Saturday, May 23 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul that loved God and His Plan, but that was full of itself and its own will, tried each day to empty their heart in order to live the Divine Laws. This soul was preparing for the critical times of the planet, where it knew that only unconditional love and obedience would be the foundation for the transformation of the old human being into that which the Creator was waiting for.

Praying one day to the Lord, and asking Him for guidance for the end of times, this soul said to Him: "Lord, it is difficult for me to be empty of myself, of my ideas and concepts, of what I believe to be correct and what is best for You; it is difficult for me to silence my voice in order to hear Yours and trust when You manifest through my brothers and sisters. Tell me, O God, what I can do to live in obedience to You, in Your Love and in trust, and to remain in Your Will for the times that will come."

And, upon the Lord contemplating the sincerity of this soul, He responded to it: "Little soul, I created you and I know your strength, a strength that must be yielded in order to make room for My Power, which is still unknown to you, because you make more room in your heart for yourself rather than for Me. For each one of My children, I have inexhaustible gifts, the potential not only to lead a life on Earth with wisdom, but to transform universes.

However, My children are imprisoned within themselves, in all they mistakenly conquered and learned throughout their evolution on Earth. They learned that to grow was to constantly affirm and re-affirm themselves in their own will, and they miss all the wonders and true gifts that I grant to those who are empty of self.

For this reason, little soul, to recognize your ignorance is the first step; to silence and to contain your impulses is the next step; be observant, in prayer, of all the gestures of life, and only give your opinion when it is requested. Before disagreeing with another's will, first, live in obedience. Do not desire to place your will above those of others, without first accepting what they ask of you. I forge your consciousness and transform your human pride through those whom I sent so that they may serve with you. Thus, practice unconditional obedience and show your feelings only when they open the way.

Discover the flow of the laws and, while you do so, you will be within My Grace, and it will flow over you like a stream of wisdom when something is given to you to do. Meanwhile, little soul, live in trust, obedience and love, and for you this will be a source of transformation and surrender. And you will reach Me and you will represent Me in the world and beyond it, for I will empty you of yourself and make of your heart My dwelling place."

May this dialogue inspire you to live in obedience and love, so that you make room for God to express within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph