine, which will be converted into My Body and My Blood, your most honest and true intentions may be elevated to each one of the guardian angels, so that the Holy Spirit of God, by means of His gifts, may guide the steps of the souls that will walk toward the Purpose.

So that your souls may receive these impulses and may hold it in the innermost depths of the spirit and the consciousness, I come to raise, elevate and offer, to all those present and those not present, the principles that founded this Light-Community and made possible for the  humble and tender Gaze of God to contemplate this simple and humble space, so that His Word might descend to Earth and from here to the whole world.

Feel as part of this greatness of God and, above all, of His infinite and invincible Love.

So that these principles may flourish in all souls and hearts, as a preparation for this moment of Spiritual Communion, we will honor and glorify the instrument that inspired this expression of God’s Plan on the surface, your brother and instructor José Trigueirinho, who was the secure door who offered himself for the awakening of souls, and who opened the door of his heart so that the Sacred Hierarchies might be here today, speaking to all.

Let us revere this moment.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will sing “Breath of the spirit.”

I bless you so that you may reflect and grow internally, knowing that My gifts, in this time, are unique and unrepeatable.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.