Saturday, November 10 of 2012

Daily messages

From the Heart of the Universe today I come to your encounter. In the name of Jesus, My Maternal Soul comes to heal and restore hearts.

Dear children,

Today I invite you again to enter into My Immaculate Heart so that your inner dwellings, in spite of everything, may be able to find, see and feel the Omnipotent Presence of God. If you only enter into My Immaculate and Maternal Heart your little lives will be quenching the great thirst that My Son has for all souls.

My children, that today your hearts may be fountains that emanate love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Dear children, that your essences may be as the inexhaustible waters that, converted into rivers of Mercy, may quench the thirst for love and peace of all the souls of the world by means of service.

As the Mother of the Universe and of the Earth, today I come to manifest My Love to you in a time of great changes in the consciousnesses and in the life of all My children.

Little children, in the face of the great faults that are committed day to day by humanity, today I invite you to consider your lives of prayer to be an exercise that may repair the Kingdom of the Heavens. Therefore, may your lives never forget to find the inner child, because in this way My Son will pour over you the Gifts and Graces of Redemption and Mercy.

If the world simply prayed a little more, the Light of the Most High would be another fountain that would calm the thirst of all His children. But as long as there are hearts that are closed to My Maternal Call, all that will be left to My children is to grow, as a seed grows from within the earth. But this seed must not lack the Water of Life , the inexhaustible fountain that causes the true hearts to emerge in the creatures.

My venerable children, I am here to teach you to walk under the Love of God and so that your eyes may not lose sight of Mercy on the horizon.

Dear children, today I invite you to love the Creation as God has manifested it for all, and this will begin through your love for the magnificence of the Kingdoms of the Lord.

Praying with fervor for this world, I call you so that during this day you may remain in My Maternal Kingdom of Love, because you need it, as does humanity. Therefore today let us flood with love the hearts that are empty and without God.

You still have time to change from the heart! For this I am with you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity