XIV - The Expression of God Within the Heart

A soul that loved God and His Plan, but that was full of themself and their own will, tried each day to empty their heart in order to live the Divine Laws. This soul was preparing themself for the critical times of the planet, in which they knew that only unconditional love and obedience would be the foundation for the transformation of the old human being into that one the Creator expected.

Praying one day to the Lord, and asking Him for guidance for the end of times, this soul said: "Lord, it is difficult for me to become empty of myself, of my ideas and concepts, of that which I believe to be correct and the best for You; it is difficult for me to silence my voice in order to hear Yours and trust when You become manifest through my brothers and sisters. Tell me, O God, what I can do to live in Your obedience to You, in Your Love and in trust, and to remain in Your Will for the times that will come."

And contemplating the sincerity of this soul,the Lord responded: "Little soul, I created you and I know your strength, a strength that must be surrendered in order to make room for My Power, which is still unknown to you, because you make more room in your heart for yourself than for Me. For each one of My children, I have inexhaustible gifts, the potential not only to lead a life on Earth with wisdom but to transform universes.

However, My children are imprisoned within themselves, within all that they have mistakenly conquered and learned throughout their evolution on Earth.

They have learned that to grow is to constantly affirm and re-affirm themselves in their own will, and they miss all the wonders and true gifts that I grant to those who are empty of self.

For this reason, little soul, recognizing your ignorance is the first step; silencing and refraining your impulses is the following step; in prayer, be observant of all of life´s gestures of life, and only give your opinion when it is requested. Before disagreeing with another's will, first, live in obedience. Do not want to place your will above those of others, without first accepting what they ask of you. I forge your consciousness and transform your human pride through those whom I sent so that they may serve with you. Therefore, practice unconditional obedience and expose your feelings only when they open the way to you.

Discover the flow of the laws and, while you do so, you will be within My Grace, and it will flow over you like a stream of wisdom when something is given to you to lead. Meanwhile, little soul, experience trust, obedience and love, and for you they will become a source of transformation and surrender. And you will reach Me and you will represent Me in the world and beyond it, for I will empty you of yourself and make of your heart My dwelling."

May this dialogue inspire you to live in obedience and love, so that you may make room for God to express Himself within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To awaken is to begin to remember that, before life on Earth, a higher life existed.

To awaken is to remember that, before the bodies of flesh, your souls lived in bodies of light.

To awaken is to begin understanding the immensity of the Divine Creation and to not limit the power that God has of giving life to human beings to life on Earth

To awaken is to begin to understand life, what you feel, what you think, the roots of your actions, of your ways of life, the roots of your customs,  of your culture and your human essence.

To awaken is to begin walking a broader path in which, at the same time that you advance, you return to God.  Evolution happens when the being begins to return, taking with them the learnings that contribute to the renewal of the Divine Consciousness, and to the evolution of life in all dimensions.

To awaken is to live in communion and humility. The more you recognize yourselves as small and ignorant, the more you will be within the greatness of the Wisdom of God.

To awaken is to recognize yourself as a true part of this God and to know that, in this Whole that is the Father, lies a vast and infinite life.

Awaken, children, from the sleep in which you live, because the time has come to return, as humanity, to the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


A strong spirit is not one that wields a sword and supports evil and pain, sustaining theirself with the energy of their own bodies.

A strong spirit is not the one that has an answer for everything and does not tremble in the face of adversities, but keeps their head raised in humiliations.

A strong spirit, children, is one that sustains their strength in the Power of God; the one who, before wielding the sword for their fellow being or for something, wields it first upon themselves and is capable of overcoming their human condition through inner silence and peace.

A strong spirit is one that is capable of giving up their own will out of love for the Plan of God and that, with this same love, opens the doors that unites the dimensions and becomes a participant in Divine Laws.

A strong spirit is one that knows how to look into the eyes of their enemies with love and that  experiences the freedom of forgiveness and the grace of reconciliation, removing from within themselves the hurts and wounds that used to consume them, although unnoticeably.

A strong spirit is one that knows that in the face of everything in life they must seek wisdom and discernment in God, not because they fear to make a mistake, but because they fear to move away from the path that leads to the Father.

A strong spirit is one that knows how to say “yes” when their cells and their bones say “no”, and that launches into a transformation in Christ, even though their bodies clamor for a common human life.

A strong spirit is one that knows they will only triumph through unity and does not fear to hold out their hands to their siblings, to cry out for peace in the world and for redemption.

A strong spirit is one that is capable of setting aside their needs in order to assist the Kingdoms of Nature and grant them peace.

Today you are being called to this, to be spirits that are truly strong in the Power and in the Grace of God, because these times and this world need this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To those who persevere

Look at the horizon and let your eyes contemplate that which cannot be seen by a common glance, but that can be found with the glance of the heart.

See and feel the dawning of a new life, which begins within you and little by little manifests on the horizon of this world.

Today I have brought you the sun so that you may remember that the Will of God moves all things and, just as it moves the weather and the clouds in the sky, it also moves and transforms your inner world so that, free from darkness and obscurities, you may find what you truly are.

Believe today, children, that the new life begins to manifest itself within and outside of you. Believe in the power of God which transforms you, which awakens the love within beings and which reveals to you the true purpose of this humanity.

Each day, I come here so that this purpose may be more alive within you. I want to teach you to love the Plan of God above all things and to perceive that it manifests itself beyond your miseries and imperfections.

On this day, I want to demonstrate to you the power of unity so that you may feel that you do not work only with physical situations when you comply with my request of being here. While you are gathered here, My heart acts in your inner world, balancing and healing your weaknesses so that you may learn to love one another.

Believe that on these days everything can be healed because the Hand of God works in you, while your hands unite with the hands of your brothers and sisters to fulfill a task.

Believe that, during the group services that I requested of you, you can heal your lack of love, of fraternity and of unity with your fellow being. Give yourselves the opportunity of working united with those with whom you have some difficulty and, during this service, observe and seek the best virtues of your brothers and sisters. Do this as part of an inner deepening, as part of your evolutionary path and as an offering for the planet. Everything will happen within your hearts, but I tell you: the virtues of your brothers and sisters will bring what you lack. And without perceiving, you will be receiving from the other what you need to transform yourselves.

Heal the disease of humanity of seeking the miseries, the difficulties, and the imperfections of one’s neighbor and seek in your brothers and sisters the virtues, the gifts and the Grace of God, so that you may know what each one can give that is best to the Plan of God. Thus, I tell you, you will heal not only yourselves, but the whole human consciousness.

May each group service represent a new inner step.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Believe in the power of love and of renunciation that God has given you.

Believe in the realization of His Projects in your life and in planetary life and, from that point on, continuously express the absolute faith of your heart; a faith that will allow you to defeat the duality within you, to then defeat it in humanity.

Let the belief in the realization of the Plan within your life be kept alive; thus, you will allow the currents of the Universe that foster the concretization of the Plan to also come to your aid, just like those currents which come to meet you today.

All errors made exist to learn about love and compassion. They are the most immediate and painful method that humanity chose for being able to realize their mistakes. But the Father, who is full in Wisdom, offers His infinite Mercy so that His children may abandon this vicious chain of errors and thus achieve freedom of spirit and of soul.

Trust that it is possible to change the cycle you are in, and, through the Universe, receive all the help you need.

Because the ardent desire of God is that His smallest children may surpass Him in love so that, once again, evil may be defeated and Creation recreated.

Follow the path to the Heart of My Son because there, everything will be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Father, in the desert of the hearts of men, build Your Temple. Find, among the fragile and wind-susceptible sands, the rock of consolidation of the union between Your Love and the human conscience.

In the middle of the distractions of the world and the endless noise that men cause, in order to not hear Your warnings, receive, O Lord, the cry which is emitted in the silence of a sincere heart.

Your children, many times, do not have the strength to elevate their verb and lift their voice, but in the depths of their interior, where Your Cosmos finds the microcosm of the human heart, there is lifted, in silence, the cry of the souls that seek You.

You, who listens to what screams in silence, receive the prayers of those who are weak and make them strong in You, so that they may rise in Your Name.

To those who recognize their nothingness and find themselves prostrated in their smallness, You, Lord, will raise them, because they gave you space and permission so that in them no human power dwell, only the Power that comes from You.

Pull out, from the core of those who cry to You, their most retrograde human condition, and the sin that lives in their cells, convert it into Original Purity.

Demonstrate Your Grace through the humble, and that in them the proud may find  inspiration and surrender to You.

Learn to break those who are full of themselves. Learn to surrender to the Lord and you will see the Spirit arise from the dust and from the Spirit, the New Life.

So be it.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Behold, I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God to open the dimensions, decreeing the Power of the Divine Light and of His Will.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God to open the doors to His Kingdom and dispel the illusion from the eyes and the hearts of My children, so they may recognize the Truth and follow It.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God, which symbolizes My profound union with the Creator, symbolizes My Origin, and shows ignorant hearts of the world the real existence of the Celestial Mother.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God, demonstrating that the Divine Verb is One, not only with the Son, but also with the Mother, with the Pure Womb from which all things emerged - including the Son, Who is One with the Father.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God so that all souls and all spirits may recognize the Divine Authority given to Me from the beginning; that they may recognize the new cycle during which My Womb will gestate new things, just as It has gestated everything which has been created until today.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God, and many will recognize Me, but they will not understand that this is Divine Power, until this Power touches their eyes and frees them from blindness and from evil.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God to unite what was separate, so that minds yield and hearts open to Divine Truth.

I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God, as I come today, and all eyes will see Me, because when that day comes, I will no longer be preparing for the Return of My Son, but rather, I will be bringing New Life in My Womb, which He will establish after His second coming to the world.

With this I tell you that, after the Son, the Celestial Mother will come. I will prepare His Steps in Spirit and in Divinity, just as I prepared His Path in silence when He was on Earth. But after His Promise is fulfilled and the Scriptures of the New Time, expressed in the Words of the Divine Messengers, are also fulfilled, I will come with the Scepter of God and will rebuild the world with My children.

I will make known to you the New Child, that for all this time I have been gestating within Me, and this Child will be born and will grow within those who are persevering and who, defeating themselves and becoming empty of self, completely surrender to God.

In the same way that My Son once ascended, He will ascend again, and just as I helped the Apostles of that time, I will help all of you. Together we will build the new world, the new time, and the dimensions will become visible.

In that moment, miseries will no longer predominate in your lives. Your transformation will no longer be just a battle against the capital forces of this world, which live within and outside of you; the transformation will be eternal and constant, because everything in the universe is transformed; however, I tell you, My children, that when I descend to the world after My Son, I will bring you a new life and I will make known to you a new path, on which the transition between the old and the new human will be consummated. And your steps will consist in uniting with the universe, recovering your filiation with God and being reintegrated with His Laws.

I will make known to you the principles of unity with all life, and the pride which today causes many to feel unique in all of Divine Creation will disappear, and you will recognize all the life that has dwelled in the Cosmos since the beginning, and which in humility, waits for you to grow up and awaken.

Behold, I will come from Heaven with the Scepter of God and will establish peace within and outside of you, in this world and beyond. But until that moment comes, persevere, surrender, humble yourselves, forgive everything, including yourselves, and seek the void, with constancy and faith.

For soon the day will come in which you will see the Scepter of God in My hands, and you will give thanks for seeing the fulfillment of everything that I once told you.

I thank you and bless you, so that you do not lose faith nor the divine hope of seeing the Sacred Scriptures of these times fulfilled.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


The Lord has resurrected! and He has dissipated darkness, fear and the absolute solitude of the hearts of humankind.

The Lord has resurrected! and He will be able to resurrect every day within the dead of spirit who, awakened by the Love of Christ, accept redemption.

The Lord has resurrected! to demonstrate to humanity and the whole universe that whoever is united to God transcends the laws of this world, including the more material ones that rule the natural course of human life.

The Lord has resurrected! to demonstrate that love has no limits and that those who surrender life for love receive, in exchange, eternity with God.

All living beings are natural heirs of the Power of God and of all His Grace. It is only necessary that you accept to live as His Children and that you recognize yourselves as such, living to manifest His Will, no matter what it may be.

The Creator is the great owner of this Enterprise of Universal Life. To take forward His Work you will have to serve Him and follow His Steps so that one day you may become a unit with the Father and have, by Grace, the possibility to take forward His Plan.

Give glory and thanks to He who shows you the path, by means of His Resurrection. Believe in the living presence of Christ among all, closely guiding this Work of the Father on Earth. Unite with Him and with the codes of His life, of His Passion, of His Death and of His Resurrection, because it is time for these codes left by the experience of Christ to multiply and find new dwellings.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Message for the apparition of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Sister Lucía

By the Power of the Holy Spirit, praised be Jesus Christ.

My children,

In eternal Glory, the Lord has sent me to bless this city and its nation. My feet rest today on Earth to confirm My Kingdom in the heart of My children and to show how infinite the Mercy of the Lord is, who sends His Servant to announce the glorious Return of His Son and to prepare the flock of this Great Shepherd of souls.

Dear children, I thank you eternally for the effort done by each one of your hearts to receive Me on this day. I thank you for the love and joy with which you prepared My arrival and I tell you, from the depths of My Immaculate Heart, that today Heaven observes Earth with special attention.

The angels of My Kingdom held back to accompany My maternal task. The saints and the blessed who live in the Kingdom of Heavens pray with fervor for the conversion of the souls who meet Me for the first time.

I welcome under My Mantle all who approach My Heart and allow Me to touch their essences with Love.

Do not fear, My children, to stand before the Blessed and Most Holy Mother of God. I am the same of Nazareth, who returns in spirit, from time to time, to renew the human hearts. This is the cycle of My last call.

I come to awaken those who have not yet heard My Voice that calls them. I open My arms for all to be able to find refuge in My Heart. I am the Mother of all the creatures of this Earth and I am here, at this time, before those who see Me and feel Me in their hearts, so that all My children of the world may have the opportunity to know My call to conversion and to prayer.

I ask nothing more of you, but that you pray with love, sincerely confess your faults to God, commune daily with My Son Jesus Christ and open your hearts so that I may be able to reign in your lives.

What I ask of you is so simple and great is the repercussion that happens in Heaven and on Earth when you respond to this call!

Each one of My requests, My children, has the sole purpose of saving souls who suffer in the darkness and preparing those who will walk beside the living Christ, who will return in Body, Soul and Divinity to definitely redeem the world.

My Voice echoes in the hearts that recognize Me for they were summoned by God to be part of My Marian army of prayer and to work tirelessly with Me for the salvation of souls.

For those who accepted to follow this simple, but great call, I am awaiting them in prayer.  For, in the same way that I present Myself today to those who call Me with their hearts, I aspire to reach their homes, cities and nations whenever sincerely cry out to Me, so that My Peace may expand throughout the world.

As Mother and Queen of Peace, I come to spread My request of Peace, for the world, My children, needs to find peace in the hearts of the human beings.

I leave in your hearts this request and this call, so that you may follow the Blessed Virgin Mary in the rescue of the most lost souls.

There is still much to be done, and My children wait for your prayers.

By the eternal Grace that God sheds upon the world, I always bless you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace

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