Attain the serenity of your soul, by surrendering more each day to the Divine Will, which conceives all and transforms all.

Attain the serenity of your soul, by trusting that everything will be well and that your heart will receive the spiritual guidance, necessary for these times.

Attain the serenity of your soul, by knowing and affirming that you will be taking steps in Christ, because His Divine Blessing will always be close to you.

Attain the serenity of your soul, by confirming within you the fulfillment of this Plan of Love and Light, which will have to reach all the possible souls and corners of the world, so that the Work of Mercy may be fulfilled.

Attain the serenity of your soul, by having an absolute and inextinguishable love for all that must be concretized.

Attain the serenity of your soul, by knowing that in each phase God will triumph, beyond everything.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Do not seek the perfection of life so quickly. Allow service and constant donation of oneself to be what is leading you to one day find that perfection.

Let humility rule all arrogance and strict obedience rule any kind of human control; in this way you will be able to draw yourself a little closer to the essence of perfection.

Trust that, by stripping yourself away, you will allow other sacred principles to act in your life, such as renunciation, anonymity, silence and sacrifice, virtues that will slowly help you build that path towards perfection.

In the meantime, thank God for each trial or difficulty lived.

Thank Him for teaching you to surpass Him in love, even in the simplest details.

Begin working on your path towards perfection with your ardent need to serve others and to give yourself fully, so that the same Divine Spirit of God's Grace be the one who, one day, conceives in you the total consecration of your consciousness to the Sacred Will of God.

On that day, and under that circumstance, you will be overcoming duality to begin living in the definite unity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The Silence of Mary

During the Passion of My Son, the key that opened the door to Grace was silence.

Silence made Your Mother invisible, because God and all of His manifestations are present in the silence. Your Mother not only had a sorrowing Heart, but She also lived as a silent Heart; this allowed the deep doors to be closed to evil.

The enemy does not know what silence is, because he lives through conflict and disorder. Silence penetrates the consciousness as a spirit of serenity and harmony. It is this inner and mysterious silence that carried forward all the Redemptive Work of My Son during His Passion. Silence bore all martyrdoms, because His Divine Consciousness was united with God and His Great Purpose.

Evil is overcome through silence, and becomes disoriented because it cannot find any doorway into conflict. This silence was what prepared Jesus during the forty days before He began His public life. Silence fashions in the spirit a state able to transcend the most resistant conflicts in the consciousness. To reach this state of silence, neither arrogant nor introspective, means a task of detaching from forms and ways that can interfere in the awakening of each soul.

Silence is more than remaining quiet or not speaking words; the true silence of the universe is reached through the inner connection with prayer, which is the first step to gradually dissolving the human roots that generate disorder in material life.

At this moment, the planet is very far from true silence. This is why Your Mother teaches you that silence is an act of prayer capable of traversing to levels of consciousness where peace reigns. Silence is also healing; it is a powerful spring which in these times will help to safeguard the spiritual path of the consciousnesses that accept penetrating that state of union with the Creator.

Silence brings light, brings wisdom, brings serenity, and renews the spirit so that it may have the impulse of continuing in Divine work. The complete silence of a part of humanity could reverse all the causes that are taking advantage of noise and disorder to generate world conflict.

Silence is like a remedy for verbal excesses, which cause debts and constant faults. Silence liberates without a struggle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who carries you into inner silence,


Children of Mine,

From Heaven I contemplate the needs of redemption of the world and the causes that prevent humanity from reaching this redemption.

For this, dear children, day and night I pray for all of you, so that those who trespass the Law of God the most may at least receive their redemption in the definitive day.

Through the apostolate, which is the true testimony of the love for Christ, humanity is again receiving a call so that it may remember the Mercy and the Love of the Creator.  In this way the doors of conversion and of reconciliation will be opened in order to guide the souls along the paths of the Holy Peace.

Now, children, day by day the foundations of the Gospel of My Son and of His Holy Word are the urgent path to find the union with the Celestial Father again, before the world triggers the time of its most acute purification, in which all of the Earth will liberate itself from the debts that oppressed it along the centuries. 

In this time in which My adversary awakens in the sinning souls ambitions of conquest, of annihilation and death, I call you to seek serenity, prayer and peace.  In this way, children, you will permit that the Divine Justice may act as the Universe foresees.

Children, pray with Me, staying all the time by My side.  In this way we will reconstruct this old humanity into a race of hope and of forgiveness.

I thank you for answering to My call for the perpetual prayer!

Who unites you with the Universal Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  


Dear children,

Seek, above every difficulty and problem, the path of serenity.  It is that, which will lead you to find the inner peace that is so urgent for these times.

If in you there is no serenity, how will it exist, in little time, the Kingdom of Peace in the world?

In your prayer is found the shield against every damage or evil.  In your pleas there may emerge a path of conversion and of utmost hope.   For this, with courage and fearlessly live, through the path of serenity, the end of these times that arrive.  This attribute is part of one of the petals of My White Rose.

Today I reveal to you the importance of always seeking serenity so that all of you, beloved children, may be prepared to live the great moment of your purification.

With the inner church rebuilt, I am giving to you for this time, the secure keys that will assist you in the critical moments that your humanity is living.

Beloved children, serenity is a door to the path of redemption and of divestment of oneself.  In serenity many things can be understood, and many disturbances can be dissolved by the action of the loving serenity.

Children, do not waste time in your difficulties, the planet is being dimmed without being able to see the Light of the Creator.   Restore your lives and your difficulties in the presence of serenity; thus you will know peace and you will make it part of your lives.  And each time that you may be distancing yourselves from the path of serenity, you will know how to return through the same pathway.

One of the reasons for the lack of peace in the world is the absence of inner serenity.   There will be no other formula, children of Mine, but to seek the sacred attributes and to practice them, because the time for theory has passed; it has arrived the time to practice My messages with total consciousness.

Whoever unites to My Immaculate Heart will not get lost, I will always bring you to Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

As Mother of the Good Advice, today I tell you My children: be in My Peace, trust in My Peace, live in My Peace, so that this celestial and inner serenity that many of My children lack may come to all through the imperious strength of the prayer of the heart.

Today I am with you, tomorrow in the Celestial Kingdom of God the world must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, this is My divine mission for this time.

For this dear children, the offer on your part, by means of the exercise of prayer and of a life of sanctity, manifested in fraternity, in charity, in service and in love to the neighbor, all this will count for the merits of the salvation of the world, for the salvation of all the souls who are without God, even those who still believe they are in Him but whose lives take them away from the Heart of God.

So beloved children, the most loving act of reparation of all mistakes towards the universe of God is the prayer and the fraternal donation for others.

I want to tell you, My little children, that each step you give through prayer will be collaborating for peace in the world.

The Grace and the Love of God will be the strength for all the Marian missionaries who are on their way to the consecration of My Immaculate Heart.

Also, today I tell you, My little creatures, to not have fear for anything. I will be in your hearts when you allow it. Know that I am a Messenger of God who wants to let you know the infinite love of the Father in My Son Jesus.

Your hearts must be prepared for when the One Son of God returns to the meeting of all the hearts. Trust in His Merciful Love because each one of you may be in this immense and compassionate love of Jesus.

Let us pray for all the reasons that hearts need before God the Father.

Thank you for answering My call.

My Heart of Light may convert the hearts to love.  The biggest pain of humanity is guilt in the heart, it is like a permanent arrow that does not allow for liberation and forgiveness.  For this, I call you to relieve the guilt of the world, guilt that separates the hearts from God and generates suffering.

But the time has come for the world to revert everything, through the presence of Peace.  Guilt is lack of peace in each of the hearts of My children.  For this, dear children, each guilt you feel in your hearts must be healed through a sincere act of love and reconciliation.

Each one of God’s gifts, like His Spirit and His Mercy, may be the Primary Fountain that helps you, as a humanity, to free yourselves from guilt and pain.

Dear children, humanity is at the doors of redemption, as are each one of My children.  For this, the permanent strength of the prayer from the heart will allow you to go on.

The Heart of My Son is offended daily, but when some of My children fall into guilt or pain, My Immaculate Heart helps this heart that must, as a soul, start over.

My children, each one of your hearts must be redeemed through Mercy, for this, accept that you are still on the path of the rehabilitation of the spirit and of the heart, because if you live like this, you may travel in life through the paths of My Peace.

The world lacks much peace, but it lacks, especially, serenity in the hearts of each of My children, who may find it in daily prayer.   May it be led by My Maternal Grace of Redemption.  No longer offend, but live, in My Son’s Heart.  My Maternal Spirit forgives you and loves you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Redemption for the heart of each of My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

Today I invite you to remain in the sacred serenity of My Heart. For this dear children, I want to teach you how to live in a serene and peaceful heart. The talent of serenity is necessary for the world, because it harmonizes the rest of the hearts.

Dear children: once you live the serenity of the heart through daily prayer, you will find peace in the soul. Serenity will bring you to recognize silence. Once you are in silence and in prayer the world will benefit, by neutralizing the constant noise in which humanity lives day by day.

For this reason My dear ones, My Immaculate Heart wants to let you know these talents that live inside the hearts of all humanity, and that the daily life of the world caused to be lost. Through this path dear children, I want to invite you to live so that you do not waste time, and to embrace the act of prayer; it will strengthen you in the communion with My Son. This will allow you to be close to the sacred serenity that My Heart wants, to teach you how to live in the present.

When the majority of hearts live in serenity and in prayer, silence will penetrate the conscience of the entire world and many will see that it is necessary to be quiet and pray. In order for the world to be relieved from suffering, all the hearts should donate their time dedicating it to prayer, the union with the Heavens and with serenity, which will start to express itself in the silence of the heart.

The Lord is calling you, not only to live eternally in the faith that Christ in His Mercy is giving you, but also calling you to observe in the heart the awakening of serenity. This way the world will also be able to reach peace in the heart, in life and in the families.

Everything starts in the union of each soul with prayer.  Prayer will take you to the path towards My Son, and this way dear children, the reality of the world could be something else, when all are united in brotherhood. To initiate the path of serenity, first you will have to live in hope, so that prayer takes you towards peace and silence.

It is time that your hearts speak through prayer, so that silence may be established in each place of life.

Let us pray for the world with a pure heart.

Thank you for responding to My call

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

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