My dear children, 

I am here today at the House of Christ. I can be spiritually closer to traumatized Ukraine. I can collect the prayers of all those who pray for the sacred cause of Peace.

For this reason, My Children, I am thankful, because at this time of the planet many situations must be tended to, and it is urgent for God that a celestial intercession may happen.

Therefore, when voices unite in prayer, I can intercede and, as the Mother of the World, I can once again open the doors of Heaven so that the Angels of Peace and Reconciliation may help the most lost souls, especially the ones that are in conflict and war.

Dear children, for this reason, I am here to irradiate My Love and My Light to the world, to say, My Children, to the inner worlds of God’s Creatures, to stop and listen to the cry of the planet and of the displaced families due to war, hunger and migration.

How long will this go on for?

Therefore, My Message arrives to sensitize, still within the Church of Christ, all those who do not think about the refugees or the poor.

I hope, dear children, that before everything happens, more good souls may be capable of helping balance the scale of the Law with Me, because otherwise humanity will only be hurting itself, as it has been doing up to now.

I pray that destructive ideas on the surface of the earth may no longer exist, that no other bomb may be launched upon nations as if they were meaningless. No, Children, do not do this!

Be able to perceive how far evil can go. Repent and ask for forgiveness because there is little time left.

Let us pray that the little peace left on this planet does not disappear.

I thank you for being united to Me in prayer!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, with the wind and the ocean waves, I come here, crossing the portals of the universe so that I may penetrate in the human consciousness its spiritual aspect..

Today, I bring to all the deep pain of My Heart before the situation of the planet and humanity.

Although I Am in the universe and the Hierarchy is working to relieve the situation of the world, My Eyes do not cease to look at what is happening, what no one can yet see in-depth, to understand the meaning of why it happens.

On this day, I come from Heaven to ask you again to pray for the refugees, especially for those who try to survive and find a destiny, a promised land, crossing many oceans. Many of them do not reach the end goal, they do not reach the destiny that they seek with hope, although their faces reflect the suffering of abandonment and non-acceptance.

Beyond everything that happens in humanity, and by means of this Marathon of Divine Mercy, in which your prayers are elevated to God, in attunement and love, I share with you this pain of Your Master and Lord; because everything could be different, but it is not. And as it is not different, with no response nor relief toward the situation of brothers and sisters like yourselves,  destiny modifies the events.

For an instant, think of what it would be like to hear, in the middle of the ocean, a boat adrift, children, women, elders, men, all seeking a safe harbor amidst a spiritual and material tempest reflected within their nations of origin.

The spirit of welcoming is something humanity owes to the universe, the spirit of receptivity and solidarity for the suffering of a fellow being.

I know that this does not depend only on humanity, but also on those who create and generate these situations of instability in all senses, within the poorest among the poor nations, as it is in Africa.

Therefore, I still keep waiting for the most opportune moment to arrive upon African lands, where My task and the task of the Mother of the World will not only be centered in the nations where we will arrive, but also throughout the whole African continent.

If the humanitarian response is not efficient in the nations of the world, in the face of these events, greater will be the consequences that the different human peoples will keep living in their nations of origin; because today we do not speak only of famine, of war or of social or political indifference, we speak of something that goes beyond what it seems and what is superficial.

Within your refugee brothers and sisters, see God Himself suffering shipwreck, the shipwreck that His children generate when they do not fulfill His Plan. Place your gaze and your heart before this meaning that I am bringing to you today.

Try to go beyond appearances, beyond what is superficial, beyond all that is known or material.

Penetrate the universe of mystery and you will understand the spiritual meaning of all that I say to you.

I only hope that more beings may be conscious of what happens because what happens to some human beings, like the refugees, happens to the whole world.

In this situation, there are no material nor mental borders. There must not be indifference nor omission in the face of the great need of the end of these times. If today this situation happens in the world, it is because it is a mirror of humanity.

You cannot aspire to the higher spheres or to the levels of contact if this situation, the situation of the refugees, of your brothers and sisters, is not placed within your hearts.

All are brothers and sisters, beyond your race, your language or your condition. In essence, all are equal before the Celestial Father, and this will not change.

What is material is transitory, what is spiritual is eternal. Service is the great key of the times to relieve humanity from the conditions of chaos and suffering that it generates towards itself, time and again.

But the Primordial Source is there, at the service of the Children of God. You must call upon It correctly, you must invoke It correctly, you must unite to It correctly so that the Primordial Source can help you.

Thus, your talents will awaken, your virtues will become visible and you will be guided and led through the path of service and prayer for the urgent causes of the planet.

Today I come, with the wind and the ocean waves, so that you can hear within yourselves and feel the Feeling of God, His silent Feeling that speaks about this reality to the inner worlds.

You are already at the moment of understanding many things that are not material, but immaterial.

If your inner world and your gaze are before knowledge with reverence and humility, you will be guided by the Law, and the Law will act through you to correct this increasingly chaotic and difficult planetary situation.

Since the Garden of Gethsemane, I knew this would come. This is the reason for the cost of My Blood, for each drop of My Blood shed upon the soil of this world for humanity.

Through you, My merciful Heart needs to reach those who suffer, the refugees.

During these days of merciful prayer, pray with fervor, and fervor will renew you, will always place you in the correct vibration in the planetary emergency.

The world will see situations that are more indescribable than those ever seen before. I invite you to become conscious of this and to turn your lives towards solidarity and the good.

Build with Me, in the inner planes, the renewal of forms, so that those retrograde forces that oppress the consciousness of the planet and subdue humanity may be expelled and liberated from the surface of the Earth, and everything can be renewed.

While the interest of humanity for spiritual life and prayer is cloudy or indifferent, the doors of My Mercy will not open; the response to this great help will be proportional to your prayers with Me.

Humanity is not ready to face the end of times and see unimaginable things, not only of this planet but also of the universe. It would be like waking up in the morning and finding the world totally changed, under a reality you have never known nor lived.

What would you do? What would be your first thought and your first action?

Humanity has allied with the retrograde forces and this leads it to constant suffering.

The prayer of the consequent ones sustain balance in that which is unthinkable to you. This means, companions, that prayer, at the moment, maintains in harmony that which is about to break.

I know that many do not want to accept the end of times because it would lead them to change definitively. But as the Lord and King of the Universe, I tell you, “There is no other way out.”

If you are incarnated, at this moment and in this time, it is for a greater reason, it is for a greater duty, it is for an undeniable commitment.

While souls and consciousnesses continue to force doing what is different from what they came to do, they will suffer. Resistance can no longer be in your spiritual paths and, above all, in your inner contact with the Heights.

You must not challenge your destinies, because you do not know them.

Be worthy, in this time, of the supreme Grace that descends upon a transgressing and indifferent humanity, upon a sick and chaotic humanity.

Beneath your feet you have the most sacred places, the most unrecognizable to the world, those places known as Sacred Precincts. They are there to help you and for you to venerate them.

Avail yourselves of what is real and divine. Leave behind that which seems to be and that which is illusory.

The world wants to remain in illusion and feed it, day by day. If this continues on like this, how will the world find the portal towards the Real Time?

Everything begins in your inner world, in the living practice of your faith, in merciful actions.

In this attitude, the nations will understand that the refugees are not human waste nor are they an international plague.

Have pity on those who suffer and you will see beyond what is happening.

Relieve the pain of those who sail the seas and the oceans of the world, seeking a safe land to live in family and in unity.

If the world and the nations do not do anything, a test will come that is harder than the one you are now experiencing. God does not punish humanity, it is humanity that punishes itself through its actions and ideals.

The oceans today speak of the pain of the refugees in the seas and, especially, of those who did not leave the sea alive. Therefore, today I convert these oceans into the Ocean of My Mercy so that all can be salved and rescued.

Appeal to Divine Mercy and do not allow Justice to act in this time, because the world would live a great correction it has not yet lived.

Be consequent with our words. Live My Message and do not just listen to them. It is time for the awakening of the New Christs.

“Celestial Father, who has untiringly given all of Yourself for the creation of the universe and life, sustain Your servers who have decided to follow the Path of Christ.

Have Your Light and Your Mercy descend into the dark spaces of this world.

Welcome into Your Arms, Adonai, those who are without a nation or land.

May the cry of pain in the oceans be soothed by the descent of the powerful Blood of Christ, and may all be converted according to Your Will, Adonai, so that humanity may be responsible and conscious of all that it does.

Send Your Light, Lord, to the inner worlds. Nourish the deepest layers of human ignorance so that it may be dissipated.

Heal all of Your creatures with Your Love so that all may have the joy of participating in Your Celestial Kingdom. Amen.”


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United, at this moment, to the Lord of the Oceans, before His merciful and spiritual Presence, we place ourselves before Him in prayer and supplication, offering the prayer of the Angel of Peace so that Christ may emerge as a Divine Tabernacle in each human heart and all may awaken to the call of His Voice and of His Presence.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges
and indifferences by which He is offended.

And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(repeated three times)


We thank God for His immense Mercy and Pity and we renew our vows in Christ and for Christ as soldiers of Light.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today happiness is lost in the world because of the lack of peace and love among beings.

Therefore, as part of the emanation of God, as the Feminine aspect of God, represented in the Mother of the World, I come to give to humanity the divine and cosmic Love that it so needs.

And I ask you not to fear, not to doubt nor to spiritually fail, My children. This is the time of adversity, the great moment of the planetary Armageddon, in which everything will be defined.

It is also the moment when My Son approaches the world, each time more, to be able to place it upon the Path of God.

Therefore, I am here today, My children, so that you may listen to My voice and so that you may announce My message to the world.

Today, may this Meeting of Music that will be offered elevate the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of humanity, but may it also bring the spiritual healing that nations need to attain peace and reconciliation among peoples.

Do not cease to aspire to attain the Sacred Merits of God. These Merits will make you worthy before His Presence.

Therefore, My children, offer each moment of today as if it were the last one, so that God may listen to the voice of His children that rises through singing and instruments.

May this elevation, which will be built from you, as a bridge of light toward the Universe, transmute the corrosive and retrograde energies so that the most lost essences, which are in darkness, may be rescued by Me.

As up until now, I count on the adherence of each one of My children; because elevated music and the music that brings consciousness to souls will always transform everything, although it may seem impossible.

When souls group together and gather in the name of God, to sing to Him and praise Him, the extraordinary and inexplicable Graces of the Universe can descend so that all creatures, regardless of whether or not they are in the good, may receive the help they need to awaken.

Today I come as the Mother of the Sun, as the Governess of the Universe, to tell you, My children, that the Universe will  again open to hear your melodies and vibrations that you will offer in the name of My Son and for peace.

I bring you the true joy of being able to live in God and to find Him in each moment of your lives knowing that, beyond what you live, what you experience or the pain that you suffer, God will always be attentive to help you, because He is infinite in Mercy.

Hold on to and affirm yourselves upon the powerful Kingdom of God, which is within each one of you; and in the giving of self, in service, in singing and in prayer, you will be able to be in contact with the Supreme Father and in communion with His Spirit.

In these acute moments of humanity, may the Prayers for the Nations of South America keep being offered daily.

On this special day, in which Heaven will commune with the voices that will emerge from the Earth, and the Earth and its inhabitants will commune with the Universe, I wish for a weekly prayer for South America to be offered, which would include all nations, all peoples, all situations and acute moments that it is going through, to reaffirm the re-consecration of South America to the Mother of God, to the Immaculate and eternal Heart of Mary, before the sacred face of the Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mother of all peoples and of all cultures, so that the flame of faith may ignite in hearts and so that this flame may attract peace to societies, to governments and to peoples.

We know, My children, that the world will come to know, in this time, the reality that was always hidden. And humanity will not be able to transgress the laws nor omit them, nor from all this take advantage and benefits, because if there is no justice and equality, there will be no peace.

The conflicts in nations are crises to mature, reflect and change. May My children no longer hurt one another. May transgressions or violences no longer exist in peoples and in societies.

This is a time of rebellion, but it is also a time of Mercy.

Raise your voices to the Heights, may the Father feel the love of His children within His Heart tonight so that the whole planet and its humanity may receive His Mercy, and Peace may be granted to the world, especially to South America.

I thank you for everything that you will offer, because it is very important for your Heavenly Mother.

And those who still do not feel motivated to take a step toward service for the Plan of Love, let them do it, because they will lose nothing, but they will rather receive the treasures of Heaven, which are incalculable and infinite.

Support this work of Music for the Healing of humanity. May souls volunteer, may hearts congregate, because prayer and elevated music is what will heal and cure humanity.

I bless you, My children, and I wish you a good gala of offering to the Creator Father.

May this be a night when the stars of the cosmos will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Today, from My Heart springs forth infinite gratitude for the devotion and the faith that My children have for the different faces of the Divine Mother.

This infinite gratitude that springs forth from My Heart is the love that My praying children express to Me when they pray from their hearts to My maternal Heart.

Therefore, the Heavenly Mother, under Her celestial sovereignty, can be present in many nations of the world, revealing and making Her different faces known so that each people, culture and civilization may recognize the ever Virgin Mary, Mother of the world and of humanity.

Today, My children, another anniversary is completed of when the Celestial Father decided to reveal, to some humble fishermen, the face of Our Lady Aparecida; a face that protects and safeguards Brazil as a country, but also a face which arrived, at that time, into the hands of the fishermen, to destroy, once and for all, the slavery and subjection of the black and African people.

Therefore, today is an important day for Brazil and for the world, not only as the presence of the Lady Aparecida in Brazil is celebrated, but everyone also today remembers that there is a path to liberate oneself from spiritual and material slavery, and that this path is offered by the Virgin Mary so that more and more consciousnesses may attain the freedom from their own prisons in life.

Therefore, My children, your Heavenly Mother and Lady Aparecida extends Her hands towards you so that you may be guided along the path of spiritual freedom, which the majority of humanity will need in order to be free from the chains of oppression and of mental and material slavery.

May the divine symbol and the venerable image of the Lady Aparecida of Brazil give an impulse for the whole world to keep fighting every day so that the trafficking and human exploitation of these times may dissipate, and the souls that suffer most, for these sequels, may have the Grace of a dignified life and support from the Love of God.

Offer this day of Vigil of Prayer for all those who are imprisoned within themselves, and cannot liberate themselves from error. But also lovingly raise your prayers to the Heights so that the trafficking of people may end and this great network may be banished from the minds that promote it, so that all My children can experience the Grace of redemption and of forgiveness.

Today I will avail Myself of all celebration and of the devotion of My children who will visit the Sanctuary of Aparecida for this important cause to be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Brazil


To Those Who Awaken

In the Universe, there are three manifestations of God, through His three Persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

The divine aspect of the Holy Spirit is impelled by the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy or Mother of the World.

This unknown manifestation of the Holy Spirit is what is carrying forward the plan of awakening to a great part of humanity. And this awakening, which is impelled by the Universe, has no religion, it only has essence, and its essence is Universal Love, the Love that moves the whole Universe and leads the consciousnesses to live learnings and experiences.

The Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, or Mother of the World, is what within the cycle of awakening is spiritually working within an important part of humanity, which is the youth. Because in the youth of this time lies the potential and the inner fire for the realization and the concretion of the Divine Plan on Earth.

For this reason, the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy is supporting the awakening of the youngest ones, because within them resistance does not prevail and, if it existed, they would have no difficulty transforming it.

In the youth of this time, the Project of peace and of consciousness must be expressed. A Project that impels the manifestation of the foundations of peace on the surface of the Earth in times of conflict, and the establishment of consciousness through the awakening to the life of the spirit and to awareness, through care and love for the planet and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Therefore, this is the cycle in which the youth must be gathered so that, among the young ones, they may not only share and experience the culture of peace and fraternity, but also the inner talents may awaken in the younger ones, making them participants in the events of the end of times.

And on some plane of consciousness, to some spiritual degree, each youth has a commitment to the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy and, being children and inheritors of this Source, they will count on its support and fortitude to carry forward the Will of God.

This Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy gathers the consciousnesses of the youth of the planet and it is this consciousness of the youth that, in this crucial time of humanity, will need to be protected so that the youth may find the meaning of elevation of consciousness through humanitarian service, the protection of the lower Kingdoms, the spiritual union with the Creation and expression of music, art and dance, as a message of awareness, harmony and peace to the world.

Today, the Youth Festival for Peace in Salvador is the preamble for all to perceive that within each youth there is an equality that is expressed in the unity and fraternity with the young brother or sister.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today the whole world, but especially the Sanctuary of Fatima, remembers through all the pilgrims that humanity has a Mother. A Mother Who silently intercedes, without tiring or delaying, for humanity. A Mother Who, from the beginning, unconditionally accepted giving up Her Son to be the Mother of Humanity.

Today Fatima lights up like a sun through the Love of the Most Holy Mary. Souls remember the Mother of eternal tenderness, the Mother Who gives them Peace, the Mother Who deeply wishes the good for them and offers them Her Heart of a Mother, as a refuge and support in the face of any adversity.

Behold, before you, the Mother of God and the Advocate of all those spiritually condemned. Behold, your Mother, the Mother of the Universe and of humanity; the Mother Who gives you shelter, the Mother Who understands you, and through Her surrender, grants you the forgiveness and reconciliation of God.

Remember well this 13th of May, which up until today remains alive, as if it were the first time that the Mother of Jesus descended from Heaven to give you shelter and bring you Peace.

You need nothing else, creatures of God, because you have a Mother, and the Mother of Heaven is the most important thing in your lives.

Appreciate Her, respect Her, listen to Her, and love Her as She silently does.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

First weekly Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My dear children,

My Maternal Grace expands in the silence of My Heart. This way, I can arrive into the world and, through the sincere prayer of My children, I can reach and help the souls that need it the most.

This is the time of Grace. This is the time of Mercy.

All My children should reach the Fountain of Graces; all should feel their inner affiliation with Christ.

My Maternal Grace comes to help the lost humanity.

My Maternal Grace comes to awaken the sleeping consciousness of the human being.

My Maternal Grace comes to withdraw from the illusion those who accept Me and receive Me as their Spiritual Mother; thus I will be able to help the world even more; thus I will be able to pour my Graces into the empty and solitary hearts, into the hearts without God.

The moment of inner conversion and of the conversion of life has arrived.

The time has come to open the inner senses to listen to God and hear His Message.

We are now in the time for Love to win again, just as the Love of My Son won on the Cross.

I thank you for accompanying me! 

Who always blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother that pours out the Light of Grace over the world so that the deepest wounds may be healed, and souls may regenerate through the powerful Light of the Celestial Father. 

It is this Light that I bring to the world, to all souls, without distinction, each time that I descend from Heaven to meet you in the fervor of prayer, in the communion with My Son, in adoration and in the praise of His Most Holy Presence.

The Light of Grace draws closer to souls to console them, strengthen them and give them the impulse to change and to transform the consciousness.

For this reason, the Light of Grace is poured out like a most powerful flow each time souls and hearts are in the presence of the Faithful Servant of God.

Receive then this Grace of God, so necessary and urgent in these times of definition and of changes.

I leave you all the Love of the Grace of God so that it may fill your spirits.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

May My Heart of Peace be the guide that leads you to Christ

My Children,

I come in a time of chaos, ignorance and indifference toward God, toward His Plan and His Truth, to open the eyes of a generation that is getting lost in the wounds and memories of the past.

I come to reveal to you a Divine Purpose, which forever erases from your consciousnesses the obstacles that separate you from God.

And this same Purpose reveals to you, not only what the Heart of the Father offers you, but mainly, children, it brings you closer to the Truth of the Heart of God; Truth which has been hidden throughout human evolution, and now must be revealed.

I come as the Mother of the World, as your Universal Mother, so you may understand that not only eternity after this life is full of mysteries, but life itself holds secrets that have not yet been revealed, holds truths that are beginning to emerge at this time, as a last opportunity for souls to awaken.

My Heart offers you nothing more than awakening to the path of prayer, surrender, service and sacrifice.

But it is this very path that will open, in your lives, the doors to the new, and will finally bring the meaning which your souls expected to know about the existence of life on Earth.

You can already feel and perceive your own ignorance, not only before the Universe and Creation, but also before yourselves.

And what I come to do in these times, My children, is to open your eyes through the power of prayer, so that, transformed under the spirit of humility, you can enter into the truth that dwells within you, a universe as vast and as broad as the one you see in a starry night in the sky of the Earth.

As the immensity of the sky, as the infinity of the stars, so it is within each of My children, because He who created you, in His image and likeness, is infinite and unknown.

The likeness to God is not limited to the appearance of humankind. The likeness with God is kept in a deep mystery that dwells in your hearts, and that keeps in itself the true reason for which God created this humanity.

Each being of this Earth, My children, is a renewing potential of the Divine Consciousness.

From your most profound and sincere experiences of love, the Creator derives His renewal, the re-creation of His Divine Creation.

I know that this is a mystery, almost incomprehensible for the creatures of the Earth, but this is due to the great blindness, and ignorance of humanity.

To enter into the celestial Mysteries, you must have a humble and simple heart, and your Heavenly Mother grants you this heart through prayer that transforms you inside and out, that transforms your lives and, therefore, life on Earth.

I come as your Divine Mother to lead you, by the hand, to a higher Purpose.

I want, My children, that in this last time of awakening, you may not only know Christ, but you may be in Christ, what God has thought for your lives and for this world.

You are still in time to transform this planet into a sacred planet, to build and inhabit the islands of salvation, which will serve as the beginning of the new when the time comes.

But this, beloved children, begins in the small and in the true. It begins with the Rosary in your hands and the Heart in God; it begins with sincere service and the true interest that your brothers and sisters also receive the best; it begins by listening to the Words of God through His Messengers, and by following and living these Words, because when you least expect, they will be alive and consolidated in your inner world.

And it is there that all eyes that look at you will find an example, and all hearts that feel you will feel God, because you will be called His instruments, His companions.

Today I reveal to you a path, and I extend My Hands to you, so that you may allow Me to lead you to the new; to the eternal and unfathomable Heart of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call, and following My steps as Mother and Pilgrim.

The souls that are awakening are in jubilation and the planet feels relief in its heart.

All this is due to the effort of each one of My children.

I bless you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of Light and the defeat of evil

The silent triumph of the Plan of the Most High is approaching, and it is imperceptible for the world of illusion; but there exist essences that feel, in the depth of themselves, this moment.

It is the triumph of Light and the defeat of evil.

When the scene of events is stablished in nations and peoples, when revolutions and conflicts are installed, those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

The culminating hour is approaching and the Mother of the World places all Her children under Her invisible mantle of stars. She arrives to the most impenetrable places of the consciousness, since those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

Nothing and no one will be left behind. The veils of illusion will fall and the spiritual blindness of humanity will be healed; because the angels of eternal service will wash the eyes of human beings with the water of the Divine Fountain, and those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

After so many intense spiritual battles, the soldiers of good will be strengthened, and even though the great and last beast comes out of the abyss to the surface, those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

Meanwhile, the Universal Mother gestates in Her sacred Womb the New Humanity, the new planet which will be free from its millenary debts and that can be prepared to truly live the Plan of God. Those will be signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

You will then see the great Archangel of the Celestial Militia descend from the Superior Universes and, at the sound of the seventh trumpet, the end of time will come, not only for the enemy, but also for all the Universe that will learn about redemption.

The strength of the breath of the Sacred Spirit will open the doors so that everything is revealed; the most hidden mysteries will be unveiled, and the human race will become aware of the time it lost in order to be able to unite to God.

Those who have responded to the call without understanding will be happy, because an impenetrable protection will be in them; those who were distracted with the world will cry because it will be too late and even through the Divine Spirit has called them, they will recognize too late what the Universe many times wanted to dictate to their hearts.

But the most difficult time will cease because the New Light will penetrate the planet with all its Rays and, from nothing, all darkness will dissolve in any state of consciousness. This New Light will be the New Face of the Master among the Masters, it will be the Sacred Sun that will bring with It the thousand years of Peace and, then, the Earth will be populated by beings of kindness and love.

Those who have not incarnated these principles in themselves will no longer be on the planet; they will have, in the next world, their dwellings prepared for them to learn again to be beings of good, beings of Light. And the Earth will live its maximum joy when the Solar Son, together with the Resplendent Ones, bless the beginning of the New Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Time to step out of the world illusion

The time has come, My children, to step out of the world illusion and to begin to face reality, first within you, and then to recognize it outside.

The world will not wait for you to mature so that it lives its purification and the transition of the times, which will mark the before and after between the old and the new man. The changes are already precipitating over the Earth and are expressed through the imbalance of the elements of nature, through men, through young people, through wars between nations, races and religions. Thus, children, the “end”, that many do not want to see because they believe that everything is where it should be, is shaped.

Today, as yesterday, I come as the Mother of Truth, the Lady of Divine Sincerity, so that nothing more may be hidden from your eyes and all warnings may be given to you in time, so that you may transform your lives and your souls awaken.

My beloved, amidst a world that is lost in its own ignorance, I come to build an example of transformation in this place. If you open the door to Me and say “yes” to Me, I will demonstrate to the world that it is possible to convert ignorance into wisdom and naivety into a true purity of heart.

I would like all My children of this town to come to meet Me, so that I may awaken them to the will that God has for this people.

Children, I want to build here a model of respect, equality and hope; a place where souls come to find again the dignity they have lost because of surrendering to illusion.

I know that the enemy of God will do everything to prevent this Plan from being fulfilled and souls from uniting to build this purpose. But today I ask you, beloved children, to just place your hearts on the goal of expressing to the world a hope of life, which it has lost.

I want to help you rebuild your families; I want to teach you to grow and respect the different expressions of the human heart. I want religions here to unite in service and prayer, for a world of peace. May respect and the consciousness that only One God exists, He Who gathers you, make it possible to erase from your hearts the prejudice and the feelings of superiority with respect to your brothers and sisters. I want you to see one another as unique essences of God, deeply loved by He Who created them. And, in this way, you may open to learn one with each other.

It is not much that I ask of you, My children. I want to root out violence through the awakening of the spirit. Because a heart that yields to darkness, is one which does not truly know God and has not found a meaning for its life. I come to give you this meaning and to open in your hearts that space which the Creator must occupy, so that one day, My beloved, you may express the likeness to the Father.

For the nations of the world, this is a distant and nearly impossible goal, but to the one who is in Me and allows himself to be guided by My Heart, nothing is impossible. Allow Me, children, to establish peace through your hearts. Allow Me to build the impossible in your lives.

I just want you to respect one another, to serve one another and to collaborate in the building of a world in greater peace. For the planet agonizes and the wars outrage the hearts of My children, due to the inability of men to live true love and conscious respect.

For this reason, children, I will ask you to accompany Me and to allow Me to transform this place into an example of a new life, where it is possible to respect, collaborate, admire the best of one’s fellow being, and thus live in communion.

If you allow Me to do it, and if you let yourselves be guided by Me, in a short while you will see My words manifested in the transformation of your lives.

Carry this message of Mine to the four corners of this town and let it echo in the hearts. Call My children to come and meet Me. It is time to awaken and to step out of the world illusion.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I have come to the world, crossing all times and eras, to ask humanity for true and sincere repentance.

Now, I come outside the Church of My Son, because as the Mother of humanity, I come to call and save those who distance themselves from God and His eternal Grace.

For this reason, I have decided, under the celestial authority and divine obedience, to reach each of the nations of the world, to recover the true values of cultures and the sacred spiritual principles that make each race or each people, one universal culture. 

In the last decades, My adversary has managed to confuse and remove souls from that which is sacred, inspiring innovation in archaic minds and harmful progress throughout entire continents, through uncontrollable abuse of the Kingdoms of Nature and of humanity itself.

With this planetary reality, your Mother and Governor of the Sublime Mirrors of Creation plays on the board of the definition of times in order to remove, from the evil path, all peoples, cultures and religions that are being led to the absolute oblivion of the path of good and of the Commandments. Thus, the Laws are permanently outraged and each essence loses its original innocence.

This is why, at the request of the Almighty, I have chosen your group of souls which, in humility, surrender and the sacrifice for Our Lord Jesus Christ,  in these times represent the synthesis of all Christian and non-Christian religions of the world so that in this civilization you do not lose the spirit of faith and reconnection with God.

This is one of the most complex missions in the end of times. For this reason, throughout all the media of this human society, I have managed that souls feel My Work, through you, in an ecumenical way, based on the Love of Christ.

In this sense, there is still much to be done until this Work can be presented in a neutral and autonomous way to all great international organizations in order to take the Message of Peace without citing religion or belief.

After the Church of My Son opens the doors to this Work, the Father will fulfill the last part of His Purpose.

This is how the Work of the Divine Messengers will be presented to the international organizations as a message of the universe for the entire human race, calling for reflection and not for human self-destruction.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From My most pure Womb is born cosmic life, and that life is projected in the different dimensions of Creation.

My Womb of Light gestates the new, and every being or consciousness that it receives is transformed by My maternal Light.

From My Womb are born the immaterial Rays that circulate throughout the universes to order and govern under universal harmony.

From My luminous Womb, new spiritual lives can be born in the hearts that unconditionally surrender to Me.

From the most pure Womb of your Mother of the World comes the Principle of Creation, and, in this way, time and again, Creation is renewed and everything evolves within the universe of the Light of God.

In My most chaste Womb, I give spiritual and essential life to that which seemed to be dead.

My Womb revives the lost spirits and, through the Principle of Healing, recovers the souls that distanced themselves from God.

My Womb is a new universe that gestates love for the New Humanity.

Those who place themselves within My Womb will be initiated into a new stage and they will be in Me, and I, as Mother, will be humbly mirroring Myself in the creatures of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all peoples, of all races, of all cultures, of all religions, because I am the Mother of each human heart and I am the Womb from which all things come. Nothing is separate from Me, My children. Only moves away from My Heart the one who forgets their filiation with Me and who forgets the unity that must exist between each human heart and God.

Because of this I come to the world and place each nation under My mantle; because of this I make those of My children who are awake true mirrors of My network of light, to illumine the inner and planetary abysses that still darken this world, and, thus, to liberate evil and suffering from the souls.

Children, today My Heart rejoices in Brazil as in Fátima, and My rosary extends beyond the continents, embracing with its beads of prayer all seas, and healing in this way the suffering of the Kingdoms of Nature. Thus uniting Fátima and Aparecida, I make use today of the prayers of My children to accomplish a wider planetary task, that may embrace all the kingdoms and all the hearts.

I wish you would accompany Me with your most sincere prayers, trying to understand the great necessity that this world be bathed in the light of the Most High God and that hearts receive from the Father the awakening that their souls await so much.

Beloved children, terror still exists in many parts of the world – materially and spiritually – submitting many souls. No matter how much you are permanently under My mantle, you must be aware that this protection that I deliver to you is for you to work with Me for Peace and for the redemption of this planet.

On this day, I wish that My children in Fátima, as in Aparecida, were aware of the Mirrors of Light that I have deposited to radiate their prayers to the whole world; nevertheless, children, the truths of Heaven have been told to very few, and these must represent the whole humanity.

I wish My sanctuaries were filled with souls aware of their mission and that, with the mirror of their hearts ignited, they would make of each one of these sanctuaries true plants of transmutation and of redemption for the planet.

Because of this I ask you on this day that those who are most aware of My Call pray with Me for world peace. Clamor for the awakening of the souls and, just today, do not ask anything for yourselves.

Unite to Me in a clamor for the planet, for the seas, for the souls that are in darkness, for those who suffer, for those who sleep, for those who submit their brothers and sisters.

Unite, My children, your rosaries to Mine on this day, and uniting Fátima and Aparecida, we will ignite this luminous network for the planetary consciousness.

Today the Mirrors of Light ignite themselves and emit a divine sound that resonates beyond the universes, in the whole Cosmos, so that God may hear the praying voice of His children.

I thank you, beloved children, for your being aware of the need of this world and for your working with Me for Peace.

I thank all My children from São Paulo and from São José do Rio Preto for reflecting about the need of their neighbor and for helping Me fulfilling My Plans of Peace. My mantle must still embrace many souls and I count on your hearts for this to be possible.

I love you and leave you My Peace. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors

In the vast Universe, where infinite life expresses itself, there are specific areas within the material universe such as yours, where networks of Mirrors act as re-transmitters of divine energy currents, as well as of impulses generated through the first seven Rays.

In this huge communication network, evolutionary life manages to communicate within itself, and at the same time, all universal life spiritually and internally receives the impulses that such a network generates.

We understand a network to be an extensive group of spiritual instruments of the Heavenly Hierarchy that is used to keep all evolutionary life in communication with the principles of God, which in this humanity is known as Divine Will.

It is this Divine Will that comes from the Fount of Abba, which is universally re-transmitted through the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors.

Just as in the material universe there are Mirrors of light that fulfill specific tasks, the network of all Mirrors interrelates with itself, and each of these instruments brings to universal life the possibility to expand its knowledge as well as that of working in service to the Creator.

The mirrors are formed by subtle emanations of love of the Creator Fathers, of the Elohim. In the beginning, when the universes were created, the first way to keep all universal life in communication was through what we call Heavenly Mirrors.

Thus it was that the Creator Fathers asked Their angelic armies to create, with their higher mental power, great pools of light in the material universe, which later and throughout time would be converted into the so-called Heavenly Mirrors.

The Heavenly Mirrors were created from the fusion they experienced with the divine codes of love and unity; it was the essential base that would allow all beings living in the Love of the Father to enter into contact with the spiritual treasures kept in the communication network of the Mirrors.

At the request of the Archangel Uriel, the creator angelic armies generated the first network of the Heavenly Mirrors in the material universe, known as the first Heaven. Later on, when the Mirrors had already been created by the spiritual currents that the angels had brought, the same Mirrors were unfolded on six planes or six Heavens, so that they then could be present in all universes; that is to say, in the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors is present between the first seven Heavens; it is in this way that a great spiritual, mental, and material communication is established in all universal life, and each consciousness that forms part of the Creation of God is integrated into this very potent flow of knowledge and evolution.

It was the Archangel Uriel who entrusted His angels with sowing the essence of love and unity in the Heavenly Mirrors; later on, the Archangel Rafael sent His legions to pour out principles of healing and redemption in the whole material universe. After Archangel Rafael, the Archangel Gabriel sent His messenger angels to place in all the Mirrors the sacred knowledge of Creation, so that some day it may be revealed, as it is today.

Lastly, to protect this divine legacy, the Archangel Michael sent His hosts of light so that for all eternity they may be the doorkeepers of the Mirrors, who would unconditionally and in service to God protect the relics of Creation.

Thus it was that when the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors was formed by the intervention of the Creator Fathers and by Their hosts of light, Abba decided to send a potent impulse of divine and universal Love to the material universe and it was through the Sacred Feminine Energy, through the Father-Mother Essence that He would deposit the principles of Mercy and Pity over the network of the Mirrors.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us that when this event took place, all universal hosts were prostrate during three days of divine time to thank God for having made rise from within Himself the feminine aspect of Creation, today known as the Spirit of the Universal Mother or the Mother of the World.

In that time all Creation was being ordered and prepared for the first evolutionary experiences.

In that time, Abba Father universally considered that created life would need a Maternal Consciousness sufficiently loving and merciful to the point that the Father would send Her to Earth to incarnate as the Mother of the Messiah of Israel.

This act of universal mercy also allowed the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors to be supported and accompanied by the Mother Consciousness of God.

The first revelations about the Mirrors appeared in the 1970s through 1980s, when the Celestial Hierarchy decided to reveal this divine secret that has been present and living for millions of years, after humanity was at the brink of self destruction several times.

The Father granted the Grace that the human consciousness remember its mission in the Plan, and the Universe granted that humanity might awaken to the truth from which, out of ignorance, it had separated for many centuries.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors has allowed this planet to continue to exist in Creation, and above all, the Mirrors have generated the equilibrium of the axis on the Earth and of the poles.

If this silent intervention had not taken place, the race would already have self-destructed, and this unconditional help from the Mirrors has come from the moment in which the aspect of the Firstborn Son of God arrived in the world to save it on all planes of consciousness.

So the awakening is being granted to all, irrespective of the degree of debts. The Plan of rescue of Christ is already active and all will have the last Grace of being able to respond to it.

May the network of the Heavenly Mirrors represent for all the opportunity to remember within themselves that they are consciousnesses created by God, and that they can learn how to love and mirror unity to the entire Universe without the overbearing need to destroy the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the mirror of each praying heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Queen of prophets

Through the ages, My Son has sent Me to the world to warn it and correct it about the imminent danger.

Thus, through the ages and as at this moment, My Maternal Consciousness has chosen the new prophets amongst all souls, who determinedly have announced the words and the message of the Heavenly Mother.

At all the moments when humanity was in gravest danger, the Queen of prophets awakened consciousnesses so they would render this greater service, which comes directly from the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit that fosters all celestial revelations for this Universe.

Thus, the Queen of prophets appeared in different moments of the history of humanity to awaken the lineage of the prophets in simple and selfless consciousnesses, which means a service of surrender to the rule of higher Laws that guide the consciousness that is summoned to this end.

The Queen of prophets has the mission of demonstrating, through the prophets, that Her message is universal, divine, and timeless; that it is able to serve all souls in their instruction, transformation, and change.

 The message of the Queen of prophets in all ages always tries to guide, warn, correct, and raise awareness in all of humanity, in a nation, or in an individual.

 The prophets have the task of subordinating themselves to spiritual principles that are not under their control, and cannot be manipulated by any consciousness. The gift of the prophet is based on their spirit of humility, on inner work with detachment, and mainly, in each day loving more the mission that the Queen of prophets has chose them for to accomplish with this humanity.

For the Divine Universe, there are temporal prophets and timeless prophets. It is something that leads directly to the Holy Will of the Spiritual Universe through the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 The temporal prophet is awakened for this mission by Deity itself; that is to say, by the Eternal Father through the Firstborn Son and the Mother of God, who have the highest authority to offer consciousness to a soul on this great and selfless service.

Therefore, the temporal prophet can serve as an instrument for a time in order that a specific purpose be accomplished, a specific spiritual end, which is guided by the Mother of the World. When this purpose is achieved on the surface of the planet, the temporal prophet or messenger of the Heavenly Hierarchy stops receiving the instructions or messages from Heaven in a natural way.

 The timeless prophet is that consciousness which came originally to fulfill a divine purpose throughout their life; it is something that cannot be under human manipulation or control, because it is the very Spirit of the Feminine Consciousness that guides this kind of spiritual mission.

Timeless prophets do not consciously know the moment when their task of service will end; only the Universal Father knows the moment, which is when His Will determines it.

 The prophets of the Queen of Heaven do not arise or awaken - either individually or collectively - for this mission, because it is the very need of assistance in humanity that causes the Celestial Hierarchy to choose and call any consciousness for this purpose.

The seed of humility and of acceptance of the Purpose are the primary foundations for the development of prophets, because their task in this field is not of their ownership, nor beneficial to them. The lineage of the prophets is focused on the fulfillment of Divine Will, which presents itself at each new stage.

The Queen of prophets is the ruler of these consciousnesses; Her impulses make the prophets of all ages receive the impulse to selflessly give of themselves more each day, and to learn obedience.

The prophets of the Queen of Heaven have the most difficult task amongst all the known lineages, such as those of the Governors, the Caretakers, the Guardians, and the Mirrors, because they must present the Divine Word to the world, which is to say, the message that the prophets receive will always mobilize and reverse the state of all situations.

For this reason, the instruction received by prophets at different times led the consciousness of humanity to make a change in its attitude before it was too late.

The message received by different prophets contacted by the Most Holy Mother at different periods has always shifted the position of the Church and all the consciousnesses that in many cases during Marian apparitions, considered the message to be false.

Humanity does not value the message that is sent through prophets, nor the gift of fraternal service that has been developed by other holy consciousnesses.

The human consciousness has always been in need of divine intercession and of mediators such as the prophets, to be able to correct planetary life. The message that the prophets of the Queen of Heaven receive causes these consciousnesses to shift their position, to transform, because the same divine message that emanates from the Celestial Hierarchy has a voltage and an impulse of spiritual energy that dismantles any structure, modifies and ennobles it when the consciousness is sincerely open.

The prophets of the end times have the task of bringing the world closer to the powerful currents that, through the intercession of the Divine Messengers, will come to modify the present direction of the consciousness of humanity.

For this reason, both in the prophets and in the other lineages, the consciousnesses that are most awake to selfless service to the plan and for humanity will be living receptacles of all the spiritual impulses that will reach the planet to transform it.

The Mother and Queen of prophets carries out Her co-redemptive work in these times through different prophets in the world, who faithfully show the fruits of the transformation of their lives and of their paths as a service to humanity, in an act of absolute renunciation and of adherence to higher Laws which help the human being of the surface.

The Queen of prophets is the spiritual administrator of the redemption of the world, and She announces Her message through instruments, to remind the world that the human consciousness can and must fulfill the Greater Will in these times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children:

I thank you for the prompt response of all to My maternal call. You already know that, as the Mother of humanity, I long for the best for each of My children, because My ardent wish is that nobody misses the opportunity to meet with God and to know His true Love.

In the next six months of prayer you will be able, if you assume it in your consciousness, to find the path that I will make you know, the path to be in Christ permanently and not to leave it.

Dear children, this cycle of continuous prayer that I am calling you to live is to banish the planetary inertia and everything that leads constantly to the perdition of the souls.

I would like, My children, that your hearts find in this cycle the flame of faith that will help you to live the tests and deal with the challenges for the Plan of God.

My children, in the following six months I will be with you praying daily in each place where you may be, without ceasing any moment to bring you to My Heart for you to feel peace. If the world would respond promptly as you have responded to My call, many planetary and human situations would be avoided by the angels of the Universe.

Dear children, when a heart or more responds to My summoning I can work through it, not only in prayer but also in charity, humility and in Divine Mercy.

Awaken at this time those who are still asleep and tell them that there is a grandiose Celestial Mother who loves them and hopes to have them in Her arms to shed over them all the love of the Universe.

Tell them to have determination and valor to abandon sin, the human indifference and omission.

Tell those who sleep to encourage themselves to listen to Christ in their interior and to allow prayer to heal and to redeem them.

Tell them, My children, that the Divine Mercy is still available for all those who want to look for it and to discover it in the source of the Heart of Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call for the world peace!

Who loves you and always follows you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all the children of the world and from Heaven I bring you the peace that is possible to live in these times. This is why I am here, dear children, so that you may believe in this; because in spite of what happens in humanity and in all hearts, My task continues to be completed. I open the Heavens so that your hearts are able to rise up toward Me and thus enter the Heart of God, Who with ardent love awaits you to give you shelter in His Spirit and in His Divinity

Dear children, I come to Madrid with the same mission as two years ago. The Guadalupana must now travel through each province of Spain and must reach the hearts that are unknown to you. Because if you go on this pilgrimage with Me, carrying the holy image, hearts will seek it because they have lost faith in God and they need to regain it. This is why I am here, dear children, to make this request of you, because from the heart of Spain it is possible that this task may begin.

And thus you will find souls that will need to live through prayer, will need to learn how to pray and know how to connect with God. You who already live within My School of Prayer will know how to do it and how to teach it, because I will inspire you in the Power of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, dear children, you will gradually come to know the Gifts of God that are waiting to descend upon humanity and upon the simple hearts that open to find the path of consecration to the Plan of the Most High.

Today I come here to unite what is separate between consciousnesses, just as the song says. I come to establish in your essences the new humanity, something that today you will not be able to understand, dear children, but which you will build little by little inside of yourselves, taking the steps in the Plan of the Lord and in the redemption that My Son offers you in this time. Thus, dear children, you will never be alone; no matter how much you feel you are losing your inner strength, My Heart will always support you. I am that sacred hand that reaches out to you so that you can take hold of it firmly and feel safe on this path of conversion, of complete transfiguration of your lives.

Spain must be the Reign of My Immaculate Heart, because united with Portugal, it will be able to radiate peace to the whole European continent and beyond. You know, dear children, that you can count on the Sanctuary of Lis and also on the Sanctuary of Medjugorje. But it is still not enough; there are still hearts that have not repented and that do not find the path to My Son.

I come to show you the pathway that takes you to the Heart of the Celestial Father and this will cease to be a theory or something that is so invisible for you. Dear children, I need you to form as My columns, as I have told you once before, and to keep strengthening your spiritual life so that I may be near you and guide you along this path of end of times amidst the darkness and obscurity that the world lives.

I want this image to be a portal of peace, because for this I have consecrated it for each one of you and for your brothers and sisters on the path. As Guadalupe, I fulfill an important task in the United States, and I also fulfill it here, because from here I left to manifest in the Americas and come to be known as the Mother of the Americas and Mother of all the peoples.

I inspired the apostles of Christ when they evangelized and preached throughout this region, so that they might make My Gospel known, which is the deepest story of the Mother of God with Jesus Christ, Your Lord; so that they might make My silent work known and so that it might be witnessed by each one that heard it. This story reached Guadalupe, in a corner of this great Spain, and from there I was known to the world when My sacred face of the Mother of all the races showed itself to the Americas; thus reminding the white man of the union with all the peoples through unity and love, which at that time in Guadalupe I came to institute by order of God so that the peoples of Europe might have an opportunity in this final time, in this time of purification, in this time of transition.

Your hearts have been self-summoned for this and have not ceased to fulfill what I have requested in this work of expanding the light of My Heart throughout the world and especially in Europe. My mission with you, dear children, must go beyond frontiers and nations. You must reach those closed hearts that do not want to know Jesus nor draw closer to God. There is no method for doing it, nor one rule; transmit the love of your hearts, the love you feel for Me, and thus I will work. And when you gather together to pray with your brothers and sisters, with those who are unknown to you, they will be able to be converted by My Love and will find the peace that they seek so much. Dear children, I expect this of you in this time. This is why I have come here to Madrid, so that you may effect a renewal of your vows with the Celestial Father and with the Plan of redemption of My Beloved Son and of My Immaculate Heart.

The next step for Europe is to disseminate the love of Saint Joseph and the transformation that this holy man lived while being human, being a simple and true man. Thus I want, dear children, to create in you and in these peoples of Europe a new human being, and leave behind the old human being who has closed themselves off from transformation and from renunciation. Saint Joseph will be the Mediator that will guide you along this path.

If you disseminate Our Lady of Guadalupe, you will know how to disseminate the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, because in truth I tell you, dear children, that here in Spain there are still simple souls that feel God in their hearts but do not know how to connect with Him. The souls that are closed are My preferred souls; they are the ones I aspire to find through your hands and your services in union with My Son, with His Sacred Heart.

There is still much to be done here and it is time for your hearts to grow in this task and not be afraid of taking the steps, just as your brothers and sisters have done so in other parts of the world, definitely surrendering to live the Plan of God and to cooperate in the salvation of this humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, which are so assaulted.

Dear children, I am in communion with you all the sainted days of life. And in each moment that you pray to My Heart, I can strengthen you so that you can live this Project that is so unknown to the world, which is the Project of love and of redemption.

Today I hover over you, dear children, because I love you; I love you in the eternal joy of My Immaculate Heart that pours Its Graces over My children so that they can stand firm and sure on the path that I invite them to follow. I am Your Mother of Peace, I am Your Mother of Love, Mother of Confidence, Mother of Consecration and of Hope, I am the one who lifts you up when you fall, I am the one who cheers you up when your hearts are sad or when you are confused by My adversary.

Unite with Me through the Holy Rosary and contemplate, as you have done today, each divine mystery of My Son. Thus your hearts will be custodians of the codes of the Celestial Universe, which will be indispensible in these times and for all of humanity. As I know, dear children, that not all will receive these codes that will help transform the world, the very few that will received them will have the great responsibility of being consistent with them and of expanding them in love and in joy throughout the world.

Your guardian angels are confident that you will be able to do it; count on them in this work of co-redemption that you live with Me and in union with My Son. It is because of this that I come to prepare you for the end time and so that you never forget this moment in which Heaven touches your hearts and lives to renew them and provides the impulse to give a little more in honor to God, Who contemplates you in this hour with gentleness and full attention through My Immaculate Heart.

Feel, dear children, how alive My Peace is, and beyond being non-material, it is felt and pulses in the heart that opens to receive it. Seek the gifts of charity and of the good and you will be on the right path. Do not seek personal realization, but rather the completion of the works in humanity through the Sacred Hearts. Thus, dear children, as Your Patron of Guadalupe and of all of Spain, in the silence we will be able to achieve the redemption of millions of souls that are submerged in the chaos of this world and in the superficiality of material life. My adversary has undertaken closing these hearts, but today I am giving you the master key, which is the key of your hearts, the key of love and of trust in God, because the heart that is patient, dear children, gains everything.

Let us pray now, dear children, for humanity.

And here, dear children, before the Altars of God, today you offer Me the greatest testimony of Truth and of redemption for the hearts of the world, through the precious Blood and the divine Body of Your Lord, Who having poured out all the codes of rehabilitation for hearts and spirits, through this bread and this wine will today become present through transubstantiation. The angels of the Universe united to My Heart and in adoration, will convert these elements in glory to the Celestial Father. When you drink of the Blood of Christ, drink for those who do not drink the precious blood of Our Lord, and when you commune, dear children, commune for those who offend Him and deny Him in this time.

You will sing to Our Lady of Guadalupe just as you have done, so that My Face may unify all the races and all the peoples in the spirituality of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call and I love you!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am that Rose of Light that emanates the subtle aromas of love for hearts.

I am that Rose of Light that turns pain into joy and suffering into healing.

I am that Rose of Light that shines during the night to guide My children.

I am that Rose of Light that blossoms again and again when My children are making an offering and are in prayer.

I am that Rose of Light that inspires souls to live the path of peace and of love.

I am that Rose of Light created in the universe to be the Mother of humanity, in service and love for all.

I am that Rose of Light that was once a humble human heart that was in service to the Lord, in praise and in joy.

I am that Rose of Light that brought to the world the most important thing it had lost, its original purity.

I am that Rose of Light that opens so that all may come to know the love of My Original Purity.

I hope that after this journey on the planet, your hearts will change as Mine did, into roses of light that are in offering and redemption at the Feet of the Creator.

I hope that one day you may be roses of light that reflect the inner purity of the soul that was worked on and purified through service and love for God.

I hope that you may be roses of light that wake up other roses, so they may blossom and manifest a true 'yes' to the Creator.

I hope, children, that you may be roses of light so that you may confirm that life can be divinized through union with the Celestial Father.

When your hearts change into roses of light, you will no longer be the same as always, for in you will awaken the unique talent that My Son left in the essence of each human heart.

Be roses of light to glorify the Father and praise Him forever in gratitude.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prepares you for your change,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


​​​​Through the love you radiate to Me, your whole life is elevated and thus you share with Me the Graces and pains of the world, of all those who deny God, and of those who have wrongfully failed.

Ingratitude causes the pain hardest to overcome, because it is full of fear and pride.

Today I tell you that when I was at the foot of the Cross, it was the culminating moment to forgive the world and to take the final step towards absolute love, even while seeing My Son disfigured by the sins of the world.

I know that few dare to accompany the Mother of the World in this spiritual task, which brings no recognition or merit, and do it only for love and for the salvation of all those who are indifferent.

In truth, most souls do not place their attention on the feeling or the pain of the Hierarchy. As it is something invisible to human eyes and minds, only a noble and simple heart could perceive, beyond itself, that the Hierarchy shares a spiritual mystery that many do not understand, a mystery that silently transmutes the world.

For this reason I invite My children to cross the threshold into inner collaboration with the Hierarchy, in this cycle where human indifference will cause the path to be blind to those who believe they are in Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more