Sunday, August 26 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear Son, dear daughter,

Above all the circumstances of life, remember that I Am Your Celestial and Universal Mother. I am the Queen of Peace and the Guardian of Faith in all your hearts.

For this My children, today I invite you to contemplate my Immaculate Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Most Pure Heart of Joseph, so that your lives may elevate themselves as flames of peace at the feet of the Creator.

Dear children, devotion to these hearts will protect you from all evil, will prepare you as souls, will relieve you from all pain, and you will always find in them the eternal life for your hearts.

Today I call you to strengthen the devotion of the heart, not only for life, but also for your pure essence, that, at the end of everything, must bring you to eternity.

Little children, lovingly consider as a guide these three Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of peace, love and unity, because the consciousness of all My children will be redirected for love and redemption.

As instruments of the Creator, of Life and of Unitary Existence, you are called to repair these three Hearts, because one act of love to a neighbor, one sincere and true prayer and one action of peace and charity will repair the transgressions that these three hearts receive on the part of many souls that in ignorance lose the light of God on the path.

For this, dear children, as the Supporting Mother of the believers and of the non-believers, of those united with God and those far away from God, of devotees and the incredulous, I ask you to pray so that under the action of the Grace of the Holy Spirit, each soul and all of humanity may awaken and find the true Will of God, the love and the total forgiveness of all causes.

My dear children today I call you to wake up, with courage, from the time of normality, so that your hearts, united to Christ, King of the Universe, act as light on the planet, with relief of pain, as the support for the great number of souls that walk without guidance in this world.

My children, it is the time to collaborate from heart to heart, and from soul to soul, so that the Kingdom of God may have channels on Earth.

With prayer you have the decision in your hands.

I thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity