Sunday, November 11 of 2012

Weekly Messages

Dear children,

With the Rays of the Mercy of God upon the world, I invite you to feel the Love of God in yourselves, because humanity, in the end of this time must heal and redeem itself so that the Divine Plan may be fulfilled on Earth.

Today I need you to have total trust in God, absolute trust because He knows you well, He knows you since your birth and He also knows the steps that you have taken in your lives. The Lord is inviting you to live in Redemption, a fundamental principle for the end of these times.

Dear children, today I am here among you to show you the Love of God and to tell you that many souls need your devotion and fervor in this time.

My dear ones, today I am calling you to become conscious of the time that will come. Know that My Son needs apostles and disciples strong in prayer. I want you to understand how important the salvation of souls is. Know that you, together with My Son, have this task in this world, in this humanity.

Little children of My Father, that on this day your hearts be in the Heights and that Jesus may prevail in your essences so that you may find the faith that will strengthen you and permit you to take the secure steps towards the Lord.

For this, My children, you have the key of prayer and this prayer of the heart must expand itself through the world, as well as the love of your hearts.

As the Queen of Peace, I invite you to enter into My Kingdom every day because it is necessary that souls convert themselves and that they may reach eternity. And within you there is a precious potential of reconversion through your love of God.

Dear children, I am pouring My Light upon the world again.

I ask you to pilgrimage with Me praying with the heart, during all the hours of this day, because not only will you be accompanying Me in My Maternal Task, but also your hearts will be united to God opening the Doors of Heaven to the Earth through your loving response to My requests.

Dear children, may the Fire of the Holy Spirit be ignited in you so that, united to the Redeemer, you may praise God eternally while your hearts are upon the Earth.

My dear ones, I thank you on this day for responding to this important call for the Redemption of humanity.

I thank you!

My Spirit is in your hearts whenever you allow Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity