Tuesday, October 25 of 2016

Daily messages

At the gateway of a Great Mission…

Dear children,

With the bliss of My Spirit, I pour out My Peace on you today so that the perfect and invincible communion with My Son may be established in you.

It will be in the sacred cenacle of the Heart of Christ where the first steps on the redemption and the rehabilitation of souls will be mercifully shown.

This, children, is the beginning of a new stage where many souls will be benefitted by the upcoming pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico.

Your Heavenly Father congregates you in prayer and in cooperation, so that the plans of your Most Holy Mother may be fulfilled in this dear region of the planet, threatened by the exploitation of human beings, of the Kingdoms of Nature, and of innocent society.

It is in this way that your Heavenly Mother gets ready, in prayer, adoration, and silence, to cross the abysses of all those places and thus light fallen stars again, which were lost for different reasons, and which must remember their filiation with God.

On this day, when you, My children, and especially those children who opened their hearts to help me in this plan of redemption and of peace, have generated a positive and pleasant response to the Heart of the Heavenly Father.

The mission to Central America and Mexico will encompass several fields of consciousness, and your Heavenly Mother will be able to enter with Her Kingdom of Light and with all Her angels into the nations that need it the most.

It is thus, My dear children, that through My simple hands the Universe of God will undo the knots that are millenary in the consciousness of humanity.

Each one of your hearts is called to accompany your Holy Mother on this pilgrimage, be it with your prayers, with your offerings, or with your presence on some part of the pilgrimage through the nations of Central America.

It is in this way that, through your support and your loving company, your Heavenly Mother will be able to count on Her soldiers to carry out this work of mercy and of forgiveness for your fellow beings.

The first part of the mission to Central America will work to deactivate the suffering, the indignation, and specially the existing mistreatment of the human Kingdom, and of the lower Kingdoms of Nature.

This task will be possible from the moment in which each child of Mine participates in this pilgrimage from their nation, from their group of prayer, from the Marian Centers, or even inside the operative task of the pilgrimage as a child of Mary.

The second part of the mission in Mexico will try to balance the pain generated since the conquest, upon the indigenous peoples. Through the advocation of the Lady of Guadalupe, during the days of the pilgrimage the deactivation of the suffering of these indigenous peoples can be carried out through an act of forgiveness and of pity, so that in this way Divine Mercy may be established.

The entire route of the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico can be inwardly and spiritually supported by all the children of Mary and by the groups of prayer in the different nations.

So that My children can be present during the complete pilgrimage accompanying your Heavenly Mother, I invite you to fraternize with My children from Central America and Mexico by sending a greeting of peace to Misericordia Maria TV, which will be shown during the public events.

This section, which will be presented during the public events of the Divine Messengers in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico, will try to create strong bonds of love and of fraternity between peoples and their languages.

It is thus, My children, that each group of prayer as well as each pilgrim, in the moment of presenting their greeting of peace, must have with them the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe as the symbol of union and of love between the nations of the world: Uniting all that is separated.

This section will be called “We unite with Mary in Her Sacred Mission.”

I thank you, children, for the gesture of inner brotherhood that each consciousness will be able to express through this greeting of peace, and this will be the way in which the pilgrims and those who pray in the world will accompany each part of the pilgrimage.

Lastly, My children, with the immense joy of Heaven, I once more thank all of My children for having concretized the mission to Central America and for having responded to My call.

United with each prayerful heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace