Thursday, November 22 of 2018

Daily messages

To those who persevere

Look at the horizon and let your eyes contemplate that which cannot be seen by a common glance, but that can be found with the glance of the heart.

See and feel the dawning of a new life, which begins within you and little by little manifests on the horizon of this world.

Today I have brought you the sun so that you may remember that the Will of God moves all things and, just as it moves the weather and the clouds in the sky, it also moves and transforms your inner world so that, free from darkness and obscurities, you may find what you truly are.

Believe today, children, that the new life begins to manifest itself within and outside of you. Believe in the power of God which transforms you, which awakens the love within beings and which reveals to you the true purpose of this humanity.

Each day, I come here so that this purpose may be more alive within you. I want to teach you to love the Plan of God above all things and to perceive that it manifests itself beyond your miseries and imperfections.

On this day, I want to demonstrate to you the power of unity so that you may feel that you do not work only with physical situations when you comply with my request of being here. While you are gathered here, My heart acts in your inner world, balancing and healing your weaknesses so that you may learn to love one another.

Believe that on these days everything can be healed because the Hand of God works in you, while your hands unite with the hands of your brothers and sisters to fulfill a task.

Believe that, during the group services that I requested of you, you can heal your lack of love, of fraternity and of unity with your fellow being. Give yourselves the opportunity of working united with those with whom you have some difficulty and, during this service, observe and seek the best virtues of your brothers and sisters. Do this as part of an inner deepening, as part of your evolutionary path and as an offering for the planet. Everything will happen within your hearts, but I tell you: the virtues of your brothers and sisters will bring what you lack. And without perceiving, you will be receiving from the other what you need to transform yourselves.

Heal the disease of humanity of seeking the miseries, the difficulties, and the imperfections of one’s neighbor and seek in your brothers and sisters the virtues, the gifts and the Grace of God, so that you may know what each one can give that is best to the Plan of God. Thus, I tell you, you will heal not only yourselves, but the whole human consciousness.

May each group service represent a new inner step.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph