Dear children,

Do not fear that I untie the deepest knots of your consciousness, rejoice because the end of your inner captivity is near.

Nothing will be able to oppose the liberation and redemption of your being. If I am here, and I am your Mother, you will live, above all, what God has thought of, with so much love.

If I can untie the knots of your consciousness, your being will find peace, you will come to see the main reason for being in Jesus and Jesus being in you.

Do not submit to yourself anymore. When the greatest pain or affliction emerges from your consciousness, it is a sign that a new step will be taken. Do not think to recede or stop, you are a part of a redemptive project thought of by Christ for the liberation and salvation of souls.

Believe, above yourself, that each stage is part of a purpose and that each learning is the possibility of taking great steps in love and patience.

Sustain yourself in Me and I will hold you in My arms; and everything that is bad will pass, because the love that can spring from you will dissolve the mirages, and the path of life will be illuminated by receiving the Grace of liberation from the knots of consciousness.

Strengthen yourself and walk, walk by My side. A good and sweet Mother will never abandon her children because the maternal purpose is that you one day be a part of the Kingdom of My Immaculate Heart. Trust.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Beloved children,

On this day, I want to thank you for the loving response of your hearts to My maternal request. I want to tell you that My Presence touched hearts beyond what your little beings are able to understand; for there are mysteries that you will only understand when you are in My Kingdom.

But at this moment, I can affirm that My Love acts through the intentions of your hearts, much more than through your actions or words. For this reason, many may not perceive it, but when your hearts emit a true intention, My Immaculate Heart of Love can intervene for souls and for consciousnesses.

Thus, today I invite you to meditate with your heart on this mystery; I invite you to search in the depths of your beings for your true intentions because it is through them that the Lord acts.

Today, I want you to learn that what is True lies within beings, and it is in this nucleus of simplicity where My Peace will be established.

I want you to seek to work on your intentions in all the actions of life, because if you want to know the most hidden intentions within you, you will truly be able to know yourselves, and you will not only discover that there is still much to be transformed but will also find the fruits of what My Presence caused to be born in your hearts, which you yourselves do not know.

I want you to know the depths within you, for the greater purpose of discovering the luminous potential that you hold in your essences. I want to show you, in this way, the purity that still exists, very hidden, in all of humanity.

Through My Presence, I come to take out from the lost chests within you the precious treasures unknown to you.

Today I tell you that My Words and the Essence of My Peace are transforming your lives, especially for those who go on pilgrimage with Me and in those that accompany Me with their hearts.

I say this because I want you to be aware of the treasures that you have already caused to grow in your souls, the luminous virtues that the Spirit of God left in your lives, so that you may avail yourselves of these virtues and take new steps.

The path of the Lord is infinite, and there will always be another step to be taken. But today I want to teach you to gather the fruits of this tree I planted, with divine seeds, in your lives, so that from these fruits, new seeds can be born, strengthened by the faith and by the will of your spirits to accomplish the Will of the Creator and manifest His Sacred Plan of evolution for the Earth.

Today, I open your hearts and make them transparent before the light of your souls and God, so that not only My eyes can see how beautiful your essences are.

With Me, contemplate the purity of your hearts, and in it find the strength and the divine power that give you the impulse to continue onward.

I thank you for being today by My side.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Special Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Mother of God to the visionary Sister Lucía

My dear children,

Today My Heart wishes to make a special prayer request from you for the world. I come accompanied by the celestial hosts of the Kingdom of God so that through the intervention of your hearts, My angels are able to come to the aid of the nations of the world.

I want to ask you to especially pray for India, for Egypt and for Kenya, which on this day are in need of much help to defeat the threats of the enemy.

I ask you to pray a lot so that My Marian missionaries are able to accomplish the Mission of reaching India, because the reason for their presence is not only to provide service and the giving of self, but also of carrying My Heart in their hands, so that it may be given to those most in need.

My dear ones, My Immaculate Heart needs to reach those nations to consecrate them to My Heart and to protect them from all the evil that is expanding.

Sometimes, the ignorance of those who live in the darkness does not allow them to see the true spiritual needs and, in this way, the enemy takes advantage of the ignorance of My children to close the doors of the nations with seven keys.

If you pray with love, with devotion and make a true offering to God for bringing relief to the world, the Light will be able to reach the hearts that today are in darkness, and will be able to remove the blindfolds from the eyes of My children, so they may perceive a greater reality and recognize My Immaculate Presence in My soldiers.

Today I also ask you to pray for all the children that live in Kenya, all the little souls who violently balance their debts with God, so that through the merciful prayer of your hearts, this unfathomable Source of Mercy may be poured out over all those little children and also over the ones about to be born.

My dear ones, the times are speeding up, the final moment of this purification the world is now experiencing is drawing closer, and it is urgent that your hearts begin to pray.

Trust in the Voice that guides you, because My eyes contemplate the needs of the entire world, not only of those who hear Me. Those who today are listening to My Voice must respond quickly to My call, so that this call expands throughout the world and reaches those most forgotten hearts. This is achieved, My children, most of all through true prayer.

On this Friday of restoration and of preparation for the Saturday of Mercy, unite with the Most Chaste and Most Sacred Heart of Saint Joseph, so that He may help you and teach you to be intercessors in the light of God, so as to benefit the whole world.

The nations farthest away from My Heart are in need of much help and much collaborating prayer. Thus, together with Saint Joseph, place all of Asia in your hearts and lift up a merciful request for aid to the Heart of God; ask Him to send His hosts of Light, to pour out His Pity and His Mercy over these children who are so greatly in need.

Pray, pray much, so that the Plans of God may become a reality and this world may become a luminous world, consecrated to the Heart of the Creator and responsive to His Celestial Will.

I thank you, My dear ones, for following My Marian Mission for peace on Earth.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Special Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

It is time to ask with the heart for the help of the Lord in your lives. It is time to cry out for forgiveness and for the conversion of the world. It is time to unite to the Divine and the Sacred to maintain the thread that unites Heaven to Earth.

My Son Jesus once said to you: "Ask and it shall be given to you." And so it is, up to the current times. The Lord expects that the hearts of His children cry out with fervor for the salvation of the world.

If your hearts, for themselves, do not approach God, nor can God, for Himself, approach you. In the Laws of Heaven, dear children, it is necessary to ask to be given, it is necessary that your call for it to come, it is necessary to open the door for it to enter.

Therefore, I ask you today to open your eyes and hearts to perceive if you are really crying out for the Presence of God in your lives.

Perceive with the heart if you call the Name of the Lord daily and ask Him to approach and to guide your little hearts. If you open to delve deeper into this understanding of yourselves, feel if your hearts, through action, feelings, thoughts, aspirations and intentions of the heart, are opening the doors for the Lord to enter, in Consciousness, into your lives.

My Immaculate Heart, for many centuries, dictated to the world holy words of reconciliation with God, so that souls could find the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, dear children, it is the moment for your eyes to turn to the Heights, for your hearts to allow yourself to discover the new, out of love for this unknown Universe of God. 

My last call comes to renew the knowledge of the world, it comes to awaken the divine life in all those who are tired of walking in circles in the path of Evolution.

My Heart comes to embrace the old world, so that under My Mantle it is transformed into the new and reborn world. But, My Beloveds, for many it is not simple to give up one's own knowledge to open oneself to the endless Mystery of God.

Therefore, those who are encouraged to respond to this celestial call must do so without fear and without delay, in order to give impulse to all human consciousness in this new step towards the infinite Heart of God.

Walk with faith, My little ones, without fear of making mistakes or suffering, because mistakes are ways of discovering humility and experiencing new learnings in the heart, and suffering will come, according to the Will of God, for those who must to render service by living it.

Simply open yourselves on this day so that a new impulse of transformation enters into the world. While you pray, ask for the help of God and for His Presence in the life of all beings. Do not forget that when the Voice of God sounds in the hearts, it will be necessary to respond with promptness and faith, for you and for the world.

I thank you, little ones, for being in prayer with Me on this day and in all the days of your lives.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Peace for all the hearts.

Special Messages

Today I cast the stars of My Crown upon the Earth, so that the celestial brightness that covers the Queen of the World may awaken those who are still asleep and those who remain in the darkness of the consciousness, in ignorance.

My children, when My stars cross the threshold that exists between Heaven and Earth, a new dawn breaks in the lives of all beings. Each of My stars symbolizes the living attributes of My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.

I bring upon My head a crown of 12 stars so that each time My feet touch the Earth, the hearts of the world may receive this luminous sign that descends from Heaven, this symbol of redemption that brings with it the Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God.

A great mystery is kept within My Crown of stars. Each of the new apostles of Christ will have within My Crown of stars the inspiration and instruction for their apostolate.

Contemplate with your heart the brilliance of My stars and allow this mystery of the Woman clothed with the Sun to enter into your consciousnesses. 

My beloved ones, through these stars, God pours out the awakening of His Holy Spirit into creatures, pours out upon the world the hidden teachings that live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The stars that form My Crown are the keys to the awakening of your spirits, they are the keys to open the doors of the heart and to open the doors of Heaven.

Those of My children who seek the Creator, carrying in their heart one of My stars, will be recognized as children of God and His faithful Servant. The one who permanently assumes this celestial star on their chest will be recognized as a beloved child of the Woman clothed with the Sun.

If you receive this symbol of love within your hearts, you will be protected from all evil, and if you sincerely trust in this mystery that I deposit into your hearts, the dragons that roam the world will not find you.

Perceive, My children, the stars that descend from Heaven to Earth, stars that come from My blessed Crown and are here to seal the commitment of My children with My Immaculate Heart.

Be as the child from the prophecy of John, the Apostle, be in My arms, protected by the Sun and by the stars of My Crown; in this way, no evil will approach your hearts.

The Heavens count on the faith in the hearts of humans, they count on the response that each one can give to the Lord when they listen to My Words. Be faithful to the voice of your own heart when My Voice, full of the Holy Spirit, echoes within you. Be simple and humble to understand, always through the heart, the Words that I pronounce.

The most hidden mysteries that live within My Kingdom are unveiled through the purity of the heart and not from the cunning of the mind.

My beloveds, it is already time to unveil some mysteries to your beings. Those who open their hearts to listen to them will receive from the Spirit of God the necessary discernment and comprehension to understand and live the Will of God contained within these mysteries.

Those who try to hear My Words and find their veracity through the mind will suffer the darkness of ignorance and will not allow the Spirit of God to echo within their hearts, to search the depths of their spirits and tear the veils of their consciousnesses.

Receive My call today with love. Receive within your hearts the mystery enclosed within My Crown of stars, seek and ask the Lord that these stars may be present within your hearts, because if one of My stars finds space in the hearts of humans, the Holy Spirit can descend upon the Earth and ignite the human heart with Divine Fire.

I thank you, My beloved and little children, for allowing yourselves to be guided by My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the World and Queen of Peace

Message for the apparition of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Sister Lucía

By the Power of the Holy Spirit, praised be Jesus Christ.

My children,

In eternal Glory, the Lord has sent me to bless this city and its nation. My feet rest today on Earth to confirm My Kingdom in the heart of My children and to show how infinite the Mercy of the Lord is, who sends His Servant to announce the glorious Return of His Son and to prepare the flock of this Great Shepherd of souls.

Dear children, I thank you eternally for the effort done by each one of your hearts to receive Me on this day. I thank you for the love and joy with which you prepared My arrival and I tell you, from the depths of My Immaculate Heart, that today Heaven observes Earth with special attention.

The angels of My Kingdom held back to accompany My maternal task. The saints and the blessed who live in the Kingdom of Heavens pray with fervor for the conversion of the souls who meet Me for the first time.

I welcome under My Mantle all who approach My Heart and allow Me to touch their essences with Love.

Do not fear, My children, to stand before the Blessed and Most Holy Mother of God. I am the same of Nazareth, who returns in spirit, from time to time, to renew the human hearts. This is the cycle of My last call.

I come to awaken those who have not yet heard My Voice that calls them. I open My arms for all to be able to find refuge in My Heart. I am the Mother of all the creatures of this Earth and I am here, at this time, before those who see Me and feel Me in their hearts, so that all My children of the world may have the opportunity to know My call to conversion and to prayer.

I ask nothing more of you, but that you pray with love, sincerely confess your faults to God, commune daily with My Son Jesus Christ and open your hearts so that I may be able to reign in your lives.

What I ask of you is so simple and great is the repercussion that happens in Heaven and on Earth when you respond to this call!

Each one of My requests, My children, has the sole purpose of saving souls who suffer in the darkness and preparing those who will walk beside the living Christ, who will return in Body, Soul and Divinity to definitely redeem the world.

My Voice echoes in the hearts that recognize Me for they were summoned by God to be part of My Marian army of prayer and to work tirelessly with Me for the salvation of souls.

For those who accepted to follow this simple, but great call, I am awaiting them in prayer.  For, in the same way that I present Myself today to those who call Me with their hearts, I aspire to reach their homes, cities and nations whenever sincerely cry out to Me, so that My Peace may expand throughout the world.

As Mother and Queen of Peace, I come to spread My request of Peace, for the world, My children, needs to find peace in the hearts of the human beings.

I leave in your hearts this request and this call, so that you may follow the Blessed Virgin Mary in the rescue of the most lost souls.

There is still much to be done, and My children wait for your prayers.

By the eternal Grace that God sheds upon the world, I always bless you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace

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