Monday, June 24 of 2013

Special Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

It is time to ask with the heart for the help of the Lord in your lives. It is time to cry out for forgiveness and for the conversion of the world. It is time to unite to the Divine and the Sacred to maintain the thread that unites Heaven to Earth.

My Son Jesus once said to you: "Ask and it shall be given to you." And so it is, up to the current times. The Lord expects that the hearts of His children cry out with fervor for the salvation of the world.

If your hearts, for themselves, do not approach God, nor can God, for Himself, approach you. In the Laws of Heaven, dear children, it is necessary to ask to be given, it is necessary that your call for it to come, it is necessary to open the door for it to enter.

Therefore, I ask you today to open your eyes and hearts to perceive if you are really crying out for the Presence of God in your lives.

Perceive with the heart if you call the Name of the Lord daily and ask Him to approach and to guide your little hearts. If you open to delve deeper into this understanding of yourselves, feel if your hearts, through action, feelings, thoughts, aspirations and intentions of the heart, are opening the doors for the Lord to enter, in Consciousness, into your lives.

My Immaculate Heart, for many centuries, dictated to the world holy words of reconciliation with God, so that souls could find the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, dear children, it is the moment for your eyes to turn to the Heights, for your hearts to allow yourself to discover the new, out of love for this unknown Universe of God. 

My last call comes to renew the knowledge of the world, it comes to awaken the divine life in all those who are tired of walking in circles in the path of Evolution.

My Heart comes to embrace the old world, so that under My Mantle it is transformed into the new and reborn world. But, My Beloveds, for many it is not simple to give up one's own knowledge to open oneself to the endless Mystery of God.

Therefore, those who are encouraged to respond to this celestial call must do so without fear and without delay, in order to give impulse to all human consciousness in this new step towards the infinite Heart of God.

Walk with faith, My little ones, without fear of making mistakes or suffering, because mistakes are ways of discovering humility and experiencing new learnings in the heart, and suffering will come, according to the Will of God, for those who must to render service by living it.

Simply open yourselves on this day so that a new impulse of transformation enters into the world. While you pray, ask for the help of God and for His Presence in the life of all beings. Do not forget that when the Voice of God sounds in the hearts, it will be necessary to respond with promptness and faith, for you and for the world.

I thank you, little ones, for being in prayer with Me on this day and in all the days of your lives.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Peace for all the hearts.