Tuesday, October 25 of 2016

Daily messages

My beloved children from Brazil and from the whole world:

Today My arms open and My Mantle expands over the Americas, announcing that the triumph of My Heart is near.

Today I thank you and, with joy in My Gaze, I ask you to keep working with Me for the awakening of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

My children, since the beginning, the Creator entrusted each soul of the Earth to Me, as the most precious thing He had as a project and creation. From Heaven He pointed Me this world and asked Me, with love, that I took care and supported each of His children; that I did not look at their faults with sorrow, but rather with compassion and hope; that My Faith in His creatures were that which would eternally support their opportunities of taking steps and of rehabilitating them in the path that leads to God. And so I did it, children, since the beginning of this world.

When I came to Earth as the Mother of Jesus and the wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, it was to consummate My surrender and maternity. It was to materialize, along with My Son and the Most Chaste Joseph, the deep Love of God for humankind. It was for all to come to know and recognize the maternity of your beloved Celestial Mother, because in this way, beloved children, you would be able to find the path that brings you to My Heart, you would be able to feel that My Mantle is near and always open to welcome you.

Not all recognized My Divine Maternity, but it does not mean that I am not the Mother of those who deny Me and of those who do not know Me. I am the Mother of all. I am the Mother of those who proclaim Me and the Mother of those who ignore Me. I am the Mother of those who love Me and know Me and the Mother of those who are indifferent with Me.

Children, I do not love more or any less those who respond to My Call or those who do not help Me to manifest this Plan. The love of My Heart comes from God, comes from the Source. It is a love that descends from the Truth and that recognizes the Truth in the hearts; that is why it loves you all equally.

I do not see, My children, the indifference of humankind, because I know your essences. My great sorrow is that you do not recognize the Truth and believe that you are your imperfections and indifferences, without ever knowing your own essence.

I come to the world to lead you to the Truth and Love, which is My Most Holy Son. Because of that, My dear ones, I beg for all nations, for each Kingdom of Nature, and for each heart, because all of this is part of the Infinite Love of My Son and must return to Him. The Heart of Christ, the Heart of God and My Immaculate Heart will be incomplete if you do not recognize yourselves as part of them and do not live in them.

It is for this reason, children, for the expression and manifestation of unity, that I aspire to get to each nation, so that each nation comes to Me and find Me.

I want to consecrate this world so that it may come to know the Will of God and follow It. I want to consecrate your lives so that you may return to the sacred, to the truth and to love, and so that the illusions will no longer confuse you and  cause you to lose yourselves.

Children, I want to give you My infinite and immutable Peace for you to multiply It because I know that not all will listen to My Call in time. But if you listen to Me in the moment of greatest tribulation, when souls clamor for help they will find in you, My children, the bridge to My Heart, My Living Source of Peace and Forgiveness.

Help Me in this time to multiply Peace, living it in your homes and in your day-to-day. Pray with Me, accompany Me in My journey through each nation, praying for the neighbor as you pray for yourselves. Children, if you do it so, My Heart will triumph.

Go to the aid of those who need – as My children of Venezuela need today. Pray for them and ask for Peace. Be this great army of light, this universal family that helps one another, that grows up with one another, that supports and strengthens each other in the joy of always serving and praying.

I love you and, because of that, I teach you to live unity among you. May this unity, children, transcend borders, just as My Love transcends the dimensions and reaches the Earth, transcends individuals and reaches each one of your essences.

I thank you for helping Me today and always to make My Love and My Peace triumph in this world. Imitate My example, My children, and love each other without limits.

I bless you. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace