I return to your lives as the Mystic Rose for you to honor My Immaculate Heart and for you to yearn for it every day.

I return to your lives for you to help Me to remove, with your prayers and sacrifices, the thorns nailed on My chest and the swords that the world has placed in Me with all its offenses.

Dear children, I come to sanctify you and so that from now and forever My religious ones may be an example of Heaven on Earth.

I come to help and liberate you from the abysses that My adversary imposes with each test that he plans.

As the Mystic Rose I return for you to contemplate My Heart and all the mystery of Its Love that is kept within it.

Dear children, I return on this day for you to feel the Mystic Face of your Mother, the one that contemplates you and prays for your salvation and redemption.

At this hour, I come to distance My children from the danger and the harassments that My adversary projects with the intention of destroying all of My plans.

Remember that I am this Mystic Rose that shows itself to you as the only true and natural, spiritual and divine beauty for the souls.

I come to banish hatred, rage and temptation from the consciousnesses.

As the Mystic Rose, I return to help you to establish the Divine Peace.

I thank you for receiving Me.

Who sanctifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mystic Rose


As your Mystic Rose Mother, today I come to reveal to you the profound mystery of the Love of God, manifested through His Faithful Servant.

Through your Mystic Rose Mother, the principle of the Blessed Trinity reveals itself to the consciousness of humanity.

I would like to tell you, dear children, that the spiritual presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is kept in your Mother, and it is by means of this triune presence that the celestial Universe works and acts within the planetary sphere.

It is in these three aspects, belonging to the same divine person, that your Mother can present to Her children the supreme Grace and the divine Intercession.

May on this day the Blessed Trinity be present for all as the principle and origin of all Creation and Life.

In the Blessed Trinity, you will find the roots of the Sacred Family and you will be able to express them just as Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph expressed them, following the Divine Will.

In the Holy Trinity lies the key of the divine and unfathomable Mercy. In the Blessed Trinity lies the principles of Grace and Piety, the source and the fountain of reparation for the whole Universe.

I hope that in your small lives the Blessed Trinity be this ardent aspiration of being in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.

It was the mystery of the Blessed Trinity that was present and manifested during the Assumption of your Heavenly Mother.

This mystery is kept and protected in the face of the Virgin, Mystic Rose, because it will be through My Maternal and Immaculate Heart that souls will be able to find their true spiritual origin.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you in the Blessed Trinity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mystic Rose

Monthly Messages

The flowers of light that are born in My Sacred Garden are diverse, but all together emanate the same aroma of prayer.  My celestial rays water the flowers of the garden every day so that they, on their own, may reach the expression of their inner beauty.

In My Garden the roses are a beautiful present for the Altars of God, each one of them has its time to be harvested and after be taken in My basket of gold to the Thrones of God.

These precious and diverse flowers from Heaven are the sublime expression of the souls that pray every day with Me and that, as in the earthly life are transformed step by step.

Today I wish that you be new flowers in My Sacred Garden, that you may beautify life upon the Earth through your love and your prayer; it will help that most of the flowers that die on Earth may blossom again as seeds in the stable of Your Lord, Jesus.

Dear children, in this way is expressed My Mystical Rose.  My Light profoundly springs from the Immaculate Heart in order to transform and convert in love the souls that have fallen.

Think, dear children, about the possibility that you may spiritually materialize this aspiration of Mine, that you may be beautiful flowers at the feet of the Creator; in this way your lives may be guided by new laws and that which to you seems not transformable, the Holy Spirit of God will transform.

Beloved children, encourage yourselves to live in the new; seek in your sincere prayer the Divine Life, that is the Life of Heaven, the path of holiness and of service.  Be holy in life, proclaim the greatness of God in all things; in this way you will help that all be renewed and many of your brothers and sisters may find hope again.

Beloved children, the Lord of the Universe observes you and accompanies you every day of your lives; only seek the one and true union with the Eternal Father. He waits for His servants to give Him the fruits collected from the great harvest of the end of the times.

I am still here among your hearts, because there is still much that heals and that scars; it is time to place your beings under the healing rays of Christ, so that My Son may exorcise and transform you in precious seeds of light, ready to be sown as groups of prayer upon the surface of the Earth.

After so many precious instructions that the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph have poured, today I announce to you that this will be the last message that I will give to you for the Prayer Vigils.  Now I need for you to meditate, in the beginning of each new vigil, about the Daily Messages that I have given to the world; in them are deposited important keys for the conversion of the world and to be able to establish peace.

The Daily Messages, beginning in the next Prayer Vigil, will be those that will open your hearts month after month and will be the ones that will prepare your inner beings for the exercise of prayer for peace in the nations.

This does not mean, dear children, that I Am withdrawing Myself; God needs that you wake up to the reality that all have lived with Me since the last trip to Medjugorje in the year of 2011.

Dear children, I leave you My Eternal Peace, I love you and I bless you always!

Mary, Lady of the Sacred Figueira


Today a Great Celestial Rose descends from Heaven and lands lovingly over the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto; this sublime rose is the expression of the Immaculate Love of the Celestial Mother.

By means of the Mystical Rose the children will understand the mysteries and the paths towards the Eternal Father, and these paths will be reopened to those who have closed them. Seek in yourselves the mystical rose of the heart; contemplate in your beings the true essence, that which from the beginning comes from the Source of God. In this way you will recognize your true spiritual identity between Heaven and Earth, because the Divine Angels of the Throne will help you to find the one and only path of return, which will bring you to eternity. This will be possible through your prayers.

The three mystical roses that I carry over My Immaculate Heart aspire to reveal to the world the three principles and attributes that will help in the conversion of humanity and in its forgiveness, forgiveness for all the faults commited before the Father of Love.

The Supreme Truth is the Mystical Rose that will reveal to you the path to follow, a path free of obstacles and interferences.

The Mystical Rose of Pure Love is the conducter of your hearts and it is that which will permit you to see, above all things, the Love of God.

The Mystical Rose of Prayer is the one that constructs and restores that which was damaged in the interior of each being. The Mystical Rose of Prayer is that which opens the new doors and in consequence profoundly heals the life of each soul that is united to this divine mystery.

The three mystical roses of My Heart are shown before your eyes so that you may perceive that the moment to change something in this world has come, and especially so that all My children become collaborators of the Great Plan.

Your Lady of the Mystical Rose today presents Herself before the world and especially before this blessed city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, with the spiritual and divine end to awaken all those who have been asleep for a long time to the life of the consciousness and of the Supreme Truth.

The Lord has asked Me to call you all because there exists a great need of prayer for this world; if all gave this answer, the entire humanity from North to South and from East to West would reach a time more of peace.

The Lady of the Mystical Rose wants to bring Her children to the precious encounter with Jesus; if many rekindle the love that they have lost for Christ, the Infinite Mercy will dissolve the universal doubts that humanity has generated, and an opportunity of inner healing could arise in the hearts and minds most closed to conversion and redemption.

The Holy Angels from Heaven take part in all of this Redeeming Work, and silently collaborate through the Love of God, so that the world is not immersed in obscurity.

For this, dearest children, it is time to form yourselves as victorious soldiers of light and of prayer. In your daily prayers you will find the consolation that no one upon this world can give you, because to be in prayer is to remain in the plenitude of the Peace of the Lord.

Prayer will definitively be the key that will redeem the Earth.

Beloved children of Sao Jose do Rio Preto:

Today I come from Heaven to call you to walk in a safe way by the path of consecration of all your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

From now on, your lives and your city can count on the loving intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph so that in this way the new family of peace and good may arise in the end of the times, the family that will reflect the same principles as the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

Dear children: many are the aspirations of My Heart including that you may take the steps. The Lord on this day, by means of My presence, sends you His Love and His Grace for all those present.

Thank you Sao Jose do Rio Preto for opening to Me the door of the trusting heart!

I thank you and I bless you,

Holy Mary, Mystical Rose

Special Message for the Apparition of the Most Pure Mother of God, transmitted in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

I am the Lady of Heaven, I am the one Who comes in glory and peace to radiate the Love of God to you.

I am the Mother of the Universe, I am the one Who will take you in My Arms from the abysses and carry you in honor of the Kingdom of God.

I am the Mystical Rose, I am the one Who emanates subtle aromas to silently protect your path of consecration to God. In this way, day after day, I try to lead you to prayer, because in prayer My Heart closes your wounds and protects your little hearts in the Light.

I am the Mother of Graces, I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun Who pours out the goodness and compassion of God onto the world and creatures.

I am the Guardian of the Faith of those who have lost it.

I am the Mother of the Divine Conception Who draws each child closer to the universe of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Warrior of Love, I Am the Patroness Who raises the banner of Peace.

I am the Lady Who in Love and Pity, unties the knots of those who constantly suffer.

For this reason, I cry out to all for prayer, because as humanity, you must repair the Heart of God for the grave offenses He receives.

I am the Lady of Peace, I am the Queen of Peace, Who announces the coming of the new Kingdom of Christ on the face of the Earth. In this way, I gather My soldiers, calling on them to be consecrated to a life of prayer, to the experiencing of fasting to purify the heart, to forgiveness and to reconciliation.

I am the Celestial Mother, I am the Solar Star that eternally shines in the firmament and announces the time of Mercy.

For My Son, I gave of Myself to all, and with the awaited coming of Christ, I will reveal the Aspect of the Lady of the Sun.

May My stars transfigure your lives into light, may My steps towards God be your steps, may My maternal Heart reverberate in love within you, may My merciful rays illuminate the dark pathway of those who have not yet reached the Kingdom of God.

With My Son, I return to the world to awaken it and call it to conversion.

Prayer will be your future nourishment that will nurture the spirit and all manifested life because through prayer, you will walk without delay to the Arms of God, and when all My children reach Heaven, I will cleanse the past from your faces in the Fountain of Life of My Son, and renewed in spirit, you will glorify God and eternally serve Him out of love and honor of the Creator.

For this reason, seek a life of sanctity while you are in this world. Be charitable one with another. In prayer, build the new principle of brotherhood. Be apostles of Peace and live the redeeming Message of Christ every day.

I come to you to lead you to Jesus because as a Mother, I wait and beg God for the salvation of humanity from the constant sin it lives in.

My dear children of Belo Horizonte, I thank you for the response of your essences to My Immaculate Heart. I especially thank the children that, out of love for the Greater Good, worked so that I, the Queen of Peace, could bring you all the Message and the Call. I thank you for your loving example of charity.

My children, on this Saturday of Glory, may your deep essences prepare for receiving the spiritual visit of the Lady Who is brighter than the Light, the visit of Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of the World.

Dear children of Belo Horizonte, today may you be participants in the complete absolution that My pious Heart will radiate to all under the intercession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I thank you for opening the door of your hearts!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



I am the Lady clothed and surrounded with the Light of the Great Sun.

I am the Immaculate Spirit guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the Universe, I am the Queen of Peace.

I am the emanation of Love, of Unity and of Faith for all My children.

I am the refuge for those who are alone, I am the morning that awakens in each one of the lives.

I am the Morning Star, I am the Aurora that gathers the flocks of Christ.

I am the Immaculate Conception that brings comfort for the desperate, Love for the dispossessed, Faith for the lonely and Redemption for those who have denied God.

I am the bridge to the Heights, I am the Mother of the Perpetual Prayer of God.

I am part of the Divine Word, I am the testimony of the Creator.

I am His Servant, I am His Server. I am part of His Light for the world.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I am for you the New Flower, I am the subtle Scent from the Fount of God.

I am the Mother of the Redeemer, I am the Servant of Christ. I am, for My children, the fountain that heals the wounds, I am the Blessed and Immaculate Heart.

I am the Mystic Rose, I am the Spirit of Peace.

But I will be even more, upon this world and in the universe, through your love, your compassion and your humility.

My children, today I invite you to be part of the Great Spirit of God. I invite you to live in the Heart of the Most High so that humility, sacred devotion and reverence may be able to be born from your tiny souls.

In you I will be the Mother of Graces. United to My Motherhood you will be united to the Eternal Father who conducts each soul, each one of My little children.

Dear children, may from your essences spring the wisdom to understand with the heart who, for Love and Grace, visits you month by month.

Just as I want to be with you, My Son wants to be part of your beings.

What greater Love is there if not the one that is born perpetually from God?

Dear children, today I am calling you to contemplate the immensity and the magnitude, the greatness and the universal expansion of the Love of God over all the universes.

Dear children, today I tell you and I remind you that each one of you is part of the divine expression of the Love of God, because through prayer you will allow the Love of the Creator to be born and to awaken in you in this defining time.

Today, only be Love, Divine Love and Immaculate Love. Today, only be peace, souls in the Peace of God and serve God with joy.

Blessed are the humble and those who persevere in My Son, because they will find the Kingdom of God in the heart.

I am the Mother of the Most Holy Heart of the Creator; as a part of Love, I love you and I bless you in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Contemplate the divine beauty of Creation

Dear children, may the essence of love and truth spring from you so that your hearts may be open to the essence of giving. My children, never stop contemplating the Love of God in your hearts. Embrace the essence of forgiveness in your inner worlds so that the new spirit of Love may be sown in you.

Dear children, never give up, raise your aspiration towards the Infinite, aspire to live in the Kingdom of God and also aspire to live the Reconciliation and the Mercy of My Son.

Little children, never lose the joy of being in Me and of glimpsing in yourselves the power of My Immaculate Love. Accept to be on My path. Your souls recognize where My Maternal Heart comes from, they recognize My presence before your consciousnesses do.

I am the Lady of the Heavens, I am the Mystical Rose, I am the Mother who helps the pilgrims and I am the Immaculate Heart that gives Itself to you in order to love you and to forgive you.

Dear children, My voice announces Itself to the world once more so that My children do not lose the path to salvation, to the rescue of the heart.

I am with you on this path of pilgrimage towards eternity. May pain, bitterness and desolation not be a burden in your lives. May your hearts, filled by the Holy Spirit, receive Peace, a Peace that comes from the Universe, a Peace that the suns and stars emanate, a Peace that is radiated from all galaxies, a peace that comes from the Infinite and that you do not know.

From there My Maternal Heart comes in order to show you the path that leads to a humble and peaceful life, a path towards the Universe, towards everything that the Father, Adonai, created out of love for you and for His Glory.

Dear children, glorify God! Love God! Search for God in your lives because in this way your little essences and all the essences will be in the Celestial Kingdom of the Universe.

Beyond your earthly life there is eternity, the eternal present, the Omnipresence of God in all the universes.

Therefore, My children, pray, pray and pray! May your lips not tire of praying so that the Mercy of Christ may aid humanity.

I thank all My children for the loving welcome in this nation of Paraguay.

Love and peace for all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


As Lady of the Mystical Rose, today I want to invite you to contemplate God from the Heart, because it is in the heart that Peace is found and it is through the heart that the door to suffering and evil is shut.

Dear children of My Father, it is with the prayer of the heart that all souls on the face of the Earth may relieve all pain and suffering. But still there are souls that united to the Living God have no strength to consecrate life, because they are immersed in the current world.

So that all souls may be touched by the same Virginal Grace that you have been touched by, today I invite you so that in prayer are placed all of the hearts inside the Kingdom of God who, confused, need the light of My Immaculate Heart.

For these days of the Prayer Meeting with Me in Lujan (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina), I invite you to remain as guardians of prayer so that in this way your little hearts became as custodian angels who follow the purposes of Peace of My Immaculate Heart.

Today I also tell you My dear children, that My Merciful Face is working for the salvation of all the souls that, with serious faults, will receive the ministry of My devotion so that all of them may be re-lit again by the immediate assistance of the Divine Holy Spirit.

To you who already have walked a little through the path of the prayer of the heart, I call you so that, through yours, all the hearts learn to pray fervently and to be in My Maternal Heart, so that My Celestial Light protects you.

Dear children, I leave an inner mission for each one of you and for all the souls that at the end of this time answer My call. My request is that you live in the faith that prayer irradiates you with, so that fidelity may be manifested in each of your hearts, the fidelity to My Son, the Redeeming Love.

I thank you!

May you today only be with Me in the Kingdom of My Eternal Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

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