Saturday, February 25 of 2017

Daily messages

I am over My children to protect them and to bring them Peace, because the battles of these times are the announcement of My coming Kingdom and the establishment of the Plan of God in this world.

I am the Mother of all times and all eras, because in the Beginning your essences emerged from My Creator Womb. The children of God were born of Me, through the divine fertilization of the Holy Spirit, just as His Firstborn expressed the Mirror of Universal Creation when, on Earth, He was gestated in My Being.

I am the Mother of All Times, because I gestated you in the beginning and I will gestate you at the end, so that you may be reborn in Me as a new humanity.

Although you are in life, you are spiritually within Me, and I protect you so that at the correct moment you may be reborn. I make of your hearts the Mirror of My maternal Womb and I gestated in them the new being.

You may think that you will be reborn on your own, and that the Love of Christ will emerge from your essences as a divine miracle, but it is I, My Children, as the Mother of All Times, Who is gestating It in you.

The Divine Womb is mirrored in all creatures and in them gestates new life and the new being. Everything new that emerges in you, just as in all of Creation, has its beginning in Me, because I am the Mother of All Times.

Feel within your own being the reflection of life that I gestate within Myself and mirror through you. Recognize the mystery of the Unity of the Mother with Her children and glorify God through of the power of this Unity.

Allow My Universal Womb to gestate in you a new humankind, a new being, worthy of being called Child, just as His Firstborn was called this in all of the universe, as in all Creation.

Just as I gestated the Son of Man in My Womb, today I gestate the Son of the New Humankind, the New Child, who must express the victory of the Creator and the renewal of the evolution for all the universes, moving beyond the expressions of Love and of surrender which until today have been experienced in this world and in all others.

Feel that My Creator Womb renews you and causes all the old matter that is decomposing as dust in the human consciousness to perish, because it no longer builds the Plan of God and His Will. Make way for what I conceive in you, in your hearts and consciousnesses, so that even your minds also open and recognize the New Universal Science that transcends human understanding.

Let the radiation of this Creator Mirror in your essences expand throughout all of your being, and expels the old from you. Step out of the cocoon of ignorance and of human blindness so that the renewal of Creation may give you wings to reach God, and that your flight inspires others to be reborn and to fly.

I am the Mother of All Times, and you are My Children. I love you as much as the Firstborn Son of God, because each one of you represents just as great an opportunity for Life as He represented, as He was, is and will always be.

Make way for the New that I gestate in you and this will start opening the heart and the consciousness, to live what you do not understand and to say “yes” to what you do not know and have never lived.

The old patterns must stay behind, together with the old humanity, because the Creator aspires that the New Jerusalem shortly descend upon the world, and in order for this to happen, His children must renew themselves also.

The Creator will not make a new archetype of life, based upon Divine Laws and Unfathomable Graces, descend upon the Earth if humanity does not renew itself and is reborn to become worthy of inhabiting this Earth. The New Jerusalem will only manifest in all of its purity when humankind is pure and worthy of inhabiting it.

The Son of Man will not return to the world to be crucified a second time. His companions must carry the cross of these times and live the transformation in Christ before He returns, because He will come to consummate the Plan of His Father and demonstrate to His Own that they can be as much Children of God as He is.

He will found the New Jerusalem with His companions, and will give the meek and pure of heart the governance of the Earth, because the new governors will not be those who know how to subdue and subjugate, but rather those who know how to surrender to God, respect their brothers and sisters, and humble themselves before them, recognizing the Creator present in all His creatures.

It will be the child of the New Humankind who will inhabit the Promised Land, and all that is old and decomposed today will be renewed in the Containers of Creation as something new, so that all may be recreated.

I am the Mother of All Times and all things, and today I announce the Grace that awaits you when you are reborn. Contemplate within your own being the Mirror of the new universal gestation and be caretakers of what is born in you.

Just as I took My Son into My arms when He expressed the glory of God in the fragility of a child, one day, beloved children, I want take into My arms what today is being conceived within you and to contemplate the triumph of God in human life, having the certainty in My Heart that every battle and all pain were worth it to see this moment arrive.

Who gestates you in Her Creator Womb,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of All Times