Dear children,

Although Your Heavenly Mother is not present among you, I count on your unconditional collaboration and support.

This is now the end of times, it is the moment in which the preparation will come to light within your consciousnesses, and you will realize at which point of the preparation you are in order to be able to face the chaos of humanity.

Therefore, from the beginning of Our Messages, We asked you to again study and interiorize our words, because you will need them to know how to go through the end of these times with intelligence and not with fear.

When we speak of an end, it does not mean that everything will end, but rather that each one of you and your brothers and sisters will have the great opportunity to reflect on what you have been doing, which will make you see your personal reality and the world reality. You will truly know how you have caused the planet to be, in its spiritual, mental and physical aspects.

Therefore, My children, becoming aware of this reality demands inner preparation and training, an adequate use of the tools and spiritual exercises that throughout the last years we have taught you.

This will leave you at the height of the coming events, and you will be freeing yourselves from the condemnatory ignorance that blinds souls, day by day, and hypnotizes them in indifference.

Dear children, may your preparation now begin to emerge from your consciousnesses.

Now the moment has come to recognize the mission of each one of you. The moment has come to fulfill it and not to step back because there will not be another moment for long waits.

The cycle is now and it will never repeat itself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To reach the Heart of God, you do not need great science and deep philosophies, you do not need formulas or even eternal practices. What you need, child, is a sincere heart, pure and redeemed in front of the Father.

All spiritual practices and exercises will forge a transformation for your consciousness within you, and they will allow you to remain in union with the Creator, and may this not be for just an instant, but rather become a permanent state of consciousness.

But to touch the Heart of God, to feel It and know It, you only need a sincere heart that is willing to come to the Father in confession, in adoration, in communion and in surrender. To feel Him, experience within yourself what He really is, and in coming to know God, also come to know yourself.

For this reason, before anything else, and even though you may not have the strength or inspiration, simply be with a sincere heart before the Creator, simply be with a surrendered heart at His Altar. Place yourself as an offering at His Feet and let Him make Himself felt. In the Divine Presence, everything in your life will regain its meaning, your efforts will be of value and their weight will be less, because the Love of God within you will speak louder; your battles will be light, not because they will be easier, but because your heart is no longer loose within the winds of darkness, but anchored in the Presence of God, from where no wind will be able to remove you.

Everything begins, child, with confession, yielding, surrender, adoration, and thus a perfect communion with God. And this can happen in silence, in spiritual joy, in the profound mourning of the soul, in prayer or in adoration, in your own life. You only need a sincere heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


At all the Marian Centers, through the Reliquary of My Heart, I will be the doorkeeper and the protector, the guardian of the spiritual relics and of the divine gifts that are held within the sacred places, erected in honor of God and for the manifestation of His Plan.

The Reliquary of My Heart will be the protector of all the virtues achieved by souls. It will be the guardian of the evolution of those who said 'yes' to God, and each time that you should contemplate it with love, you will not only be receiving within yourselves that which I once achieved through humility and spiritual emptiness, but also, children, you will be safeguarded by Me, Who before God has received the authority to be your father and guardian in these times of transition.

It is for this reason that, in the face of the difficulties that seem impossible to you to transform, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. When the desert is greater than your faith, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. When the energies of the world within you seem to battle with your purest principles, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart.

And so that all the souls of the world may have the chance to be before the Reliquary of My Heart, I ask that every 19th of the month, in a simple way, the Reliquary of My Heart be transmitted live, for one hour, so that all those who want to be before It in silence, may do so. This practice will allow you to find peace and to strengthen all the virtues that you have already achieved with you.

In this time of transition, I will be the guardian of your souls, your father and companion who, in silence, will follow your steps so that you not become lost, but that you may be always in Christ.

It is in this way, children, that I ask that every 19th day, of each month, at 7 pm, your hearts unite in prayer. Especially those who today cannot be at the Marian Centers, so that they may also receive the Graces and the Gifts that emerge from the Reliquary of My Heart for the world.

If you do this simple exercise on the day of the Celebration of the Heart of Saint Joseph, not only for yourselves but also for all the souls of the world, you will be able to intercede with Me for the greatest sinners and for those who are self-condemned, so that those souls may open their eyes and find the light and salvation in Christ.

I wait for you in prayer and I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the hearts of the nations are oppressed and clamor for peace, unite, children, to this request and elevate your voices to God, asking for wisdom and light for humankind, so that through them peace is established.

I know that many people think that we repeat again and again: “Pray! Pray! Pray!”. And it is so because beings have not yet discovered the true potential of prayer. If you prayed every day with your hearts, you would notice that prayer transforms you, transforms life around you and transforms this world.

It is not the wars, the protests and the conflicts that will bring peace to the nations. It is prayer that unites the human heart to the Divine Wisdom, so it can deal with the specific imbalances of these times.

Prayer is what calms the human impetus of impulsivity and places beings into a state of peace to make the correct decisions, according to God’s Will and not their own. 

It is prayer that makes you see the events of the world with neutrality and with wisdom, in order to know how to help.

Prayer is what opens the doors of the world for new Laws, new standards of living, that give you the opportunity of participating of a new time.

It is prayer that dissolves, from the mental planes of the planet, the ideas of destruction, wars, malice, outrage, so that they do not manifest in the world; even if all this happens within silent levels of consciousness, where only the heart can reach.

Prayer is an exercise of humility and therefore allows beings to lose their human arrogance in order to allow God to guide and lead life within this world, because He created it and only He can lead it to His Purpose.

Prayer, children, is much more than everything I have said to you. But, to enter this mystery, you need to pray with your hearts and to deepen each day in the communication with God.

I bless you and inspire you to pray with your hearts.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

On the eve of the beginning of the powerful novena of the Mystery of the Rosary for the families of the world*, I ask you, my children, to bear in mind that, in each new offering of the Mystery of the Rosary that you will perform, I, as Mother of the families of the world, will be there, next to each praying heart that will be responding to My call for love and mercy.

The inner meaning of this next novena will not only be to place the divided and distracted families of the whole world in the Merciful Heart of God, but also to prepare those who pray and the devotees for the day of the sacred Christmas Eve; the moment when the Divine Son will impart His sacerdotal blessing over all from the spiritual plane, specially over the families of the whole world, so that the Attributes of God, those that were in the Holy Family of Nazareth, may be present again in the families of today.

For this reason, My children, have absolute confidence that your prayers will remove the families, who are in danger, from dark and unpleasant situations that affect the support of marriages, as well as the emotional and psychic stability of children.

This next novena will try to be a balm of light and love that will expand through the praying word, through the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May the graces of unity in the family, strength in the marriages and peace for all the children of each family descend through this loving novena of the Rosary for the families of the whole world so that the guardian angels may safeguard the steps of each family member.

For this response, that all who pray will be giving to the Most Pure Mother of God, I now thank you for responding to My call!

Remember, my children, to recite, only once, after the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, the prayer to the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Who blesses you for this sacred spiritual task,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


*Spiritual exercise to perform in front of the Nativity manger, during nine days, from December 16 to December 24, 2018.


Companions, I still carry painful thorns in my heart and I need you to remove them through your adoration, contemplation and prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These thorns represent the mortal sins that the souls on Earth live due to ignorance, fanaticism and temptation provoked by My adversary.

I wish for you to dedicate a space from your day for the contemplation of the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus so that each prayer, sincerely dedicated to the Lord, may grant the grace for the angels to remove these most painful thorns from me, which men place in Me, offending God with their perversions.

Therefore, I brought you with Me to the south of Brazil so that the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus may be remembered by men, as I reminded it to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, because with this exercise I will have the authority, through the souls who contemplate Me, to save, at the end of these times, the consciousnesses that, in life, have already condemned themselves to the hell of terrestrial consciousness.

Each time a soul dedicates a moment of adoration, to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus, I will be able to work in the world and dissolve the mortal sin of humanity.

From this moment, I thank the veneration from all priests and religious people for this important exercise of atonement and redemption of the degenerated humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ



Do not seek perfection while you are on Earth, because true perfection is found in Heaven, at the moment when your consciousness will definitely merge with God.

The path of perfection is conquered daily, at each new step, with each new test, until total transcendence is achieved.

In this time, in which the challenges and the difficulties are very great, the path of perfection is forged through constancy and commitment to prayer, making this spiritual exercise the main engine of transformation and of the daily battle.

All that will be until the human condition on this planet is defeated, a condition that is at the roots of this civilization.

Thus, with determination and valour, My child, continue working toward your perfection, in order to make the world a little more perfect every day.

Perfection is achieved under a spirit of humility and of an absolute surrender to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While the battle between light and darkness unleashes over the surface of this planet, I wish that all those who pray in the world maintain the conviction of praying with fervor, love, and devotion; in this way, your Heavenly Mother can count on all your prayers to have the Plan of Love of God triumph in the world, and above all in humanity.

My children, through your prayers and daily sacrifices may all the barriers and the obstacles that are imposed by My adversary by means of conflicts and disharmony be transcended in the powerful action of the fire of prayer.

It is in this way that gradually, dear children, your Heavenly Mother will keep all the spiritual plans, as well as the mental and material ones, under a certain order.

Each one of you in this cycle must set, as a spiritual exercise within My discipleship, the goal or the inner purpose of overcoming and of abandoning indifference in the face of the events that daily precipitate in some nations of the world.

It is in this way that, with the minority of soldiers awakened to My call, I will have the redemptive Plan of My Beloved Son triumph before His next return.

My children, with all the devotion and pleading of your spirits, pray with love and trust so that the very prayer of the heart can guide you in this moment, and above all, can spiritually help a great many souls, which in this same time are passing through the cycle of planetary tribulation.

 Open to hearing the voice of your Heavenly Mother, I ask you, dear children, that you keep My requests well in mind, because they are divine lights in the middle of the darkness of these times.

With the faith and the love of the heart, My adversary will lose the battle; believe in that.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who is among you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Adorers be the ones who understand through the Blessed Sacrament the infinite mystery of the Love of My Son.

Adorers be the ones that, with their fixed gaze on the Blessed Sacrament, attract peace to the planet.

Adorers be the ones who unite with the heart to the great portal of the Mercy of My Son through the venerated Eucharist.

Adorers be the ones who attract in each new exercise the Plan of God to the Earth.

Adorers be the ones that together with their guardian angels deposit the sacred offertory of the adoration in the Heart of God.

Adorers be the ones that receive the Grace through the adoration, not for themselves, but for the world.

Adorers be the ones who establish the spiritual unity between Heaven and Earth.

Adorers be the ones who repair in each adoration the Sacred Heart of the Lord.

Adorers be the ones that together with the Most Holy Mary clamor for Mercy.

Adorers be the ones who cross, with their gaze, the portal of the Blessed Sacrament and enter in the summit of the celestial altars, attracting the Piety and the Compassion of God to the world.

Adorers be the ones who disarm with love, silence and contemplation the plans of the adversary and, only through their adoration of Christ, help to save the souls from the abysses of the consciousness.

Adorers be the ones who receive in humility and simplicity the sacred flame of the Love of Christ so that this flame will multiply in the ones who need it the most.

Adorers be the ones who repair, in each adoration, the outrages against the lower kingdoms, and the ones who implore for Mercy without rest.

May you all be adorers of the Mercy of Christ in this sacred house that I have founded for the Celestial Kingdom, and in every place of the world where there is one soul in adoration, may it know that it will attract the Kingdom of God so that the holy peace will be established.

I thank you for adoring the Most Precious Body of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament!

Who accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Adoration


Dear children,

With the Sacred Family gathered around this sacred oratory, God again pours out His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

In order for this to be possible, dear children, today Your Most Holy Mother brings you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph, something that will give an impulse to souls to live the attributes of the Chaste Heart, inner impulses that will come directly from the Holy Servant of God at each moment this sacred rosary is prayed by a soul.

This Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph will remove from human ignorance whomever prays wholeheartedly, invoking devotion for the Holy Worker of God.

Saint Joseph commits Himself to helping the human heart that will pray it, and thus be able to sanctify its life, in the same way that Saint Joseph sanctified His consciousness.

This Rosary will offer everyone the possibility of again drawing to themselves the principles of the Christianity of Saint Joseph and of the Sacred Family, so that these may penetrate the chaotic consciousness of the planet, and reverse all the evils that are generated by humanity itself.

This Rosary will also help awaken the consecration of souls to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. And through this act of union with the Divine Spirit of Saint Joseph, hearts will reach the Celestial Kingdom and will be able to feel it close to the planetary life.

Through His Holy Virtues, Saint Joseph offers Himself to humanity to help it live the sanctification of consciousness, as well as providing the opportunity for families to live the Attributes of God, and for the proper conditions to be generated for the presence of Unity amongst all creatures.

Now I present to you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph:

Union bead
For Your great Humility,
beloved Saint Joseph,
pour upon us Your Holy Virtues.

First decade
For the virtue of Humility,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may all our miseries be transmuted.

Second decade
For the virtue of Obedience,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we promptly obey the Law of the Hierarchy
so as to be in God.

Third decade
For the virtue of Divine Love,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may the void of self emerge from our spirits
so that we may fulfill the Plan of the Creator.

Fourth decade
For the virtue of Poverty,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we be austere in our actions, words and deeds
so that we may be free from human arrogance.

Fifth decade
For the virtue of Service,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we consecrate ourselves to Christ
to serve the redemption of humanity
and for the triumph of the Heart of God.

Have a good exercise of humility for all. 

I invite you for nine days to practice and feel this Rosary in the depths of your hearts, so that Saint Joseph may work in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unites you to the Chaste Heart of the Servant of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children,

Today I find Myself among you to bring peace, relieve and an expansion of light that may reach your consciousnesses, so that they may strengthen themselves in the Love of God.

In time of tests, of great definitions and greater commitments that must be assumed by the soldiers of Christ, My adversary uses all of his tricks to put in the heart and in the mind of My children, creations that are not real, ideas and feelings that disturb them and that only seek to remove them from the task of the spirit that incarnated on this Earth to serve God.

All those feelings and thoughts that distance you from My Heart and from the heart of your brothers and sisters are in process of transformation so that once and for all you may die for love.  This will permit that the truthful that exists in you and that was sown as a talent by My Son, may sprout, flourish and develop.

These true attributes are kept, in some cases, under several keys because the mediocre aspects of humanity have been cultivated in consciousness throughout history and developed as false attributes, what deceives all of My children into thinking that they are their best spiritual qualities, mental and material skills.

While these false attributes are defended and treasured as real and sublime inside of the beings, the true attributes and talents remain captive in cages, where they can not express themselves or fulfill what they came to do in this world.

But My Love and the Redeeming Love of My Son come to break the locks of these prisons so that, what you truly are, My Beloved Children, be able to be liberated and the mediocrity learned by this humanity throughout history may be able to finally be unmasked and die.

The art of loving, dear children, is that task that God has entrusted to you, an exercise full of challenges in which each consciousness takes as a goal to overcome every day, one by one, the mediocrities of this world, with determination, will and faith to reach this vital purpose that keeps waiting for the worthy Children of God.

When a consciousness is determined to achieve what God in truth has sown in it, going over its own head, without fear of what it will find, it receives from the Celestial Spheres an assistance that is not from this world, which is reserved for the brave ones.

When a consciousness is willing, in humility, to discover what false this world has put in them and decide to discover the potential the Universe has sown in their interior, the Heavens collaborate so that their prompt awakening to the truthful may open the door of the treasure that had been guarded for so long.

Beloved children, persevere, work, be strong and brave.  Discover the false that My adversary has sown in your hearts and do not allow to be prevented to feel the full joy of discovering who you truly are.

I guide you, trust in My designs, in My requests and thus I will be able to help you to liberate yourselves from what you are not.

Today I bless My favorite son, the one that is favorite for the effort he has made in discovering the instrument that I have built within him and in offering himself to be led by God to the awakening of his brothers and sisters.

I want to be able to serve Myself from all My beloved children as instruments of Light in My hands.

I love you, I protect you with My Immaculate Heart. Thank you for being today with Me.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Now I come every day from the Supreme Heaven to concelebrate together with My Son, the communion of reparation of the first five Saturdays, a spiritual exercise which must be taken up by all of My children.

Whoever realizes this communion of reparation, will be able to help Me so that the promises that I have made to humanity may be able to be fulfilled.  In the next five months, on the first Saturday of each month, all of you are invited to remember and meditate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  For this, children, those ones that at least meditate on each passage of the Holy Rosary shall have as Grace, My maternal and divine help.

Today I come from the Universe to remind all to not forget to carry forward this act of reparation in a serious and conscious way, because humanity continues walking towards self-destruction and this could have major repercussions.

For this, children of Mine, and in order to comply with My requests, I invite you to read the promises and the effects that this communion of reparation with My Beloved Son Jesus has, promises that were transmitted to Lúcia dos Santos, after My presence in Fatima.

God wishes that the good hearts, the ones that until now are not imprisoned by the martyrdoms of the others, may be able to offer to the universe, the sincere and repairing act of this communion, mainly for Peace, the end of the annihilations, to be reached today, and thus the Mercy of My Son may descend upon sinners.

In this way, offering the communion of reparation for humanity and in union with the Eternal Father, you, My little ones, will universally create a more favorable environment for the law to change and for the world to reach Peace.

Today I ignite the flame of the original purity in all, so that you may unite with it and recognize that only through the purity of heart the whole humanity will recover innocence.

Open your eyes and see in the Sky the sign of the Woman Dressed of the Sun, the one who comes to your encounter to pour Her last Graces upon humanity.

Dear children, today I also wish to dedicate My gratitude to all My beloved children, the ones that are making the Mission of Peace in Africa possible.  I tell you that the spiritual need will be able to be met and the souls of those who suffer will have a better destiny.  For this important purpose, My Heart will accompany you in this new mission, that which will have as an exercise, taking the Divine Mercy to those who suffer the most.

Dear ones, today I receive upon this Sacred Center, the visit of the pilgrims that, filled with faith, have acquired the necessary strength to climb to the top of My Hill of Light.  To all of them, I give My Love and My blessings, and I remind them that here they will find a Source of inner relief and profound healing.

I thank you all for answering to My important call!

Who reunites you in the Holy Cenacle of the Heart of Christ,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The most precious souls are those that rejoice My Heart every day because they adore Me and consecrate themselves to My Eternal Presence.

For this reason, I must always take care of these souls that, for various reasons, have come to the world to redeem their lives and their pasts. For the sake of My Infinite Mercy, these souls can liberate themselves from the conditions of the past, those that do not allow them to take safe steps towards Me.  I sustain each one of the souls within My arms in order to carry them with Me towards the Greater Kingdom of My Father.

In this time, the consecrated souls are entering into the apex of strong experiences and learning, those which will allow them to mature with wisdom and discernment.  All these souls are like treasures in My Kingdom because I pour My Graces and My Peace upon them so that forever may be radiated to the world the sacred gifts of Heaven.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping your souls within My Heart!

Christ Jesus

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: At the end of the message, Christ transmitted a new sacred exercise of prayer that, according to His Instructions, will help us to face the end of times and, above all, to annul the actions of capital sin.  This exercise is considered by Christ to be a shield of protection against these energies.

The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ comes from an inner emanation of prayer that springs perpetually from the Heart of Jesus.

This novena is a direct dialog with the Creator Source from which the essences of all creatures have arisen.  The soul that venerates Me by means of this Sacred Novena will enter into the historical moment in which Christ lived His public life and His Passion.  In this way, it will spiritually collect the divine fruits that the Master left engraved on the consciousness of this world.

Whoever invokes Jesus by means of this Sacred Novena will approach the celestial powers that the Father conceded to Jesus at the moment of His birth, and at the first moments of His public life, of His Passion, of His Death and of His Resurrection.

This exercise of prayer must be prayed during nine days, with the purest intention of being able to receive the same spiritual merits that Jesus received when He was upon this world.  This Grace that today I concede to you for this time of chaos is similar to the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration 1.  The signs of the Transfiguration and of the Passion of Jesus represent for the souls the first school of approximation to Jesus.

Now the powerful novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ symbolizes the entrance into a deeper state of consciousness and of prayer.  I reveal to you that you will be able to remain in the same Christic vibration, in the same state of Christ.

This powerful novena will try to help all, mainly those who have consciously consecrated themselves for life to Christ Jesus.  It will try to transubstantiate, that is, to change the cellular and mental state of all of the events that have prevented the spiritual awakening of the souls to the Divine Life.  This powerful novena will bring to you the impulse of the divine merits that Christ achieved during His trajectory upon the Earth.

This exercise aspires to transfigure the inner states of each being, turning them into divine and sublime principles.  For this, the work of prayer with the powerful novena must be constant, without setting a time of ending in weeks, months or years.  Now each soul will know how to recognize the importance of becoming a faithful instrument of God.

This Grace is poured especially to transform something that causes the world to drown, that which are the called capital sins.  This novena will work as a shield before the presence of these energies.

Have a good work of interiorization and of expansion of consciousness!

Your dear Master, Christ Jesus.

The Powerful Novena
to the Merciful Jesus Christ

First day

On the first day, you will pray to transcend human control through the Most Holy Purity that Christ incarnated during His special birth in the manger of the city of Bethlehem.  In this event, you will be able to see manifested the first power of the Holy Spirit, which was the sublime incarnation of God through the coming of the Messiah Jesus.

With total fervor and inner determination, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer: 


For the powerful birth of Christ on Earth,
Most Holy Spirit of God,
transcend our matter
so that the power of Divine Purity
may incarnate in us.





Second day

​​​​​On the second day, you shall pray to expel from the consciousness the human condition, that which throughout times has been awakened by the work of the enemy: temptation, pride, avarice and greed, capital energies that closed off the paths of light for good souls.

With faith and conviction, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer: 


For the Sacred Humility expressed
by the Divine Family,
and through the Pure Love
that the Child Jesus radiated to the world,
Lord, expel from our beings
all domination constructed by the enemy.



Third day

On the third day, you shall pray to God begging Him for Mercy through the Divine Pity that Jesus offered during His public Life. You shall supplicate to the Lord for Him to liberate the hearts from the sins of vanity, possession, pride and curses that may have once lived in poor hearts.

With consciousness and with truth, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Sacred Miracle of Jesus
at the Wedding of Cana,
may all beings be converted
so that true love
for the Creator may finally
awaken in the world.


Fourth day

On the fourth day, you shall remember the blessed healings that Jesus carried out among different people; blind, lame and dumb. In this way, you will ask God for the deep healing of your souls and of the aspects that are marked as indelible wounds within your evolution. You shall request from God that, through the healing power of Jesus Christ, all events that occurred in the lives of simple souls may be healed by Jesus, as He at that time had healed the sick.

With devotion and mercy, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:


May the powerful Hands of Jesus
and His Rays of Mercy
descend upon our hearts
so that the Light of the Kingdom of God
may liberate the ties
and forever heal all our wounds.


Fifth day

On the fifth day, you shall glorify God because He has sent the Savior Son to quench the spiritual thirst of the world. You shall then remember the moment in which the Samaritan offered Him fresh water from the well and Christ, in return, offered her the Water of Life.

May your lives, in this divine mystery, be washed by this Blessed Water that sprung forth strongly from the Side of Jesus on the Cross so that the sins of omission, cruelty, torture, outrages and of indifferences, that humanity has generated throughout the centuries, may be transmuted by the sacred codes of the Water of Life, and that healing may be manifested in all consciousnesses.

With love and compassion, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Water of Life and Redemption
that poured out from the Side of Jesus,
may the baptismal powers of liberation and forgiveness
descend upon our lives.


Sixth day

On the sixth day, you shall pray to the Father to implore Him for Mercy for those who perpetually blame themselves and condemn themselves eternally, without having changed anything in their lives. You shall now remember the moment in which Jesus was condemned to death. You shall meditate on this mystery that Christ offered for all, and in this way, you shall understand that in absolute self-surrender lies the key to the transformation of consciousness.

Contemplating this mystery of the surrender of Jesus for humanity, you shall pray with hope and joy for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For Jesus' great surrender of Love 
on the arms of the Cross,
Emmanuel, Sacred Father,
grant us the Grace of permanent surrender
on behalf of our fellow beings.



Seventh day

On the seventh day of the Powerful Novena, you shall take your memory back to the moment of the encounter of Jesus with His Mother on the path of Calvary.

May the maternal power of love that sustains all and resolves all allow the world to be liberated from the constant falls and perditions that it has been led through.

Through this important act of absolute love between the Son of God and the Mother of God, may the weakest souls receive the Grace of affirming themselves on the path of the spirit by means of the supreme strength that Christ lived during His Passion. 

May this same strength lead those consecrated to Christ to abstain from all temptation and energy that may seduce them to deviate them from the path of the good pilgrim. May the Faith of Christ remove the obstacles so that the children of the Father may walk in freedom towards Paradise.

With openness and piety, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:



For the divine and supreme strength of Jesus
during His Sacred Passion,
Father, affirm Eternal Faith in our beings,
the sublime fire of eternal ascension.



Eighth day

On the eighth day, you shall open the celestial door to receive the Divine Pity that the glorified Christ expressed in spirit and in consciousness after having been brought down from the Cross.

May this mystery of invincible love, that restores all and transforms all, in spite of the mistakes committed, incarnate as infinite and permanent light in the hearts that have decided to live the path of apostleship.

May this Divine Christic Pity transfigure, without being detained, the hard aspects of unconsciousness, those which are kept and prevail, frightening the servers. That the sublime fire of Pity, which Jesus expressed for the whole world after the Cross, may remove the difficulties for those who cannot live chastity, austerity, detachment, impersonality and surrender to the Heart of God

With peace and firmness, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:


For the divine and powerful Pity
that Christ emanated out of love for the whole world
while in the arms of the Most Holy Virgin
Mary, Supreme Mother, shelter us now and always
in the Heart of Your Kingdom.



Ninth day

And on the ninth and last day of the Powerful Novena, you shall meditate on each one of the eight previous mysteries that Jesus left engraved as light for the world. On this ninth day, the synthesis of all the prayerful and spiritual work must emerge. The Christic codes must already be latent in the hearts that, with so much love, have invoked the preceding eight powerful divine mysteries of Christ.

Today you shall remember the moment of the Sacred Resurrection of Jesus on the third day and you shall see in this act of power of the Son of God that, in profound humility after having been condemned, martyrized and humiliated, He resurrected gloriously, defeating the spiritual death that was condemning the whole world.

Through this mystery, may the souls that fight without rest, those that truly work to accomplish the Plan of God, be liberated from all evil and may they manage, through love of the resurrection of Christ, to redeem the profound elements that condemn the consciousnesses. May they stand up from where they have fallen!  In this way, may they defeat, as did Jesus, the spiritual death that generates the sin of the world and may all hearts be raised to the foot of the Sacred Altar of the Creator.

With presence and fidelity, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:



For the sake of the glorious and victorious Resurrection of Jesus,
may the sacred celestial rays
descend upon our lives
so that the Omnipresent Life of God may reign.



Christ Jesus, the Instructor

At the end of the novena, if the one who prays wants to begin it again, one day of pause must be taken.

1 Spiritual exercise delivered by Christ Jesus in April 2012. For additional information, see the book “Siete Dias con el Maestro Jesús de Nazareth”, by Irdin Publishing. 


Before His daily Apparition, the Master appeared walking in an indigenous community in Brasilia, DF, Brazil. He was helping and supporting the original peoples; after that He came to us and transmitted His message.

Dear brothers and sisters:

You know that, now and always, the entire humanity forms part of the incalculable source of My Divine Mercy.

Today My Heart wants to pour out Its Graces, not only in the entire world but also, in a special way, upon all the original peoples that have appeared since the beginning of the project of God.

With such a goal, today I give you a new exercise of devotion, which will assist in conserving and protecting the spiritual and loving culture of all your original brothers and sisters.  They too, at this time, are deserving of My Divine Mercy.  All the religious and devotees that will pray this devotional will be able to channel many Graces over the consciousness of all these peoples.  Spiritually they are in need of recovering their identity before God, the identity and the purity that was interfered with by the modernities of today's world.

For this, I ask you that the Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus for the Indigenous Consciousness be prayed fervently on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and especially on Wednesdays, together with the prayer of the Five Sacred Wounds.  This will have important spiritual repercussions in Heaven and I promise to be attentive to the voice of your supplications.

This Sacred Devotional has the goal to protect, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all the original consciousnesses, the ones that you call the Indigenous Consciousness.

Since the origin, when I was on Earth, the Father trusted Me with the revelation about the existence of all these brothers in the Americas.  After My Work in the Middle East I made the promise to bring My Mercy to the Americas with the goal that this continent be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This devotional may be prayed as many times as the soul feels the necessity to unite herself with My Purpose of salvation of this Sacred Indigenous Consciousness.  Now you shall exercise the devotional in the following manner:

Sacred Devotional to the Heart of Jesus
for the Indigenous Consciousness

Union bead

For the Invincible Force
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Beloved Father,
attend to and listen to our supplications.


First decade

For the Invincible Force
of the Heart of Jesus,
all peoples are rescued.

Second decade

For the Powerful Fire
that springs from the Heart of Jesus,
all peoples are saved.

Third decade

For the Unfathomable Light 
that the Sacred Heart of Jesus emanates,
the entire Indigenous Consciousness is sheltered.

Fourth decade

For the Sublime Flame of Love
that the Sacred Heart of Jesus radiates,
all original peoples are reconciled.

Fifth decade

For the Sacred Merits achieved by Jesus Christ
during His Passion on the Cross,
Beloved Father, unite us now and always.


Have a good experience of love and of prayer for your brothers and sisters.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for responding to the command of My Heart,

Christ Jesus.


At the end of the message we asked the Master “why so many tasks of prayer for all of us?”

Christ answered:

“With so many prayers transmitted, they are proportional to the necessity of light on the Planet.”


Dear companions of the path,

There is no greater power that I have left for the world than the merciful prayer, that which unites spaces, places and nations.

Today, those who may dedicate space to this important spiritual exercise will receive from My Heart the gifts that will allow them to open the doors for the inner healing of the heart and of the soul.

As you have asked Me, all the most needy children are already in My Kingdom and in My Eternal Heart.  I ask you to carry on praying with fervor, love and dedication so that the fruits of the merciful prayer may open new paths for those who in this time have condemned themselves to the fire of hell.

In this moment the Fisher of souls is traversing the places in the world that need an important spiritual and divine help.  In My Basked of gold I collect the prayers of those who offer constant joys and blessings to My Sacred Heart.

Now, in this hour of Divine Mercy the clocks of the world are detained so that the true time of My Divine Mercy may descend in Glory and in aid for those who most need.

I only ask you to be persevering as was Sister Faustina Kowalska until the end of her life on Earth.  Join forces from the heart through the union between your beings because only in this way you will give permission for some events to change.

It is time to swim in My Ocean of Repairing Graces; it is time to raise the flag towards the High, the flag that will confirm before evil the victory of the Christic Life.  It is time to only act through the pure love of the heart.  You need it and the world too.

Under the Eternal Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for always seeking the Eternal Flame of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


By the source of Grace that springs from My Sacred Heart, in the hour of Divine Mercy, My savior and redeeming Fountain is poured especially over those who, in truth in the cenacle of prayer, dedicate time to Me without delay and without rush. In this sacred universal hour, the universe is aligned and the stars send their rays of light to adjust again irreversible situations, and to bring them to situations of peace.

For this, every disciple must be conscious of this sacred hour in their time and in their space, so that they also receive the part of Mercy that corresponds to them.

It is important for the merciful formation of a consecrated one, as well as that of a devotee of My Unfathomable Heart, to be able to awaken in consciousness to this sublime moment. The request for prayer that I have dictated to Sister Faustina Kowalska still is current and it will be until My return, in which, by universal order of God My Heart will pour Divine Justice.

For this I ask you to remember this moment and this hour of Mercy, that your spirits may only seek to quench the thirst in the Fountain that will repair you and liberate you; in this way you will perceive that the artificial sources that the world has created bring one sooner or later to the loss of peace and of love.

I Am the doctor of the souls, I will always wait for you in My celestial room of prayer to heal and comfort your hearts in My light. It is the moment and it is the time for humanity to revere, love and respect the saving relics that the Sacred Hearts have delivered out of love to the entire world.

If this were so, you as flocks would avoid that the spiritual exercises do not become heavy routines of accomplishment and of obedience, something that is empty in the heart of who, in truth, does not do it out of love.

Be attentive to the sudden changes, I will accompany you always.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the essence of the heart!

Christ Jesus


I come to your encounter every day to remove from your consciousnesses and hearts all of the sins that offend the Great Kingdom of God. It is by means of My Mercy and of your absolute trust that I will be able to redeem you and to forgive you.

Live in this time the path of pacification, of surrender, of renunciation of your own selves. In this way, through this spiritual exercise you will help to awaken from sleep those who live without God and who believe that it all is fine.

For this I Am calling My Flocks: to ask them to live the path of transformation and of consecration to My Most Pure Heart. Through your daily consecration, constant and devoted, you will allow that, by means of yourselves, will be lost the burdens on the path that are like stones for the spiritual life.

In spite of all I need you strong and determined to live the transformation towards the perfect model that your consciousness are building through the passing of the years.

For this My purpose will be to show to some the path and the model of holiness, the path of abnegated service to others and the path of merciful prayer for the majority of My flocks. I am here to tell you that today you are forgiven by My Most Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Heart all of the days!

Christ Jesus, Your Father and Protector Master.

Go in Peace and in Communion with Me.


Dear children,

For the commemoration of My monthly apparitions each 25th in Medjugorje, today I invite you and I gather you in the name of Jesus so that your hearts may contemplate the existence of the Marian Center of Figueira.

After twenty-five years of instruction, necessary for your lives and loving for your souls, today I announce that the Blessed Universal Mother, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, has walked silently together with you through this pathway of teachings and learning.

Dearest children, today I want you to understand in your hearts that God the Father manifests Himself not only through My Immaculate Voice, but also through all those who give themselves from the heart to concretize the Divine Plan on Earth.

Therefore, My children, God the Father is the Great Tree of Wisdom, Its roots and Its branches are the expression of the Infinite Universe and Its leaves are the emanations of the souls upon this beloved planet.

Dear children, in order for this to exist in all of the created life, there exists in your lives the presence of the Universal Mother, the Queen of Peace, the Morning Star that announces the new time before the coming of Her Son.

Dear children, this is why your lives and your essences are al- ways united to the essence of the Heart of God. As the Mother of the World, as the Lady of the Heavens, I come to your en- counter to reveal to you the true mystery of your faith and of your lives; this mystery is called Love for the Whole, Love for the One, Love for the Will of God.

This is why today, with the Rosary of Peace in My blessed hands, again I invite you to prayer, because day by day many souls are lost and they do not find the path towards Light.

For you, My dear children, who are awake to the life of the spirit, it will be enough to serve in this time: to serve by giving yourselves, to serve by loving, to serve to repair the Heart of My Son.

Through your inner maturity and with prayer as a primordial exercise, you will be taking secure steps towards the consecration of your little hearts.

My children, on this 25th of October and after so many events that have happened by means of the presence of My Immac- ulate Heart, I call you to the awakening of your consciousness so that, under the will of God, new and donated Marian servers of peace may emerge. These soldiers of peace have the spirit of loving prayer, of being in inner service for souls and finding, in the Will of God, the aspiration to reach Eternity.

My children, awaken to the call and listen in your hearts to the Voice of the One and Great Lord.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My children,

May today your hearts be able to understand and venerate the Special Grace that your lives are receiving by means of the exercise of prayer and in the name of the Love of My Son.

Dear children, this is why I invite you to pray more with the heart so that God the Father can hear you and My Maternal Heart may continue to come into your lives. The mission that God entrusts to you is to pray for the salvation of all souls, because, in this time, dear children, everyone will have one last Grace: to live the Conversion.

Before the Divine Universal Judgment approaches the world, you, My little ones, must be in deep and true prayer so that the willingness to pray every day may be born in you.

For this reason, dear children, the renovation of the groups of prayer is so important, by means of monthly meetings that allow the strengthening among the groups and the encour- agement to serve God and to be less invaded by the realities of the world.

Each group of prayer must be the Light of Christ in the world, and for this Light to shine in the darkness, the flames of Christ that are each one of the souls must be united in the mission and be humble from the heart, because in this way the Holy Spirit will be able to guide and bless the existence of each praying group.

My children, today I communicate to you this important mission of the end of times for all of these praying groups. Know, My dear children, that My Maternal Heart will be among you, accompanying you at the moment you begin your exercise of prayer.

Dear children, it is now time for fraternity to be born from hearts so that the task of praying in group among sister souls may have universal repercussions. But for this to happen, it is necessary to have much humility and to be empty of yourselves, because in this way your meetings of prayer will be victorious and you will be united to My Maternal Purpose of salvation.

Today, dear children, I thank each one of the praying beings and devotees for being responsive to My urgent call for prayer and peace.

I thank you.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children of My Son,

Rest your lives and your hearts in My Maternal arms. Carry in your souls the loving unity with the Eternal God.

My children, today again I call you to prayer, because a world and a humanity without prayer is a reality without God.

Dear children, united to your hearts I invite you to strengthen the spirit and the exercise of prayer so that you may always find refuge in the Kingdom of the Father through the faith and the devotion to the Most High.

As Mother of humanity I ask that you unite your hearts through the praying exercise in the groups of prayer. Each group of prayer must not only be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, but they must also radiate the Light and Love that they have received from the Heavens.

Each group of prayer must maintain the spirit of peace and the will to gather as souls that want to dialogue with God. The group must weave the network of peace between Heaven and Earth.

My children, you are servers consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart. This is why I ask that in this defining time you be responsive to My requests and strong in the purpose of living day by day a consecrated life through the prayer of the heart.

All groups of prayer must be pillars of Christ, they must beat the universal rhythm of the Heart of My Son; they must always renovate themselves, inviting new hearts to participate in the life of prayer.

Dear children, in you is the possibility of allowing salvation to become a reality. In you is the love that will unite you to My Beloved Son.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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