Friday, April 5 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Just as Christ, at each step of the Calvary and in His surrender on the Cross, experienced the Grace of being supported by God as well as the challenge of living His surrender as a Divine-human Being, thus also, children, each of you must live your definition and surrender in this time.

You will live through moments in which Divine Grace will be over your hearts and consciousnesses, and in spite of the difficulties of the path, it will not be tortuous, because spiritual fortitude will support you.

You also may live through moments in which your human condition will be put to the test, so that the divine condition can emerge from it. And in these moments or tests, your hearts must learn to observe themselves, so that thus you may go beyond that and not stop.

When emptiness, loneliness, the weight of the world and despair should knock at the door of your consciousnesses, know that it is the time for going beyond and letting God manifest His Power and His Grace, not from the outside in, but rather from the inside out; it is time for your cells, at the apex of their limitation, to see inner fortitude emerge and liberate the mysterious Light that animates and supports them.

It is thus, children, that you too, as cells of the Divine Body, will see a Love emerge that renews all things, an unknown Love which is born of the transformation of the human condition into its divine potential.

I know that what I speak to you about seems distant to you in daily living, when your actions, thoughts and feelings sometimes are so different than an expression of Divine Love. But I speak to you so that you may point your lives toward this path and persevere, so you allow yourselves to be broken and rebuilt, so you do not fear the void or temptation, so that you may indeed recognize human frailty, but not remain in it.

Open yourselves to experience the transcendence of this frailty, defeating it through surrender, yielding, prayer and the elevation of the consciousness. And each time you think about giving up and believe you cannot go any further, give yourselves the opportunity to remember the purpose of your lives and what you are called to in this time.

 You are called to be living miracles, to be Christs of the New Time, to be the last apostles and witnesses to the fulfilling of the Plan of God on Earth. And this is done, children, with your head on the ground and your heart in Heaven, in the surrender of your lives, so that you may understand human life and its facts and events with a mature consciousness and a look of wisdom.

Persevere and surrender. Do not fear going beyond, for it is only in this way that you will discover the Purpose of God for each stage of your lives.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph