Constancy and perseverance, children, will be your allies in these times of transition. These spiritual attributes, which emerge from the Source of the Ray of the Will of God, must always be present.

Being constant in prayer, in service, in fraternity, in meekness, in compassion, in faith and in mercy will always allow you to transform the human condition a little more each day.

To be persevering in the goals that you have and in the purpose that you establish of not falling into the same distractions, temptations and errors, will consolidate the transformation within you, in the deepest levels of your consciousnesses, and will not allow you, in the moment of your final trial, as part of humanity, to fall into tests that already seemed to have been overcome. 

Cry out to God for this Grace, that through His Will and His Power, you may be constant and persevering in the fulfillment of His Law.

You are still in time for building within yourselves, on the unconscious levels of your being, a true strength that will sustain you and support you in these times in which humanity, as a whole, will only find balance in God and in the stronghold on the rock erected within your own heart.

Practice with the little things. Be vigilant with yourselves and, in this way, you will always find peace.

Choose the Love of God rather than the things of the world.

Ask for the Grace and Help of Heaven, and each day do your part.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Prayer for the New Life

May awakening take place within the hearts
and consciousnesses
of those who have committed themselves
to the renewal of the Love of God.

May prayer be the Living Water
that keeps the hearts clean,
the minds at peace and the spirits pure
 to respond to the Celestial Call.

May service be the torch
taken up to ignite the hearts
that have lost hope,
and may it renew them in love, in faith
and in the joy of being alive.

May knowledge be the reason
for the constancy of the beings
in the Plan of God
because Wisdom vivifies and strengthens them
with true foundations to reach the Father.

May fraternal life be the sustenance and the strength 
of those who aspire to participate In the New World,
for they know that anything can only be built
by loving others in unity.

May the love for the Kingdoms of Nature be a sign
that Redemption has been fulfilled
and that the One Thousand Years of Peace
begins to manifest on Earth
which, worthy of a new name,
returns to the Heart of God.

So be it.

Your Father and Friend.
The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Believe, My child, in the saving and redemptive power of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, since that Source is capable, not only of purifying and liberating you, but also of relieving and healing you.

Believe in the prodigies of the very powerful Source of Mercy, since It can renew you and encourage you to reach the way of rehabilitation.

Believe in the wonders that My Mercy can do, not only in your life, but also in each place and situation that presents itself.

Affirming the power of the Mercy of My Heart in your life, you will be able to rediscover the path to the fundamental principle of your essential and spiritual origin, and thus, you will be taking back the sense of having come to Earth.

The mistakes and faults do not matter; what matters is to have constancy, working every day to transcend them, so that the grace may descend.

Encourage yourself to surrender to My Divine Mercy. It is time to feel that everything can be done and everything will be achieved in peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Who is true of heart and wants nothing for themselves, this one will be with Me until the end of times.

Who does not change their mind regularly and is loyal to their brothers and sisters, this one will be with Me until the end of times.

For this reason, I need your confirmation so that the Plan of Redemption continues to develop in the consciousness of humanity.

Participate in My Spirit of loyalty and love towards your fellow beings, just as I Am with each one of them.

Receive this impulse to achieve the spirit of loyalty so that the old customs from yesterday do not influence the healthy relationship of love and brotherhood that should awaken among the servant spirits of My Word and of My Message.

Encourage yourself, at this time, to transcend the limits of the consciousness and to place the planet in its proper place.

May the reason be the renewing love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



Do not seek the perfection of life so quickly. Allow service and constant donation of oneself to be that which is leading you to one day find that perfection.

Let humility rule all arrogance and strict obedience rule any kind of human control; in this way you will be able to draw yourself a little closer to the essence of perfection.

Trust that, by stripping yourself away, you will allow other sacred principles to act in your life, such as renunciation, anonymity, silence and sacrifice, virtues that will slowly help you build that path towards perfection.

In the meantime, thank God for each trial or difficulty lived.

Thank Him for teaching you to surpass Him in love, even in the simplest details.

Begin working on your path towards perfection with your ardent need to serve others and to give yourself fully, so that the same Divine Spirit of God's Grace be the one who, one day, conceives in you the total consecration of your consciousness to the Sacred Will of God.

On that day, and under that circumstance, you will be overcoming duality to begin living in the definite unity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




After everything defines, some will think that I was never here nor will they believe that in these last years I have been talking to you directly so, in spite of your miseries and imperfections, you should let the world know that I am already returning.

For this reason, stay firm without hesitating and trust in Me, because from My Heart will come the correct words when you and some of your companions may have to testify because of My cause. But in that moment, and in that hour, everything will already have been said and the world will be at the apex of its great and last purification.

Thus, as from now, do not feel regret or distress. All who serve Me for some reason, must be tested in their faithfulness, obedience and love, so that, in My servers, in those whom I have chosen, the transformation that My Word brings about and the miracle that My Message produces, may be represented.

Keep on as you have been until now, close to Me, in simplicity and love, and tell your companions to do the same, because the time to protect the Work from the enemies will come.

Those who oppose will come to know the greater heat of My Fire.

Those who unconditionally adhere will come to know the celestial marvel of My Love.

Thus, continue forward for Me and for no one else; the world is full of personalities, and to all of them the moment to disappear for being full of fantasies and illusions will come.

But you, who are with Me and that, for My Mercy, I have taught you to be so, never cease to make Me known.

Imitate Me, even though you may not manage to do so; seek Me, even though I may not call you, because, from that spiritual communion with Me, you will receive the strength you need in order to defend My Word and My Message from those who will try to deny them.

Accept the cycles that are coming and never, not for a second, stop surpassing Me in love. Thus, for your service, you will allow Me to win over the obedience that I expect from many more hearts that are disobedient to Me.

Today I do not make you shine like gold nor diamonds; you are the most imperfect stone that has been molded by Me. Let Me continue to penetrate in the depths of your spirit, for that is where the Supreme Will will be done.

Be an example of constancy, just like some of Mine are.

Believe, above all things, in what My Love can do, in this way everything will be transformed.

I will be your breath in the times of trial. I will be your hope on the days of great planetary darkness.

I Am what I Am.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

First Message

With My Light Blue Ray of Grace, I radiate to the world and I await an answer from it.

Even in the patience of My Spirit, I wait for an answer.

And I would like from My companions that, after everything that has been received during the last days, discords, doubts or contradictions among Mine and among the fellow beings do not exist.

Because what I have given you during the last days cannot be lost; it will be your responsibility to preserve it and to have this bear fruit in the future.

It is not time to think about yourselves, but about what the world and its humanity need, because you were always rewarded with the treasures of Heaven, more than many souls in the world. 

I need bonds and deep alliances among the consciousnesses that can bear what will come and that do not fear My Fire, which purifies everything and transcends everything.

But I will not be able to penetrate in those spaces of consciousness where I am not allowed. I will not be able to have more time to wait for you, as I have done it many times before.

It is time to assume what has been received and not waste it.

The Instruction that I come to leave for the world is an Instruction for the future humanity and that begins from now on, within you, with the certainty of doing good and not destroying it for anything.

The conviction to fulfill My Laws and to carry them forward in this final time must arise in you. In this way, My Light Blue Ray of Grace will be able to continue descending to the world, because I will have depository souls of My Light in this humanity.

Although everything happens and everything is unleashed, I will continue working for the world and its humanity.

I will ask the Rays of the Universe to continue descending upon the souls so that all times and all forms, structures and resistances may be unblocked.

There is still a lot to do and there is no time. This is something that many have not understood yet, but the majority have not accepted it although it has been said many times.

I do not come to the world to speak to you through theories or philosophies but rather through concrete words that announce what will happen. That is why you are in a preparation that you cannot stop living every day, at every moment, at every instant.

My Words cannot be kept in the unconscious of this world and by no means of its humanity.

My Words must be a reflection of a Work that can be realized from time to time and through the instruments that I am calling by their names.

It may seem difficult to do everything that I ask you, but if you really learn to be in Me, everything will be possible, although it does not seem so.

That is why your relationship with your brothers must be impeccable, free of conflicts, free of value judgments.

It must be a healthy relationship in the spirit so that this may reflect in the consciousness and your consciousnesses may be able to cover many more things that they still do not do.

You must reach the level that I ask you, and that is achieved with constancy and determination, with a ravishing faith; and, in this way, you will not leave behind all the needs that the Universe presents to you from time to time.

The legacy that I came to give you in this last Sacred Week is a legacy that will not be repeated. As much as it has seemed the same, I have delivered different things, new impulses, unknown currents of the Universe.

So that you can understand the Science in which I work, which is not from this Earth, you must love My Words one by one, even if you do not understand them or if you cannot make them part of yourselves in this time.

Love is what allows the Purpose to be radiated and to be literally fulfilled.

In love, things do not become distant nor unattainable.

In love, everything is understood and accepted.

There is nothing that love cannot bear; on the contrary, love, because it is alive and elevated, covers everything.

If there are discords and conflicts among My companions it is because My Love has not worked in you, at all.

You must learn to endure the fire of transformation that I bring you, because it is for a greater good that you will still get to know.

The unity among you will allow My opponents not to approach, not even to know what you are doing or what you are fulfilling in My Name.

I am not saying that you will be free from battles or from challenges, because you are learning to overcome the duality of these times, as humanity and as a planet.

But you cannot lose the Teachings that I give you, you cannot stop looking for them not even for a moment, because there is the way to be in true good and in true peace.

I need you assuming the Plan for the end of times, the Plan of God, which is this part of the Purpose that must still be fulfilled on this planet and with this humanity.

Being eight days with Me is no coincidence nor a mystery, it is a reality that you must learn to accept. 

The Father Who is All-embracing, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, still respects the freedom of His children, because He knows that they must learn in this school that the planet offers them day by day.

But you will not be able to go to My Kingdom with pending subjects in the school of spirituality and of service, of brotherhood and of good, of mercy. 

You must live that experience of redemption even in the greatest limits or even in the greatest tests.

You and many more in the world, in the name of all humanity, must witness through your own experience of redemption and forgiveness, that it is possible to realize this Project, even after the Resurrection of Christ.

You must affirm that the genetic of this humanity can be changed, transformed, transmuted and sublimated, that it is possible for Christic Love to overcome and, thus, the Plan triumphs over the forces of chaos.

But as long as duality exists in this world, which is something that will be defined in the next time, there will still be great internal and external battles and you will have to seek help in My Heart and in My Words, remembering and reliving the legacy that I gave you with an immeasurable Love, which still many have not understood.

I must be clear, precise, fair and true. I tell you again that there is no time.

While everything happens rapidly in the world and within the consciousnesses, it is necessary to learn to grow with speed, at an unknown speed that even matter cannot accompany, but the spirit and even more the disposition of the soul can.

New Laws are beginning to act on the planet for this final time, in order to define all the things that need to be resolved.

But if this does not begin first within you, it will not be able to happen in the world.

That is why the apostles of the last times are apostles who are different from those of the past, because we are facing a reality that can no longer be hidden, not even by the media and the news.

What is written is being fulfilled step by step.

For this reason, it is necessary to define yourselves with caution and surrender to a greater disposition, knowing that your imperfections will go with you until the end of your days, until the inner prison is finally opened so that the spirit may reach its freedom and may be united to the Source with all the experience lived on this planet.

We are working for a redemption that is gradual, that takes place step by step and not with great advances.

It is necessary to understand that the genetic of humanity has become imperfect because of its errors and deviations.

After 2018 years, I come, at the request of the Father, to correct humanity, so that it may learn to be free of itself and of its own illusions, as well as of its own fantasies.

And that change will be painful, nothing will be light. Remove the roots of authority, power and inertia will be painful; but I bring an inner balm in My Heart that no one has, to pour it out over those who truly accept it. It is the balm of My Mercy, which release all faults and all sufferings when you only trust in Me.

It is not time to get lost in superficial things, it is time to look on the inside and find oneself, not with pride or selfishness, but with a spirit of humility, simplicity and love, asking yourselves every day: "Lord, what else should I do to serve you?"

And so your miseries or disturbances will be small, because you will be busy in universal service, in the constant love of giving yourselves a little more every day, to make My Kingdom triumph on this planet. 

All souls will live their tests, no one will be free of them.

But have hope in what I promise you, because after this difficult time a better time will come, where it will no longer be necessary to experience pain nor suffering, nor will there exist a feeling of guilt for not being able to achieve everything.

On the contrary, you will have already learned to overcome duality, which will no longer prevail in the world nor in the consciousnesses. You will learn, through Me, to be free.

May this Marathon represent a deep reflection on everything that has been received, a constant confirmation of your spirits for My Works of peace in the world.

I would like this Marathon to be the moment for each being to find its purpose, which descends from Heaven and from the Universe to awaken souls in their mission.

I do not want you to take My Words as punishment, but rather as an opportunity of transcendence, to advance in the Light and to defeat evil.

May My greatest aspirations to see, in a short time, New Christs accomplishing their mission in humanity be fulfilled in you.

Offer this Marathon for those who are asleep, for those who are distracted, for those who have not had the Grace to be in My Presence yet, as in these last days many had.

Offer each moment to your Master and Lord as a gift of love to the King of the Universe, be it in the action of the day-to-day, in the prayer, in the Communion, as in the unity with the neighbor, so that My Spirit of Peace may always prevail in you. 

May the Lord bless you for this new cycle of awakening and of assuming with responsibility My Designs, so that they may materialize on the surface of this planet.

Under the Light of this Greater Center,

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Do not seek perfection while you are on Earth, because true perfection is found in Heaven, at the moment when your consciousness will definitely merge with God.

The path of perfection is conquered daily, at each new step, with each new test, until total transcendence is achieved.

In this time, in which the challenges and the difficulties are very great, the path of perfection is forged through constancy and commitment to prayer, making this spiritual exercise the main engine of transformation and of the daily battle.

All that will be until the human condition on this planet is defeated, a condition that is at the roots of this civilization.

Thus, with determination and valour, My child, continue working toward your perfection, in order to make the world a little more perfect every day.

Perfection is achieved under a spirit of humility and of an absolute surrender to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Patience in transformation and in your own purification is primary. Remember that you are before a human condition that degenerated throughout the centuries and you are before codes that emerge from your consciousnesses to be transformed, and they even go past life on Earth, for their roots are in the Universe.

Always remember that the One Who came to the world to give you an example was the Son of the Living God and He had to suffer the evils of the Earth and transmute the atavisms of humanity to open the path for you.

The transcendence of the human matter of Jesus started since His gestation until His last breath on the Cross. If the Living God worked in each instant of His life to culminate with His lesson of love, do not expect it to be different for you. How do you want to sanctify your bodies and souls if you are only beginning to understand this path now?

The Son of God was aware of universal life and its mysteries; He knew all the cosmic sciences because He was one with The One Who created them; and even so, in order to free the fear of His last Cell and experience love in full with all the levels of His Consciousness, He had to reach the Cross and forgive everything that He had experienced up to there.

Children, you have a long way to go to reach perfection. Do not be in a hurry, be patient. However, be constant and persistent and do not become comfortable in the fact that transformation will last you a lifetime.

Yes, the absolute transformation will take your whole life, but every day you must achieve a new step, so that at the end of this life you may be worthy of reaching other celestial worlds and dimensions that bring you closer to God.

The transformation will last a lifetime because evolution is eternal and not because you will always be in the same place. Each day, a new understanding and a new step must occur, based on permanent effort. Do not worry whether you take long or short steps, because each day and each cycle will lead you to a different step.

What really matters is that you do not stop and that you be constant.

Open yourselves every day so that the Love of God may transform you and withdraw a little of yourselves from your own consciousness so as to give space to Love and the divine Presence.

Each day, remove an object of your inner dwelling place to make room for the Celestial Dweller that will come one day. At some point, you will have the house empty and clean to receive Him.

Your father and long-standing friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While the events of life and of the whole planet are rapidly developing in humanity, I invite you to seek the path of serenity, to then find peace.

The root of human history and of all terrestrial conditions is being removed; that which for centuries was controlled by power, by pride, or even by resistance, is being taken out of the hands of those who believe they have governorship over things. Thus, dear children, do not be surprised by what you may see and what you may know; the prophecy of My Son is being fulfilled: "Stone will not remain upon stone," and that is already a reality in the whole planet and mainly in the inner being of everybody.

An apparent lack of guidance will be generated; thus, for a long time I have been calling on you to live true prayer. It will be the attributes of the Universal Mother, in this definitive cycle, that will replace the shortcomings that souls will experience at the moment of losing control over things. For this reason, dear children, embrace the opportunity of being purified quickly so that, prepared by prayer, you wait for the glorious Coming of Christ.

I declare, children, that there will be no consciousness or space that will be free of purification. Faith and constancy will be the motto of the peace-bringers of My Son; this will make you stronger in love and in truth.

See what is emerging from yourselves and do not look at it with contempt, but rather with Mercy, because it will be the Mercy of God that will save you in this hour of planetary transition.

Live Mercy and practice it; it will be fundamental so that your hearts can follow the purification of your fellow beings.

I leave you My Peace because it is what you need today; do not lose it for any reason. Peace sustains everything, inside and outside of beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the Mercy of the Father, you are contemplated by

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

When your voices are singing truly and are full of love and sweetness, this is reflected in the perfect harmony that is established between My Heart and your hearts. This permits, My very dear children, the engaging of an inner communication with the spiritual planes. 

When your constancy in wanting to do the best for God manifests, this effort is seen by the angels, and they help your souls to be guided to the sacred Purpose of God. 

When your simplicity is shown without standing out in anything, just to fulfill the Laws of God, this is recognized in Heaven as a step toward the maturity of the soul.

When your sacrifice is true and unconditional, it is seen as an act of absolute reparation for the Heart of the Celestial Father. 

For this reason, dear children, every day the effort which you must face will be greater in proportion to the great imbalances and sins of humanity.

Let your voice of prayer be offered to the Celestial Father as an act of reparation and of healing for the whole world. Many souls sing, but few do it for God and for the concretization of His original Plan.

Dear children, let your talents be precious pearls in the Hands of Christ; in this way, you will allow the Redeemer to labor and manifest through the beauty of your virtues. 

Ascend to the Heart of Christ and there be one forever. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who lifts you up to the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Raised to Heaven be the hearts that are persevering and consistent with My call, as they will be crowned on the day of their Glory by the Celestial Queen.

Raised to Heaven be the innocents, because on the day of their judgment they will reach the Mercy of God.

Raised to Heaven be the missionaries of Mary, because having crossed the threshold of the material life they will reach the day of the perpetual unification with the Supreme Divinity of God.

Raised to Heaven be all the created kingdoms, because all those who have worked tirelessly to save and protect them will receive the great day of liberation and relief.

Raised to Heaven be the worshipers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, because arriving to the Kingdom of God they will remember the moment when the doors were open to the redemption of the whole humanity.

Raised to Heaven be the humble, because on the day of their death they will see the Celestial Spheres of the Creator arrive.

Raised to Heaven be the constant and perseverant, because on the day of their judgment they will be able to get to know the Glorious Face of My Son and in their lives there will not exist any evil.

Dear Children,

Today I wish all to be raised to Heaven in spirit of peace and love so that, once for all, you may see appear in your lives the virtues and gifts that you will awaken in this time.  Of these gifts, your Heavenly Mother, is served without forgetting the inner potential that each child expresses for this sacred Marian work.

You, My children, are the perfect pieces that I have chosen from this vast universe to take you to service and to total redemption of the debts.  You have walked by My side for a very long time, for this, feel now in your hearts the fruit of the truth and of the divine purpose that I have deposited in each of My children.

But precious fruit will still wake up during the time of your purification.  I Am your Guardian and Mother of Mercy, with maternal love I have chosen you from so many millions of souls so to that the work of your Heavenly Mother may be able to be fulfilled.

Children, it has come the time in your lives for you to see the fruit of My loving work in you instead of looking all the time to the thorns that are nailed in your feet.  To arrive to the school of peace you must pass through the school of purification, of surrender and of renunciation.

For each of you I have special love and predilection, because you are My children and I love you as no one has ever loved you.  My Love is divine and pure, it is simple but true, in each meeting with Me I give you a little more of the Love of God that I received when I was in this sacred planet.

Love conquers all, who lives love is not afraid of falling or collapsing in the inside.  My maternal hand is stretched out to help you in the name of the Love of Christ because He is the one who sent Me to intercede for all.

I thank you for answering to My Call!!

Who blesses through the power and through the immovable force of the Love of My Son Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón

My children:

Negligence has led the whole of humanity to have actions and attitudes contrary to the Plan of the Creator, because behind every inner state, known or unknown to you, lies a motive that is not in accordance with the purpose of the Greater Plan.

That is why, children, your Heavenly Mother, Mother of the Justice of God, comes to the world to banish these states that lead to the path of error and stagnation of the spirit in each being.

Be attentive to everything, be open to listen to the unrecognizable and simple to receive the instruction of Heaven and Earth; you, My children, will be able to perceive the different degrees of the human condition and its decadence throughout the ages.

But in order for that pattern of behavior, which was conceived as something normal, to change, constancy and diligence in discovering oneself will be the keys that will open the door to be able to liberate all human conditions.

To be part of the new sacred family of humanity, even if these inner and hidden states act and manifest themselves, without the possibility of keeping them neutral; prayer, instruction and perseverance over yourselves will help you to find the path to empty the self, despite the great desert you face in these times.

The hour of your purification will mark the moment of being able to cleanse and heal all these things that like negligence, until today, lead humanity on the uncertain path of an illusion "renewing and desired by many."

The mantle of humility will protect you from everything and know, My children, that at the moment of perceiving everything, I will be in Heaven encouraging you to liberate yourselves and to rest in the arms of My sacred withdrawal.

When you begin the path of your purification, it will be the time to be able to redeem all the deeds and all the actions that are no longer part of a sanctified life in the Lord.

Your immediate union and your love for your neighbor, in spite of your differences, will make you free and joyful to receive the Grace of the Kingdom of God. But while your search for all that is wrong remains visible before the inner eyes of the brave, do not be discouraged children, this school you live in promises insertion into the spiritual path of the heart, into the christic path of My beloved Son.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who instructs you, in consciousness and love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Brothers and sisters,

Remember that I Am your King of Peace and that through My Peace you will encounter the path of harmony that you so much seek.

Today I invite you to be constant and patient for the path of surrender and of emptiness of oneself that you have decided to live with Me. As good disciples I reunite you to remind you that every day you must forgive and work so that this loving forgiveness is radiated to the entire world because it will be through you that I will manage to realize My Plans.

I remind you of the importance of also working for the deep unity between your hearts. In this way you will allow that the new celestial designs be manifested in those who need a warm word of comfort.

I intend to prepare you as simple mediators of prayer and of charity. There are many souls that need the same daily impulse that I deposit in you to be able to take the steps towards the Temple of My Sacred Heart.

For this I also remind you to live every day in the essence of humility so that the proud and vain life may be dispelled as the mist at dawn. I ask you to be one with Me because only through Me will you be able to be one with your peers. Only encourage yourselves to be corrected and to the live transformation of your hearts because you have already said yes to Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Dear children in purification and in redemption:

Carry reflected on your faces the joy of purification and of conversion. But today do not despair. May your souls not doubt because My Heart of Pity contemplates the innumerable and grave miseries that corrode the entire world.

For this I descend from the Great House of My Father to demonstrate to you the Power of My Love and of My Constancy for each one of My ones. May your hearts be alleviated and stop crying for that which is still not transformed. As I have already told you, it is the Eternal and Constant, Omnipresent and Secure Love of My Heart that will free you from the weight that you have been carrying for such a long time.

I, who Am your Light in the obscurity and your Sun in the night of darkness come to your encounter in order to resuscitate that which has already died in some souls and what has already dried in other hearts. In this time My Mercy comes to repair what is broken, It comes to reconstitute and to heal what has remained wounded and no one has been able to heal in love.

But before, by the intermediary of My Light you must die to the old, to what goes beyond your consciousnesses, that which detains you in time. For this live, act and be by means of My Infinite and Pious Mercy because in this way your sins will be forgiven and the new soul will be born one more time to life, after this banishment that it has received on the part of the mind.

Through My Grace, the strength of the spirit in each being will give life to the true and to the only and in this way the new being will be filled by the love of the Son of God. You will be able to see how humanity is in a constant and endless spiritual crisis.

As on the day of yesterday I asked you to adore My Sacred Heart, today I announce to you a special exercise of Pity and of Mercy which I call the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, which will be realized on the 5th and 6th days of August of this year, preparing the important gathering of prayer at the Marian Center of Aurora.

This marathon will have the aim of asking God, through His Firstborn Son, for Divine Mercy for the entire world so that the souls may be able to be touched by the Hand of God and so that humanity may achieve peace and mercy in these times of crisis.

It will be a prayer of mediation that will fulfill the request of the Master Jesus that all of the faithful followers of the Sacred Heart pray 1500 beads of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Those consciousnesses that accept to live this merciful challenge will achieve as souls the opportunity of reverting the deep aspects of life and the world will have some more time of peace.

My Merciful Heart will be present there among all of the pilgrims that with faith, love and devotion may do it, those that will know during these days the liberator power of My Heart.

Good spiritual exercise for all those who believe in My Eternal Love.

Under the Glory of God, be merciful all of the days.

Thank you for obeying My Words with love and devotion!

Christ Jesus. 


Humility will be what will move the souls away from darkness.

Therefore My dears, cultivate through constancy in prayer a humble and meek spirit, because in this way your spirits will be brought towards the liberation of the capital sins of humanity.

To those who persevere day by day in the hour of mercy at three in the afternoon, I promise that at the hour of their death they will not be judged by Me, but they will be liberated from the weight of the past and they will begin to glimpse the Light of Eternal Life.

Before the great time, try to live through the spirit of humility because it is in the emptiness of self that the soul will find meekness for its consciousness and thus it will be able to heal itself from all that it may need, through the wise and loving forgiveness of God the Father.

Be meek and when you do not manage to be so, strive to be as humble as you can, seeking an act of reconciliation and silence towards your brothers and sisters because this will strengthen the necessary unity that in these times must exist between My Sheep. Do not occupy your time with whatever may still not be solved but try to detach yourselves and to give to Me all that is not good for your hearts.

Whenever a soul surrenders itself to My Heart, the joy of My Consciousness is infinite because this simple action opens a door for the unexpected conversion of other creatures.

I am with you in good and in error because as Father of the essences and Son of God I know that you are still learning to walk amongst the thorns and the stones that in the past have marked your lives. But always see on the horizon the unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, see the rays of peace and of transfiguration that come to your hearts.

Believe in My Eternal Hope; when you raise your eyes on High, may your beings shine out of joy for being in God the Father. Encourage yourselves to live redemption and to entirely transform yourselves in My Mercy.

I always encourage you to carry on.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, who will save you and redeem you through the Power of the Love of God.


My dears:

Remember that all of the days you can come towards Me and let your beings rest in My arms of salvation.

For this today I invite you, as has said My Mother, to constancy, to what is to come, to live in the holy hope of the heart because with your good works of peace and of love, you too, My Companions, will transmit My Good News for all.

Today I can already get to the depths of your hearts, but still My Soul has thirst for those who do not even look at the Heights of Heaven, of the Universe. With this aim I am forming the warriors of the Divine Mercy so that as much in prayer as in humility, the one which you must reach everyday, you may be a proof and living example of My Redeeming Message made flesh in you.

My Dears, accept to live the lessons of love and of forgiveness because through these two lessons you will learn to love and to redeem the heart. I wait in prayer for you as My Mother of the Universe, in all of the moments of the day. Just allow that My Love may radiate on your faces, in the examples and in the daily actions of life. I want and I can be present for longer in your inner temple only when you are able to tell me: “Come Master, you are absolutely in Me and I am in you!”, thus you will open to Me the door of your houses, families and of the dearest beings.

If I redeem your lives with the Source of Life consequently I will also redeem your closest brothers and sisters. Before all that happens I want to show you the Love of My Mercy and the Faith of My Spirit Divinized by the Supreme Father.

I want to have you near, for this I wait in silence, in the contemplation of Creation and of Life. As I Am part of God, I am everywhere. When you unite yourselves to Me I will help you because My Love for you is still unknown for many.

Trust in My Spirit because at the end of all I will resuscitate you from death and I will take you to the Promised Earth, to the Earth and to the Paradise blessed by the Creator God.

Under the Holy Spirit of God, be always merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Shepherd. 


By praying the Rosary every day souls will place themselves, more and more, at the feet of the Lord. They will receive the balm of the Mercy of My Son and in this way the gravest faults will be forgiven by the Love of God.

Dear children, for this reason today I call you again to persevere in the purpose of prayer so that your hearts may distance themselves from the wiles of the enemy. Maintain in your lives a rhythm compatible with a life of prayer. Create indispensable moments of prayer so that you souls may be present in each moment of your lives.

When I invite you to observe a rhythm of prayer, I am calling you to maintain a conscious spiritual and inner task at this end of times. Your hearts and your lives must feel thirst for prayer and for the discovery of the Divine Mysteries that faith awakens in your hearts.

My children, for this, seek the source of your inner inspira- tion in Jesus, and His Sacred Heart will show you the correct path towards the redemption and reconciliation of each one of your lives.

It will be important, dear children, to maintain constancy in prayer because this will prepare you to face the times that will arrive for the planet.

My dear children, today I call you to have as a premise, this request of Mine, which will lead you to understand where the victorious essence of love and forgiveness is to be found.

My children, as Divine Mother, more and more, I want all My children to be considered for salvation, because I know that all should live in the beauty and the Light of the Love of Paradise.

Your sincere prayer will form the New Earth of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The greatest suffering that My Maternal Heart observes in this humanity is the lack of love in the heart. This is why, dear children, to be in the Love of God, to live in the Love of God and to work in the Love of God is what will allow you, in the end of times, to make wisdom blossom in humanity.

Dear children, a path to find the Love of God is to open your hearts to prayer, because it is the mediator, it is the new Light that is arriving in the consciousness of all of My children.

My children, as Mother I am here among you to teach you to walk in the art of prayer, in the life of prayer that all My little children need to awaken and to carry out in these moments.

You can count on My Son Jesus, who is the living expression of prayer, of the perpetual union with God the Creator. When I invite you to pray for peace and for Light in humanity, I call you so that your hearts may become merciful, so that they may imitate the path of humility and total giving to the Creator.

Dear children, therefore, walk, walk and do not detain your steps in the life of prayer, because thus My Immaculate Heart will accompany you and God will make use of your prayers.

The Work of God in this time is the redemption of all souls, and the prayer that is born from the heart will be the great key for the salvation of the most humble and of the ones in most need of peace.

Listen to My call and remember that these are My last words in this cycle of humanity. Prepare your hearts by being con- stant in prayer.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Eternal Peace liberates and forgives souls from all their faults.

Dear children,

Pouring today the Grace of forgiveness, I ask you: pray with the heart! And pray with all the love that God has placed in each one of you throughout your lives.

My children, live in the Source of Grace that God has granted Me so that, out of love and for your redemption, I may pour it over all of humanity.

Therefore, dear children, pray with constancy and faith so that the Guardian Angels of the Lord may guide you through the new path towards fraternity.

Today I invite you to convert your lives into a pure rose. Do not fear, I am with you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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